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Guess the Word 6.0.4
Random Logic Games is proud to present our version of the classic 4pics 1 word style of trivia game! It is a fun and addicting gamethat will challenge your logic and reasoning abilities whileentertaining you at the same time! If you love to solve problemsand consider a good puzzle to be fun then you’ll love Guess TheWord. All of the 4 pics will have one word in common, and it’s upto you to figure it out what that is!! As with all of our games,the beginning is quite easy but the game gets harder over time! HOWTO PLAY Open the game and tap "PLAY". You'll be presented with 4random pictures. You goal is to guess what WORD all 4 PICS have incommon! Letters are provided for you to type with. Tap the lettersto place them on the game board. Tapping letters again will removeletters from the game board. Getting questions correct will earncoins. Coins can be used on HINTS! HINTS "Expose A Letter" - Thishint reveals a correct letter within the puzzle! "Remove Letters" -This hint will remove some of the letters NOT used in the wordpuzzle solution. "Solve the Question" - If things get really tough,you can always use the puzzles to solve the question completely andmove on to the next! "Ask a Friend" - Use Facebook to sendquestions directly to your friends. Your friends can solve thequestion for you and send the answer back directly to you! SOCIALFEATURES (NEW!!) -SEND & RECEIVE FREE COINS - The more friendsthat play, the more free coins you can send and receive!-LEADERBOARDS - Playing with friends is always more fun! Now youcan see who's playing, how far they've advanced, and if you'rekicking their butt! -DAILY REWARDS - Earn free coins by opening theapp and claiming your daily reward! Log in daily!
Guess the GIF 5.0.3g
Guess The GIF really is a one of a kind game. It doesn’t matter howyou pronounce “GIF”, all that matters is how much fun you’ll haveplaying it! With 800+ levels of original illustrated GIFs, you’llbe spending hours solving puzzles and having fun. You can evenshare funny GIFs from the game with your friends! Figure out whateach GIF is trying to portray to proceed to the next level. Itcould be a movie, a celebrity or even your favorite pop culturecharacters! Earn coins along the way in order to help you out whenyou’re stuck. You’ll never grow tired of watching theseentertaining GIFs.
Guess the GIF 5.0.3g
Guess The GIF really is a one of a kind game. It doesn’t matter howyou pronounce “GIF”, all that matters is how much fun you’ll haveplaying it! With 800+ levels of original illustrated GIFs, you’llbe spending hours solving puzzles and having fun. You can evenshare funny GIFs from the game with your friends! Figure out whateach GIF is trying to portray to proceed to the next level. Itcould be a movie, a celebrity or even your favorite pop culturecharacters! Earn coins along the way in order to help you out whenyou’re stuck. You’ll never grow tired of watching theseentertaining GIFs.
Guess The Emoji - Trivia and Guessing Game! 9.35
The ORIGINAL Emoji trivia game! Guess The Emoji is a cult classicguessing game that will entertain you for hours! This crazy funemoji quiz game tests your knowledge, logic and reasoning skills tosolve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji Puzzles! The concept issimple, really, we promise. Here's how the Guess The Emoji triviagame works: We show you a series of emojis and emoticons (such asan emoji of a cat, then an emoji of a fish), then give you a set ofletters - and it's your job to guess what they mean when puttogether. Would you have gotten CATFISH? We're pretty sure you did.:) That one was easy! But trust us, this quiz game gets a lotharder as you go. So... can you guess all the emoji triviaquestions, correctly? HINTS! Many times things have double meaningsand these puzzles can be a real challenge! Are you stuck on a hardGuess the Emoji Question?? Nothing is worse than being stumpedduring a trivia game... so instead of making you phone a friend, weoffer hints to help you move to the next quiz question! - Expose ALetter - Using this hint will reveal a random letter in the gamepuzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess theanswer to a hard question! - Remove The Letters - This hint removesall letters from the board which are NOT USED in the puzzle game.This hint can be very helpful on shorter puzzles. Use it wisely! -Solve It! - We get it. Sometimes it just doesn't click. (We createdthe game and sometimes we still get stuck!) This hint willcompletely solve the word question for you and allow you to move onto the next puzzle in the game. ~Emoji provided free byhttp://emojione.com~
Emoji The Guess 1.72g
The long-awaited sequel to the ONE AND ONLY Guess The Emoji! isfinally here! In Guess The Emoji! you have to guess what word theemoji puzzle is trying to portray. This time it is YOU that makesthe puzzles! Solve the word given by choosing the emojis that theword you are seeing describe. Emoji the Guess game offers fun forall skill levels, and tests your logic and reasoning skills tosolve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji puzzles! Are you stuck ona hard Word?? Do not fear, hints are here to save the day! ExposeAn Emoji - Using this hint will reveal a random emoji in thepuzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess theicon on a hard question! Remove Emoji - This hint removes emojifrom the board which are NOT USED in the emoji puzzle game. Use itif you are having trouble deciding between a few emoji! Solve It! -This hint will completely solve the word question for you! Use itif you're totally stuck! We hope you game the enjoy! Please rate!Emojis by EmojiOne http://emojione.com/
Guess The Song! 4.13g
From the makers of some of the most popular trivia games on thePlay Store comes a new word guessing game - Guess The Song! If youlove music and solving puzzles, this is the game for you. Ourabstract images spell out the song name for you. Some are easy, butsome are very subtle! This quiz game definitely works your logicand reasoning skills!Turn on your favorite radio station orstreaming site and Guess The Song with us!Instructions:When youopen the game, you’ll see an image and a word bank. Click or typeyour answer to fill in the blanks! Also works well as a touchscreenapp. Enjoy the music and have fun! --- HINTS! ---Guess The Songoffers three different ways to help you solve a puzzling puzzle:·Expose a Letter reveals the next correct letter!· Remove Letterstakes away some unnecessary letters!· Solve the Question gives youthe answer so you can skip to the next puzzle!
Infinite Hidden Objects 1.82g
This hidden objects puzzle game will have you searching high andlow for all the objects that you KNOW are there, if only you couldpick them out! Infinite Hidden Objects has many hidden objectcategories of wildly different image styles to keep youentertained. With 8 levels in each category, and 3 difficultylevels per level, you can find hours of entertainment! Plus,Infinite Hidden Objects is FREE to play! Enjoy a virtuallyunlimited amount of Hidden Objects Puzzles! Infinite Objectsfeatures: --* Multiple difficulty levels! --* ACHIEVEMENTS!! --*Many different categories! --* Easy to use hints! --* Want achallenge? Try Expert mode!
Tap 5 Differences 3.1g
Tap 5 Differences is a game we know you'll love! Playing isextremely easy! Look at the two NEARLY identical photos presentedto you - can you spot the 5 hidden differences in the images? It'sjust like a Hidden Object game! Simply tap either image when youfind a change or hidden object out of place! We've got over 100images for you to complete, with many more being added in frequentupdates! Now, the game may seem easy at first, but just keepplaying - as you play through the many levels, the changes willbecome more and more subtle! Don't worry, when things get tough youcan use a hint! Hints will allow you to use extra time, highlighthard to find differences, and skip puzzles completely! Enjoy!
Tap 5 Differences 3.1g
Tap 5 Differences is a game we know you'll love! Playing isextremely easy! Look at the two NEARLY identical photos presentedto you - can you spot the 5 hidden differences in the images? It'sjust like a Hidden Object game! Simply tap either image when youfind a change or hidden object out of place! We've got over 100images for you to complete, with many more being added in frequentupdates! Now, the game may seem easy at first, but just keepplaying - as you play through the many levels, the changes willbecome more and more subtle! Don't worry, when things get tough youcan use a hint! Hints will allow you to use extra time, highlighthard to find differences, and skip puzzles completely! Enjoy!
Infinite Word Search Puzzles 3.89g
Infinite Word Search earns its name in this classic free wordsearch game that features over 130+ categories of word find puzzlesto choose from, each with multiple levels of difficulty andmultiple game modes. There are almost endless free word puzzles!Simply choose the category you find most interesting and start yoursearch! Find words by tracing your finger over the letters, eitherby moving up, down, left, right, diagonal, and even backwards!Words are hiding everywhere in our puzzles. Because we love playingword games so much, we created several different modes to solvepuzzles. We put YOU in control of the type of gameplay you wouldlike to experience. In the Progression game mode, test your wordsearch skills as you hunt your way through thousands of puzzles,with varying levels of increasing difficulty. If you prefer a morecasual experience, try out Infinite Mode and solve each word searchpuzzle at your own pace. Infinite Word Search provides you plentyof ways to solve these word puzzles, so don't feel like you'relocked into playing it one way only! If you're interested incompetitive play, Infinite Word Search Puzzles also includes aMULTIPLAYER game mode! You can now play word search games withfriends or the app will select random opponents for you, in realtime! Play your friends Christmas Morning! You better be quick inthis multiplayer mode, though, because it's a race to see who canfind the most words! How to play a multiplayer Infinite Word Searchgame: *Quick Match Word Search - With no log in required, quickmatch will allow you to immediately jump into a game with a randomopponent! Sign in to Facebook to save your progress and show youropponents who's boss! *Play word searches with friends - By logginginto Facebook you can directly challenge your friends in head tohead word search battles! Live at the top by earning more pointsthan your friends! The perfect interactive word game to play withyour friends and family. *Leaderboards - Multiplayer wins will becounted on the new "Multiplayer Wins" leaderboard. If you're aplayer who logs in via Facebook, you will be able to alsoparticipate in the Premium Multiplayer Leaderboard. Can you beatyour friends in word search and rise to the top? How about theworld? What are you waiting for? Download Infinite Word SearchPuzzles today, decide if you want to challenge yourself or playwith friends - then enjoy a virtually unlimited amount of singleand multiplayer Word Search Puzzles!
Symbology 1.74g
Refresh your eyes and mind with hundreds of puzzles in thisexciting game of symbols! Symbology is a game of minimalisticabstractions and their combinations that will challenge your visualand critical thinking skills. Decode dozens of categories ofcultural, classic, and contemporary emblems as you sharpen yourvisual wit. Though many puzzles are not overtly complex, it isimportant to keep an open mind!With serenely striking imagery,content, and mechanics, Symbology is as thought provoking as it isrevitalizing. Cleanse your visual and mental palate as you analyzemultiple images at once in order or extract a single word orphrase. Turn up your volume to unwind even more as you translatethrough clean and stimulating icon combinations!400+ QUESTIONS:Enjoy hours upon hours of content! The further you go, the harderit gets. How far will you go?SEND & RECEIVE FREE COINS: Get thewhole gang involved! More friends and family = more freecoinsLEADERBOARDS:Challenge your friends and family in the bigleagues! Look at who is playing and compare rankings as you makeyour way to the topDAILY REWARDS: Get free coins simply by openingthe app! Earn even higher daily rewards for each consecutive daythat you log inASK FRIENDS FOR HELP:Instantaneously ask friends forhelp on Facebook Messenger!
Guess The Emoji - Movies 4.06g
It's finally here! Guess the Emoji - Movies Edition! We know howmuch you love these cute emojis, and we know how much you lovemovies! So, from the makers who brought you the original Guess TheEmoji, you can now put you Emoji and movie guessing skills to thetest! It’s the best of both worlds! Enjoy countless hours of fun aswe test your trivia, logic, reasoning and movie knowledge all atthe same time! Can you beat your friends? Emoji provided free byhttp://emojione.com Have fun and get started Guessing the Emoji -MOVIES!
Crossword Quiz - Crossword Puzzle Word Game! 3.71g
Crossword puzzle games have been around for ages. It’s a classicword game that challenges your vocabulary and is a powerful toolfor learning. Of course you’ve seen all the normal free crosswordgames for your phone, they’re similar to what you grew up witheither in the Sunday newspaper or puzzle books; but do you want thesame old thing all the time? We didn't. We think that now it’s timeto stretch your brain a little bit and try a new way to completethese crosswords, by thinking outside the box! Welcome to RandomLogic’s modern twist on a beloved classic game. Crossword Quiz is aunique, free, puzzle crossbreed of several classic word games.Based on 3 types of clues, (word descriptions, emoji combinations,and photos), there are multiple ways to approach finding youranswer and completing the crossword puzzle. In Crossword Quiz wechallenge you to put your visual, vocabulary, and critical thinkingskills to the test in this uniquely crafted Crossword Puzzlewhirlwind! Nervous about trying something new? Don’t be! You're notlearning a new game, just a new way to get to your answers. Thisfree word puzzle game is a fun brain stretcher that will give youendless hours of almost unlimited entertainment! We even help youcollect coins along the way that you can use for different hints tohelp ease you into the game, or to save them for harder categories.So if you find yourself stuck on a puzzle? Don’t give up just yet!Use the coins you’ve earned to set you back on track with hints byselecting to expose a letter, remove unused letters, or to totallysolve the puzzle! Do your best to save your coins to buy hints formore challenging questions and for unlocking new categories (coinscan also be purchased in-game). EXPOSE A LETTER Reveal a singleletter of a phrase. This is the perfect hint to use when thecrossword answer is on the very tip of your tongue but need just alittle help to complete the puzzle. (we give you the option for howmuch of a "nudge" you want with your crossword puzzle hints!)REMOVE THE LETTERS Remove all letters from the letter bank that arenot part of the answer. This hint is perfect for when you need abump in the right direction to finish out the crossword puzzle!SOLVE IT Having a total blank-out? No worries! It happens with allword games. Simply select this hint option and you will be able tomove past it and go on with your crossword game!
com.randomlogicgames.wordfind 1.34g
The game is in the name! Simply use the grid of letters to connectwords together. Enjoy this smooth, user-friendly interfacealongside eye-catching graphics. Connect A Word is an aestheticallysatisfying challenge. You’ll be finding words for hours throughoutthese 250 levels! You can connect words in any direction! Swipe up,down, left, right, or sideways to form the answers. Don’t thinkit’s that easy though! You have limited time to solve each puzzle--and sometimes the word bank is missing a few letters! Be ready fora challenge! Choose from 10 different categories with 25 levelseach! Learn the names of exotic animals as you swipe along. Or findyour favorite brands, movies, and characters in the word puzzles.Train your brain to connect the words!
BattleText - Chat Game with your Friends! 2.0.25
Are you looking for an addictive free word game that will stretchthe limits of your vocabulary, train your brain, and increase thespeed of your texting? Maybe you want to learn to text faster thanyour friends and are looking for a way to practice typing morequickly. Or are you already confident you can outsmart and out-textnot only the game’s expert word champions, but play live heads-uprounds with other players, including playing games with friends?Then what are you waiting for? We know you will love this fastpaced, text battle with your friends, vocabulary rich word game!The concept is simple. All you have to do is come up with biggerwords and type them faster than your opponent. It’s one of the bestfree to download, free to play games, and that makes for endlessfree fun! Sounds like an easy word game, right? Well, somewhat -it’s pretty simple in the beginning while you are learning, sopicking up the concept is easy... but it doesn’t stay that way forlong! This free brain game switches up the rules every round. Everyword you use generally has to start with the same letter that theyour opponents previous word ended with, and on many levelsspecific letters are required to be used or simply removed from thekeyboard entirely! Don’t let the game intimidate you though. Ifyou’re at a loss for a word that fits the criteria established foryou, just use the AutoComplete feature for some suggestions. If youever run out of AutoCompletes, the in app store has them availablefor purchase. Once you’ve honed your skills against our in-gameexperts and want to really test your texting skills, try the game’sMultiplayer Mode. Simply login to your Facebook account with theapp on your phone or tablet and it will save your progress.BattleText will also let you play a quick word game with yourfriends, and if none of your friends are playing just yet, you canuse the Quick Match feature to play against a random opponent! Sohurry and download BattleText today! It's one of the best freegames to not only test your knowledge of the English language, butexpand your vocabulary with fresh, new words, and take it one stepfurther - it's an even better game to play against your friends! Soif you're trying to sharpen your mind, challenge your textingspeed, and expand your vocabulary to acquire new words, AND beatyour friends - well, we have the best word game for you! FEATURES:- Free to download, free to play - Quick matched rounds with fastpaced game play - Get your feet wet with easy rounds, thenchallenge yourself as the game gets progressively harder - 9separate game characters with very different personalities tocompete against - 72 different timed stages to play through inStory Mode - Multiplayer Mode for endless free gameplay! Playagainst friends or strangers! - Make use of the social mediaconnection feature so you can keep your progress - In-gamepurchases to get more AutoCompletes and remove ads
Moon Run! 1.0g
Glide through the beautiful twilight sky as the moon in this scenicavoidance game! As dark clouds assemble above, simply drag yourfinger across the screen to navigate around them. Test yourhand-eye coordination as you slither through trails of sky orbs onyour way into the heavens! Don't be afraid to take risks to collectas many orbs as you can—there are many moon designs that you canunlock with them!How to play:Simply touch the screen and drag yourfinger from left to right to control the movement of your moon.Avoid colliding with dark clouds and the edges of the screen, whichwill cause your moon to explode and will end your run!Features:• 10different types of full moon skins for your character!• Randomlygenerated gameplay that is always fresh, endless, and addicting!• Agaming experience that is both relaxing and stimulating!• Free todownload and play (ads can be removed with in-app purchase)!
81 Blocks 1.32g
81 Blocks is a simple, infinite game of matching blocks beforelocking up the grid! Blocks are cleared when 3 or more of the samecolor of blocks are matched. Challenge and relax yourself as thisgame puts your visual strategy skills to the test! See how far youcan go before reaching gridlock! HOW TO PLAY:Drag and drop thetiles from the bottom of the screen onto the grid. Tap to rotatethese tiles. When 3 or more of the same color of blocks aretouching, they will be cleared. Blocks with a star icon on themwill clear all blocks on the grid that are the same color. Blockswith blocks inside of them must be matched 2 times before beingcleared off of the grid. Matching more than one color of blocks atonce will give you 2x, 3x, or even 4x times as many points. Goodluck! FEATURES- Infinite gameplay- Simple, classic design-Interesting, multi-layered gameplay- Automatically saved gameplay-5 different clean themes- Dark and lite modes for each theme- Highscore- Leaderboard
Line Slide 1.0.0
The object is simple, but the puzzles sometimes aren't. Swipe yourline, dodging all obstacles, utilizing portals, and finding yourway to the finish line.
Infinite Block Puzzle 1.77
Infinite Block Puzzle brings something new to the table with thisclassic puzzle game concept. With over 1,000 block puzzles to keepyou entertained anytime and anywhere with no wifi, you’ll never bebored! Don’t stress about being in a hurry, because Infinite BlockPuzzle doesn’t have a timer. Just sit back and solve these puzzlesat your own pace! If you get stuck, don't fret - purchase starterpacks or watch a short video for hints that will send you in theright direction on the more difficult block levels. Drag the blocksinto the puzzle container to perfectly fill in the puzzle shape.The concept is simple - but don't get too relaxed, because it getsharder and harder, and you'll soon be addicted! Download InfiniteBlock Puzzle and enjoy hours of free puzzle solving. And since wedesigned it to be a great no wifi game, you can play anytime,anywhere! FEATURES: - Free to download - Over 1,000 unique blockpuzzles - Easy to play for all skill levels - No WiFi or dataconnection required
Unraveled - Chat Stories 1.45g
Tired of reading text messages over your friend’s shoulder? Do youreally want to know what goes on in the privacy of people’sinboxes? Then download Unraveled now! Read texting tales ofsuspense, horror, comedy, deception and much more. Unraveled hasdozens of stories to keep you on the edge of your seat and comingback! If you really enjoyed an Unraveled story, send it to a friendso they can have a laugh (or maybe a scream!) Keep your Unraveledbattery recharged with subscription packages so you don’t have towait to finish a thread! You can have unlimited battery power inUnraveled for 1 week, 1 month, or a full year. Or, simply watch apromotional video for a quick recharge.
Bot Jump 2.01g
Take a journey into the skies in this addictive, endless jumperfrom the minds behind the classic mobile hit game, Guess the Emoji!See how many atmospheres you can bounce your way through withoutfalling or hitting an obstacle...but don’t worry! There are manyways to overcome enemies and obstacles if you are willing to keepan eye out and jump outside of the box. Be sure to collect orbsalong your voyage to unlock special accessories, some of which canhelp you to defeat your enemies and spring higher than ever.Embrace your creative side and find new ways to acquire lockedaccessories in the shop! Don’t forget to test your skills againstyour friends, whose high scores you can see as you blast past them!Share your scores and invite your friends to get the whole ganginvolved. Who will be at the top of the leaderboards in your friendgroup? How to play: Tilt your screen to move left or right. It’sthat simple! Features: ‌• 3 different types of action-packedpowerups! ‌• Challenging enemies—be sure to pay attention to theways they move! ‌• 5 different types of platforms—watch out forspiky and crumbling ones! ‌• 15 different accessories to become themost stylish sky-explorer of all time. ‌• 3 accessories that comewith special advantages for when the jumping gets tough! ‌• 17exciting and challenging Achievements to complete! ‌• Each game isa totally unique and new adventure!
Hexa Buzzle - Hexa Block Puzzle Game! 1.33g
Hexa Buzzle is an exciting twist on the classic block puzzle game!Simple, free, and easy to play, this uniquely themed block game isperfect for all skill levels. The perfect game to play withoutwifi! With over 1,000 exciting block puzzles to play through, youwill have a hard time putting this game down! HOW TO PLAY: 1)Download Hexa Buzzle for free. 2) Simply drag hexa block pieces tothe grid. 3) Fill the grid with hexa blocks in the right positionto complete the puzzle. 4) Block puzzle pieces cannot be rotated,but they all fit in there somewhere! 5) No time limits! Play atyour own pace! FEATURES: - TONS and TONS of puzzles! With 14 levelsand over 1000 puzzles to choose from, endlessly addictive fun isright around the corner! - Hints can be purchased with currencyacquired in-game or in the store! - Clean, smooth gameplay anduser-friendly interface - Perfect to play anywhere, even on the go!- No time limits! Relax and enjoy the ride! - Classic andstimulating graphics! - Free to play! - No wifi necessary!
UpWord Search - Scrolling Word Search Puzzle Game 1.26g
Do you love word searches, but you’ve been wanting to add a littleexcitement? Maybe you were hoping someone would add a modern spinon this classic word game. Well you’re in luck, because we weretoo! So we locked ourselves in a room, brainstormed for hours, thenthrew tradition out the window and changed it up a bit to createthe next generation of word search games. We took the customaryword search format that you have experienced with traditional wordsearch games, but we added a new twist to it for even morechallenging word puzzle fun! The UpWord Search app features dozensand dozens of wide ranging categories to provide you with endlesshours of searching fun. We added varying levels of difficulty soyou can start simple, build your confidence, then push yourself andsee how good you really are. Don’t worry, the same old-fashionedrules you’re used to still apply - you can find words up, down,left, right, diagonal, and even backwards. However, you better bequick, because in THIS word search everything scrolls continuouslyupward! Test your skills as you quickly scour the screen for hiddenwords and highlight them all before they disappear off the screen.Explore different game modes and unlock new categories as you honeyour abilities. With thousands of words across heaps of categories,we think you’ll agree that UpWord Search is the newest word gameyou’re going to be addicted to! Download UpWord Search today andfall in love all over again with word searches!
Crossword Search 1.09g
Crossword Search is a mash up of two classic word games: crosswordsand word searches! As you find words in the word search, theyappear in the crossword. The crossword then reveals what words youneed to find in the word search. Find yourself stuck on finding aword? Feel free to use a highlighter! A highlighter will highlighta word that needed to be found and it will appear on the wordsearch. Be careful about using highlighters though as they costcoins which can be purchased or earned in game. So don’t wait orhesitate, download Crossword Search and play it now!
Solitaire Infinite - Classic Solitaire Card Game! 1.0.31
Random Logic is excited to bring you our take on one of the world’smost popular classic card games, Solitaire! Perfect for any time,this FREE to download card game favorite is not only easy andaddictive to play, but did you know Solitaire is also one of thebest games to download when no wifi is available. We took theoriginal Klondike (or patience solitaire) game that you grew upplaying Windows Solitaire, but optimized it for today’s mobiledevices. Now you can enjoy an easy to play, and even easier tolove, version of this classic card game for tablet or Androidanywhere you go. Choose your favorite traditional Solitairegameplay style with either one (1) card draw, or three (3) carddraw. You can use the vintage method of click and drag to move thecards from one position to another, or utilize the built in, handyone tap feature for much easier, faster gameplay both with andwithout wifi! If you get stuck during a game, then watch a quickvideo for a simple hint to get you over a bump in the road andfinish out your Klondike Solitaire hand. Or if the round iscreeping closer to a dead end and you need a little extra helpreaching the finish line, we built in an available game featurewhich uncovers a card that you couldn’t quite get to on your own,in order to keep the hand alive. Some of the features included withyour free download of Solitaire Infinite include: - Unlimited free“undos” for any of the solitaire game modes. Yes, even all the wayback to the beginning of the hand! - ‘Retry Game!’ feature, whichallows you to restart and replay the current card game. We foundthat sometimes users needed a second shot at a particular round ofsolitaire for various reasons, so you now have that option! Whetherit’s hunt for a faster solution to beat the clock, increase yourscore, or maybe deploy a different approach to a game that you werestuck on - no matter what your reason, we feel that second chancesin life shouldn’t cost you! - No internet connection needed!Solitaire is one of the best free card games for both no wifiand/or limited wifi. Play any time, play anywhere, with SolitaireInfinite! - Both regular hints, and special hidden card hints areavailable! Watch a quick video to enjoy the regular hints you’reused to, which give you a nudge in the right direction. Or if youneed a little stronger help when you’re completely stuck, watch avideo and uncover a useful hidden card from deep in the stack! -This free card game app is optimized for all mobile devicesincluding both Android and tablets. - Solitaire Infinite alsofeatures a delayed start timer, so the clock doesn’t start runninguntil you’re ready to play. This allows you to take your timereviewing the hand of cards you were dealt without penalty, andformulate the best strategy to start the hand on the right foot. -Tracks top scores and their dates! There’s always a bar to raise,somewhere - so we track that for you. - Attractive, unclutteredcard game design that was engineered to fit today’s modern devicesand playing styles. - Auto-complete for “solved” games that justneed to have the cards stacked. Saves you from having to move eachcard one at a time and gets you to the next hand faster! - Supportsmultiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French,Italian and more. - Tallies the total number of moves during thegame, and calculates the score as you play to allow for better gamemanagement. - Easily toggle the sound effects of the cards or gameplay, off or on, based on your preference. - Time clock pause -allows you to pick your solitaire game back up right where you leftit when you’re interrupted. If you are searching for a classicSolitaire card game to download, here it is! It’s FREE to addSolitaire Infinite to your Android or Tablet. What are you waitingfor? It’s easy - simply download the latest version today, andwithin minutes you’ll be challenging yourself and setting new highscores!
Maze CrazE - Maze Games and puzzles! 1.0.31
Welcome to Maze CrazE, a new and addicting maze game! We lovepuzzles, so we downloaded and played dozens of maze and puzzlegames before hitting the drawing board (literally) to develop a newgame with hundreds of free maze puzzles that will keep youentertained for hours. Fun for the whole family on ChristmasMorning, Maze CrazE is a challenging collection of 6 differentlevels with hundreds and hundreds of mazes to solve. The mazesstart simple to get your feet wet, then progress to harder andharder puzzles. (You can skip ahead to harder mazes once youcomplete a certain number of mazes in each level) Each maze isdesigned to be played at your own pace, with no time limits orrestrictions. Finish a round in one sitting or pause it and comeback later, and because no wifi is necessary these puzzles aregreat for playing offline, such as when you’re at the doctorsoffice, waiting for appointments, in the carpool line, or evenplaying while in the bathroom… (shhh… we won’t tell anyone.) HOW TOPLAY Maze CrazE is easy to play! Each maze is custom made fromscratch and we used several different algorithms to generate themazes so that you’re always on your toes. The game starts with twodots, sitting on a maze grid. Start dot, and green end dot. (Easyso far, right?) Simply swipe anywhere on the screen in thedirection you would like for your dot to travel, then keep swipinguntil you reach the green dot! We also hide little items throughoutthe mazes to help you out along the way. ORBS - As you play be sureto collect orbs! These little fellas show up randomly throughoutmazes. Collect them as you play to build up your bank, and use theorbs for hints and other prizes, such as new skins and colors!Watch a short video to add a multiplier and get even MORE orbs.They add up, so don’t forget to collect as many as you can find!SPIN FOR PRIZES - Everyone loves surprises, so we hid prize boardsin several mazes in each level. Watch a short video for more spinsand even more prizes! SPEED UP - as these mazes get larger, turbocharge your line speed cruise to the end faster! This is a greatway to navigate through the mazes more quickly and solve the maze!SKINS - Collect orbs throughout the mazes as you go, then use themto buy and swap out things like skins for your mazes to match yourmood! Level 1 is pretty easy, this is a great place to collect orbsand watch a short video to multiply your collection. Level 2 startsto raise the heat a little and we give you a little more orbs, tobe sure to take the time to collect them all. Level 3 gives you ataste of what’s coming and Level 4 starts to challenge your brain alittle bit. Level 5 isn’t for the faint of heart and you’ll startto appreciate having those orbs! Don’t spend them all, though,because Level 6 has the mazes that you've been looking for, andthey're going to challenge you from start to finish!
Infinite Differences - Find the Difference Game! 1.0.33
Are you an expert at spotting the differences between two things?It’s pretty easy if they look extremely different, but what if thetwo pictures are almost identical? That’s where we test how good ofa detective you are! Random Logic Games is proud to present to youInfinite Differences, a new photo hunt game with loads of coolgraphics and photos! Infinite Differences is an all new compare andfind puzzle game that asks you to compare two pictures that, atfirst, appear identical, but there are actually tiny littledifferences between the two photos, and you have to find them! Ittakes a great amount of concentration to be able to spot thedifferences between the pictures in each round, but if you focusyou can find the differences between them faster and faster, allwhile stretching brain power! Free to download, each level inInfinite Differences is designed to give your eyes a feast, withexpertly designed, unique scenes that are created to give your minda workout without being fatiguing. Playing is easy, but with somany puzzles, do you think you have what it takes to seek and findall the differences? How to play Infinite Differences: When a levelbegins you will be shown two photos that appear identical - butthey are not! It’s your job to find the five differences betweenthe two photos. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. - Comparethe two images - Search for small differences or variances betweenthe two photos or scenes - Tap either photo to highlight thedifference - Find all 5 differences before the time runs out! Can’tget past a puzzle? Watch a short video for a hint, if you getstuck! (Watch as many as you need to help spot the differenceyou're having a challenge finding in order to solve the puzzle, wewon't tell anyone!)
Infinite Connections - Match the pair! 1.0.12
Infinite Connections is a new match and connect game that’s goingtokeep you on your toes! Easy to learn and fun to play, simplyconnecttwo matching tiles that are next to each other, OR aroundthecorner. You have up to 3 lines to make a connection! Learningtoplay Infinite Connections is easy. Search through a fun mixofimages, find a pair that match, then find a connecting pathbetweenthe tiles in 3 lines or less. When you make all thetilesdisappear, you win the game! Sounds easy, right? Not so fast.Whenthe board shifts, so does your strategy. Did we mention thatyouhave to think fast because you’re racing the clock? Run outofconnections? Use a hint to help you out! - Use the spyglasstohighlight a matching pair to get you through a pinch. - Youcanalso shuffle the board to shake things up a bit when you run outofoptions.
Simple Word Search Puzzles 1.0.3
Welcome to Simple Word Search, a game that means what it says!Theobject of this classic free word game is the same thing youlearnedas a kid. You are given a word bank filled with the wordsthat arehidden inside a grid of scrambled letters. It’s your job toseekand find all the words and highlight them in order to solveeachword puzzle. Once you’ve searched and found a word, highlighttheletters with your finger going either front, backwards, or evenupand down! Keep hunting for the words from the list in thepuzzleuntil you find them all. An amazing tool to help keep yourmindactive, these free, untimed and easy to play quick wordsearchpuzzles make Simple Word Search the perfect game for anyonewhoneeds a quick distraction! Busy or bored, there’s always timefor aquick word search game. For daily fun be sure to check outtheDaily Challenge. The daily word search challenge is a larger,moredifficult timed word search puzzle that will keep you comingbackevery day to push your skills to the limit. Fun for allages,Simple Word Search also includes hints for those that need alittleboost in finding a more elusive word that is hiding. Simplywatch aquick ad to earn a highlighter that will help you in yourhunt! Ifyou need to switch things around, hit the “refresh” buttontoshuffle the letters around on the page for a fresh view!DownloadSimple Word Search for free and start finding words!