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Facial for Fresh Skin 1.4
It is a common practice for women to keep their skin clean, freshand beautiful. Numerous ways having varying effectiveness areavailable for this. The “Beautiful Skin” application has broughtfor you a very short, easy to use and handy method that takes just20 minutes but leaves a long lasting effect on your skin. Try outthis method and use it at least every week to enjoy a fresh andbeautiful skin continually.DISCLAIMERIn order to keep the app fullyfree, ads may appear on its screens. If you have any queries orproblems related to this, please feel free to contact us directlyinstead on leaving a bad rating.Thank you for choosing ourapplication. We hope you have best experience with it.
Photo Editor 1.5
Love to see photography in action? Enjoy the Perfect Photo Editorapplication which will not only act as a mirror for you to checkwhether you’ve a crumb stuck in your teeth or have got a stain onyour pretty face, but also enables you to capture and make superany photo you’ve captured. Be it color effects to make your photoseem more prominent and colorful, or HDR effects to make your photoappear more smooth and clear, Perfect Photo Editor will provide youphotography as well as editing adventure right there on your smartphone.Not only you can capture and edit photos on your phone, youcan also share your editing skills with your friends and the restof the world by sharing your photo on social networks. HappyPhotography! Enjoy photo capturing and editing.FEATURES-Interactively designed user interface- Support for English, Arabic,Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Turkish languages-Edit a photo either by capturing it from your phone’s camera orselecting it from your photo gallery.- Luminous Camera flash onphoto capture- Addition of color effects to your photo like sepia,grayscale, color inversion, filtering, color depth adjustment,color boost, saturation, mean removal, sharpening, Gaussian blur,tinting, noise, snow, hue etc.- Addition of translation effects toyour photo like rotation, cropping, rounded corners, watermarking,highlighting, reflection etc.- Addition of effects like smoothing,embossing, engraving to your photo.- Sharing photo on socialnetworks or save it on your memory card for future reference.-Saving or reverting to previous version of photo.HOW TO USE:- Usethe buttons on the top of the editing screen to capture or select aphoto from gallery.- Use the side buttons on the photo editingscreen to preview any effect or modification you select on yourphoto. Click “Apply” to make changes persistent or “Revert” toswitch to previous photo version.- Click share to upload yourmodified photo on any social network. Click Save if you want itsaved on your memory card for future reference.DISCLAIMERIn orderto keep the application 100% free, ads may appear on its screens.If you have any questions or complaints regarding this, please feelfree to contact us directly instead of leaving a bad rating.Thankyou choosing our application. We hope you have great experiencewith it.