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Guess the Word 5.14g
Random Logic Games is proud to present ourversion of the classic 4 pics 1 word style of trivia game! It is afun and addicting game that will challenge your logic and reasoningabilities while entertaining you at the same time!If you love to solve problems and consider a good puzzle to be funthen you’ll love Guess The Word. All of the 4 pics will have oneword in common, and it’s up to you to figure it out what that is!!As with all of our games, the beginning is quite easy but the gamegets harder over time!HOW TO PLAYOpen the game and tap "PLAY". You'll be presented with 4 randompictures. You goal is to guess what WORD all 4 PICS have in common!Letters are provided for you to type with. Tap the letters to placethem on the game board. Tapping letters again will remove lettersfrom the game board.Getting questions correct will earn coins. Coins can be used onHINTS!HINTS"Expose A Letter" - This hint reveals a correct letter within thepuzzle!"Remove Letters" - This hint will remove some of the letters NOTused in the word puzzle solution."Solve the Question" - If things get really tough, you can alwaysuse the puzzles to solve the question completely and move on to thenext!"Ask a Friend" - Use Facebook to send questions directly to yourfriends. Your friends can solve the question for you and send theanswer back directly to you!SOCIAL FEATURES (NEW!!)-SEND & RECEIVE FREE COINS - The more friends that play, themore free coins you can send and receive!-LEADERBOARDS - Playing with friends is always more fun! Now youcan see who's playing, how far they've advanced, and if you'rekicking their butt!-DAILY REWARDS - Earn free coins by opening the app and claimingyour daily reward! Log in daily!
Guess The Emoji 8.05g
Are you ready for a guessing game like noneother?! The ONE AND ONLY Guess The Emoji will entertain you forhours! Our endlessly fun emoji game tests your logic and reasoningskills to solve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji puzzles! You'llbe presented with a screen displaying emojis - what is it thatthese emoticons are describing?! Can you guess them all?HINTSAre you stuck on a hard Emoji Question?? Do not fear, hints arehere to save the day!Expose A Letter - Using this hint will reveal a random letter inthe puzzle. Use this hint when you need an extra nudge to guess theicon on a hard question!Remove The Letters - This hint removes all letters from the boardwhich are NOT USED in the emoji puzzle game. This hint can be veryhelpful on shorter puzzles. Use it wisely!Solve It! - This hint will completely solve the word question foryou! Use it if you're totally stuck!We hope you enjoy the game! Please rate!
Guess The Song! 4.13g
From the makers of some of the most populartrivia games on the Play Store comes a new word guessing game -Guess The Song! If you love music and solving puzzles, this is thegame for you. Our abstract images spell out the song name for you.Some are easy, but some are very subtle! This quiz game definitelyworks your logic and reasoning skills!Turn on your favorite radio station or streaming site and GuessThe Song with us!Instructions:When you open the game, you’ll see an image and a word bank.Click or type your answer to fill in the blanks! Also works well asa touchscreen app. Enjoy the music and have fun!--- HINTS! ---Guess The Song offers three different ways to help you solve apuzzling puzzle:· Expose a Letter reveals the next correct letter!· Remove Letters takes away some unnecessary letters!· Solve the Question gives you the answer so you can skip to thenext puzzle!
Infinite Jigsaw Puzzles 1.2g
Infinite Jigsaw Puzzles features a stunningcollection of constantly updated Jigsaw Puzzles that both beginnersand enthusiast alike will enjoy. Our puzzle categories includebeautiful landscapes, cute animals, city & country themes andmuch more.We're sure Infinite Jigsaw Puzzles will become your go-toapplication for a realistic jig saw puzzle experience!- Enjoy hundreds of options as you browse the available puzzlesfeatured in tons of exciting categories!- Experience Infinite game play as our available selection ofpuzzles is updated and grows over time!- Check back often as we release new weekly puzzles - all ofwhich will give you a taste of what's available!- Enjoy "hints" on every puzzle. You can sort the availablepieces by "Side" pieces only, and take a peak at the puzzle you'retrying to solve at any time. Just like putting together a realJigsaw Puzzle!- Choose the play style that works for you. Start with a simple16 piece puzzle, or try a true challenge by turning on rotation andsolving a 100 piece puzzle!- Achievements! We've added 30+ achievements for you to conquer.Can you earn them all?- Never lose your progress! Any progress made on puzzles willalways be saved, come and go as you please! Easily work on multiplepuzzles at once.- CREATE YOUR OWN - Unleash your creativity by making puzzlesout of your own photos! You can point and shoot, or grab a picstored on your phone. The options are infinite with thisfeature!Enjoy!
Infinite Hidden Objects 1.71g
This hidden objects puzzle game will have yousearching high and low for all the objects that you KNOW are there,if only you could pick them out! Infinite Hidden Objects has manyhidden object categories of wildly different image styles to keepyou entertained. With 8 levels in each category, and 3 difficultylevels per level, you can find hours of entertainment!Plus, Infinite Hidden Objects is FREE to play! Enjoy a virtuallyunlimited amount of Hidden Objects Puzzles!Infinite Objects features:--* Multiple difficulty levels!--* ACHIEVEMENTS!!--* Many different categories!--* Easy to use hints!--* Want a challenge? Try Expert mode!
Tap 5 Differences 2.6g
Tap 5 Differences is a game we know you'lllove! Playing is extremely easy! Look at the two NEARLY identicalphotos presented to you - can you spot the 5 hidden differences inthe images? It's just like a Hidden Object game! Simply tap eitherimage when you find a change or hidden object out of place! We'vegot over 100 images for you to complete, with many more being addedin frequent updates!Now, the game may seem easy at first, but just keep playing - asyou play through the many levels, the changes will become more andmore subtle! Don't worry, when things get tough you can use a hint!Hints will allow you to use extra time, highlight hard to finddifferences, and skip puzzles completely!Enjoy!
Guess The Idiom 2.31g
Guess The Idiom is a fun and quirky quiz gamewhere you have to figure out which common phrase or saying isillustrated in the drawing.The drawings are fun with a simplistic style that is sure toplease. You will have hours of fun trying to Guess The Idiom!In Guess The Idiom, you are presented with a colorful drawingthat illustrates the idea behind a common phrase or saying, alsoknown as an “idiom.” These can be things like “beating a deadhorse” or “raining cats and dogs” – they are sayings that we allknow and use but never really think about it! In this fun brainquiz, you will be asked to deduce the meaning behind the drawingand fill in the blanks!We think that many of the drawings will make you laugh, whilesome could make you go crazy trying to figure it out! Either way,we want you to enjoy playing Guess The Idiom!Now go “break a leg!”
Infinite Word Search Puzzles
Infinite Word Search is a more in-depth takeon an American classic! With 35 different categories to play underand multiple modes and styles of play, this game will keep yousearching for words for hours on end! Just find the category youlike most, and keep your eyes peeled for words in alldirections!Test your skills in Progression Mode, going through 30 levels ofincreasing difficulty, or try out the more casual Infinite Mode,where you solve things at your own pace and with your owndifficulty setting. As you play, you’ll stumble across and unlockAchievements. Try to collect all 10 achievements as you search forwords!But if you’re the extremely competitive sort, then the MultiplayerMode is what’s right for you! Face off against your friend or astranger in a race to see which of you can find the most words!Afterwards, you can check the Leaderboards to see how you standcompared to the rest of the players.Multiplayer features include:Quick Match - No log-in and no hassle of any sort required, you canjust jump right into a match with a random player in this mode.Signing in to your Facebook account, while not required, will letyou save your progress and intimidate the other players just alittle bit with your record.Play Friends - Connect your Facebook account with the app and playagainst your friends in a race to find the most words.Leaderboards - After your match, hop onto the leaderboard and checkhow your record compares to that of your friends! And if you haveyour Facebook account connected, you can access the PremiumMultiplayer Leaderboard. Don’t just aim to be higher than yourfriends, aim to be higher than the rest of the world too!Infinite Word Search is completely FREE to play, so dive right inand enjoy the virtually unlimited amount of single and multiplayerWord Search Puzzles offered to you!
Guess The Emoji - Movies 4.01g
It's finally here! Guess the Emoji - MoviesEdition! We know how much you love these cute emojis, and we knowhow much you love movies!So, from the makers who brought you the original Guess The Emoji,you can now put you Emoji and movie guessing skills to the test!It’s the best of both worlds!Enjoy countless hours of fun as we test your trivia, logic,reasoning and movie knowledge all at the same time! Can you beatyour friends?Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comHave fun and get started Guessing the Emoji - MOVIES!
Constellate 1.21g
Constellate is a space-themed puzzle drawinggame that will ask you to connect the stars – all in onetouch!In Constellate, your goal is to connect all of the stars in alevel. Sounds simple, but there’s a catch: you can’t backtrack overa line you’ve already drawn, you must complete the drawing with onetouch! This seemingly simple rule will leave you scratching yourhead as you work through the different paths.Constellate is full of hand-created levels that increase indifficulty. It starts off easy enough, with simple geometric shapesand an obvious solution. By the time you finish Galaxy 1, however,you’ll have an appreciation for the challenges that lieahead!Constellate embraces its space theme fully in both visuals andsound effects. The gorgeous design is complemented by the galacticsound effects. This is a puzzle game unlike any other outthere.Features:---Three different Galaxy levels---More than 40 achievements to collect!---Rewarding and challenging gameplay---No “energy” or lives to regenerate! Play as much as youwant!---Additional levels in development!
Infinite Pics 3.51g
Infinite Pics is the picture guessing game torule them all! Enjoy hours of word and trivia game play as we putyour word and picture association skills to the test!Infinite Pics features a familiar game play style that casualgamers have come to know and love. Simply look at the imagepresented to you - can you guess what it is?The game features tons of categories, each with 100 pictures. Youcan unlock the categories YOU want to play! If you get stuck on atricky picture, use a hint or ask your Facebook friends to help youout!
Crossword Quiz
A modern twist on a beloved classic! Crosswordquiz is a unique puzzle crossbreed based on 3 types of clues: worddescriptions, emoji combinations, and photos. Put your visual,word, and critical thinking skills to the test in this mash-uppuzzle extravaganza!Find yourself stuck on a puzzle? Don’t give up just yet! Use thecoins you’ve earned to set you back on track with Hints byselecting to expose a letter, remove unused letters, or to totallysolve the puzzle! Do your best to save your coins to buy hints formore challenging questions and for unlocking new categories (coinscan also be purchased in-game).EXPOSE A LETTERReveal a single letter of a phrase. This is the perfect hint to usewhen the answer is on the very tip of your tongue!REMOVE THE LETTERSRemove all letters from the letter bank that are not part of theanswer. This hint is perfect for when you need a bump in the rightdirection!SOLVE ITHaving a total blank-out? No worries! Simply select this hintoption and move forward with your crossword!
Around The Word 1.3
It’s a race against the clock in thisfast-paced word game! Letters will appear around the timer that isconstantly ticking down.Create a word using all of the letters to put more time on theclock and keep going! See how long you can last and track your highscore, then challenge your friends to the ultimate spellingchallenge!-Over 1000 words to find!-Challenge you friends to see who can score the highest!-Tap out anagrams and race the clock to see how many words you canfind before your time is up!-Keep playing to unlock all of the Achievements!
Connect a Word 1.19g
The game is in the name! Simply use the gridof letters to connect words together. Enjoy this smooth,user-friendly interface alongside eye-catching graphics. Connect AWord is an aesthetically satisfying challenge. You’ll be findingwords for hours throughout these 250 levels!You can connect words in any direction! Swipe up, down, left,right, or sideways to form the answers. Don’t think it’s that easythough! You have limited time to solve each puzzle-- and sometimesthe word bank is missing a few letters! Be ready for achallenge!Choose from 10 different categories with 25 levels each! Learn thenames of exotic animals as you swipe along. Or find your favoritebrands, movies, and characters in the word puzzles. Train yourbrain to connect the words!
BattleText 1.62g
Confident in the size of your vocabulary? Showit off in this new word-based battle game!Play through Story Mode and try your best to outsmart one of the 6word champions the game presents you with. With 8 stages for eachopponent, you’re all set for hours of fun! Each stage has its ownset of rules that you must follow in order to win, so be preparedfor some tricky levels.It isn’t as easy as it sounds though, because you can’t just sendin random words. Every word you use has to start with the sameletter that the previous word ended with, and on some levelsspecific letters are banned. But don’t worry! If you’re at a lossfor a word that fits the criteria established for you, just use theAuto Complete feature for some suggestions. And if you ever run outof Auto Completes, you can buy them through an in-gamepurchase!If playing against the computer isn’t your thing, try your hand atthe Multiplayer Mode. Just login to your Facebook account with theapp on your phone or tablet and it will save your progress and letyou challenge friends to a game of Battle Text. And if none of yourfriends are playing just yet, you can use the Quick Match featureto play against a random opponent!FEATURES:6 unique personalities to compete against48 different levels to play through in Story ModeMultiplayer Mode! Play with friends or strangers!Social media connection so you can keep your progressIn-game purchases to get more Auto-Completes and remove ads
Moon Run! 1.0g
Glide through the beautiful twilight sky asthemoon in this scenic avoidance game! As dark clouds assembleabove,simply drag your finger across the screen to navigate aroundthem.Test your hand-eye coordination as you slither through trailsof skyorbs on your way into the heavens! Don't be afraid to takerisks tocollect as many orbs as you can—there are many moondesigns that youcan unlock with them!How to play:Simply touch the screen and drag your finger from left to righttocontrol the movement of your moon. Avoid colliding with darkcloudsand the edges of the screen, which will cause your moon toexplodeand will end your run!Features:• 10 different types of full moon skins for your character!• Randomly generated gameplay that is always fresh, endless,andaddicting!• A gaming experience that is both relaxing and stimulating!• Free to download and play (ads can be removed within-apppurchase)!
81 Blocks 1.25g
81 Blocks is a simple, infinite game ofmatching blocks before locking up the grid! Blocks are cleared when3 or more of the same color of blocks are matched. Challenge andrelax yourself as this game puts your visual strategy skills to thetest! See how far you can go before reaching gridlock!HOW TO PLAY:Drag and drop the tiles from the bottom of the screen onto thegrid. Tap to rotate these tiles. When 3 or more of the same colorof blocks are touching, they will be cleared. Blocks with a staricon on them will clear all blocks on the grid that are the samecolor. Blocks with blocks inside of them must be matched 2 timesbefore being cleared off of the grid. Matching more than one colorof blocks at once will give you 2x, 3x, or even 4x times as manypoints. Good luck!FEATURES- Infinite gameplay- Simple, classic design- Interesting, multi-layered gameplay- Automatically saved gameplay- 5 different clean themes- Dark and lite modes for each theme- High score- Leaderboard
Line Slide 1.01g
The object is simple, but the puzzlessometimesaren't. Swipe your line, dodging all obstacles, utilizingportals,and finding your way to the finish line.
Unraveled - Chat Stories 1.28g
Tired of reading text messages over yourfriend’s shoulder? Do you really want to know what goes on in theprivacy of people’s inboxes? Then download Unraveled now!Read texting tales of suspense, horror, comedy, deception and muchmore. Unraveled has dozens of stories to keep you on the edge ofyour seat and coming back! If you really enjoyed an Unraveledstory, send it to a friend so they can have a laugh (or maybe ascream!)Keep your Unraveled battery recharged with subscription packages soyou don’t have to wait to finish a thread! You can have unlimitedbattery power in Unraveled for 1 week, 1 month, or a full year. Or,simply watch a promotional video for a quick recharge.