Ratto Software Apps

Seagull Steven 1.3
Fly Steven as far as you can while catching as many fish as you canto replenish energy and avoiding obstacles such as boats, sharks,and buoys. This is the large screen version (480 pixels portraitwidth). Extra large can be found here.
Seagull Steven HD 1.3
Fly Steven as far as you can while catching as many fish as you canto replenish energy and avoiding obstacles such as boats, sharks,and buoys. This is the extra large screen version . The largescreen (800x480 minimum) version is here.
Sardinha Fighter 0.10
Sardinha fighter is a casual one button fighting game inspired by afamous fighting game and in a traditional teenager’s game.Challenge the most powerful warriors in a "bloody" and decisivesardinha match! Face the strongest as long as your fingerswithstand. Main features: - One button casual fighting game! - Lotsof characters to unlock! - Funny cartoon aesthetics! - Easy toplay, hard to master! - Share your scores with your friends!
Super Pitboy 1.6
You’re a Super Pitboy. Pitboys like to hit people and you do itvery well! Punch as many people as you can, but be careful: Eventhough you're a super pitboy, there's always someone more super!Main features: ● Funny cartoon aesthetics. ● Hold the screen tohold Pitboy’s arm and avoid the constant hitting.
Seagull Steven 2 1.11
Ratto Software
Steven is different from the others seagulls, he likes a lot ofaction and adventure. Now he’s back and needs your help to dodgehungry sharks, troublemaking birds, speedboats and all sorts ofobstacles, while eating as much fish as he can to keep his energyand collecting several power ups to make his journey even more fun.Now you can also explore the mysteries of the sea with new powerups and obstacles. In this funny game you’ll boldly go where noseagull has gone before! - Run in beautiful maritime sceneries! -Collect fish and not let your energy your energy runs out! - Dozensof achievements! - Fun obstacles and power ups! - New scenario: TheBottom of the Sea and the Beach! - Challenge your friends and shareon social networks and leaderboards!
Olar 1.9.1
Become Olar, the viking, and fight against a river full of naturalhazards. In this casual game be fast and keep your paddle safe!Features - Easy to learn, hard to master! - Dodge stones andtrunks! - Share your scores!
Nutty Newton 1.2
Help Sir Isaac Newton out of his nightmare by catching the fallingfruits.
Iron Krieger 1.1
Ratto Software
Iron Krieger is a wargame set in the year 1943, when the worldfinds itself in a new kind of war. No longer reigned by two sides,there are now three: the Anglo-Americans, the Neo-Germans and theSoviets. The environment has been modified by actions past. Bloodhas become petroleum, and feelings are remnants of the past.
Uwon 1.0.3
Ratto Software
Magnetic game that has the player get all the batteries in alllevels while avoiding dangers such as laser barriers, holes andblack holes.
Edd and the Kite 1.0
Edd is a regular boy who lives in thesuburbsof Rio. However, when he sleeps, he dreams of travellingover hiscity, pulled by his trusty kite!Help this young boy fly ever farther, but beware! Therearedangerous obstacles on the way such as birds, rival kitesandthunder from the clouds. Eat the chocolate sweet, grab themagicline and enconter powerfull winds to help Edd flyevenfarther!Pick your favorite Edd and choose one of many kites to match!
SoundScript 1.2
Now, your scripts can play sounds.IntroducingSoundScript. The new app from the audio productioncompany Silence,that will help you present your scripts with thesounds you wantto.You just have to select the words, choose the sounds you wanttoattach to them and save the file.When it’s time to present your idea, you’ll simply have to touchthemarked words to play the each sound. It’s Silence’s gift tohelp youcreate, present and approve your radio spot ideas.
Coin Soccer 1.0
Super-simple and free soccer-themed game.
Fat Vlad 1.2.2
Join our fat vampire in his quest for a midnight snack, eating asmany cupcakes as you can before the sun comes up! •Beware of thesun, a vampire’s biggest weakness! •EAT LOTS OF CUPCAKES!! •Dodgeenemies! •Drink blood and turn into a bat! Run through Vlad’scastle, with other exciting environments to come!