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Criminal Case Investigation 2.21
All the police department is investigating thecase, the serial killer has struck again!Criminal Case investigation is a puzzle game where the player mustfindin the shortest time possible clues of the likely murder casescattered on the floor of the murder scene.You're the detective who has to find the serial killer, do not missit!The characteristics of Criminal case investigation:.Detective themed Casual Game where the player has to find inthe shortest possible time the right objects randomly placed on themurder scene floor..CSI style graphics that will make you feel in the murderscene..Many objects of the crime to find.Take the role of an agent in search of a serial killer, downloadnow houses Criminal Case investigation!
Chess 3D free 2.0.6
This is a great strategy game. It is said that those who play chessdevelops many intellectual qualities such as problem solving,abstract reasoning, ability to plan in advance and patience. If youdo not know the rules, do not worry, with 3D Chess you aresuggested the possible moves of the pawn, queen, bishop, horse,tower and king, so you can not go wrong. You can decide how smartit will be your opponent, so you can learn to play gradually.Download Chess 3d, revived this ancient game in this version withhigh-quality graphics. The board is ready, the Black King waitingfor you, ready to checkmate!
Maze Explorer 1.0
Your ship is spinning around the maze like aball, you must control it by tilting your device in the directionyou want to go and find the way out in this big labyrinth.When you run through the unexplored part of the maze, the floorunder the ship will change color filling your oxygen tank, if yougo back on the same path you will burn the oxygen until the tankwill be empty and the ship will explode.Be careful, choose wisely the right path to follow, balance everymove, tilt your device through the right way and you will find theway out.Features in "Maze Explorer":- Improve your balancing skills driving the spaceship in themaze, find the way out in the shortest time possible.- in some levels you can find some obstacles such as fog or blackspots covering the edges of your spaceship.- the enemies won't let you go so easily to the labyrinth exit,they are everywhere.Now it is time to test your skills, download now MazeExplorer!
Checkers - Draughts 3D 2.1
The game of checkers is simple and compelling.This version of thegame, Checkers - Draughts 3D, wants to keep the spirit of theaddictive classic board game and allow players to challenge afriend or improving their skills against the AI.Checkers - Draughts3D is a free game suitable for smartphones and tablets, and isbased on the rules of international checkers.On the game boardthere are 100 boxes, 50 white and 50 dark. On the shaded boxes areplaced 20 white pieces and 20 black.The pieces move diagonally andcapture opposing pieces by jumping into the empty space after thepiece.Features Checkers - Draughts 3D:. very nice graphics andattention to detail. Single Player or Multiplayer. choose white orblack pieces you want to play. Artificial intelligence veryaccurate and with different levels of difficulty. Enables ordisables the forced capture the pawn.You just have to try Checkers- Draughts 3D, it's free and you can configure how you want to playsolo or engage your friends in exciting tournaments.Get Checkers -Draughts 3D and have fun!
Peg / Marble solitaire! 1.2
Marble solitaire (called also Solo Noble) is atraditional board game for one player involving movement of pegs ona board with holes. Some sets use marbles in a board withindentations. The game is known simply as Solitaire in the UnitedKingdom where the card games are called Patience. It is alsoreferred to as Brainvita (especially in India).The first evidence of the game can be traced back to the court ofLouis XIV, and the specific date of 1697, with an engraving madethat year by Claude Auguste Berey of Anne de Rohan-Chabot, Princessof Soubise, with the puzzle by her side. The August, 1697 editionof the French literary magazine Mercure galant contains adescription of the board, rules and sample problems. This is thefirst known reference to the game in print.The standard game fills the entire board with pegs except for thecentral hole. The objective is, making valid moves, to empty theentire board except for a solitary peg in the central hole.Enjoy Marble Solitaire!
Sherlock, a criminal case! 1.5
Hey detective Sherlock, for you anotherbizarre criminal case to solve, do you have any suspects?There are a lot of clues on the desk of the police office, you haveto find the right ones to frame the killer.Detective Sherlock, another criminal case to solve! is a puzzle -adventure game where the players have to use their own visualskills to find the clues shuffled on the police station desk, youare the detective Sherlock in this puzzle - adventure game and yourpurpose is to solve this bizarre criminal case and find all thesuspects in less time possible.Features in Detective Sherlock, another case to solve:. A bizarre way to solve a murder case, you have a lot of clueson your desk and you have to find the right one as soon as you canto solve this criminal case.. Good quality cartoon graphics to plunge into the atmosphere ofthe investigator in search of the murderer. A different way to play an adventure game, the clues are shuffledon the screen and you have to find them in a sort of Hidden ObjectgameplayDo you have any suspects, ready for the challenge? DetectiveSherlock, this is the right case for you!
the Forest - Escape Adventure 1.4.91
the Forest is an adventure escape game (room escape style game).The main character is an airman who ends up in a storm, losescontrol of his plane and crashes into a mysterious wood.The nextday is stuck under a tree and must find a way to break free andsolve various puzzles to make it back home safely.Features of"Escape the Woods":- Compelling graphics and attention to detailthat will immerse you in a wood full of dangers and tricky puzzlesto solve.- Collect items that are in the path and use them to solvepuzzles and progress towards the solution of the game- On top ofthe screen there is an inventory of the objects found, can beuseful at various stages of the game when you have to solve thepuzzles.- This adventure game is suited to a wide audience, butgiven its mysterious and dark atmosphere is still recommended thepresence of an adult.Download now Can you escape the Woods!
the Manor - Escape Adventure 1.9.5
In this free adventure room escape puzzle game you are trapped in amysterious manor, find the exit using tools and objects that canhelp you to unlock doors and solve riddles to reach yourgoal.characteristics of the Manor - Escape Adventure puzzle game:*Many rooms to explore with many items to collect and use*Intriguing puzzles that will accompany you for the entire course ofthe adventure.* Classic graphic theme inspired by the famous andpopular games "escape the room"* The route of the game isaccompanied by the solution (question mark icon) in order tocomplete the game level more easily.Download for free the Manor -Escape Adventure game and try to solve all the riddles of themansion!
Battleground Arena Defense 1.2
The war has started, prepare your troops todefend the base, the enemy is coming.Battleground Arena Defense is the game for epic battles to fightthe enemy invasion. Defend your territory withall the weapons you have and prepare a strategy to dominate thebattlefield.The characteristics of Battleground Arena Defense:. Draw the various towers on the battlefield and strike theenemy to destroy. two play modes, you can fight on all the battlefield or on apredetermined path. choose the best towers for war and Make them more powerful as theenemy becomes stronger. different levels of difficulty, you can check out the waves ofenemy attack.. Destroy the enemy's weapons to earn money and build the mostpowerful towers.The war has begun, prepared in epic battles to conquer the enemyterritory!
Santa Claus and his Reindeer 1.0.0
the magical time of Christmas is coming andSanta is ready to deliver gifts to children around the world.Santa Claus flying his sleigh full of gifts on the roofs of thecity but his mischievous reindeer runs away with all thepresents.Poor Santa Claus will now take all the gifts that the reindeer hasdropped to take them to all the children who are waiting forhim.The lights of the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the songs and thewhole atmosphere make Christmas a magical moment, live it with joyin this Christmas game.Santa Claus and his reindeer wish you all, Merry Christmas!
Animal Sounds - LITE 1.0
A big library of animal sounds you candiscoverwith your son or daughter.All the little kids love to discover the world of the animalsandthe different noise they make.In this free version, children can easily choose theirfavoriteanimals.A tab is displayed and the sound of the animal is played.For every animal there are several images the toddlers canbrowsewith a simple touch.Features in Animal Sounds:. very easy to navigate, the child has just to tap the animal ofhischoice to open the tab. many animal sounds and pictures (in the full version). friendly and colorfull graphicsThe sounds of animals is an application that helpscognitivedevelopment and memory of children, try it!
Cars - Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0
Many images of sports cars, classic carsandclassic.Many jigsaw puzzles of increasing difficulty from 30 to400pieces.car jigsaw puzzle is suitable for all ages and has many levelstoplay.car jigsaw puzzle is free and the levels do not have time limits,tolet you play as long as you want in total relax.Rediscover your passion for cars with this relaxingjigsawpuzzle.If you are a true car enthusiast, do not waste any time,downloadnow the puzzle of the cars!
Escape the prison: free adventure game 1.9.95
Escape the prison is an adventure game "Room Escape", you are aprisoner under close surveillance, there are guards around you andevery exit is blocked by computer systems. Looking in your cell youwill find many objects and tools that may help you, try to use themor combine them. Codes and passwords are scattered all around, findthem and try to use them on computers to unlock bars and doors.Around you there are other prisoners, try to figure out what theywant and if they can help you to solve the puzzles. the computergames are tricky, concentrate and use your brain to solve theriddles. If you want to try your hand at an adventure game full ofsuspense and fun, then try Escape the prison adventure!
Detective in the Crime Scene 1.1
You are the detective in chargeofinvestigating a murder case. A criminal gang is threateningyourcity!"Detective in the Crime Scene" is a casual, story driven,adventuregame where to send to jail the criminals you will have tomatchthree or more gems / elements of the same type in successiontocomplete the level. You have to find clues, the murder weaponandthe witness of the crime to trap criminals.To match three or more gems / items together you have to uselogic,be careful how the gems come down, this will allow you tocombinemany elements in succession and make more points.The main features of this matching gems adventure game:1. Swap place the items and try to match them as many times.2. Combine more gems at the same time, you will have accesstotime bonus that you can use when the timer expires.3. combinations of more gems will unlock the elements "bomb"or"detective" that will allow you to generate more points forthelevel is exceeded.4. Many levels with many characters to discover and anengaginggraphical theme that will plunge you into a 'fascinatingdetectiveadventure chasing criminals to be sent to jail.5. Find hidden items that are the clues and evidence you'llneedto catch the criminals6. Great attention to graphic details with many 3D charactersandenvironments to recreate the atmosphere of a Noir Crime storydrivenadventureNow it's time to play "Detective in the Crime Scene", the Match3casual adventure game completely free, supportedbyadvertising.
Mystery Manor - Puzzle Escape Adventure 2.1
A 3D puzzle adventure game full of riddles, escape from traps anlocked doors! You woke up in this prison like scary house, full ofriddles, you have no clue where you are. The voice of Doctor DiNero comes from the tape. You are trapped in this old house for anexperiment, you must escape from here! There is a door over there,it seems locked but you got these keys from the table. The roomsare big and quite old, it is getting harder and harder to solve thepuzzles, i hope you can do it. Download now Mystery Manor - PuzzleEscape Adventure
Ancient Egypt: puzzle escape 1.3
a 3D puzzle game in the mysterious ruins of the ancient Egypt, onthe footsteps of Cleopatra and the pharaohs. Can you escape fromthe pharaoh's curse? Solve the puzzles and unlock the next room,turn on the brain, you'll need it to open all the doors that willallow you to escape. Main Features in Ancient Egypt: puzzle escape* beautiful and eye catching graphic theme representing the mysteryof the ancient egyptian temples, let's take a dive in the historyof Cleopatra and the pharaohs. *Many rooms to explore and doors tounlock, the pyramids hide the mystery. *Relaxing gameplayexperience and easy 3d environment navigation. Download now AncientEgypt: puzzle escape!
Escape Titanic adventure 1.3
The big Iceberg is still far away, but there is a diamond thief inthe boat, can you help the lady to find her ring? Maybe is hiddenin the bedroom where the old man is sleeping. Escape Titanicadventure is loosely based on the historical story of the titanic,the ship sunk in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Challenge your brainin this new and free amazing escape adventure puzzle game aboardthe Titanic! An opportunity you cannot miss to show all yourabilities to solve hard puzzles and unlock doors. From the creatorof Escape the Prison adventure, an adventure puzzle game with 20milion downloads worldwide, comes the latest amazing adventure:Escape Titanic adventure. Can you find clues, solve puzzles and getout to the deck of the ship? Main Features of this free Escapeadventure game: * An intriguin story of a mysterious thief ofdiamonds. * Interact with the passengers and sailors of the Titanicto find clues. * Many smart riddles to solve all around the ship. *Amazing graphics and historical atmosphere to enjoy the bestadventure experience. *All the levels of the game are free to playCan you escape from the Titanic?