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Randstad Timesheets 3.4.2
Randstad Timesheets allows employees to entertheir weekly or monthly timesheets whilst on the go.This means you can submit your timesheets and expenses from anylocation and know that you'll always get paid!This app is available for Employees of Randstad in Australia,New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.Features Include:- Submit timesheets for a particular week or month.- Save a timesheet as a draft, so you can come back and complete itlater.- Enter expense claims and attach photos of your receipts.- Enter ad hoc allowance claims, such as kilometrestravelled.- Enter leave taken and attach photos of supporting documentation,such as medical certificates (note: leave feature is only availablefor Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong employees).- View details of your previously submitted timesheets.- View details of your current and past bookings.- Set your availability for the coming weeks so candidate managerscan know in advance when you are free for the next bookings.To get a login for Randstad Timesheets, you will need to be anemployee of Randstad and be paid by Randstad in one of thecountries listed above.If you are an employee of Randstad, and you would like to usethe app, please contact your Randstad consultant who can provideyou with a secure login.Randstad - experts at matching people with companies that willdevelop their potential; and companies with people that will taketheir business to the next level.
myrandstad apac 6.10
The MyRandstad app provides access to your Randstad timesheets, aswell as information about your contract assignments. Easily entershift information for your timesheets, add expenses and allowances,and use the simple upload feature to attach receipts and othersupporting documentation. Additionally, depending on your location,the MyRandstad app also allows you to enter leave taken, or updateyour availability for shifts, wherever and whenever it suits you.