Rajdeep Vaghela Apps

Nowadays there are so many socialnetworkingapplications, and that too with large apk size. That willsurelymake you worry about the limited internal space of yourdevice. Andalso these applications will share a big part in the RAMof yourdevice.For this problem here is the solution - SocialHubapplication.SocialHub application is small, quick andlightweighted. SocialHubapplication will contain wrappers of mostof the social networkingsites, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Google+, Tumblr, Tweetdeckand Flickr. SocialHub also contains adedicated messenger forfacebook, all these right under yourthumb.► Let's look at the special features of the SocialHubapplication:★ Simple, Attractive, Smart, and Easy to Use UI.★ Extremely compressed size of app.★ Open Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and Flickrlinksdirectly in the SocialHub app.★ Quick Switching among the loaded sites.★ Handy Scroll-to-Top button.★ Setting panel for full customization of the app.★ Upload photos directly from your device gallery.★ Save photos from the facebook to your device.Note: It might take few minutes to load at the first run oftheapplication. In setting panel more options you tick, more loadtheapplication takes while opening. Currently no notificationsaresupported in this application.