Simple Alarm
Simple is the best. This app is very simple. So, it's easy-to-useand stylish. Features: * Alarm with specified sound * Repeat onspecified days of week * Snooze (5 mins) We hope this app can beyour good partner.
Money Plan 1.0.2
When you want to get something expensive, it is useful if you cancheck you money plan easily.With this app, you can register yourmoney in/out plan simply and check the transition of total amountof your money visually.You can check your plan without purchasingthe all features, but please note that you need to buy the fullfeatures license to save and open your plans. Before purchasing it,your trial plan can be gone with some reasons.Even withoutpurchasing it, you can unlock the feature to see the detail of eachmonth's money status by posting "like!" for this app to facebook.Wehope this app will be you help.
タッチでレンタル 1.0
マンガや雑誌、推薦図書などみんなで共有したいものはいろいろありますが、なくならないように貸し出し状況を管理するのって面倒ですよね。このアプリがあれば、もう紙の管理台帳は必要ありません。NFCタグを利用して、とってもシンプルに共用物を管理できます。共有物にNFCタグシールを張ったら、このアプリでタッチして名前だけ入力。これで貸し出しの準備は完了です!みんなもそれぞれNFCタグを持ちましょう。同じくこのアプリでタッチして、自分の名前を入力すれば、借りる準備は完了です!NFCタグの入っている学生証や社員証、定期券もユーザーIDとして利用できます。データはエクスポートしてバックアップすることもできます。エクスポートしたデータは別の端末で取り込んで管理を統一することもできます。ユーザーと管理アイテムの総数50件まで無料で利用できます。快適な共有をお楽しみください!Comicsandmagazines, but there are many things you want to sharewitheveryone, such as recommended books, but it is cumbersome metomanage the lending situation so that it does not go away.Withthisapp, you do not need another management ledger paper.Using theNFCtag, you can manage the very simple to the shared object.OnceIstretched the NFC tag seal to a shared object, only the nameinputby touching them with this app.This preparation of the lendingisdone!Everyone Let's have the NFC tag, respectively. Alsobytouching them with this app, by entering your name, ready torentit is complete!Student card or employee ID card that containstheNFC tag, commuter pass can also be used as a user ID.Data canalsobe backed up by exporting.The exported data can also be usedtounify the management is taken in a different terminal.Up to 50thetotal number of users and management items can be used freeofcharge.Please enjoy a comfortable sharing!