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Chess Game LIVE 1.6
Chess Game Live is the most beautifully and simply designed chessapplication for Android devices.You can use it to play with your friends in real-time. No needto wait hours/days for your friends to play their turns. Getstarted now and feel the adrenaline rush of winning a chessgame!The game also supports playing with random opponents from acrossthe world. This will really test your skills as you are pittedagainst top players from all corners of the globe.Good luck and happy gaming!
Word Game Solo Crossword App 1.0.5
Consider yourself a word master if you canbeat the Expert level!A new generation solitaire word game that comes with an advancedAI. 5 different levels of difficulty.★ Simple Rules ★In each turn you get 8 letter tiles to build upon words createdearlier in the game. Special tiles give you bonus points andhard-to-use letters like X, Q and Z come with additional pointstoo! The game ends when no new tiles are available.If you are playing against the AI or in the "pass n play" mode,the winner is declared based on who has a higher score.★ Features ★☺ Play in solitude. An ideal game for your daily commute orwhile waiting.☺ Unlimited free play. No need to spend any money to extendcapabilities in the game. You can have a lot of entertainment inthe free version itself.☺ Easy to use interface and sophisticated graphics.☺ Leaderboards (in case you want to see how your vocabularycompetes with your friend's).★ Reviews ★RIMO: "Nice Awesome game,I am enjoying playing this game".KISHAN: "Very nice game, i play it most of time. Love to play thisgame... :-)"ANDROIDREVIEW: "Playing with the robot is really cool and I'mlearning new words everyday."★ DOWNLOAD NOW! ★It's a must have word game for your phone.This game is child friendly and approved in the Families Programhere.★ Feedback ★Please send in your comments to support@wordgamesolo.com.Happy gaming!
Jumble Word Game - Brain Yoga 1.8
SYFYB (si-fee-bee) or Some Yoga For Your Brainis a word game designed to help you improve your vocabulary, helpyou learn lots of new word meanings and to keep your brain activein a fun and healthy way!In our flagship game, you have to find ALL the jumbled words (3to 9 letters in length) at your own pace. This word list containsover 150,000 words and is used in multiple game tournaments.Playing SYFYB will allow to improve your vocabulary and get betterat all word games!The in-built dictionary lets you search for word meanings forall new words that you come across. It's a really cool and muchappreciated feature.★ Reviews ★APPRAINBOW: "Learning new words has never been so muchfun!"RJSTECH: "You'll be amazed how much you learn from this app."WALLABROS: "The little progress bars motivate you to keepchallenging yourself!"MARIETTA G: "I've always enjoyed word games and I feel SYFYB is oneof the best word games!"★ Features ★☺ Find more than 100,000 words by solving 3-9 letter wordlevels.☺ Play in multiple languages - English, French (coming soon) andItalian (coming soon).☺ The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens / constant offersto purchase coins etc.☺ Brilliantly designed new interface with HD graphics workssuperbly on all Android phones and tablets.☺ App is slick, fast, energy efficient (no draining out yourbattery), and little to no Internet data!★ DOWNLOAD NOW! ★This is a must have app for:☺ People who love Word Games.☺ Students of the English language.★ Now with VOCAB+ ★☺ Vocab+ is an extremely innovative tool that keeps track of newwords you've learnt by playing SYFYB. As you look up word meanings,you'll improve your vocabulary and these points will accumulateover time. You'll be surprised how much you learn!★ Feedback ★Please email your questions/comments to support@syfyb.com. Happysolving!
Caro - Five In A Row 1.0.5
So, you think tic-tac-toe is kiddy stuff? TryCARO - FIVE IN A ROW!It's the big daddy of noughts and crosses! The first player toget 5 of their pieces in a row wins the game. To make things evenmore challenging, there is a timer ticking all the while. If yourun out of time, you lose the game!Play against thousands of players from across the world - it'sthe first live Caro - Five In A Row game for your Androidphone!**First player to get 5 pieces in a row wins. Play CARO livenow!
RYACT - Test Your Reflexes 1.7
★GAME RULES★Red or Green object is flashed on screen.Tap the button based on object colour.Faster you tap, higher you score.If you take too much time, you lose a heart. If you lose threehearts, the game ends.★FEATURES★Three game modes (Easy, Medium, Hard).Global ranking system.Area wise ranking.★TIP★It's not as easy as you think!
Trivia Game - xQuizite 1.4
If you enjoy fast action trivia apps,you'llLOVE xQuizite! Our trivia editors have hand picked questionsfrom awide variety of topics - more than 50,000 so far!Drastically improve your general knowledge and learnaboutvarious things from all over the world. Don't take shortbreaks,take smart breaks!★ Reviews ★APPRAINBOW: "Another quick trivia game by RJS - these peopleknowhow to make great apps!"RJSTECH: "Unlike other similar apps which get boring,xQuiziteoffers many cool themes to keep you hooked."WALLABROS: "My daily commute is just not the same anymore -xQuiziteis so much fun!"MARIN H: "Have learnt so much from this app, kudos to theRJSteam!"★ Features ★+ More than 50,000 questions of varying difficulty+ Select from dozens of themes and discover something neweachday+ The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens / constantoffersto purchase coins etc.+ Hand drawn UI is simple, fast, and works well on allscreensizes+ App is super fast, uses 16% less memory, and little tonodata!★ DOWNLOAD NOW! More than 50,000 questions to test your skills:)Plus, it's FREE!★ Now all levels are free FOREVER ★+ Based on huge demand and feedback, we've now kept all levelsFREE.Get the app now before the price rises!★ Feedback ★Got suggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hearfromyou! Please send in your comments to support@thewordsearchapp.com-and we will get back within 24 hours. Happy solving!
Word Munna 1.4
If you like word game apps you'll LOVEWordMunna! Spell words as you fall through the game, simply bypickingletter tiles along the way. Bigger words fetch you extrapoints!Along the way you'll find some special tiles such asWILDcards andSKULLYS (danger!). Submit your scores online andcompete with yourfriends online!★★★★★ ReviewsAPPRAINBOW: "Be it a quick break at work or killing time onthesubway, Word Munna's got us hooked."RJSTECH: "So far the best word game in 2015! Innovativeconcept,fast, and great for stimulating your brain!"WALLABROS: "Almost the entire team is on Word Munna and boy dowetake it seriously!"JENNIFER V: "Ever since they added the upcoming letters feature,thegame has become TERRIFIC!"## - Features - ##+ Highly engaging, quick play, great for a mental workout withtonsof replay value!+ The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens / constantoffersto purchase coins etc.+ Brilliant new interface works wonderfully well on allAndroidphones and tablets+ Compete globally or with your friends on Facebook with easyaccessto leaderboards+ App is super fast, uses 42% less memory, and hardly any data!★★★★★ DOWNLOAD NOW! More than 100,000 players can't be wrong:)Plus, it's FREE!## - Now with SKULLY - ##+ You've been warned! Picking up a SKULLY will result in apenaltyof a TRASH CAN (which helps when you can't make a word orpick toomany tiles)## - Feedback - ##Got suggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hearfromyou! Please send in your comments to support@wordmunna.com - andwewill get back within 24 hours. Happy solving!
Word Search Game - Battle Mode
Find all the words in a grid before youropponent to win the game! Play unlimited rounds. Free coins givenat the end of each day. Weekly leaderboards for you to keep trackof your skill level!As you win games, you'll unlock access to new cities from allover the world and enter the realm of High Stakes word searchbattles!★ Features ★- Easy puzzles to give you a feel for the game! Progress to tougherword game levels as you gain experience.- Find as many hidden words as you can before your opponent to winthe round.- All games are timed! No waiting for turns or trouble withabandoned games.- Beautiful design. Smooth animations. A real pleasure on anyAndroid device.- Dozens of high stakes cities to choose from as you level up andearn lots of coins defeating other word game players!- App is super fast and uses limited data!★ Feedback ★Please send in your comments to support@wordsearchbattles.com - andwe will get back within 24 hours. Good luck with the games!
Call Drop Monitor 1.4
Tired of poor call quality? 😡Losing money regularly due to dropped calls? 😡Feeling frustrated when the telecom operator doesn't listen toyou?😔Call Drop Monitor is the free app you need! 😎Take the fight back 👊🏽 to the telecom operators!Once you install this app, it runs in the background usingverylittle battery🔋. After you end a call it allows you to quicklyratethe call quality or mark it as a dropped call. 👏 This ratingissent to our advanced servers that process the data from alloverIndia.You can then view the statistics of your own network andcompareit with other networks. This can help you take a decision onNumberPortability!From time to time, we will also publish system stats sothateveryone can see which networks are performing the best! 👌😱 Oh don't worry about privacy, we take only the first 5digitsof the calls you rate for the purpose of analysis. So noone'sgoing to spam you! 👍So download now and start rating your calls. Help improvethetelephone networks. 🙌
DND Service App 1.4
Check your mobile number Do NotDisturbregistry status at TRAIActivate the service if it is currently disabled (for specificorall categories of calls)Register complaints against tele marketing calls that youreceiveafter activation of DND.Did you know?If you are registered under Do Not Disturb / National Do NotCallregistry and file a complaint against a telemarketer, youroperatoris obliged to take action within a specified period oftime!Offending tele marketers may be subject to a monetary finepercall/sms and their service may be eventually terminated aswell!What is this service?Do Not Disturb / National Do Not Call registry servicesareoffered by TRAI and allow you to easily opt out from TeleMarketinglists. Once you have opted out, you should not bereceiving anycalls or spam sms messages from marketers.Oh don't worry about privacy, no information is being sent toourservers regarding your calls or SMS. The permissions are usedonlyfor the purpose of displaying the info on your screen so thatyoumay select the offending call/sms.So download now and let your mobile live in peace withoutbeingbothered by tele-callers / spam sms messages.Note: This app is not affiliated to TRAI or anygovernmentorganisation. It is a private app that is offered at nocost.
Airtel Run For Education 2016 1.12
Race Day is on 27-Nov-2016. ARE YOU READY?!Download this game and try your hand at the Runner's Quiz.Findout how good is your general knowledge about running!After the race is over, you will get updated on the racetimingsof the Bib Numbers you are tracking.Train Hard, Train Well.Run with your heart, not your legs.Good Luck!About Airtel RFE:Airtel - Run For Education 2016 - Kolkata, is organised byRoundTable India in pursuit of educating underprivilegedchildren.About RTI:We believe that true freedom for an individual comes onlythrougheducation. Over the last few years, Round Tables in Indiahavereally put in a lot of effort to provide infrastructure inschools.By now, RTI has been successful in building over 1200schools at acost of over Rs. 80 crores benefiting over 7 lakhchildren.About This Game:Developed by RJS - www.rjs.in - a leading game development studioinKolkata.