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RL Zooper collection 1.2.1
RL Designs
Must Have Zooper Widget pro To use these! I wanted to make a Zooperset that would have something for just about any one. I took mytime to make these widgets so that everything wood be as good as Icould make it! I really hope you all enjoy these ill be updating asmuch as i can i have other projects also thanks for support andplease rate and review. I wanna thank a few people First I wannagive a huge thanks to Sean Miller for his help in making the appand with lots of other things with this app also I wanna thankDavid Ratkovic, Sasi Kanth, Chad Droid, Bad Boy and Sergio VenturaFrancesco Sicilia For the Wallpapers. I wanna thank ZaibunAlexander and Kevin Aguilar for the awesome weather sets i usedwith the widgets. Thanks to Sky König and Florain Möhle for thewonderful Zooper Dashboard I used. Also wanna thank Jedi Burrellfor the awesome app icon. You may need to upscale some of them tofit your screen idk why they are smalli will try to fix. AgainPLEASE RATE AND REVIEW it really helps me alot thank yall for theamazing support.If anyone would like to donate to help me my emailfor PayPal and Google wallet is rickydale2583@gmail.comMy Googleplus profile -https://plus.google.com/103580900435724162270
RL KWGT Collection 1.9
RL Designs
I wanted to make KWGT set that would have something for just aboutany one. I took my time to make these widgets so that everythingwood be as good as I could make it! I really hope you all enjoythese ill be updating as much as i can i have other projects alsothanks for support and please rate and review. I wanna give a hugethank you Zaibun Alexander & Kevin Aguilar for letting me usetheir awesome weather sets. And thanks to George Burke for.Playstore banner. Also thanks to Carla Jacobs for making apk forme! Check them out on Google plus they both do awesome work and youwon't regret it i promise! Again PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW it reallyhelps me alot thank yall for the amazing support.
Kreativ Zooper 1.9.0
RL Designs
Kreativ *Must have Zooper Widget Pro* to use this app. This is aset of 109 carefully crafted Zooper widgets along with 90wallpapers to go with it. Also dash only shows 104widgets but thereare actually 109, all can be accessed through Zooper. I will fixthis with the first update next week. Big thanks to ZaibunAlexander for her weather set that I used and Kevin Aguilar too.Also thanks to Zan Cerne for 16 of his Wallpapers And a Huge thanksto my friend Sean Miller for his continuing help with my apps, hedoes all the technical work with dash and apk for me. And thanks tomy friend Jon for his work with icon. Special thanks for dashboardand code from Polar Dashboard Patrick J, Aidan Follestad, TomWellington and Daniel Ciao. Please check out the 'About' sectionfor their Google+ profiles and please Rate and Review app it helpsa lot!If you buy this app and dash isn't able to download the wallsso if u want the walls besides just setting as home screen. Send mea hangout or an email or contact me on Google+ herehttps://plus.google.com/103580900435724162270 and ill give u aDropbox link to all the walls so u can download and use forlockscreen or whatever. Hangout me is the fastest way to get intouch with me.
RL KWGT & KLCK v2018.Jun.18.18
RL Designs
**ATTENTION**This app requires KWGT and KWGT PRO in order for thewidgets to be used! This is a set of widgets by me to go with manydifferent ssetuos. Currently 62 Widgets. I also have KLCKlockscreen presets currently 8. I wil Update app as much and asoften as i possibly Can. Please rate it low if you don't have KWGTPRO! The lockscreens included require KLCK and KLCK PRO! Newweather set by MARCUS B.KWGT:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widgetKWGTPRO:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widget.proKLCK:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.lockscreenKLCKPRO:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.lockscreen.proWelcometoo RL KWGT & KLCK A set of widgets made in all differenttypes! Make your homscreen the way you want it to be. The pack alsocomes with cool lockscreens which can be applied using KLCK!Forusing the widgets:-Long press on your homescreen and add a KWGTwidget-Tap the widget, go to the 'installed' tab and select widgetfrom RL Designs KWGT & KLCKFor using the lockscreens:-Open KLCKand slide the menu on the left-Tap on load preset and then go tothe 'installed' section-Open RL KWGT & KLCK and tap on thedesired lockscreen.All the widgets and lockscreens are designed byme Ricky Laughlin took allot of time and effort and will continueto make more.If the sizing of the widget is a bit off, just use thescaling option of the main layer in the KWGT editor.PLEASE Installand leave a review for the app.My G+https://plus.google.com/103580900435724162270
RL KWGT Design's v2018.Jun.18.18
RL Designs
ATTENTION MUST HAVE KWGT PROI made this as a free set ofKWGTwidgets to use with Kwgt pro app for those who cannot afford tobuya widget pack. It currently has 40 Widgets more to come.Newweather set by MARCUS B. Also now . I've spent allot of timemakingit and hope you enjoy. I also have a paid KWGT & KLCKappavailable also it has all these Widgets and more andlockscreenpresets. If you download and using it please leave arating andreview I truly appreciate it.