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Drive to Kill 1.0
Drive to Kill 3D game is one of the premier application launched byracinggamessaga team. In this deadly game you will have toencounter and kill the superstrong and leaping Zombies on thehighway who will do just about anything to endure. Script your wayto glory as you race through the endless tracks to feel the ZombieHighway. Kill Zombies and upgrade your vehicles and weapons thatwill protect and enhance your battle experience world’s toughesthighway and dodge the obstacles to avoid crashing. Improve yourscore, unlock weapons and vehicles and beat your friends score.Golden rule of the game is to survive by killing Zombies or getslaughtered in Zombie Highway. Are your in to experience thislethal racing action?Drive to Kill Gaming Features:- Absolutelystunning and fully loaded three vehicles and range of shot guns /snipers to choose.- Advanced technology applied to simulaterealistic physics to give utmost driving experience with tilt andbutton steer controls.- Tap on the screen to shoot and kill thecrazy leaping Zombies.- Ultra High Definition Graphics andcaptivating gameplay.- Thrilling background soundtracks to engulfinto drive 2 kill gaming mode.- Throttle on nitrous boost tosmartly evade from Zombies.- Unlimited action with no in apppurchase. Collect cash as you kill zombies and unlock your favoritevehicle and guns.Get ready to enter into your favorite action gameby downloading Drive to Kill game now and hunt down Zombies. Reachout to us on with your valuable feedbackand suggestions.
Turbo Traffic Racing 3D 1.1
Burn up the streets with a mix of high-octane daredevil driving andexhilarating 3D turbo traffic racing game in highway for an endlessracing. Race on the highway, cruise through the busy traffic andcurvy road ahead.Get the adrenaline rush pumping every second asyou take over the highway traffic in day /night mode in this 3Dturbo traffic racing game. Drive your favorite vehicle throughhighway traffic, earn coins, upgrade your car and buy newones.Turbo Traffic Racing game comes with stunning high fidelitygraphics, addictive gameplay, dangerous curvy tracks and realisticphysics with the favorite vehicles that will give you unending funand challenge with every new game. Race through packed highways,avoid crashes, dodge traffic, pick up coins and also high-speedaerial stunts!The highway is endless and to add the driver needs tododge through a variety of vehicles and race through the traffic asfar as possible and try not to crash into the vehicles else thegame will be over.Turbo Traffic Racing 3D game creates a new typeof racing experience for the racing fans.This game will challengeeven the most skilled game racers in the world.Gaming Features :-High Definition 3D Graphics ,realistic physics and stunningbackground music.- Smooth and realistic vehicle handling.- Superbvehicle collection to choose from vehicles: Car,Police Car,MiniCar,Jeep,SUV,Pick up Off Road,Ambulance and Fire Truck.- RacingGaming for any age group and totally addictive.- Race and earncoins to buy your favorite vehicle from this game.- Gaming controlswith tilt and Button steer controls to race the way to glory.-Touch gas button to accelerate,touch brake button to slow down.- Noin app purchase.Download it now and have fun time.We will begrateful if you provide your feedback and suggestions to improve the Turbo Traffic Racing 3Dgame and also roll out new versions.
Truck Racing 3D 1,0
In this thrilling Truck Racing 3D game the world’s best heavy truckdrivers can test their driving skills in treacherous roads andtracks laid out in highway and free ride arena. Enjoy the heavytruck driving in adventure traffic.You will need abundant precisiondriving skills, needs to be quick and perceive the road in order toavoid accident and earns coins and powerups.Burn up the streets andexperience endless racing on the highway surge through busy trafficand bending roads ahead in day /night mode. Drive your dream trucksand upgrade your truck as you earn coins and buy new ones. Racethrough packed traffic, evade traffic, pick up power ups, coins andextra points for close overtaking. The highway is endless and toadd driver needs to elude through a variety of vehicles and racethrough the traffic as far as possible and try not to crash intothe vehicles to avoid ending the game. This game will challengeeven the most skilled racers in the world. If you like trucks, thenthis is the game!Gaming Features:- Gaming Tracks-Free Ride andHighway with Day and Night Modes.- 3 levels of Graphics Mode withHigh Definition 3D.- Realistic Vehicle Physics the best technologyin gaming world giving the ultimate heavy truck handling feel withtilt and button steer controls.-Touch gas button to accelerate,touch brake button to slow down.- Stunning background music to givethe adrenaline rush at various levels.- Superb Vehicle Collection:2Variety of Trucks, Truck Mounted with Crane, Job Site Machine DumpTruck, Centy Dumper Truck, Garbage Truck, Cement Mixer Truck &Tractor.- Refreshing racing game for any age groups with unlimitedchallenges to collect coins and unlock your favourite trucks.- Thisgame is totally free with no in app purchase. Enjoy unlimitedgaming.Download the Truck Racing 3D Game and have an exhilaratingtime. It will be really helpful if you can share your feedback andsuggestions to to improve the TruckRacing 3D Game and enable us to incorporate the same in upcomingversions.