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2 Minutes in Space - a Free Offline Survival Game 1.6.1
Are you searching for a new crazy game that will blow your mind(away)? You should definitely download this one! One of our fanssaid: "It's amazingly simple. It's insanely difficult. It's totallysatisfying". Why? Let me explain it! *** YOUR MISSION *** It's afast survival game that will throw you into a world of endlessspace, full of dangerous objects and challenges. Your mission issimple: just survive! *** DANGER/ TIPS AND TRICKS *** Missiles sentby invisible enemies and asteroids crushing with your spaceshipwill kill you. Insidious nebulas will slow down the speed.Gravitational fields will suck your spaceship in. What to do? Staycalm, improve your strategy, collect gold, EMP and Speed Boost,upgrade your weapons and spaceships. These are your only chances tofulfill your mission! *** HOW TO PLAY *** - Control the ship withthe joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons. - Fly any of 13Spaceships (collect space gold to unlock new ones) - Choose 1 of 4Game modes: Moon, Asteroid Field, Orion Nebula or GravitationalField - Collect gold to unlock new spaceships (yep, you saw itabove) - Use shields, weapons, EMP (electromagnetic field), SpeedBoost and other power-ups to help destroy and evade missiles. -Make the missiles collide with each other to increase final score.- Dodge missiles and avoid asteroids and nebulas to survive! -Compete with others on Google Play leaderboards. Are there stillquestions or doubts from your side? Don't hesitate! Contact us peremail: contact@rarepixels.com A trip to space has never been quiteso tempting!