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Quiz PokeGirl Pixel Version 1.0
The PokeGirl Pixel Version is a trivia style game that tests if youare able to recognize over 400 different pictures and spell yourname correctly.This game is divided into 31 levels and only who isa real master is able to hit the more than 400 names that are inthis game!To make your journey a little easier, PokeGirl PixelVersion has two types of tips and you can choose to add a letter ofthe name or if you prefer to let the game solve the question foryou.Do you accept this challenge? Are you really a master? Feelyourself challenged to complete this journey.
Inside The Tube 1.0.6
Inside The Tube is a full arcade game experience where you must tapthe left hand side of the screen to go left and the right hand sideto go to the right. The goal is to stay alive for as long aspossible. There’s only one rule: Do not hit the obstacles! Butthat’s no easy task, so try to use the “Slow Motion” elementwisely. Let’s play!
Marry Your Crush 1.0
Marry your Crush: An addictive and free game for adults andchildren.Connect the little faces to get the points. Try to createlong sequences to make more points.Play this game with 100fantastic puzzles of five different types and different types ofbonus.Game Modes:- Achieve the score: Connect the little faces toget the required score and get the stars.- Against the clock: Meetthe goal before time runs out- Collect Items - Connect the facesand collect all items- Collect Monsters - Collect target monstersby connecting the little faces, eliminating them.- Collect Blocks -Destroy all blocks by connecting the little faces and eliminatingthe ones inside the blocks.- Anti-Bombs - Destroy all bombs beforethey explodeResources:- 100 challenging levels- Impressive graphicsand unique gameplay- Connect to Facebook, play with your friendsand see them on your game map.- Share your score with your friendson Facebook- Ranking of each level (You need to be connected toFacebook)- Free to playBoosters:- Gives +5 extra moves- Gives +30seconds- Replace some colors of the little facesConnect the littlefaces and win the game!Thanks for playing Marry Your Crush!Marília.I love you.