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Pocket Fleet 1.7.12
Access to the most important information about your truck fleet onthe RIO platform. Pocket Fleet allows you to use the RIO platform’skey features while you’re on the go. That gives materialsrequirement planners and fleet managers access to the mostimportant information at any time and in any location. Map material- Map with current vehicle location - The current driver isdisplayed when a vehicle is selected - User is forwarded directlyto the vehicle details if further information is needed Vehicleoverview - List of all vehicles in your fleet that are registeredon the RIO platform - Driver-vehicle combinations are displayed -Search function makes drivers and vehicles easier to track downVehicle details - Current mileage - Current speed - Current tankfill level (for trucks with RIO Box only) Driver overview: - Listof all drivers in your fleet registered on the RIO platform - Showsdriver-vehicle combinations The scope of services on Pocket Fleetmay vary depending on your product orders on the RIO platform.Requirements for using the app: - Register on the RIO platform( - Actively register vehicles and drivers - Keepyour sign-in details for the RIO platform ready to hand - Use anAndroid smartphone operating with Android version 5.0 or higher andan hdpi or higher screen resolution. By installing the app, youaccept the General Conditions of Use.