Rayamedia Apps

Pamplona Smash: Bull Runner 1.1.7
Be the star of the famous San Fermin 'Running with the Bulls'festival in Spain. Be the bull! Charge round Pamplona and powerupthe bull by knocking the runners out of the way. Get the furthestdistance you can by smashing your way through the Pamplonastreeets. A hat will give you a single chance and filling the smashmeter will let you charge around and be 'invinsibull'. It's gameover if you hit an obstacle, wall or the smash meter emptiesCan'trun with the bulls? Then be the Bull!World domination mode is now anew game called Political Smash. Now available!
Frantic 1.0.9
Frantic is an old school arena wave based shooter that is played ata frenetic pace. Run, gun and jump through each wave grabbingweapons as they appear and take on the monsters like Creepers,Bugs, Boars and Spiders; each with their own abilities and attacks,to complete each wave.Earn credits by playing and use them tocustomise the weapons and power ups that appear in the game!Franticfeatures boss battles with gigantic and epic monstersNote: Theorigins of the Frantic Creeper predate that of the MinecraftCreeper by several years, and yes later Creepers are green! Franticcreeper first appeared in Frantic in 2006.
Political Smash 1.1.6
Put your political rivals in the running of the bulls festival inPamplona and SMASH them! Race round the streets of Pamplona andhunt down the politicians and become the winner of the race forpower.Smash David Cameron, Barrak Obama, Vladimir Putin and MarianoRajoy in the Race for Power!Smash Mariano Rajo, Pedro Sanchéz,Pablo Inglesias and Albert Rivera in the Spanish election!Based onthe ever popular Pamplona Smash endless bull runner game.
Pug in a Sub 1.0
Guide your pug through the dangerous underwater currents. Look outfor items that you can collect to customise your pug! Simple butchallenging game play!Create a fabulous look for your pug and takea photo to share with your friends!* Endless pug fun!* Hundreds ofoutfit combinations!* Take photos and share on Facebook, Twitter orby email!Not a dog lover? Then check out 'Cats Hate Water!'