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Ebola Outbreak!! 2.8.0
Calypso was just your everyday average birdgoing about his day to day life. That is until he learned about thedeadly Ebola virus plaguing Africa. Calypso decided he could notstand by and do nothing. After working hours in his laboratory, hedeveloped a cure for the deadly disease. He decided to make thelong journey to help the natives and destroy the Ebola virus. HelpCalypso travel across the continent healing the sick along the way.But BEWARE! While Calypso may have the cure, it does take time towork. If he comes in contact with a deadly Ebola virus strain, orhas contact with others with it, he will catch the virus!Disclaimer: 50% of all proceeds will be donated to DoctorsWithout Borders. Help us change the world and stop this deadlydisease. To track our donations, please visit us at http://www.CalypsoStopsEbola.com. Thank you foryour contributions.
My Name is Jeff 1.0.0
- My Name is Jeff! Help my fly through the tunnels!- From thehilarious movie, play as "Jeff". - He needs you to help him getthrough his town!Music creds -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQcVXWoBJ_0