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Earn Talktime - Get Recharges, Vouchers, & more! 10.27
Earn Talktime – Providing FREEDOM from paid recharges for LIFE! ★The only app now providing FREE Bonus for LIFE ★ Earn FREE balanceon App Downloads, Filing Surveys, Inviting Friends ★ RechargeMobile / DTH, Pay Postpaid Bills, Buy Shopping Vouchers ★ Stayupdated with Live Cricket Score and match scorecards ★ Read dailyHOROSCOPE, watch cool VIDEOS, play GAMES & read ENTERTAINMENTNEWS while you earn Invite friends and earn more.. ★ Earn money forevery friend you get to download the earn talktime app ★ EarnUNLIMITED Bonus when your friends earn on ETT ★ Invite friendsthrough whatsapp, facebook, wechat or SMS Redeem your ETT balance:★ Prepaid Recharges ★ DTH Top-up ★ Postpaid mobile bill payments ★Shopping Vouchers
mobiquiti 1.2
Thinking ahead of time is not a prerequisite, it’s a way of life.You’ve chosen to stay ahead, Download mobiquitiForgot your phone: Don’t worry as Mobiquiti App is here to helpyou.Forward your calls and SMS remotelyPull phone numbers from your phone remotelyDownload the App and the PIN is sent to your email uponregistrationAll commands are PIN protected1. Activate Call Forward remotely to any phone2. Activate SMS Forwarding remotely to any phone3. Cancel all Forwards4. Send SMS from your phone remotely using someone else'sphone5. Pull Contacts remotely6. Switch On/Off Mobile Data & Wi-Fi.7. Silent/ Un-Silent Phone ringer remotely8. Ring Phone Alarm to find your phone9. Lock phone Screen remotely10. Choose your own 6 digit PINAnd many more thingsHow to use mobiquiti remotely?Send the following SMS to your mobile number from any othermobile phone.PIN below means your personal 6 digit PIN1. Call forward: CALL PIN2. SMS forward: SMS PIN3. Cancel all forwards: CANCEL PIN4. Send Remote SMS: Type Mobile Number followed by Text followedby PIN5. Pull contact: Name of the Person PIN6. Silent phone: SILENT PIN7. Un-Silent phone: UNSILENT PIN8. Lock Phone: LOCK PIN9. Switch ON Alarm: ALARM PIN10. Switch ON Data & Wi-Fi: ON PIN11. Switch OFF Data & Wi-Fi: OFF PIN12. HELP: HELP PIN(Data switch ON/OFF possible for Android versions below4.4)(Wi-Fi switch ON/OFF possible for all phones)Thank you and Have fun
thumster 1.2
Save time, just thum it!thumster is the finest app that gives you multi-level templates tosend via multiple messengers like SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line &Hike.The only app which has the option of choosing the additionaltext post selecting the main text.Main features* Send text via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat or Hike.* SMS favorites without searching the Phonebook.* Send text when rejecting a call (use SMS, Messengers to sendReject Call SMS).* Create, edit, delete Main or Additional text templates.* Drag the template location as per your convenience.* Schedule SMS for future date (helpful for Self Reminders,Birthdays & Anniversaries)