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Color Match Dot Switch 1.0.2
Color switch dot match game ischallengingaction game that is fun for all ages.it's very simple to play but addicting and hard to master!.Colormatch do switch is reflex color match game for all ages. Thisgamehas a different twist like you have never seen. Color switchandhit the same color dot.kids and adults and all ages can playthisgame and check your speed of taping.How to play! the color dot wheel spin and you just tap the dotwhensame color dots comes in front of taping color dot. colorswitchhave fun game. color swipe and color match are interestedgame.Tap the color dot carefully and you will get higher andhigheryour score in seconds.The beautiful and addictive hit game color switch Dot Matchisavailable for you Download right now.
Frozen Snow Cone Salon 1.0.1
Hurry! it's annual happiness time ofkids.Yes, this is summer the season of fun and charm and the bestaboutsummer is Snow cone.Come if you want your own frozen snow cone? This salon providesyouthe opportunity to make your own frozen cone all by your own.Comeand make your own summer special thing that you love the most.Thissummer is going to be the best summer is going to be the betsummerof your life with our salon. because we have setup upessentialthing to make your session special ever.therefore kids, treat selves with yummy delicious self-maderainbowcolored feasts fascinating and juicy and a deliciousappetite foryour tongue.So don"t pay your tummy with plain andcolorless snowcone, swing it up with with a vast variety of colors,toppingssyrups , flavors, candy topping, sprinkles and more. Byaddingmultiple colorful things, you won't believe bow amazing yoursummerdessert will look when your done with it! Having ice coldcone isthe best way to beat the heat. Sit back and lick on icedSnow conejazzed up with sweet gems.No one could resist the yummy creation you made!
Kiddy Math Quiz IQ Test 1.0.001
Kiddy Math quiz is an educational math gameforyour kids and a perfect challenge for you.1. Additions, brings two or more numbers or things together tomakea new total.2. Subtraction, taking one number away from another.3. Multiplication, repeated addition..4. Divisions, splitting into equal parts or groups.This math game help in memorization and enable to takefastdecisions in arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplicationanddivision).With the countdown time you should take decisioninlimited time and test their problem soling efficiency.Children are educated through a series of educationallevels(stages).This game will help your kids to learn to count intheirmind quickly and without error.It will raise IQ ability train your brain and improve your kidsmathskills. Kiddy math quiz game is a brain training. Maths gameis abrain gym to reach their full potential.So, download it for your kids. Train , play andhavefun...........