RDV Entertainment Apps

Flashbreak 2.7.8
Flashbreak is a Live Game Competitions app. 100% free. Join ourhost and thousands of players for daily mini-games competitions anda chance to win real money. $500 won every day. New games are addedevery week. Flashbreak is 100% free to download and play with noin-app purchases or deposits. For feature requests or feedback,please send us an email to support@flashbreak.com. Thesecompetitions are devised as non-gambling promotions and areintended solely for entertainment purposes. *Google Inc. does notsponsor, nor is any way affiliated with Flashbreak and/or theprizes *Flashbreak is a free mobile gaming app that allows users towin money and prizes, no purchase is necessary.
Blop! Block Puzzle Game 1.4.1
Blop is an addictive puzzle game with blocks: a great game to relaxwhile training your brain.
Le Cube 1.0.1
A relaxing yet challenging endless journey into space. How farcanyou go?
Dive Ball 1.2
Can you reach the finish line? Speed up with the boosters butdon'thit the obstacles!
com.flashbreak.paintrunner 1.0
Paint the tower until you reach the top! But be careful not topaintan element twice. How far can you go?