RISCO Group Apps

RISCO Group's HandyApp includes a practicalset of tools to assist you while installing RISCO Group’s intrusionsystems. With HandyApp, you can extend product warranties, gaindirect access to installation manuals, increase your efficiency,reduce your installation times, and scan for Stars to be redeemedfor business rewards!· Activate product warranties on the day of installation tomaximize warranty periods for an additional year!· Utilize a practical set of marketing and installation tools whileyou work.· Share product brochures and videos with current and prospectivecustomers to increase sales potential.· Receive assistance as you need it, from installation manuals toFAQs.· Contact Support with a single tap.· Scan the QR codes on RISCO products to earn Stars as part of theRISCO Stars Partners Program; redeem Stars for rewards intended toboost your business!
G4S Mobiili 2.7.3
G4S Mobiili enables you to remotely monitorand control your alarm system from your Android device. With G4SMobiili you can Arm/Disarm your system, receive intruder alarmstogether with event images for video verification of alarms andtake live video images.Note: You need to have a registered G4S Security System with avalid username and password to operate this App. If you do not havethis, click the link to G4S Finland's website below to find outmore.App pricing is subject to change without prior notice.
Telesikring 2.7.3
Telesikring enables you to remotely monitorandcontrol your Telesikring Privat Security System from your Wi-Fior3G Android device. 
With Telesikring you can Arm/Disarmyoursystem, receive intruder alarms together with event images forvideoverification of alarms, take live video images, activate yourhomeautomation devices and more. 
Note: You need to havearegistered Telesikring  Security System with a validusernameand password to operate this App. If you do not have this,clickthe link to Telesikring Privat 's website below to findoutmore. 
App pricing is subject to change withoutpriornotice