Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure - Online RPG 3.12.4054
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure takes the best from roleplayinggames and multiplayer online battle arenas with a good mix ofaction. Show off your combat skills and cool strategies, build aninvincible hero team, destroy hordes of enemies in excitingmissions, and join other guildmasters in a realtime PvP mode—war ofguilds! Download the game for free and embark on an epic RPGadventure! Realtime PvP battles! Challenge mobile gamers from allover the world. Crush your enemies in the battle arena and rise tothe top. Come up with unique offensive and defensive strats foronline PvP battles—powerful heroes alone will only carry you sofar. Build your own team! Choose from over 50 heroes—some of thesemight even remind you of your favorite characters from movies,books, and other games. Make a balanced team and upgrade yourheroes' equipment and skills—this is key to winning online battlesin this brand new RPG. Upgrade your gear and embark with yourfriends on epic quests. Win awesome daily contests that will allowyou to upgrade your magic warriors, or join your guild in afull-scale battle against a powerful boss. Power up by battlingmonsters or shopping for cool upgrades. Excellent graphics! Over 60awesome never-before-seen locations, ranging from the mysteriouscity of Atlantis to the wintry gnome cliffs. Choose from a hugeselection of heroes with a wide array of gorgeously renderedabilities and attacks. Be it cute or strong, there's something herefor everyone! Play the game with your friends for free! Allyou need is an Internet connection. Invite other players to joinyour clan and trade heroes and items with your friends. Chat, shareyour strats, and battle other players in one mobile game. Follow uson: Facebook:
Park Town – Match 3 Puzzles 1.15.3218
A large park in the city center is about to be sold?! You cannotallow that to happen! Join the game and solve match 3 puzzles tosave the park from destruction and fill it with lovely animals fromacross the globe. Return the park to its former glory! 5 reasons tofall in love with Park Town: - exciting match 3 levels withexplosive bonus combos! - a vast park territory housing a tinyscorching Africa, frosty icebergs, and fun attractions! - cuteanimals, each with their own unique story! - a wide selection ofdecorations that allow you to spruce up the park according to yourtastes! - many different ways of interacting with your friends:join an alliance or create your own! See? It's all very simple!Make the first call and summon your zoologist friend, Kevin, to thepark gates and start restoring the park of your dreams together.Your friends can also help you with your mission—exchange lives andother useful bonuses with them. You will also find contests,competitions, and daily gifts in the game—basically everything yourheart may desire for an unforgettable experience! Change theentourage according to your taste by using different kinds ofdecorations. Meet the city inhabitants, who are always ready tohelp you. Befriend animals, play, and have fun! We await you in thepark of your dreams! Park Town is a free app, but it also containsextra features that can be purchased in exchange for money. You candisable the payments feature in your device settings. We hope thatyou will love Park Town just as much as we do. If you encounter anyissues while playing, please contact support
BUILD AND DEVELOP YOUR VERY OWN CITY Global City is a city-buildingsimulator that distinguishes itself from its peers with itshigh-quality graphics. Skyscrapers and residential houses, shoppingmalls and administration buildings, the port and the railway arebound to pleasantly surprise you with their unique and magnificenthi-tech designs. DEVELOP AND CONTROL RESOURCE PRODUCTION In thisgame, you can mine for various types of fossil fuels as well asproduce higher-level materials and resources. Build a processingplant and a state-of-the-art factory. Sell ready-made commoditiesat the exchange and send off ships loaded with resources. Getblueprints, which you can use to upgrade buildings! Put all yourskills and knowledge into building a bustling megapolis! COMPLETEQUESTS TO MAKE YOUR CITY FLOURISH Meet your city’s enthusiasticresidents, who will always have all kinds of business propositionsfor you. Complete quests, earn items and resources by fulfillingorders, manufacture cars, and get rewards! All internationalbusiness empires start small! CHAT WITH FRIENDS City development isessentially a joint venture. Luckily for you, in this game, you cancreate friendly communities, chat in English, trade resources, andprovide support to each other. Your team spirit will strengthenyour bonds when competing for the top places in tournaments, aswell as amazing prizes! COLLECT TAXES AND INCREASE THE POPULATIONYour city has to grow! Your ingenious managerial solutions andtax-savvy strategies will enable you to increase the population,expand the city limits, develop a business district, and eventuallyturn that small settlement of yours into a thriving megapolis. Takethe management and planning of Global City into your capable hands!You can play the online simulator in English for free. If youencounter any problems, please contact tech support