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Little Kong Adventure 1.0
R & R Studio
Little Kong Adventure is the best classic adventure game foryourAndroid device and has become a viral for gaming enthusiastswithmain characters a little Sun Go Kong. Jumping game isaddictivewith Little kong king hero world. Run, collect coins,bananas,avoid enemies. Do you like jumping or running games? LittleKongAdventure is the most addictive jump game that offers someuniquechallenges for gamers. Think before you jump while playinganamazing and fun level game. Run, climb, jump, crawlacrossobstacles and shy away from enemies that are in every waythatmight deter you from looking for bananas and goldcoins.Togetherwith Little Sun Go Kong in Little Kong Adventuregames you areinvited to adventure to various worlds, such asforests, mountains,savannahs, volcanoes, snow caves. Little KongAdventure is a freegame You have to run your Little Sun Go Kong tocollect more coinsand bananas as you can. Stay alert, There aremany obstacles andenemies on the way that will stop you and makethe game over.Inthis Little Adventure Adventure game you have tocomplete level bylevel to move to another world. The higher thelevel of the moreinteresting and challenging, the more obstaclesand enemies youhave to face. And at every level there are enemybosses you have tobeat. You will be the undefeated monkey king.Download and Enjoy!!!
Pocong Love Pumpkins 1.0
R & R Studio
Pocong Love Pumpkins is an adventure game that collaborates ontwocultures of western culture and pocong america which is veryfamousin Indonesia and pumpkins worldwide through its heloween.Forgetthe spooky pocong figure in this game you will play a funnypocongadventure to find pumpkins as much as possible.Wait formoredownload Pocong Love Pumpkins and enjoy the adventure alongwiththe funny pocong to collect the fruit of hisfavoritepumpins.Congratulations Enjoy and play wisely
Shinobi Hill Climbing 1.1
R & R Studio
Shinobi Hill Climbing is The most addictive physics based carracing& bike racing game with new caracter of driver he is alitlle 7Hokage :-)Control your car or bike to climb hills withmostrealistic control to face the challenges of unique uphill&downhill environments. Gain bonuses from tricks and collectcoins toupgrade your car and reach even higherdistances.Features:- Lots ofdifferent vehicles with uniqueupgrades (many different vehicles:monster truck, tank, jeep,etc.)- Upgrade ENGINE, TIRE, SUSPENSION,ROTATION, GAS POWER, 4WD,etc- Numerous scenes with levels to reachin each.- Multiplayer!You can challenge your Facebook friends orrandom users.Come tojoin this this mad uphill climb racing gamenow!Download and Enjoyit !!!
Squirrel Bubble Shooter 2 1.0
R & R Studio
Squirrel Bubble Shooter 2 Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot in this game,youwill get fun and excitement along with a funny squirrel. Thereareover 200 levels filled with Bubbles, Boosts and Bombs. Your goalisto use the properties of the bubbles and improve to match atleast3 colored bubbles, complete the level and get three stars. Canyoudo it? There are more than 200 to complete. WithIncredibleUpgrades and Upgrades!Enjoy This exciting addictive Games
Owlette's Girl running in the city 1.0
R & R Studio
Owlette's Girl running in the city is Great adventure is anowlettemask that awaits you to conquer the streets in big citiesandcollect coins as much as possible, only the best owlette couldbeowlette complete all his duties.Collect coins, earn credits anduseowlette run mask super.Your job is to help the hero Owlettecollectthe owl coins in town. The owl she had to pass was full oftraps.your job is to help the owlette hero to walk around townAvoidenemies and obstacles to stay safe.Great adventure awaits youtoconquer city streets and collect as many coins as possible,onlythe best heroes who can complete all the tasks Collect coinstoplay in the next city .The city streets he had to pass were fulloftraps and enemies. Your job is to help the Owlette heroes crossthecity.Avoid all obstacles to keep your job safe is to helptheowlette hero to run across all the cities. A great adventureawaitsyou girl masked owls.Download Now and Enjoy !!!
Limit Breaker Dragon Strike - New Update 1.0
R & R Studio
Limit Breaker Dragon Strike - New Updates: Master God Legends isagamem with lots of power blasting action. This is a game withRPGstyle to milling level. It has several character fighters tochoosefrom each having different abilities using martial artsskills.STORY: Many worlds are threatened by God from all who wantto wipeout the universe and it is up to the fighters of DragonFighter Zto save countless enemies which attack the various worldsin yourgalaxy. Join the Limit Breaker Dragon Strike and keep theUniverseup and upgrade until you master the limit breaker. FEATURESLimitBreaker Dragon Strike: • Power level skills and capabilities.• Thesystem of combat levels that open special skills andfacilities. •Power slot to adjust your fighting ability. • Playersto choosefrom. • Open the hidden master capabilities of thefighters. •Increase your character stats to gain more power. •Defeat manyenemies and challenging bosses. • Exciting games to playand FREE!CONTROL SYSTEM Limit Breaker Dragon Strike: You can chooseto playwith analog controls to move your player or touch screen anddragyour character around the space. SHOW AND DESTROY You canshootenemies from all the attacks you want. Once you have a higherZPerk Team, you can unlock the Limit Breaker skill that kickstheenemy away! ULTIMATE ATTACKS Get super powerful attackswhenreaching the Limit Breaker level. Every Ultimate soldier'sattackis unique and can not be learned by other players. They donot needenergy to use. Well you've read some features, it's timefor you tohave fun so download Limit Limit Breaker Dragon Strike -NewUpdates: Download NOW and enjoy it !!!