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George's Grill is one of the most famous localFamily Owned restaurants in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Oursignature BIG G Burger and double fried wings have been urbanlegends throughout the community. Family and customers come firstand we never disappoint.THERE IS NOTHING ORDINARY ABOUT OUR FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Latin INK Movement is a artists movementgeared towards showcasing the lifestyles of people who live,breathe, and create within the tattoo community. From Latinotattooist to alternative models inked from head to toe, thisLifestyle App will bring you closer to various cultures from aroundthe world. Our movement app allows you to talk to "sic" tattooartists, creative artists, and sexy alternative tattooed models.You WILL find a tattoo shop in your area and be able to browse theartists work. You will be able to locate tattoo conventions and artexhibits that will feed the art hunger in YOU!. LATIN INK MOVEMENT(a subsidiary of the Swanston Group) was founded and owned by JasonA. Swanston, a native New Yorker on May 5, 2012. Latin INK Magazineand Latin INK Movement are registered trademarks of the SwanstonGroup."The Latin Ink mobile app experience is like no other LifestyleApp on the market. We are 100% culture driven! We are excited tobring our life moments to you on a monthly basis. Spread the wordand join us in our movement." says CEOWhat's Inside:- 3D WALL SHOWCASE OF THE SICCEST TATTOO ART YOU HAVE EVERSEEN- PRIVATE FACE TO FACE TIME WITH LATIN INK DOLLS (Directly fromyour mobile device)- EXCLUSIVE 3D WALL IMAGE GALLERIES OF THE MOST BREATH TAKINGALTERNATIVE MODELS WORLDWIDE, AND YOU CAN CONTACT THEM (WINK)- EXCLUSIVE LIVE STREAMING WITH THE SEXIEST ALTERNATIVE TATTOOMODELS KNOWN TO MAN- EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE ON TATTOO SESSIONS FROM YOUR FAVORITEARTISTS AT CONVENTIONS- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS FROM ARTISTS AND TATTOOISTS (WITHQUESTIONS THAT WILL KEEP YOU WANTING MORE!)- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS FROM YOUR FAVORITE ADULT TATTOO STARS INTHE PORN INDUSTRY-EXCLUSIVE LIVE STREAMING EVENTS WITH TATTOOED ADULT STARS (ANDYOU GET TO ASK 'EM QUESTIONS)- TATTOO SESSIONS LIVE (TAKE A PEEK FROM YOUR MOBILEMONTHLY)- BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE OF LATIN INK EVENTS AND COOL EVENTSAROUND THE PLANET- VIRTUAL LATIN INK TATTOO SESSIONS- ALL ACCESS GRANTED TO LATIN INK VIP FANTASY NIGHTS- FACE TO FACE WITH YOUR FAVORITE ADULT TATTOO STAR FROM THEU.S., U.K., AND LATIN AMERICA (Directly from your device)- FACE TO FACE WITH YOUR FAVORITE TATTOO ARTISTS (Directly fromyour mobile device!)- FACE TO FACE WITH YOUR FAVORITE TATTOOED ENTERTAINER ANDSPORTS FIGURE- GPS TATTOO SHOPS AROUND THE U.S. and PARTS OF EUROPE- GALLERIES OF INKED VIXENS AND THEIR INTERVIEWS- CONVENTION UPDATES AND COVERAGE- SOCIAL NETWORK WITH OTHER USERS/ SHARE OPINIONS ONTATTOOISTS- SELFIE GALLERIES OF YOUR FAVORITE ALTERNATIVE MODELS AND ADULTSTARS"Well, that's it for now... but we will have more...We hope youenjoy." says the VP
David A. Fernandez, founder of SkywayLawGroup, P.A., has traveled a unique path to become yourattorney.David is a native of Miami, Fla., born to Cubanimmigrants. Aftergraduating from Southwest Miami High School, Davidembarked on an8-year Naval career. While in the Navy, David servedin OperationIraqi Freedom, was stationed on the Naval Carrier USSKitty Hawk,visited and experienced different cultures andcountries, and evenwas selected for a special assignment with theNaval CriminalInvestigative Service (NCIS). Among his many militaryaccolades,David is most proud to have received the Navy and MarineCorpsAchievement Medal for his efforts in saving the lives of amotherand daughter caught in the rip tide of Playa Azul in PuertoRico.While serving overseas, David received his bachelor’s degreefromthe University of Phoenix. Later, David received a Master’sdegreefrom the University of Oklahoma. Finally, David received hisJurisDoctorate with a concentration in Advocacy from StetsonUniversityCollege of Law.On June 15, 2012, SKYWAY was born with the philosophy thatalawyer is not only an advocate but a mentor and a confidant forhisor her clients. SKYWAY seeks to invest its time and effortsinunderstanding your perspective of the issues. At SKYWAY, we donotforget the experiences, hard work and sacrifices that led totheopportunity to serve our clients. In most instances, weunderstandyour situation not only because we know the law, butbecause wehave experienced similar situations ourselves. We inviteyou tomeet with us and see the difference in experiencing thelegalsystem through the SKYWAY perspective.
Read and view world class art of Elflandea,theprequel to the electronic card game. Elflandea represents theElvensurvival, magic, monsters, might and romance in real dialogueandrelationships, which brings home the story and lessons tothisworld.
Jackie Christie is one of the mostpowerful,prominent, and philanthropic celebrities throughouttheentertainment industry. Born from promise and struggleJackieChristie has overpowered numerous obstacles and shattered anyglassceiling set above her. Jackie Christie has opened numerousdoorsfor minorities and continues to educate, reform, and donatehernatural born intangibles to the world.The Mobile App is another extension of her Social MediaEmpiregrowth process and exposes the intimate side of JackieChristie.The Mobile App experience brings Jackie Christie closer toherOnline Community and create endless branding opportunities .Chat exclusively with Jackie ChristieReceive never been seen before viral footage of VIP EventswithJackie ChristieHang/W Jackie in real time and receive special pushnotificationsof when Jackie Christie goes liveSpecial Mobile Ad Coupons offered monthlyCustomized Loyalty and Reward Discounts for the MobileAppUsers
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Chelynn Collection is a movement ofpower,beauty, fashion, technology, elegance, and pure dominance oftheeveryday woman. Our company’s vision empowers women everywheretooptimize their life, careers, and most of all actualizetheirself-worth. The true strength of a woman comes only from “1”source“Inner-Strength”. The impact of belief is one of thestrongestqualities any woman can possess. The Chelynn Collectioniscomprised of precise culturally driven products which pushtheenvelope of female advancement in 2014. The wide range ofproductsextends from beauty to career consulting. The staff ofChelynnCollection encourages you to review our products and contactourteam immediately regarding “redefining you”.Words inspired by our CEO
#BRFM is a Multi Indie EntertainmentNetworkwhich broadcasts television, radio, and customized viralprogramsfor all markets. Tune in live each week and hear thehottest news,entertainment buzz, community relations, and more#BEREADYFORTHEMOMENT is the #1 Indie Artist Viral &RadioBranding Company in America. Indie Artist receive a minimum of90dedicated spins per month & live On-Air Interviews. POWER104FMis our featured Radio Station. POWER 104FM & POWER 98.5are theonly licensed subscription based Radio Stations for IndieArtists.Indie Artist packages start @ 19.99 per month.Every artist has a YouTube, Vimeo, and VEVO type videosharingaccount and those were great platforms for 2013. OVNIO istheworld's 1st Social Cable TV Network which enables users to watchTV& interact via thier Social Media Accounts. OVNIO'sCableStreaming Network allows Indie Artist to become mainstream&engage their fans via Social Media. Imagine being able toWorldPremiere your latest video on "Cable TV" & have peopletweetingabout your music in real time!! OVNIO eliminates the usualpolitics& red tape associated with Indie Artist Video Airplay.Indie isnow MAINSTREAM with OVNIOIndie Artist can now have their music video's aired on VEVO,themusic desired platform for music artist. Top NamedCelebrities& musical artists have their videos in constantrotation onVEVO. Indie Artist can utilize our distributionrelationship toshowcase their visual talent.#BEREADYFORTHEMOMENT delivers Social Media Branding&Marketing services for Indie Artists. Our team provides Real&Organic followers which increases the visibility andadvertisingpower of their brand.
Today more than ever, your brand lives inthedigital world, which means it is essential that your brandstrategycomes alive online. At Renegade Revolt, we approach yourdigitalpresence from a deep brand perspective, bringing everydigitaltouch point to life with your brand story. Our digitalcapabilitiesgo far beyond what you’d expect. Every digital solutionwe createis rooted in the superb branding work that has definedRenegadeRevolt as a premier branding firm for decades. Whether fromtheirdesktop computers, tablets, or smartphones, it’s very likelythatyour consumers will first experience your brand in thedigitalspace. That’s why it’s imperative that your company relatesto itsconsumers in ways that move them by creating a visibleonlinepresence that’s accessible, responsive, and highlysearchable. Totruly connect with your customers, your brand storyhas to radiateacross every website you own, including B2B, B2C,vendor sites, andany internal intranet sites you may have.
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Singer-Rap, Hiphop & Pop/ Actress/Model/Entertainer/ Reality TV Star!Alicia G has officially released her highly anticipatedsingle“Talk to the Hand” worldwide. The single is distributed byover2,000 digital retailers and is a spotlight feature on Spotify.Inthree weeks of distribution via LRT Music Group/INgrooves,thetrack is averaging over 10,000 active streams per month and31,000in total as of May 1st.The connection between Alicia G and her international andNorthAmerican fan base is ultra-intricate and purely organic onalllevels. Consumers in North America are captivated with theAlicia Glifestyle, fashion presence, and musical veracity. Alicia Gisfearless and limitless in a world filled with insecuremillennials,superficial image marketing, and cyber bullying. Hervoice speaksdirectly to Young America and her music stronglyresonates withinthe current culture. The genre of pop music is asuper competitivemarket and only superstars emerge and survive insuch an arduousplaying field. The commercial appeal and impact of“Talk to theHand” has placed Alicia G in a position of strength inmultipleradio markets. The DJ pools and program directors areadding thesingle in their perspective markets and the listcontinues toincrease.Viacom, VH1, and BET have taken interest in Alicia G andapprovedher performance/appearance at the BET Experience! Alicia Gis one ofthe leading characters in the music video “We Hustle”featuring oneof the biggest stars in music: Lil’ Wayne. From hermusic trainingat the tender age of thirteen to being on stage withLil’ Wayneperforming in front of 4,000,000 people worldwide,Alicia G isleaving superstar footprints.Alicia’s experience in the world of music/entertainmenthasallowed her to be featured in mainstream magazines in LasVegas,Miami, NYC, Atlanta, Houston, and more. The internationalcrowd hasembraced her music, swag, and fashion as their own. AliciaG iscurrently reading film scripts for projects launching in 2017andstarring in music videos, reality TV shows, and promotionalprintads in 2016. Alicia’s music is gaining momentum inmultipleinternational markets and receiving over six hundred spinsper weekin Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tampa, Las Vegas,and NewYork.The management of Alicia G is prepping a 2017international,twenty-city tour, North American Showcase Tour,clothingpartnerships with Pushers Collective, Alicia G mobile appto belaunched in 212 countries, and more. The brand and life ofAlicia Gis moving full-speed ahead and her raw ambition will ensureshecontinues to thrive! The hype of “Talk to The Hand” is real!Streamthe single on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal,Deezer, andall other digital streaming services worldwide.
POWER104FM 4.0.3
POWER 104FM is redefining the OnlineRadioIndustry! Our Station is one of the most Socially InteractiveRadioOutlets on the web. Indie Artist not only have a voice, buttheynow have a TRUE Branding Partner in POWER 104FM. Each Artistwillhave opportunity to showcase, display, & explain theirvisionto the POWER 104FM audience. POWER 104FM listening baseextendsacross the world & our entire team is hyper focusedondelivering best unheard voices in the MUSIC INDUSTRY to theworld.REAL DOES RECOGNIZE REAL ON POWER 104 FM!
The mission of E-man's Angels Marketing&Promotions, a public relations and marketing agency, is topromotethe ideas, products and services of new and establishedbusinessesas well as non-profit organizations looking to expandtheir onlineand offline reach. It is our goal to be the world'sbest marketingagency while helping our clients grow and change theindustriesthey represent around the world.Since its inception, E-man's Angels Marketing &Promotionshas serviced National Organizations, EntertainmentExecutives, NFLPlayers and Staff, Grammy Award Winners, smallbusinesses, Fortune500 companies, writers and a host of others.Our clients are mainly looking to generate publicity,expandtheir brand, fill events or grow retail sales inmultifacetedenvironments. From a local to international market, wecan providethe exposure and strategy to go above yourexpectations.Your Online Presence Needs To Make Sense!Online promotion from The Angels can offer you the abilitytoreach global consumers and measure impact in aneffectiveintegrated campaign. Under the Sponsors section choose theamountof people you'd like to reach as well as the duration ofyourpromotion. We have the ability to promote your businessfromplatforms that reach millions. We have also created thenecessaryrelationships to better assist our client's campaign withresultsthat surpass expectations.With our newest campaign offerings over $1,000, you cannowadvertise your company on websites such as Rolling Stone,DisneyOnline, Billboard, E! Online, The Miami Herald, LA Times, DefJam,Vibe Magazine, VH1, MTV, NBC, Black EntertainmentTelevision,Country Weekly, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, SanFranciscoChronicle, Charlotte Observer, Chicago Tribune, WashingtonPost,Celebrity Gossip, NASDAQ, Smart Money, Wikinvest, Slate,SiliconAlley Insider and numerous radio stations broadcasting allover theglobe. All of our clients love us because they receivescreen shotsof placement as well as real time statistics showingthe amount oftraffic being generated to their websites.We also deliver stunning and contemporary websites thataredesigned intelligently with our expertise andinnovativemethodologies. Our focus is to initially understand theuser pointof view & then adopt the right approach to deliver asolutionthat is accepted globally.Philanthropy:E-man's Angels Marketing & Promotions works withvariousnon-profits to help local to international communities.Whetherthrough financial support or in-kind donations, the companyhasdonated almost $200,000 in funds and services. Although wedonateto feeding and clothing the homeless, supplying professionalitemsto those looking for employment and toys for kids, theprimaryorganizations approved on a yearly basis for itsphilanthropicendeavors target pancreatic cancer patients’resources, the artsand the youth. We believe in creatingrelationships with clientswho want us to partner with them andproviding them only withservices they need. There is no pressure toobligate anyone tobecome a client or sign-up for services inspeaking with one of ourrepresentatives. To see if your non profitqualifies for freepromotion, submit your inquire here. E-man'sAngels Is Powered ByEAE Management Group .
RAIRADIO is one of the most dynamicandinnovative radio networks worldwide. Our network of designersandprogrammers push the envelope and create new standards in thefieldof music and technology. The core of our passion isIndependentmusic and launching #THENEXTBIGTHING!
RADIO PUSHERS is the "NEW FORCE OFDIGITALMUSIC MONETIZATION"! No matter how much a company tweets,plays, orpromotes your music, the end goal is getting people tostream orpurchase your music. Most companies will not guarantee orengageconsumers in buying or streaming your product. That's aBIGproblem! Our 7 Day monetization platform is sociallyinteractive& designed to engage targeted consumers withyourmusic/product. Stop paying for TWEETS, FAKE INTERNET DJ'S,&HYPE! Men lie and NUMBERS DON'T! #RESULTSANDNOHYPE
POWER985FM 4.1.1
POWER 98.5 FM is redefining the OnlineRadioIndustry! Our Station is one of the most Socially InteractiveRadioOutlets on the web. Indie Artist not only have a voice, buttheynow have a TRUE Branding Partner in POWER 98.5 FM. Each Artistwillhave opportunity to showcase, display, & explain theirvisionto the POWER 98.5 FM audience. POWER 98.5 FM listening baseextendsacross the world & our entire team is hyper focusedondelivering best unheard voices in the MUSIC INDUSTRY to theworld.REAL DOES RECOGNIZE REAL ON POWER 98.5 FM!