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Beam 1.3
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Introducing Contextualization to your Mobile. With Beam : ++ Youcan View offers around you which enables you to to focus on stuffyou really need to. ++ Gone are the days where you would need towaste a lot of your precious time in order to find offers. ++ Youget offers right in your finger tips(I mean your hand) . ++ Youfinally get the best deal ( That's what i call value for money).What is Beam ? Beams Are these tiny computers placed all over amall .These transmit signals which your smart phone receives.Nowwith this signal your phone understands is micro-contextual sense(This means : "Where exactly it is") and displays all the offersaround you. Do I need Beam ? + Do I not want to waste time ? + Do Ivalue money ? + Do I want to get the best deal always ? If YES , Iwould certainly recommend Beam For you , as it helps you maintainthose objectives of yours. if No , I am sorry this app does notsuite you .
Swizzer - A Social Revolution 2.0
RLC Tech
We live in a society where everyone might not be the best ateverything. But definitely, everyone is good at something. Let'sbring together our best through Swizzer!Swizzer changes the way youperceive the world around you, here's why?# ASK FOR A NEEDIf youever need something, be confident that people will help you.#UNLEASH YOURSELF Show off your skills to the world, what you'rebest at!# EARN CREDITSReceive points in return for your support; besocially rich!# GET RECOGNISEDEarn your way up to Swizzers Role OfHonour to get socially recognized.# SPEND YOUR CREDITS WISELYUseyour credits to get help from your society. Make sure you strike abalance; taking only help will make you poor.# GROUPIFY YOURWORLDCreate your social circle or join other groups to benefit fromeach other.# PRIVATE CIRCLESOptionally, secure your exchangeswithin your circle with a handy passcode.# STAY ANNONYMOUSOPTIONALLY AND SELECTIVELYIn specific needs where you can't revealyourself, stay anonymous.# Transfer PointsWe believe that help neednot only be by questions but virtually anything. To furnish thatyou can credit your aide with pointsGet Started with a signupcredits!________________________________________________________________________________________________We'reexcited to hear from you! Reach us with your feedback, questions,or concerns atMail: rahulravindran.in@gmail.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/Swizzer-1097800850318026/ Website :www.swizzer.inSwizzer: Join the official Swizzer group inSwizzerJoin Swizzer and be a social winner 🏆🏆🏆
Sat Vocabulary 1.0
RLC Tech
This app offers you the Most Comprehensive Collection of SatVocabulary you can ever find on the net .This is a collection of5000 Sat vocabulary ranging from easy to advanced vocabulary . Thisapp will be frequently updated to give you the most completevocabulary list of all SAT VOCABULARY you will ever need to know toget a perfect Score in SAT English .Happy Scoring !
Life Simulator 💰💰💰 8.1
RLC Tech
This is a simulation game of the life of Dave - your very own"Virtual Beggar". Your job is to uplift his wealth and to bringhappiness into his life. You start from the lowest level of societyi.e beg to earn a living, up to a multinational CEO. Consequently,you start from a torn sack up to your very own mansion! • Lead alife from the poor to rich. • Eat foods ranging from trash tointernational assortments to stay alive. • Get medication in timesof distress and injury • Be occupationally mobile - Work asanything, LITERALLY! • Buy all you want weapons, various lodgings,and various transports • Educate yourself to qualify in working atyour dream job. • Over 15 Bosses to beat -> this lets you yourgameplay more fun and challenging. Life Simulator also features aCasino Mode where you get to have fun with three different modules- Roundup, Daily Lucky Draw, and Lottery. Roundup is arealtime-multiplayer casino module where four players across theglobe place a sum of money on the table. More the money the playerputs in higher is the chance of sweeping all the cash on the table.Daily Lucky draw lets 1000 lucky winners every day to earn cash.All you need to do is to signup for the lucky draw and the restdepends on your luck. Lottery features players buying 100, 1.000 or10.000 dollar tickets of any quantity. The results of each lotteryvary and you have the potential to ridiculously multiply yourmoney!! 💡 Introducing Careers for life simulator where you canchoose from one of our well-crafted paths in order to specialize ina field. This game also contains a City Builder Mode which isavailable in the settings panel of the game. This mode essentiallymakes you a mayor where your job is to manage a city from 0population up to a gigantic metropolitan city. It's the populationthat determines the success of your city. These are the mainfeatures of the game - • You must build Houses, CommercialBuildings, and Community buildings in order to transform your cityinto a success. • Expand land to accommodate more structures. GoodLuck! Dave is waiting for you Any feedback is most appreciatedEmail me @ : rahulravindran.in@gmail.com