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Bigfoot Racing OverKill 3D 1.03
Bigfoot Racing Overkill is the newentryin Combat racing genre. This high thriller shooting racinggame willput your driver skills, your racing skills on real roadtest. Asheavy truck driver dodge the cars, shooting the roadtraffic todisappear from road. Your monster truck has high poweredrocketlaunchers and machine guns, shoot the rocket on your rivalracers,spree the bullets and make them disappear from the highway.Always keep your eyes on munition, your nitro-us, and themoneyyou are collecting.Guns ReloadingYou get gun reloaded on start and will also get more fire poweronthe way. and Yes you can buy fire power from the storeNitroYou will get nitro in return of coins you earn. If not enoughbutnitro from the store. Overtake the other racer in traffic andputand end to this madness.MagnetsMore magnets you get, more chances to earn money. Buy magnetsfromstore.Feature Outline-> Change camera angle to your best of liking.-> High stake combat racing game-> full speed thriller car shooting-> Killing combination of Nitro, Magnets and Machine Guns-> Unlimited endless adrenaline rush-> stunning 3d road and trafficHow to Play-> Tilt to steer the monster truck-> Use shoot button to clear the way by destroyingthetraffic-> Use nitro to sprint-> Use Brake to slow down the Bigfoot truck.SupportPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For detailscheck herehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.htmlRationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter @rationalverx
Town Robbers Crime Story 1.2
Play the sheriff of town under attack, whataresponsible sheriff do when armed gangs of robbers,shoplifters,thieves, burglars are planning a huge heist, they willattack andloot the whole town, will you let it happen. Chasetheseextortionist out of town, chase until they are out of yourbelovedtown. this thrilling game of robbers vs chasers is theultimate funwhere you play as sheriff .Be the tough, bad-ass sheriff, the real crime chaser, chasethecriminals out of beautiful town.*** Top Game Features ***✔ intense crime chasers story✔ gangs of robber, thieves, burglars on attack✔ gorgeous beautiful toon town environment✔ play the sheriff, the chaser✔ action , crime, chase all in one*** How to Play ***✔ dont miss health bars in chase of criminals✔ swipe center of screen for aim and shooting✔ use joystick for crime chase around the town✔ don't let robber stay in the town✔ Get protection , weapons to escapePrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. Fordetails check herehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter @rationalverx
Lone Wanderer : Nuke Wasteland 1.2
Test your surviving skills in nuclearwastelandresult of apocalypse fallout, complete the quests,improve yourskills. This nuclear fallout has turned land intocomplete wastelandwhere numbers of different infected, mutantsroam around.mercenaries have occupied spaces, brawlers, scavengewill kill youif they find you.Top Features:- A truly disturbing wasteland environment.- An option to turn down graphics for better frame rates.- 3 different wasteland creatures that will attack you.- Hardcore survival elements. No med kit, no food, no maps andnoguides.How to Play:- Use left joystick to move forwards, backwards or strafeeitherway.- Drag on the right half of the screen to rotate player.- To shoot, use the bullet button that is next to themovementjoystick- Use the button on the bottom right to aim down sights.- Use the “Quest Log” button to open Quest Log menu.Wasteland Survival Guide:- All enemies, except IMPs, will make footstep noise. Payattentionto the footsteps to locate enemies and to avoid beingattacked frombehind.- All enemies will melee attack.- Turning the flashlight on during night is essential.- Your health will regenerate overtime. The amount of blood onyourscreen will represent your health. When your health is 100%yourscreen will be perfectly clear.- Keep moving around. Dogs and Mutant Bugs can smell you from amileaway and can even come out of the ground.Quest Guide:- There are no maps! You will have to roam around to findweaponcaches and enemies that must be killed to complete quests.(Hint:You can find the weapon caches inside the various ruinsandstanding rocks during the “Life of a Wanderer” Quest.)Privacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.http://rationalverx.com/privacy.html★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter @rationalverx
3D Swimming Pool Race 2.04
Dive into the beautiful swimming pool, practice in free style andcompete with professional swimmers in this swim racing games. KeepDiving into the water pool and keep flipping or taping to attainfaster speeds. Free Style swimming is best but you can try otherprofessional swimming styles like backstroke,breaststroke,butterfly store, sidestroke all. Practice thesestores, chose your favorite swimming team and beat other swimmingracing while flipping all through the water. You should chose thebest swimming stroke that is best suited to your body to propel inwater. Each stroke defined a different swim style or crawl.Butterfly store, breast stroke and back/front stroke are best forexercise, which help your body in great ways. They say Swimming isthe best exercise for every body part you have. How to Play ->Select the country you like -> Practice in free style or anyswim stroke you like. -> compete with champions -> Keeptapping the screen to get the speed. Best Features -> Beautifulswimming pool environment -> all swim styles to practice andrace -> country competition Privacy Policy We don't collect anypersonal information , any non-personal information collected byour partners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements. For details check herehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html Support RationalVerx GamingStudios ------------------------------ Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverx twitter @rationalverx
Giant Sniper Shooting 1.0
Ever fantasized to shoot giants. you gotyourwish here. These monster giants have come our of their hidingplaceof centuries and they are going to invade your town. You areonewho have skills and equipment to kill them. yes the moderndaySniper rifle, that will make you able to stand thesemonstergiants.Lets see are you good enough to stand them and defend.ManyLevels of thrill which keep increasing and pushing theadrenalinewhile you move ahead in levels.With real look this game can work as your personalsnipershooting training simulator.How to Play:- Target by taping around one the scene- Press zoom button to aim on the monster- tap fire button to shooting them out.- keep scoring the deads and keep eye on your health.Features:- 3D Medieval environment.- Real looking Giants enemy characters.- many thrilling levels to play- Modern Sniper Shooting Rifle.- Simulation of Sniper ShootingRationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter @rationalverx
Heavy Truck Parking Simulator 1.0
Heavy Truck Parking Simulator issimulationgame for truck parking, learn the secrets of truckdriving, knowwhat you have to do while parking truck. Be very verycareful whiletrying to park this heavy truck. Oil drums are presentin driveway, a slight mistake will make your truck explode.Many Interesting levels to play, gets more and more difficultandinteresting as you clear the levels.Each level has its own time , keep eye on the clock, before itsrunsout.How to Play- Drive and Park the truck at destination point- Use accelerate, brake, reverse buttons to control- Tilt your phone to turn left or right.- Keep eye on time.Features:- 3D Parking Environment- Real look like parking simulator- excellent control- a lot of interesting levels to playRationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter @rationalverx
Animal Farm Fodder Growing & Harvesting Simulator 1.5
Animal Farm Fodder Growing provides the real farming simulationandhelps to grow fodder for your animals and cattle. This enablesyougrow fodder in a variety likewise alfalfa, corn, barley,hay,maize, millet in your farm. Animal Farm Fodder Growing offersthebest quality and up to dated farm equipments, likewiseseedingtractor, harvester and fodder carrier. The livestock fodderisnecessary for all cattle and animals to live their lifeandincrease the quantity of milk. Animal Farm Fodder Growingofferssuperb and realistic game controls. The environment andgameplayoffered in the game is sensational for everyone who lovesthenature and scenic beauty of farmlands. Remember, you are thefarmerand you keep cattle and other animals with you as yourfamily. So,taking care of animals and cattle is the part of yourduty andfaith. Grow green and healthy fodder for them to make themhealthyand active all the day. Animal Farm Fodder Growing providesthechance to learn and train anyone about the fodder farming. Thisallactually trains and guides you about the forage farming whenyouwere dependent upon irrigation system for watering. The pestandfertilizers were not produced of chemical rather they werenatural.The other thing that you learn from the experience is thecycle offarming i-e; seeding, watering, harvesting and storing hefodder.Additionally you need to feed the cattle with fodder. Thisprovidesthe real learning of the village and farm life. How to PlayAnimalFarm Fodder Growing provides the best and working simulationfodderfarming.  Select the fodder to grow up.  Choose the level. Realworld fodder farming cycle.  Water the seeds.  Harvestthefodder.  Store the fodder and feed cattle. Features AnimalFarmFodder Growing offer the existing features of fodderfarmingsimulation,  Enjoy the tractor simulation.  Easy andworkingcontrols.  Adrenaline Booster Gameplay. Privacy Policy Wedo notcollect any of user information either for ourselves or forany ofour partners.
VR - MTB Downhill bicycle racing : VR Bicycling 1.0
VR Bicycling is the lastest game to play in virtual realitymode,you must have tried normal bicycle racing simulator games,this vr(virtual reality) game gives normal and VR bike racing both.Get onthe mtb bike and play in Virtual reality, the realisticVRexperience of bike you always wanted. Ride this VR bicycleindownhill drive the adrenaline and thrill you will love in thisVRgame, Welcome in hills world with your mtb for somedownhillthrill. Presenting this time the best piece of simulationMTBdownhill game games. New smart bicycling game to learn thedownhillbicycling in hilly roads. You may have played many MTBdownhill oruphill bicycling games but not like this one which alsogive youchance of learning the downhill drive. To drive a bicycledownhillin hilly tracks you have to drive carefully, otherwise youare inbig danger. Bicycling in smooth city roads is quite easy butinhilly areas , hilly tracks where you have to face thedownhillslope reall fast. This hills downhill bicycle drive gameiscomplete learning tool to learn bicycling in hilly tracks.Yourracing and driving skill both will be tested in such a way thatyouwill be master driver by completing all the tasks given inthegames. In this specially designed game for bicyclists youcanselect different bicycles to ride with different specs. you havetomaster all the tacks and levels to be the master rider ofthesemountain bicycles. This real hilly mtb bicycle game will guideyouabout ride in downhill. The bicycle riding simulationtrainingprocess is accomplished at multiple levels, in initiallevels youwill simply be asked to ride a short distance indownhill. As youwill finish levels your bicycling skills will betested indifficult scenarios like you will ride MTB bicycle inlongertwisted and dangerous roads. Difficult levels are designedwithfire drums, falling roacks, and mud slides to teach the bestcourseof bicycling in hills. Hills MTB biycycling game uniquefeatures Nodata No Wi-Fi Hills MTB biycycling game doesn't requireany dataconnection to play, so don't worry about the wi-ficonnection youcan play it offline Free Android simulation game ThisHills MTBdownhill biycycling ride game is freely available on playstore.Your feedback really matters for us, do rate us and shareyourthoughts and ideas with us.
Pizza Slicer 1.0.9
100s of AA knife vs pizza slicer game levels a lot of perfectknifesword and daggers to select from knives collection a lot ofpizzato slice , from including chicken pizza, cheese pizza, tomatopizzaHit tomato on pizza to earn more in game coins. other thantomatodont hit blanks or knives. The perfect knife slicer game ison yourmobile now, kind of knife & dagger game designed forpizzalovers. Tap and flip the knife to shoot pizza for slices withaaflipping knife. This is knife vs pizza game that will keepyouaddicted in knife throws and hit. Flip your knife, throw ontothepizza, smash and cut slices of it by flipping knife to servethecustomers. The pizza hit game needs attention like aprofessionalknife thrower in this knife flipping challenge game sothat perfectslices of pizza can be cut for the customers. Thisknife dash gamegives you huge knife collection, that you can use tohit, knifeswords and daggers to have some pizza fun. Knife shootare fun tohit and watch, love animation of knife shots are amazingto watchwhen you throw this flipping knife on tomato and pizza.This knifestabbing game is easy to play. You just need to tap onthe screento throw the knife on the pizza to stab it. Moreover thepizza willrotate while you continue stabbing the hot pizza withflippingknife. The rotation of the hot pizza will be random,clockwise andanti-clockwise. The speed of the rotation of the pizzawill alsoincrease and decrease in random order.
Women Beach Swimming Pool Racing Pro 1.5
Welcome to the wonderful aquatic world. The women sea swimmingraceis the most amazing, challenging and addictive game fortheathletic women swimmers. You have to win the girls swimmerathleterace held at beach and show the world that you are the bestswimmerat everywhere. Your opponent participating in the swimmingracewill try their best to defeat you in this beach swimming racebutyou should be confident and swim to leave your opponent behindandbe a women swimming pool champion to take medal. Have youeverdreamt about a swimming pool women swimmer champion, then thisisthe best and perfect women swimming simulator designedespeciallyfor girls. Download now and enjoy the latest girls waterracecompetition racing challenge. Be the best women swimmer intheworld’s biggest swimming tournament. Get ready for thethrillingrush, give your best, and show your freestyle swim skillsindifferent athlete events. Have fun with the women beachswimmerrace competition 2018. Win the swimming simulator challengeand doyour best by showing expert swimmer skills. This extremeswimmingpro simulator game for girls gives you the opportunity tobe anexpert swimmer and win the water swimmer challenge tournament.Usedifferent styles of the swimming like breaststroke,backstroke,butterfly stroke, front crawl and free style seaswimming. This isthe best women swimming simulator racing challenge3D. Play as areal woman swimmer. Do the best to get you way to theworld womenswimming competition. Become the ultimate women swimmingracewinner. Develop your beach swimming stamina to win thegirlsswimmer race simulator. Become the best women swimmingchallenge inthe world. This is your ultimate challenge in swimmingcompetition.These sports pool pro simulator games are the bestsimulation gamesfor girls. Show the best possible diving flipskills to win extrapoints in the diving women swimmingchampionship. Be like a realexpert women swimmer athlete. Swimfaster than other women swimmerrivals. Defeat other women swimmerathlete and make your place inthe women beach swimming worldchampionship. This girl sea swimminggame is the most amazingswimming game of 2017. You have to reachat finish line first toearn points that will unlock new levels andmany other features. Youhave to swim carefully keeping an eye onthe stamina of swimmerwhich can reduce speed and you may lose thecompetition. Staminaindicator line is present at the top of screenand swim faster thanthen your opponents. The 3D graphics make youcrazy to swim fasterthan your opponents to win the race in thiswomen water swimmingpool race 2018. The amazing sound effectscreate a real environmentbetween you and the game. You will feellike a swimmer swimming inthe water during race. You can enjoydifferent multiple girlswimming characters and many other featuresin this women swim prorace 2018. You can also select the playerswith your own choice andalso can choose different beach swimmingstyles. You can also choosedifferent accessories of swimming suchas nose pin etc. Women are onthe beach and ready to swim in thewater to win the race. This is anawesome and joyful water game.You can easily control your player byholding the speed buttonduring the race and try hard to win therace to unlock new featuresand thrilling levels of this women seaswimming race game. You haveto swim like a best swimmer pro in theworld. Game features -Smooth and easy controls for women swimming -Amazing and stunning3D graphics of beach - Realistic environment ofbeach swim race -Multiple girl swimmer characters Privacy Policy Wedon't collectany personal information , any non-personalinformation collectedby our partners like Google is used foranalytic and gameimprovements. For details checkherehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html Support RationalVerxGamingStudios
Let's Play Snooker 3D 1.2
Let's Play Snooker in full 3d environment with 3d physics. Oneofthe most realistic and playable snooker games you have everplayed.If you play snooker at home or in club with your friends,then youwill love this game for sure. Game Play Modes: This uniquegameoffers two game play modes: Practice Mode: in which you canlearnand play game as a Single player, play complete game singlehandly,Two Player or Multi-Player Mode: You can play snookeragainst yourfriends or any other at same time as you play snookergame in theclub. Flag Selection: When entering names player alsohave toselect flag of there favourite countries. The game includesflagsof top ranked 10 most playing snooker nations of 2014 1-Australia2- Germany 3- England/Great Britain 4- China 5- Brazil 6-Wales 7-Scotland 8- Belgium 9- Ireland 10- Thailand Game Play: -Swipescreen up & down to adjust your view on table beforeplayingshot - Set ball movement right, left, top & bottom forspinningball accordingly - Play with your friend on same device -Whenplayer 1 completes his shots then player 2 turns comes (Therewouldbe a label calling the next turn) - Use chalk on stick forplayingproper shots - Player can give replay shot to his/heropponent onfouls - Set cue ball in D when potted - Full Snookerrules applyGame Features: - Play live with your friends - Full Highquality 3Denvironments - Full 3D physics - Flags of worlds top mostrankedsnooker playing nations - Practice Mode: Play to learn withpropersnooker rules - Multi-Player Mode: Play snooker againstyourfriends or any other on same device - 2 Camera modes: Ariel&3D mode Feels like playing Real Snooker in a room. Immatureplayerscan learn & play for fun, but experts can challengetherefriends to play game professionally. Let's Play Snooker 3D,becomea master, and become Snooker Champion. Privacy Policy Wedon'tcollect any personal information , any non-personalinformationcollected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and gameimprovements. For details checkherehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html RationalVerx GamingStudios------------------------------ Web:www.rationalverx.comfacebook.com/rationalverxtwitter.com/rationalverx Note: This freegame is supported byadvertisement within the App only as perGoogle Policy.
Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D 4.0.1
Jungle (Forest): place of your horror dreams, magnet ofyourimaginations, your fantasy place is here. you can achieve herewhatyou can not in your real life, hunt in jungle. You have thebestSniper Shooting gun, Enter the jungle for hunt, the wildanimalsyou have dreamed of, you have wished and imagined. Inthisdangerous forest, select the target animal of your choice ,takethe aim and shoot right at the head. Get the winning trophyofanimal head, and brag about. You must have played otherhuntinggames, jungle games, sniper shooting games, but this game isuniquein the sense that it provided you all in one. Whether youwant tohunt Boar, Wild pigs , Stag or Bear , this forest gives youall,and invites you to take the challenge if you can. Test yoursnipershooting skills, your jungle survival skills, yourtemperament,your stamina in this dangerous forest game. ★★★ STORY★★★ You loveto hunt, and are entered in this dangerous jungle withyour bestsniper shooting gun. dangerous animals are out there,choose amongdeer, stag, bear, boar, pig, take the aim and shoot.You have 8levels to play with each animal. never ending fun ishere. ★★★ BestGame Features ★★★ 1. Dangerous Realistic JungleEnvironment 2. Wildanimals out there to hunt 3. Hunting amongdifferent animals 4.Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt 5. Differentanimals to select astarget 6. Multiple levels with each animal foreasy to difficult 7.Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle ★★★How to Play ★★★ 1.Select the animal to target from Deer, Boar,Stag, Beer. 2. choosethe level to play, hunt all to unlock next 3.take, zoom,shoot attarget with Sniper gun 4. navigate in forest onswiping on left ofyour phone 5. use zoom and shooting buttons forhit Privacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkherehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html ★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerxGaming Studios ------------------------------Web:www.rationalverx.com www.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter@rationalverx ★★★ Note ★★★ This game contain ads.
Let's Play Mountain Golf 1.2
Let's play Golf 3D in stunning Par golf courses surroundedwithbeautiful mountain scenes It's easy to play, but a realchallengeto master. You’ll be totally addicted to the numerous gameplay;just power-up and shoot... By playing this simulation you willfeellike playing real Golf... select golf club's, rotate complete360angles to view the golf hole, set ball pointer and hitdesireshots... PAR Plays... The game includes 3 Par Plays course:1) Par3 Play (1 Tee Shot + 2 Putts) 2) Par 4 Play (2 Tee Shot + 2Putts)3) Par 5 Play (3 Tee Shot + 2 Putts) Golf Clubs... There are4 GolfClubs in the game: 1) Wood Club (To hit long Shots) 2) IronClub(To hit medium Shots) 3) Putter (To hole ball) 4) Sand Wedge(Towedge ball out from sand bunker) How to Play: • DragScreenRight/Left to position ball towards the flag • Select GolfClub •Set ball pointer to hit desired shot • To power up... click&hold the HIT button; & release to play shot Game Features:-FREE to PLAY! - Realistic physics and ball movement - RealGameScoring - User friendly navigation - The lush 3D visuals aregreaton the eye - Shots are limited to play - Random shot locationsoneach Par Play - Play all rounds to become Golf Champion Let'splayreal Golf, become a Golf master, be a golf start and be achamp.Privacy Policy We don't collect any personal information ,anynon-personal information collected by our partners like Googleisused for analytic and game improvements. For details checkherehttp://rationalverx.com/privacy.html RationalVerx GamingStudios------------------------------ Web:www.rationalverx.comwww.facebook.com/rationalverxtwitter@rationalverx
3D Pro Swimming Teacher : Learn how to swim 1.0
Why Swimming <\b> Swimming is considered the best exerciseforwhole body, where every part of body gets exercise. Swimmingbuildsstrength and cardio abilities simultaneously. Though it'salow-impact workout, swimming produces high-power results. Itistypically considered an aerobic exercise, but exercising inwateralso provides moderate resistance. Evey muscle of body workswhileyou swim. Unlike jogging or poly metric training, swimming isa wayto fit cardio into your workout routine without putting stressonyour bones, joints and muscles. This is a plus for swimmers ofallages and body types, but it's particularly beneficial forseniorsand people with arthritis. These are some of the benefitsyou willget after learning how to swim from this wonderful swimteachingapp. - keeps your heart rate up but takes some of theimpact stressoff your body. - builds endurance, muscle strengthandcardiovascular fitness. - helps maintain a healthy weight,healthyheart and lungs. - tones muscles and builds strength. Whyyou needthis Swimming Teacher app <\b> First time everswimmingteacher app in 3d. Unlike most of the other apps, its not2d but 3Dapp, it teaches you all aspects of swimming in 3d, you canwatchmoves, animations, every side of body to learn how to movewhatpart of body. This swimming app will teach how you get readyforswimming, how you warmup. How you hold breath for swimming,andthen how you start it. Take a good look on our teacher howitperforms every thing for you. You can rotate and move his bodytosee all the side of swimming. How to use this swimmingapp<\b> First read all the instructions, learn to warmupandselect which swimming style you are into, whether it isbutterfly,back stroke, front stroke, or breast stroke. Then watchand performlike the swimming teacher tells you, you can rotate itto see otherside of swimming teacher. Before starting swimminglearn aboutswimming safety instructions and tip. You can aslo learnwhatswimming accessories are best to be safe and fast learner.BestSwimming teacher features <\b> - Professional 3d teachingapp- swimming teacher can viewed from all sides - pro swimming pool-all the swimming style are here to learn - informationaboutswimming accessories - learn about swimming safety. - alltheswimming teaching related information in one app No data NoWi-Fi<\b>