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Guide for Pokemon GO 2.1.0
This is the best guide for Pokemon GO youcanfind, since it contains everything you need for your first stepsinPokemong GO, and more advanced tips for more experienced playerstoachieve the best results.The basic guide for Pokemon GO; It is ideal for newcomers, inityou will find:- Customize your avatar and choose the starting Pokémon- How to incubate the eggs Pokémon- The gyms will allow to achieve interesting objects- How to level up your coach and your Pokémon- Pokémon Gyms and choose a team- What places are the different types of Pokémon?- How to find and catch Pokémon nearby easily- Team Valor, Instinct and Wisdom, what is the best?- What the CP mean and how have the strongest team- To serve eggs luck?- Rewards level up and how to unlock Potions, Revive, SuperballsandUltraballs- All we know of Pokémon Go PlusAdvanced guide for Pokemon GO, is designed for those playerswhohave already mastered the basics of the game and want to starttostand out in the competitive mode. The guide contains:How to be the best in the battles and conquer gymsWe tell you how to defeat the enemy Pokémon and equipmentwithoutdespeinarte.Pokémon types and strengths and weaknesses of eachFire, Grass, Water ... we all know who beats whom. But therearemore types Pokémon! Know them all.Rate changes in Pokemon GOSome types are stronger or weaker than in the original game.How to Polvoestelar easily to improve your PokémonThe best way to get Polvoestelar, from eggs to gyms.Rewards level up and how to unlock Potions, Revive,Superballsand UltraballsAll objects and unlock rewards by earning experience points.Unhatched eggs and Pokémon know what's insideIf you like to know everything in this part of the guide we tellyouwhat you'll find inside your egg Pokémon.- How to be the best in the battles and conquer gyms- Types of Pokémon and strengths and weaknesses of each- Changes in Pokemon types GO- How to easily Polvoestelar to improve your Pokémon- Rewards level up and how to unlock Potions, Revive, SuperballsandUltraballs- Hatching eggs and Pokémon know what's inside- Choosing one of three changes to Eevee- What places are the different types of Pokémon?- How to find the hidden Pokemon- How to get the best Pokémon to attack, defense andHPstronger- How to capture Pokémon with pitches Well, Great, Excellent- How to capture the rarest Pokémon Pokémon What is moreelusive:Open, Charmander or Dratini?- How to capture Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd- Where are the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres,Mewtwoand Mew (and Ditto)?Finally we have a small section with some tricks for PokemonGO,allowing you to get some extra benefits.
Appstoide Games 2.1.0
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