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Mehndi Designs Collection 1.3
In this app you can find mehndi designs 2016 of various kinds. Theapp contains one of the biggest collection of mehndi designtutorials. In the app you can find various kinds of mehndi designssuch as, latest mehndi designs, arabic mehndi designs, pakistanimehndi designs, indian mehndi designs, foot mehndi designs, bridalmehndi designs, simple mehndi designs, easy mehndi designs andlatest mehndi designs of 2016. You can download the app now andenjoy the biggest mehndi designs and henna tattoo collection forfree.
Raza Saqib Mustafai 1.3
Saqib Raza Mustafai is one of the famous Islamic scholars ofPakistan and he has been known for his speeches that are filledwith Islamic knowledge. He is one of the most famous contemporaryscholars and his speeches about Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) andIslamic values are listened by people all over the world. Bydownloading this app you can listen to all the Saqib Raza Mustafaibayaans.
Tariq Jameel Bayanaat 2.0
Tariq Jameel Bayanaat app brings you the latest and mostspiritually awakening bayaans of Maulana Tariq Jameel. In hisBayaans, Tariq Jameel presents the tolerant side of Islam andconveys the message of peace and sectarian harmony among thefollowers of Islam. In the app you can find over thousand bayaansof Tariq Jamil in which he stresses upon the importance ofspreading the message of love and peace among the followers ofIslam. Other than that, the bayaans of Tariq Jameel sahib also comewith the message of how to live life according to the values ofislam and how to become a better muslim. Download the app now andlisten to the faith strengthening Bayaans of Molana Tariq Jameel.
Dars e Masnavi Maulana Rumi 1.1
Maulana Room is the most famous religious scholar as well as amystic renowned all over the globe.He is known for his famous bookMasnawi Ma’anvi. The book is enriched in meanings that are popularamong Muslims all over the world. The Kalams from Masnawi have beenadopted by various singers and have a poetic elegance to them. Thebook contains stories that are explained by Hazrat Pir MuhammadAlauddin Siddiqui Sahib in this app. You can download the app andget countless meanings from Masnawi shareef with trueunderstanding.
Mazahiya Pungabi Toty 1.2
In Mazahiya Pungabi Toty app now you can find the most famous andmost funny Punjabi totay. All the videos in the app are funnydubbed and funny parodies of Pakistani celebrities and now you canwatch them to enjoy and pass time. Mazahiya Pungabi toty is not theTezabi totay rather it is totally a new thing and you can find thebest Pakistani funny videos in it.
Bulley Shah Kalam 1.3
Bulley Shah is one of the famous mystics and sophi poets ofsubcontinent. He is famous for his sophy kalam in which he talks ofdivine spirit and spirituality. Bulley Shah Kalam have been sung byvarious artists from all over the globe. In this app you can findBulley Shah Kalam sung by various artists such as Nusrat Fateh AliKhan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Shaukat ali khan andvarious other renowned artists. Download the app and enjoybeautiful Baba Bulley Shah Kalam.
Waris Shah Kalam 1.1
Waris Shah Kalam brings you the most famous Sophi poet WarishShah’s famous kalams. He is mosknow for his kalam Heer Waris Shahthat is one of the most famous Kalams among sophis of India andPakistan. Heer Waris Shah has been sung by various artists andmoral lessons that are beneficial for every living being. DownloadWaris Shah Kalam app and listen to various Heer Warish Shahsingers.
Easy Hijab Styles 1.1
In this app you can find easy and beautiful hijab stylescollection. Hijab is worn by Muslim women all across the globe. Inthis app you can find the best and most easy way of doing hijab.This is a step by step hijab tutorial app in which you can findeasy instructions for wearing hijab every day. Now you dont have toworry about wearing the same hijab over and over again. Downloadthe app now and do hijab in a new way everyday.
Latest Pashto Drama Collection 1.3
Pashto Dramas of Pakistan are a standout amongst the most watchedtypes of dramatizations in the nation. Pashto is the local dialectof Pakhtoon individuals in this way, the affection for Pakhto showsis evident in the KPK area of Pakistan. In the most recent Pashtoshows, there is a blend of satire Pashto dramatization, activityPashto show, sentimental Pashto dramatization and disaster Pashtoshow. In this application the beaus of Pashto tunes, Pashto movies,Pashto tappay and Pashto move can discover some component to keepthem amusing. The application contains dramatizations from takingafter real classes:New Pashto Drama – This classification containsthe most recent Pashto Drama for Pashto beaus. In the applicationyou can discover new Pashto Drama that are discharged in 2015 orthat keep on being discharged in the year 2016. Along these lines,whatever dramatizations are discharged discover their way to yourtelephone.Ismail Shahid Drama: The name of Ismail Shahid is asymbol in the Pashto show industry. He doesn't require anypresentation and the notice of Pashto comic drama dramatization isfragmented without the name of Ismail Shahid. Clever Ismail shahidrecordings have been famous in the Pashto show industry for long,which is the reason they can now watch Ismail shahid recordings inPashto drama application.Pashto Drama 2016: After theaccomplishment of Pashto Drama 2015, now you have accessible Pashtoshow 2016. The Pashto show of 2016 increased enormous prominenceamong the Pashto group of onlookers, this is the reason theapplication presents to you the new Pashto Drama 2016 too so youcan stay a la mode with the most up to date dramatizations.Downloadthe application now and appreciate more than 100 Pashto showswhether it is Pashto comedy drama, Pashto movies, or Pashto songsdramatization.
Biggest Qawwali Collection 1.3
The biggest Qawali Colletion app offers you the most rare and themost famous qawali from the subcontinent region. In the app you canfind Qawallis from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Aziz Mian Qawalis, BadarMiandad Qawalis, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Qawalis, Amjad Sabri Qawalis,Sabri Brothers Qawalis, Saeed Chishti Qawalis and many more. Someof the major Qawalis that you can find in this app are givenbelow:nusrat fateh ali khanrahat fateh ali khanaziz miandadsabribrotheramjad sabrisher miandadabida parveenabdullah niazi badar alikhanfarrukh fateh ali khanfateh ali khanfareed ayazjavedbashirmubarak ali khanmunshi raziuddinmanzoor ahmed khanbahauddinkhan and rizwan-muazzam qawwali group
Beauty Tips in Urdu 1.1
Beauty Tips in Urdu app brings you the best and most effectivebeauty tips in Urdu language. In the app you can find differentbeauty tips with the help of which you can make yourself morebeautiful and smart. In the app you can find tips for fair skin orhow to rang goraa karain, hairstyle tips and tutorials, makeup tipsand all other urdu beauty tips. Download the app now and enjoy themost beautiful and most effective beauty tips in urdu.
Ramzan Iftar Recipes 1.0
Ramzan Iftar Recipes bring a huge collection of Sehr O IftarRecipes in urdu. Follow the videos and bring taste in your Sehr OIftar.
Latest Pothwari Drama 1.1
Watch latest potwari drama on your mobile phone. Pothohari isspoken by people of pothohar in Punjab province of Pakistan. Theapp brings you the most funny pothohari drama along with the latestcomedy pothwari drama and the action potwari drama. Download theapp now and enjoy the best pothwari drama collection.
All Pakistani Dramas 1.1
Watch the latest pakistani drama online forfree. The app brings you all the famous dramas with their latestepisode for free in the app. Now you can enjoy all of the pakistanidramas that are available to audiences in PAkistan in this app forfree. Download the app now and enjoy the latest episodes of yourfavorite dramas.
Famous Urdu Naats Collection 1.2
Famous Urdu Naat Collection brings you the most famous urdu naats.In this app you can find all the popular and most commonly recitedurdu naats. The urdu naats and qaseeda burdah shareef is a way ofsending peace and blessings on Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In theapp you can find Junaid Jamshed Naats, Awais Raza Qadri Naats andall other famous Naats. Download the app now and listen to yourfavorite and most famous naats.
Rang Gora Karnay k Tareeqay 1.1
Tang Gora Karnay k Tareeqay app brings you the best and mosteffective methods of making your face white and fair. In the appthere are various methods with the help of which you can make thecolor of your skin fair and look beautiful and handsome. Other thanthe tips for rang gora karain, the app also brings to you the bestand most effective ways of removing hairs from your skin as well asthe home remedies for beauty care.
All Pakistani Khanay 1.1
All Pakistani khanay app brings you the best pakistani dishes withdetail recipes. In the app you can have biryani recipes, karahirecipes, chicken recipes, indian food recipes, mutton recipes andall other Pakistani recipes that can help you become a better cook.Download Pakistani recipes app now.
Bachon Kay Cartoon 1.1
Bachon kay Cartoon is an app in which you can find the famouscartoons in urdu. In the app there are kids cartoons in urdulanguage so that your kids can enjoy the cartoons in urdu language.The app can help your children enjoy the best urdu cartoons free ofany cost and pass their time with all the fun and enjoyment.Download the app now and let your kids enjoy the best cartoons.
Abida Parveen Kalams 1.0
Abida Parveen Ghazals and Sufiana Kalam is an app that brings youthe best of all the ghazals and sufiana songs of Abida Parveen. Inthis app you can find all her performances whether they are in theform of ghazals or in the form of Sufiana kalam. This app has allthe songs of Abida Parveen, so that you can enjoy her songs andhave pleasure in listening to her. Download the app and enjoy thebest and most beautiful sufiana kalam and ghazals of Abida Parveenfor free.
Easy Girls Hairstyles 1.1
Easy Girls Hhairstyles app brings you the best and most effectiveways of styling your hair. With this app you can know over thousandmethods of styling your hair in addition to other beauty tips.Download the app and know all the ways of hairstyles.
Mashoor Bachon ki Nazmain 1.1
Mashoor Bachon ki Nazmain brings you the best kids urdu rhymes. Inthis app you can find all the famous kids urdu rhymes that canentertain your kids. The urdu rhymes in this app you have all theUrdu rhymes with quality animation videos and interactive graphics.Download the app now and give your kids a fun time to enjoy thelatest rhymes.
Urdu Islamic Cartoons for Kids 1.0
Kids love Cartoons in urdu. In this app you can use urdu cartoonsto teach islam to your kids. The Islamic Cartoons in Urdu appbrings the islamic morals in the form of cartoons for yourchildren. The app contains all the urdu islamic cartoons that canbe used as a means of teaching Islam to children. In addition togetting Islamic cartoons in urdu, in this app you can also get Kidsurdu stories, Urdu cartoons for kids, and urdu poems for kids aswell. Download the app now and teach your children islam with thehelp of this fun and interactive app.
Bachon Ki Kahaniyan 1.2
Now parents can show their children urdu stories for free usingtheir phones. In this app you can find various famous kids urdustories with the help of which you can teach your childrendifferent moral lessons. In this app the best urdu stories forchildren are available that can help your children teach about themorals of our culture. Download the app now and show your kids themost interactive and fun urdu stories.
Pashto Seekhain 7 Din Main 1.0
In this Pashto learning app you can find the best and mosteffective tips for learning pashto language. The pashtooninstructors can give you the details of how you can learn PAshtolanguage in easy way. The lessons contain conversations andscenarios which make you learn urdu language in easy way. Downloadthe app now and enjoy learning useful pashto vocabulary and phrasesfor daily life use.
Wazaif ka Majmua 1.0
Wazaif ka Majmua is an Islamic app that contains the biggestcollection of the wazaif, Khaboon ki tabir, Tib e nabvi sy ilaj,Qasas ul Anbiya and detail of Islami Mukamat.
Pashto Naatain 1000+ 1.0
In Pashto naats app you can check out the most famous pashtonaataien. The app contains naats and islamic lectures from renownedpashto scholars and with the help of this app you can celebrate 12Rabi ul Awal and Eid Meelad un Nabi in the best possible manner.Download the app and listen to the most beautiful Pashto Naats.
Tibe Nabvi Se 100% Ilaj 1.1
Find solution to all your diseases in this app from the life ofProphet Muhammad (PBUH). In the app you can find Islamic cures forall your health issues and problems. Tib e Nabvi se Ilaaj appbrings you all the cures to all the diseases in the light of thesayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Find Islamic cure to yourproblem of sugar and blood pressure.
Qasas ul Anbiya 1.1
Qasas ul Anbiya app gives you the true and Quranic stories ofProphets. In this app there are details of the stories of thefamous Prophets as well as the views of Holy Islamic sites. You canfind out the details of the Prophets of Islam and how they preachedtheir message as well as the real life places where they lived andworked. Download the app now and learn about the Prophets and theirstories.
All Mufti Mennk Bayaan 1.1
All Bayaans of Mufti Menk and his Islamic lectures are available inthis app. The app contains all the most renowned Islamic lecturesof the most famous Islamic scholars.
Acne Removal & Treatment Tips 1.0
In Acne Removal and Treatment Tips you canfindthe best tips and remedies for removal of Acne. The mosteffectivebenefit of this app is that it contains Acne Removal andTreatmenttips in urdu. All the Pakistani men and women who areworried aboutAcne on their face can now easily find the solutionto their problemof acne. With this app you can remove acne fromyour face as well asprevent them from resurfacing in the future.Download the app nowand enjoy the best and most effective acneremoval tips inurdu.
Chehray Kay Baal Khatam Krain 1.1
In this app you can find the best tips and solutions for removal offace hairs. The unwanted face hair is one of the biggest problem offemales in present days. By downloading this app you can identifythe best tips for the removal of facial hair. In the app there areherbal remedies and home made tips that can help you solve the hairremoval problem. Download the app now and remove your facial hairfor ever!
All Islami Waqiat 1.1
All Islami Waqiat app brings you the best and most heart touchingIslami Bayanaat. In this app you can find one of the most spiritualislami bayanaat given by the most renowned and best islamicscholars such as Maulana Tariq Jameel, Raza Saqib Mustafai, DoctorIsrar Ahmed, Zakir Naik and many more. In this app you can listenand see the manifestation of islamic teachings and the guidance onhow to live a better Islamic life. Download the app now and bringyourself closer to Islam.
Election 2018 Banner Flex and DP Maker 1.1
Flex and banner Maker for Election 2018 free download andeasilymake flex and banners of your favourite party. Make yourownpolitical party banner, profile picture and flex as youwant.Nowthere is no need to ask any designer to design flex &bannersfor you, just download this app for election 2018 and createyourown penaflex, banners, profile pictures, badges and facebookcoversfor free and share on your social media accounts.Makeyourbeautiful banners & flex at home very easily with yourphotosand name it with any party such as PTI, PMLN, PPP, PMLQ, MMA,ANP,TLP, AML, MQM and PSP 's salogans, bagdes, stickers, photos&facebook cover frames. You can also write your on saloganwithamazing urdu and english keyboard and share your photowithfriends.Create promotional posters, advertisement,offerannouncements, cover photos on the go with amazingbackgrounds,textures, effects, fonts, stickers and get theattention youwant.You can play your favourite party’s petrioticsongs and canalso download these songs direct to your mobile.How toUse:❤ Chooseyour political party & easily create a originalwork of art.❤Import your favourite picture form gallery❤ Set yourphoto withmove drag, rotate, scale to your desired place etc❤Choose yourfavourite party’s slogan from app or type it yourself❤Put a lot ofbeautiful stickers, badges, party flags on your photo❤Write yourname or slogans on flex or banners and change your namecolor❤ Youcan write your name using either English or Urdukeyboard❤ Completeyour design & hit done to save picture toyour mobile'sgallery❤ Send to your friends and family.❤ Easy touseKeywords:❤Listen Party’s patriotic songs❤ Download Party’spatriotic songs❤PTI, PMLN, PPP, PMLQ, MMA, ANP, TLP, AML, MQM andPSP❤ PTI PhotoFrames❤ PTI Flex Maker❤ PTI Banners Maker❤ PTI Flexphoto editor❤PMLN vs PTI Flex maker❤ ANP vs PTI Banners and Flex❤JUI Flex andSticker Maker❤ JI and PTI Flex maker❤ Kaptaan Khan FlexMaker❤Imran Khan Banners photo editor 2018❤ Nawaz Sharif FlexMaker❤Sheikh Rasheed❤ Maryam Nawaz Flex maker❤ PTI stickers andphotoframes❤ PTI banners and flex editor❤ PPP vs PTI flex editor❤PMLNvs PTI❤ MQM vs PTI Banners maker❤ 25 July 2018 Flex maker❤Pakistanday photo frames❤ PTI Imran Khan Banners❤ PTI Flex andbanners2018❤ Awami Muslim League ( AML )❤ Awami National Party (ANP )❤Muttahida Majlis-E-Amal ( MMA )❤ Pak Sarzameen Party ( PSP)❤Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ( PMLN)❤ Pakistan MuslimLeagueQuaid-e-Azam (PML Q)❤ Pakistan Peoples PartyParliamentarians(PPPP)❤ Pakistan Tahreek-E-Insaf ( PTI )❤Tahreek-E-Labaik Pakistan( TLP ) ❤❤ Vote for better Future &Better Pakistan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Pakistan Zindabad❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ubqari Dars 1.1
This is an un-official application for the Ubqari Darswhichprovides all the videos of Hazrat Hakim Tariq Mahmood. Some oftheprominent features of the application: - 200+ videos. - Addanyvideo to favourite list - You can stop any video and resume itfromthe same point where you stopped it - New videos will beupdatedaccordingly - and many more About Ubqari: Ubqari is asocial,religious and health related videos application. It has gotthelectures of Hazrat Hakim Tariq Mahmood (حضرت حکیم محمد طارقمحمودمجذوبی چغتائی). Please give us 5 star rating if you like ourwork& give your feedback.Thank you
Learn English in 7 Days 1.1
Learn English in 7 Days app brings you the most effective waysoflearning english. In the app you have different tips andtricksalong with complete lessons that can help you learn andunderstandenglish much quickly. With this app you can improve yourEnglishSpoken, English Grammar, English Tenses and EnglishVocabulary withease. Download the Learn English app now and enjoythe best Englishlearning in the most easiest way.
Wazan kam krain 1.1
Wazan kam krain is an app that brings you effective weight losstipsin urdu. In the app you can find various home remedies andtips thatcan help you loose weight effectively. In the app you canfind waysof how to Wazan kam krain and stay slim and smartforever. Downloadthe app now and enjoy the best and most usefulweight loss tips andreduce your effectively forever.
Ubqari Wazaif 1.0
This is an un-official application for the Ubqari Wazaifwhichprovides all the videos of Hazrat Hakim Tariq Mahmood. Wazaifforhealth, wealth & marriage problems Some of theprominentfeatures of the application: - 200+ videos. - Add anyvideo tofavourite list - Audio naats of every naat khawan -Downloadableaudio naats - Islamic wallpapers - Download islamicwallpapers -You can stop any video and resume it from the samepoint where youstopped it - New videos will be updated accordingly- and many moreAbout Ubqari: Ubqari is a social, religious andhealth relatedvideos application. It has got all the wazaif videosabout health,wealth & life problems by Hazrat Hakim TariqMahmood (حضرت حکیممحمد طارق محمود مجذوبی چغتائی). Please give us 5star rating if youlike our work & give your feedback.Thank you
Ubqari Totkay Nuskhay 1.0
This is an un-official application for the Ubqari TotkayNuskhaywhich provides all the videos of Hazrat Hakim Tariq Mahmood.Someof the prominent features of the application: - 200+ videos. -Addany video to favourite list - You can stop any video and resumeitfrom the same point where you stopped it - New videos willbeupdated accordingly - Downloadable audio naats -Downloadableislamic wallpapers - and many more About Ubqari: UbqariTotkay andNuskhay is a social, religious and health relatedvideosapplication. It has got the lectures of Hazrat Hakim TariqMahmood(حضرت حکیم محمد طارق محمود مجذوبی چغتائی). In his lecturesHakeemsahab answer the queries of people & tell them remediesabouttheir problems Please give us 5 star rating if you like ourwork& give your feedback.Thank you