Stylo Music - Free mp3 Player 1.3.5
stylo music player is a free android music player / mp3player/audio player. this is one of the most beautifully designedfree music players that has a built-in equalizer with bass boost,virtualizer, and balance that gives a great feel to your music thebackground blur/unblur feature is really awesome.________________________________________________________________________________________Let's look at the Key Features : * Built-in 5 Band Equalizer withBass Boost, Balance, Virtualizer & amazing presets. * Browseand play songs by album, artist, playlist, folder and genres. *Edit meta-data about the song title, album, artist, genre, yearetc. * With the Built-in ringtone cutter cut or trim your favoritesongs & make ringtone within seconds. * Share multiple songs inone click. * Sleep Timer. * Gesture support..so swipe right or leftto change tracks in playing screen. * Edit and change album covers* Multi-select feature available. * Widget support. * Coolanimations throughout the app. * Lock screen controls.________________________________________________________________________________________Permissions explained: # read storage -> To read, modify ordelete the music files. # record audio -> for equalizer andcontrols. # modify system settings --> To change Ringtone of thedevice. In case of any bugs or crashes feel free to mail us anytime instead of giving us poor rating. we will try our best to fixit as soon as possible. mail us at: rmacreation249@gmail.com________________________________________________________________________________________artist images are provided by last.fm Default album-art:https://pixabay.com/en/disc-audio-vinyl-record-sound-32390/ imagesare from pixabay.com [Royalty free] screenshot 1:https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/loei-thailand-may-10-2017-hand-holding-samsung-s8-with-mobile-application-for-instagram-on-the-screen_1254943.htmSpecial Credit: https://github.com/google/ringdroid
Calculator with History memory & GST Calculation 1.4.5_l
#New:- GST (Goods and Services Tax) calculation has been addedwithgst rates(ex : 3%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%). our gst calculator willgiveyou proper breakdown of IGST, CGST & SGST This is yourdailycalculation app available for free. It comes with abeautifuldesign and easy to use user interface. you can do taxcalculationor your everyday math homework with this calculator. Itoffers ahistory saving feature with date and time. Key features ofour app:Display large display that shows full expression at the topof thedisplay and the calculated result at the bottom. example:2+3+5=ans:10 Calculates in the correct mathematical order ourcalculatorperforms the calculations in the correct mathematicalorder.example: 2+3*5-1= 16 Themes comes with free themes orbackgroundsHistory or memory the history/memory save is always veryhelpful.tap on history items to copy paste. Multiple historycalculationyou can even calculate multiple history items like:history 1 +history 3 ÷ history 5 percentage calculation correctcalculation ofpercentage, example : 600 + 5% = 630 600 - 5% = 570600 * 5% = 30600 ÷ 5% = 12000 If you want to see any new featuresor report anybug feel free to mail us at rmacreation249@gmail.comBackgroundimages are from pixabay.com [Royalty Free]
FlashLight : No ads 1.0.3
This is a simple flashlight app that works with a simple click.NoAds No permissions Completely free Tested with most Devices...
Ringtone Maker / Mp3 Cutter 1.0.9_g
This is a Ringtone maker / mp3 cutter / ringtone cutter UseRingtoneMaker to edit MP3, WAV, AAC, and AMR and other audio filesandcreate ringtones, alarms, and notifications from them. How touseRingtone Maker: * select song/music from the music list orrecordyour own sound. * tap on it or select edit after typing therightarrow menu button. * you can set the start and ending notesbysliding arrows along the timeline, by pressing Start and Endtorecord the point, or by typing in time boxes. * tap anywhere onthewaveform to start playing at that position. * click on thesavebutton at the top bar & save as ringtone or notificationoralarm. Tip: while playing, tap the word Start or End to quicklysetthe start and end markers to the current playback time. Note:fileswill be saved in sdcard/media/audio folder. More Features: #youcan preview the music by clicking on the right blue arrow andclickpreview. # you can delete unwanted file. # you can set fileasdefault ringtone or notification or alarm. # you can setringtonefor a specific contact. Permissions Explained: 1.read &writestorage- to read & write audio files on your device.2.writesettings- to set ringtone on your device. 3.read &writecontacts- to assign ringtone for a specific contact.4.recordaudio- to capture your recorded sound when you wish to edityourrecorded sound. icon is designed by freepik fromwww.flaticon.comhttp://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/scissors_174305#term=cut&page=1&position=33thisproject is modified from open source projectringdroid.https://github.com/google/ringdroid