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Helicopter Gunship Air Battle 1.0.5
Experience the gunship helicopter air attackin one of the best helicopter games having a brand new concept ofgunship battle of its kind. So become a heroic gunship helicopterpilot in one of the modern helicopter games of gunship battlecategory. HELICOPTER GUNSHIP AIR BATTLE has a specific helicoptercombat mission that you need to complete for becoming an ultimatesavior soldier in this game.Gunship helicopter simulator is an action game where you are a partof air combat mission involving an army base under attack and airsupport of one gunship chopper is on your shoulders. Being an eliteand brave lone army pilot you need to counter enemy helicopterattacks in order to destroy enemy combatants chopper and releasethe base from the enemy possession. Your army helicopter isequipped with weapons and armory to disgrace enemy choppers. Youneed to be very accurate while shooting and flying in the air. Donot let yourself carried away performing helicopter adventures asyour sole duty is to destroy enemy battle helicopter in thisgunship battle otherwise you will be failed.Features:• The Superlative Helicopter Battle 3D.• 10 Exclusive Challenging Missions For Helicopter Simulator.• 2 Latest Choppers To Confronting In Battlefield.• Smooth And Dynamic Heli Copter Controls With Real Physics.• Enjoy Controls Optimized For Helicopter Air Strike.• Show Real Fighting Skill In Each Inspiring Level Of Chaos CopterCombat.It’s time to fly gunship helicopter for the epic gunship battle.HELICOPTER GUNSHIP AIR BATTLE is one of the preeminent of 3Dhelicopter games that gives you a chance to play something elsethan the regular helicopter sim, attack helicopter or other cityhelicopter. Battle gunship helicopter adventures are going to be athrill for sure in contrast to run of the mill helicoptergames!
Subway Train Driving Simulator
Did you ever dream to drive your own citysubway train? Then play real subway train in this new game subwaytrain simulator 3d. Subway train simulator 3d puts you in the cabof subway locomotive and manage your railway in crazy high-speedracing. Feel yourself like a real subway driver tests yourprecision driving.Subway simulator train has easy to use controls. As a traindriver you need to drive your train on rail tracks in subwaytunnels and transport passengers. Arrive at the station, open thedoors and wait till the passengers come in. Then close the doorsand move to the next railway station. Train simulator 3d supportstwo different camera views so you can test how it feels likedriving real subway train. You get points for every passenger. Youneed patience and high driving level to become good subway metrotrain driver. Control 2 types of the crazy subway train.Drive subway train simulator game is a new unique gameplay thatis perfectly suitable for people that loves train, monorail. It isthe only driving simulator that fully embraces the incredible 3dphysics engine and effects. You definitely will love this train simgame if you like train simulation, speed train sim or electrictrain driving simulation. Have great experience with subway traindriving simulator.
Transport Truck: Farm Animals 1.0.3
Add twist to the animal transport games andbecome a farm animal transporter driver. Invigorate your cattletransport truck games fun in an amazing tame animal transportsimulator that requires high precision! Farm cattle transportergames were never such before. Farm animal transporter aka farmcattle transporter truck is one of the finest animal transportsimulator that is going to be a complete treat for farm transportanimal games lovers. So get ready for the TRANSPORT TRUCK: FARMANIMALS which is all about domestic farm animal’s transportationconcept.In this 3D farm animal truck driving game, you have a chance toact as animal truck driver with the best mega livestock farmingtruck. There are number of domestic animals that you have totransport to complete the game such as bulls, horses, goats, anddogs etc. First of all you need to load farm animals from thevillage farmhouse and then you have to transport and deliver themto the city cattle livestock to meet the demand of pets. Whilemoving animals, you must transport them in a way that won’t causethem injury or unnecessary suffering. Your duty is to ensure thesupply to commercial pet breeders keeping livestock. You will movethis heavy duty cattle transporter heavy truck to its target withprecision and accuracy. Get your hands on the cargo truck farmcattle trailer and be the highway king of this heavy truck games.Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge cattle transportertruck.Features:• Classic gameplay in this farm pets transport game• Real-model of farm cattle transport truck• Realistic village farm and city environment• A good experience of live animals transport• Extreme precision 3D animal transportation simulator• Transport different animals in each challenging level of farmcattle 3D transporter• An awesome farm truck game giving you the feeling of real truckdriverSurely! You have not played such type of animal farm animaltransporter game as yet. So relive the exclusivity in animalstransport blended with the concept of 3D truck trailer farm cattletransporter games. You might have experienced simple farm animalsgames or transport games but this is the best free animal transportsimulator with the fun of village farm cattle truck transporter. Sotake it now and enjoy the ride of TRANSPORTER TRUCK: FARM ANIMALSsimulator 3D.
Car Transporter Cargo Plane 1.1.4
Let’s take off amazing car transporter plane!A big car transporter jet. Plane Transport 3D is one of the brandnew 3D cargo plane games. Play with transporter cargo plane 3Dsimulator and forget other cargo plane games having standardtransporter plane 3D as a big airplane pilot. 3D cargo planetransport simulator game is your chance to put yourself in thepilot’s seat of Car Transporter Cargo Plane.Flight sim transport plane 3d is an objective based cargo planegame where you need to load and unload the high value racing sportscars in the cargo chamber of transporter plane. In this extremelyaddictive flying simulator cargo plane car transporter game youwill be given with some wonderful cars to load and park in cargocompartment of cargo freight plane. Drive and load all the carscarefully and maneuver them on the plane so they fit in perfectlywithin the indicated spot. After loading all the given cars youneed to pilot your cargo aircraft safely to the ground and take offinto the air. You need to handle, takeoff, guide and steer yourplane through all of the square checkpoints to ensure you head tothe correct endpoint. Go through all of the waypoints and land atyour destination airport within the given time. While take off andlanding your plane, be very careful to avoid the smash with otherplanes and obstacles on the airport.Features:• The greatest 3D cargo airplane flight simulator.• Amazing transporter planes with smooth controls.• Cool graphics and well-crafted animations.• Realistic city airport ambiance.• Challenging cargo jet flying missions.• A grand car transport plane simulator giving you the feeling ofreal cargo plane pilot duty.The car transporter jet: plane transport brings everything that adedicated transporter plane pilot could wish for. If you love cargoplane games, takeoff and landing planes on different airfields thenyou need to try this newest car transporter plane 3D game for sure.If you’ve ever wanted to get into a plane transport cargo flightsimulator then Car Transporter Cargo Plane 3D is the one you needto try out. Cargo plane games are so much challenging fun ofcourse. Have an excited cruise with real flight cargo simulator2015 edition.
Metro Train Driving Simulator 1.0.6
Have you ever thought to drive real trainsimulator 3d in an adventure game of driving heavy trains? if yes!then experience the drive of a big monster just like a real metrotrain simulator in this new game of speed driving simulator 3d.Feel yourself like a train driver.Test yourself in two exciting modes of train driving while you actas a heavy engine operator. it looks like a locomotive, whichaugments the experience of driving of metro train. with realisticcontrols and dynamic game play, You need to drive your own train ona fast train track to the nearest railway station acting like areal train driver similar to a diesel locomotive in a simulatorgame. Drive the heavy engine without colliding to railway trackhurdles or fence. it is imperative to avoid hurdles in order toproperly drive a heavy metro train or a heavy loader train. So letsstart the fun associated with trains and adventurous trip.The metro simulator train driving will excite you and you will evenforget the similar games including subway train, speed train ortrain driving simulation etc. It is the only driving simulator thatfully embraces the incredible 3d physics engine and effects. Metrotrain driving simulator is the game you were waiting for!
Heavy Crane Transporter Truck 1.1.3
Enjoy an awesome addition to big trucktransporter games, the king of all transport truck and cargo truckgames. We promise, truck transporter games 3D simulator not oncegave you such a mega cargo truck experience of driving heavy trucktrailer transport with the heavy load. 3D transport truck is one ofthe dream transporter games for the lovers of heavy excavatorsimulator and crane truck games who like tractor driving, tractorparking and driving other construction machines. So get ready for awonderful HEAVY CRANE TRANSPORTER TRUCK fun driving game where youcan show off your parking, driving and heavy equipmenttransportation skills.The game is about heavy equipment transporter, a new kind of cargoheavy truck trailer transport game to load, deliver, and unloadlarge machinery construction vehicles like dumper truck, crane,excavator and bulldozer on top of your truck transporter loader.Watch out! You’re about to drive the huge automobile transporterlorry and it contains the most expensive construction vehicles. Inthis extremely fun driving and parking mania game you will be givenwith some heavyweight building machines and your core assignment isto deliver building equipment from factory to the construction areain the city. Drive and load all heavy duty vehicles carefully andmaneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within theindicated spot. Then drive the massive trucker to the destinationby following arrow while managing the huge load with precision andaccuracy. Do your job carefully. You have time limit in each level.Try to be the best truck driver in the city, become a realtrucker!Features:• Real experience of driving heavy crane transporter 3D.• Realistic city environment exploration with truck simulator 3Dmania.• One of the best real transport games 3D.• 10 exciting levels of big transporter driving.• Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and truck pullcontrols.• Astonishing 3D graphics for the feel of heavy truck trailertransport.• Accurate physical simulation for truck driving and vehicleparking.So time to enjoy the large jumbo transport truck with heavyequipment transporter simulation which gives you the excitement ofcargo trucker blended with the fun of transporter games. If youlove playing 3D truck transporter games and like heavy excavatorthen the game is made for you. Cargo truck trailers games neverfeatured like this heavy truck trailer transport game. Play theHEAVY CRANE TRANSPORTER TRUCK, the trailer truck to transport jumboequipment!
Car Transporter Cargo Train 1.1.8
3D cargo train car transporter is the besttransport game of its kind. Manage the transportation on cargotrain that can carry heavy load! This car transport cargo game 3Dsimulator will give you the train simulator cargo experience ofdriving transporters with the heavy load. In this ultimate cargotrain and car games 3D automobile transportation, you’ll test yourdriving skills at parking cars on rail carrier freight and drivingthe big train sim yourself. So get ready for the king of all cartransport games, in the newest train transportation apps. Shiftgears like a real cargo driver!This city cargo transporter is a new kind of cargo train game whereyou need to load and unload the high value racing cars and sportscars on top of your train hauler freight. In this extremely fundriving and parking mania game you will be given with some amazingcars to park on the train load carrier. Drive and load all the carscarefully and maneuver them on the train so they fit in perfectlywithin the indicated spot. After loading all the given cars youneed to drive & operate cargo train with loaded trailer. Thesehigh values beautiful racing cars do not belong to you, your dutyis to transport them safely. Make sure to fulfill your duty andtransport these awesome cars to the marked destination within thegiven time.Big jumbo cargo train car transporter 2015 edition simulation givesyou excitement of cargo games in a standard parking games. So ifyou love to play 3D parking and cargo truck trailers games with ablend then you should try this new speed car transporter parkinggame. Play the Car Transporter Cargo Train 2015 edition withextraordinary gameplay that will increase your interest. Get yourtransport & car game and make some noise with the cargo trainsimulator!
Army Operation: Terrorist Camp 2.0
Get ready to have an army counter terroristattack with brutal terrorists in their basecamp. It’s time for theterrorist sniper shooter to take our army gunship vehicles andeliminate all terrorists with the theme of army operation games. Inthe awesome addition to army operation games, our terrorist snipershooter takes charge of destroying all terrorist camps in aone-on-one army counter terrorist attack. So, if you want to becomea fearless savior and protector in the army for your nation thenyou should definitely try the modern ARMY OPERATION: TERRORISTCAMP!There will be 5 different missions in the game. You will beprovided with an army helicopter, F16, armored truck, armored tankand special heavy sniper guns to accomplish all five missions. Inevery level, the army sniper shooter will be given a distinctivetask of eliminating a specific number of assets from the terroristcamp. And likewise, the assets to be destroyed will keep onincreasing in next upcoming levels. Once the counter attack starts,the army shooter soldier also has to protect its army vehicle fromthe terrorist shootings as well. The life power of the army vehiclewill be provided on the screen and if it finishes, the mission willbe failed. In the last level, the army shooter will have tocompletely destroy the terrorist camp in the field operation. Thearmy soldier has to complete all missions in the provided timelimit.All in all, army counter terrorist attack has never been soexciting to attract the inner terrorist sniper shooter in you. Itis surely the best army operation games, the ARMY OPERATION:TERRORIST CAMP!
Sand Tractor: Canal De-silting 1.2
Enjoy the latest arrival of tractor sandtransporter 3D game with the brand new concept of de-silting in oneof the best sand excavator tractor games. Here we combine the funof tractor sand transfer games with excavator games. Now!Experience the exclusivity in canal sand transporter 3D heavyexcavator simulator and forget the conventional tractor sandtransporter games. Your crane operating, tractor driving, bulldozerand dumper driving skills at canal site are going to be testedalong with a sand excavator tractor simulator while handling anattractive big digger machine unlike typical tractor sand transfergames. So, get ready for SAND TRACTOR: CANAL DE-SILTING introducinga brand new sand transporter 3D.De-silting of canals with heavy machinery and tools is a vital jobto do and to improve irrigation in the big town. So, play the bigcity canal de-silting 3D simulator 2016 and take over the controlof 5 mega machines like plowing tractor, blower truck, heavyexcavator and bulldozer which are true to the originals. So as anexpert de-silt worker and heavy machinery OP, first of all you needto plough the bog muddy land patches in the canal by controllingthe plowing tractor with high precision. Make sure that the wholesquares are completely plowed and there is no empty patch.Thereafter, you’ll have to collect the canal sand from the surfaceof these muddy patches with the help of blower truck. After thisstep, you have to do the tough and amazing step of de-silting.You’ll have to drive heavy excavator towards the patches in thecanal, and then you have to excavate the canal sand from each edgeof the plowed areas and unload it into the trolley of sand tractor.Then drive the tractor trolley towards the highlighted spot. Thereare large pits nearby the highway and you need to unload the sandtrolley into these pits. Here, you’ll get to the final job andoperate the road roller bulldozer to fill the depths of the pits tomake them flat & plane.Time to enjoy the newest tractor sand transporter with heavyequipment sand excavator tractor simulation which gives you thepassion of sand tractor driver blended with the fun of de-siltingof canal. If you love playing 3D sand excavator tractor games andlike to operate heavy excavators then this game is made for you.Tractor sand transfer games were never featured like this amazingsand transporter game. Play the SAND TRACTOR: CANAL DE-SILTING 3DGAME 2016 to transport stream sand!
Army Base Construction 1.0
Here’s the best construction simulator game.In the history of army base building games, this constructionsimulator 3D takes you to an exciting journey of constructingbuilding in an army’s base. Building construction games have neverbeen such thrilling and exciting. You get to step into the shoes ofa real construction worker in the army base site to control fourdifferent heavy construction machines. If you love to play buildingconstruction games, then try the construction themed one of thebest army base building games. ARMY BASE CONSTRUCTION will turninto the finest building construction worker.Play the unconventional building simulator 3D in which you’ll takeover the control of 4 weighty construction machines like loadertruck, crane, dumper truck, road roller and bulldozer provided inthe game. The main objective of this game is to construct differentthings in an army base. The user will have to operate the heavyconstruction machines by controlling the pedals and steering wheelprovided on the screen. And the user will have to put differentblocks on the marked foundations of the things that are to beconstructed. The user will have to construct the safety wall,helipad, runway, cantonment depot and army shed. Once the game willstart, all the material like the building blocks and the asphaltwill already be placed in the loader truck. There are total 5levels in this game. So, get set to complete all these excitinglevels to build the perfect army base.Since construction vehicles are very huge, so they requireexpertise and skills for maneuvering them. And this game willdefinitely give you the opportunity to practice on such heavy dutyvehicles to become an expert driver. It is a construction simulatorwhich is dream for anyone who likes to play building constructiongames. So, don’t waste any more time and download one of the latestfree army base building games called the ARMY BASECONSTRUCTION!
Modern Commando Sniper 3D 2.0
You are a modern sniper game commando hired toassassinate modern enemy commandos. Use your modern sniper freeguns to fight to kill them all. Yes! Your real task is to repealthe enemy attack with your sniper games shooting skills.You have five commando games missions to challenge your commandoadventure shooting. Your contract is to kill all commandos tocomplete a mission and move to next level of glory. Bring out yourinner assassin creed. Enemy lines are going to challenge yourshooting killer instinct.Enjoy the ultimate sniper modern game. Your Modern CommandoSniper 3D game journey is going to be excited.
Stealth Fighter Jet F16 1.2
Get ready to fly F16 fighter jet over therival army bases and Secret Island now! Experience the stealthfighter jet attack in one of the newest fighter jet games whichcontain the most advanced and classy military F16 fighter jet airforce plane with no match in supersonic speed and maneuverabilityand it’s equipped with assault missile and powerful artilleries foryour mission. So, play as an ace heroic pilot in stealth fighterjet attack 3D tactical dog fight simulation game. STEALTH JETFIGHTER F16 war has a detailed raid mission that you need tocomplete for becoming a concluding savior warrior in the fighterjet games.The game offers you five intense fighting levels. The basic missionin this game is to steal F 16 jet from the enemy’s base and fly itcarefully towards your destination. Enemy rivals are fast enoughand, so on the way, we’ll have to face the enemies and our coreduty is to destroy them. Basically, we have to destroy all enemy’smeans of communication which includes the communication tower,enemy’s army base, and ammunition station and water tank. We haveto destroy all these chattels by shooting through our missiles andbombs. Being a brave pilot, we have to be extremely careful andprotect the fighter jet from the bombing attacks towards us fromthe enemy base site. This is an extreme thrilling dogfight amongstthe F 16 fighter jet and enemy jets.Stealth fighter jet attack with precision bombing is a veryaddictive action adventure, aerial combat game, for people who loveto play fighter jet games, action games, and flight simulators. Sofasten your seat belts in the cockpit of stealth F16 jet to travelthrough air high ranges flying advanced super-fast F16 fighter jetplane over ocean waves. STEALTH FIGHTER JET F16 war adventure gameis one of the modern midair battles that is definitely worth tryingif you love F16 jet fighter 3D battle.
Stealth Truck Fighter War 2.1
Enter your army war truck into anaction-packed desert warfield with shooting and bombing everywherein the latest fighter truck games. Our duty as the stealth fightertruck driver is to destroy all enemy tanks, trucks and helicoptersby using our armored warrior truck, the best army war truck indeed.Show your driving and shooting skills as a professional stealthfighter truck driver and eliminate all targets. With the grandaddition to fighter truck games, our core goal is to take out allvehicles of the enemy whilst protecting our own armored warriortruck. So, it’s time to experience some real life one-on-one battleamongst war trucks, tanks, and helicopters. Let’s see how you dealin the battle arena with the modern STEALTH TRUCK FIGHTERWAR!There are total 5 levels in this game. In each level, a specificmission will be provided to the armored truck driver which he hasto accomplish to move on to the next level. A specific number ofvehicles have to be destroyed in each level. The user will beprovided with two different kinds of bullets to take a better shotfrom a distance. The most challenging part in this game is that theenemy vehicles will be moving and our truck will also be moving.And there will be counter shooting so the driver has to keep an eyeon his life power provided on the screen, if it finishes beforeeliminating the targets, the specific level will get over. Thedriver has to also keep track of the vehicles and shoot directly atthem. Once the driver has eliminated all the targets in that level,he will move onto the next level.Enjoy the 3D battle world of army war truck driving simulation.Driving a big armored warrior truck is a difficult job for sure,but we assure you to provide with the smoothest controls fordriving and shooting. Your participation in the war as a stealthfighter truck driver will definitely improve your fighting andshooting skills. Enjoy the superb STEALTH TRUCK FIGHTER WAR in thecategory of fighter truck games!
Jail Attack: Counter Battle 1.3
Enjoy an electrifying jailbreak counter attackwith one of the awesome jail break games. The game has the conceptboth police jail attack games and police chase games with the fullattention-grabbing missions. So get set to start the fast pacedaction with jailbreak counter attack in one of the brand new jailattack games to become a daring cop. JAIL ATTACK COUNTER BATTLEwill make you believe it!Try a brand new concept in jail attack games where you will takecontrol of an amazing police car in the big crime city. In thispolice chase game you are the top undercover police officer who asa heroic cop need to drive police car to catch and chase down mostwanted criminal group who attacked and broke into the city centraljail and made their fellow jailbirds escape from the prison. Nowthey are trying to hide somewhere after breaking into the city.Keep following the map and remember not to lose them as they areclever enough to deceive you. On sighting, prisoners will run fastand try to fade but you need to run speedily and catch them with inthe specific time. Play something different from a simple policechase games or police vs thief games.Isn’t this jailbreak counter attack one of the best jail breakgames? Yes definitely it stands out in police jail attack gameswith crazy police car. JAIL ATTACK: COUNTER BATTLE, the ultimateaddition to police chase games.
Army Sniper Enemy Killer 2.0
Army sniper enemy killer is one of the best 3darmy games where your killer instinct comes into play. Be a 3dmaster sniper shooter. You are on an army mission and need to huntand eliminate the targets with lethal strike in an awesome snipergame. Master the art of being an assassin in a shooter sniperkiller 3d game.You need to be a high precision shooter killer to get maximumpoints. You will score more with a head shot. Kill and be thewinner by killing all enemy lines in this one of the best enemystrike free games. In the mountain range environment use yourshooter instinct and find the enemy army men. The more you kill themore you score and become an ultimate 3d assassin.It is better to be an assassin before some else cross the lines.Score more and enhance your life lines in this ultimate freeassassin strike game before it turns into a paid one.Disclaimer:all pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in this gameare the property of their respective owners. They have been usedjust for illustration purposes without any negative intent. In caseof any objections, please do write to us so we may act and rectifythe issue accordingly.
Farming Tractor Simulator 3D 1.5
Farming simulator is here and your harvestingfun of farming tractor games is going to begin. Farming simulatorwill blow you away and you will forget other farming tractorsimulator games. Stop waiting and download now one of the extremetractor games.Farming games are getting bored and need excitement of plows. Youneed to have tractor pull which looks like a realistic tractorsimulator. This awesome plowing simulation game provides you withsuch harvesting game and plowing truck excitement. You need tocomplete all plowing games levels to be successful with one of thebest plow truck games.Impress your friends with driving 3D simulator farming tractor.Enjoy the ultimate Farming Tractor Simulator 3D game. Yoursimulation game of farm tractor is worth a download!
Home Shifting Transport Truck 1.0.3
Enjoy one of the amazing big transport truckgames with the fun addition of forklift games, the king of allloader and transport games in one package. We promise transportertruck 3D home shifting simulator will give you a mind-blowing truckexperience of driving heavy transporter truck trailer and forklifter carrying heavy load. You’ll find the amazing featuresassociated with transport truck games and forklift games which issurely a brand new concept in transport games. So, get ready for awonderful HOME SHIFTING TRANSPORT TRUCK fun where you can show offyour parking, driving and home equipment transportationskills.Play the latest home shifting truck simulator 3D in which you willhave to take over the control of heavy transport trailer and forklifter. It’s time to examine your ultimate truck driving and truckparking skills. The objective is easy, first you need to move yourheavy fork lifter near the home shifting stuff placed on the groundand load the home’s equipment one by one with the help of hydraulicforks on your forklifting machine, and then unload the equipment onthe big trailer of your truck loader. After loading the truck withshifting stuff, you will drive this heavy truck trailer to itsdestination with precision and accuracy. You will face excitinglevels in a realistic city environment. So get your hands on thishome shifting transporter game and be the expert truck driver ofthis truck simulator.Enjoy the ultimate in 3D transport truck games which gives you theexcitement of driving heavy fork lifter. This transporter truckwill challenge you with exciting gameplay and levels never seen intransport games. If you love handling heavy fork lifter then thisis definitely one of the best forklift games for you. So, turn onyour engines and get ready to shift home supplies with the modernHOME SHIFTING TRANSPORT TRUCK.
4x4 Off Road Jeep Stunt 3D 2.0
Relive the stunt games fun in the best 4x4crazy jeep stunt game with brand new jeep stunt feats. It’s timefor real 4x4 crazy jeep stunt mania for the lovers of stunt games.The 4x4 OFF ROAD JEEP STUNTS 3D 2015 edition is going to make youfeel other off road legends and jeep games look meager.Enter the world of extreme arcade style stunts. As a crazydriver and stuntman you need to drive and pull off insane daringjumps from dangerous ramps, slopes and slides to get the victoryflags in the air within the given time. Your goal is to ride 4x4monster on challenging and dangerous stunt tracks. Maneuver your4x4 mountain jeep with superb acceleration and steering controlthrough different angels and perform stunts. You have your own 4x4super quad vehicles for stunts, drifting, climbing and finding yourways to get the rally flags in the air. Clear 15 challenging levelsto prove your precision and daredevil talent. Experience the real3D 4x4 stunt jeep and enjoy the amazing and thrilling tricks withjeep in this new adventureFeatures:• The Paramount 4x4 Mountain Off Road Jeep.• Surplus Jeeps In Jeep Simulator 2015 Edition• Enjoy Improved Controls For Extreme Off-Road 4x4.• Show Real Stunts In Each Challenging Levels• 2 Modern Jeeps To Drive Through Off Road Hill• Amazing Stunt City Environment• Extreme Precision Driving Simulator• An Awesome Jeep Simulator 4x4 Giving You The Feeling Of RealStunt Man.So, enjoy one of the high-speed stunt games with monster offroad 4x4 crazy jeep stunt and experience the adventurous 3Dsimulation game than usual off road games and 4x4 games with crazystunt jeep and hill climb ATV. If you are addicted to completedaring challenges of jeep stunt games then this off road 4x4 crazyjeep stunt simulator will make you a jeep stuntman. Happy ridingwith 4X4 OFF ROAD JEEP STUNTS 3D 2015 edition.
Heavy Bulldozer Simulator 1.4.5
This heavy bulldozer simulator is a completetreat for the searchers of 3d bulldozer games for toddlers. In thissimulation app the simulation is done using different simulatorgame animations, images and sounds making it a perfect game forkids and toddlers. This awesome simulation gag app will amuse yourkids and they will even forget other similar apps includingexcavator tractor, construction game sounds etc. So download freethis one if construction games are getting too complex to handle.What if you're a professional trucker or bulldozer drivingsimulator operator to handle in operator or parking simulator game?Have you thought to test your skills at a real construction site?Imagine driving excavator type machinery.Turn it into a 3d bulldozer toddlers gadget and enjoy theawesome fun associated with similar heavy crane, lifter and tractorgames and sounds. On the other hand you can prank your friends asif you are playing with some ultimate app having heavy tractor. Addone more to your catalog tagged with 3d heavy lifter and tractorgames free for kids which have also a blend of constructionfun.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration purposes without any negativeintent. In case of any objections, please do write to us so we mayact and rectify the issue accordingly. Simulation has beenperformed using sound effects and 3d basic animations only.
Heavy Excavator Simulator 1.4.5
Don’t worry if you are not a professionaltrucker or crane operator to handle in operator or parkingsimulator game. Have you thought to lift debris at a realconstruction site?This heavy excavator simulator is a complete treat for thelovers of excavator games simulator. In this simulation app thesimulation is done using different excavator game animations andsounds making it a perfect game for kids. This awesome simulationgag app will amuse your kids and they will even forget othersimilar apps including excavator tractor, construction gameanimations etc. So download free this one if construction games aregetting too complex to handle.Turn it into a simulator gadget and enjoy the awesome funassociated with similar heavy crane, lifter and tractor gamesanimations and sounds. On the other hand you can prank your friendsas if you are playing with some ultimate app having heavy tractor.Add one more to your catalog tagged with heavy lifter and tractorgames free for kids which have also a blend of construction sitefun.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. they havebeen used just for illustration purposes without any negativeintent. In case of any objections, please do write to us so we mayact and rectify the issue accordingly. Simulation has beenperformed using sound effects and animations only.
Heavy Excavator Simulator 2 2.0
Heavy excavator simulator 2 is a completetreat for the lovers of excavator games simulator. Excavationsimulation is done using different excavator game 3D animations andsounds making it a perfect game to fulfill your excavation desire.Turn it into a simulator gadget and enjoy the awesome funassociated with similar heavy crane, lifter and tractor gamesanimations and sounds. Impress your friends and family with anultimate heavy tractor driving. Add one more to your catalog taggedwith heavy lifter and tractor games free which have also a blend ofconstruction site fun.The awesome simulation of excavation will amuse you and you willeven forget other similar apps including excavator tractor,construction game animations etc. So download free this one ifconstruction games are getting too complex to handle. Have a happyplaying with Heavy Excavator Simulator 2 3D game.
Contract Sniper Christmas City 3.0
You are a contract killer sniper at Christmaseve acting as contract assassin to fire gunshots at enemy forces ina first person shooter battle. Just fire gunshot while the enemystrike and destroy the forces with your modern sniper shooterskills. Intense game play with thrilling sounds make this shootinggame one of the best sniper 3D assassin free games.While firing gunshot at the enemies, you as a sniper assassinhave to survive their gunshots and refill your ammunition to enablemore shooting at the army of darkness. Commando army will reinforceitself so make sure that you continue firing gunshots as theyappear. Enjoy the best army games free in Christmas season and addone more to your Christmas games.Successful completion of one level entails the next mission willbe unlocked, adding more enemy lines and increasing your test ofshooting skills as a contract commando killer having enemy withinreach.Addicting game play makes it one of the real challenging armycity games where it is hard to survive as city shooter.
Deadly Bear Hunting 3D 1.4.4
Defend the angry bear attack with your bearhunting sniper skills. Yes! Your real task is to repeal the angrybear attack. Bears are deadly and attacking, so bring your innerbear hunter out.You are a killer sniper acting as 3D assassin and big game huntingis your ball game. Be skillful against bears in a first personshooter (FPS) battle. While firing gunshot, you as a sniper hunterhave to survive their deadly attack to enable more shooting at thearmy of bears.Your bear attack angry hunting journey is going to be excited inDeadly Bear Hunting 3D game. Enjoy the ultimate bear attack 3Dgame.
Big Game Hunting 1.2
Shoot like a wild hunter in the valley of wildanimals. The animal hunter 3D game offers you the chance to huntdangerous wild animals and kill them like a wild hunter in one ofthe most visually stunning animal hunting games. It is an addictiveaddition to jungle hunting which allows you to hunt animals in arealistic environment and earn money by killing them. Huntingjungle animals can be a challenging task that’s why we provide youwith an excellent selection of sniper shooting guns. We bring youthe wild hunter with a whole new challenging experience in animalhunting games for hunting jungle animals. To hunt down differentwild animals isn’t easy here. We believe the newest of animalhunter 3D games is going to be a complete treat for jungle huntinglover. So, get ready for BIG GAME HUNTING introducing the brand newconcept of jungle hunting.This wild animal hunting is an adventurous challenging game whereyou are playing the role of a sniper shooter. The game will startoff by giving an option of gun selection for the user to select thebest sniper gun for hunting. In every level, the hunter will begiven a definite mission, which needs to be completed before movingon to the next level. There will be provided four realisticenvironments in all levels. In all levels, the hunter will beprovided with zoom and shooting buttons to kill wild animals. Thehunter has to kill a specific number of wild animals in each level.Once the hunter has killed the required number of animals in thelevel, the mission will be accomplished and the next level will bestarted. The hunter will be able to earn $100 for killing oneindividual animal. And if the hunter takes a head shot then he willbe able to collect 1 diamond at a time. There are total 15 levelsin this game.The wild hunter gets to enjoy endless maximum gunfire for huntingjungle animals. The animal hunter 3D will get the chance to immersein diverse environments filled with different species of animals.Watch out for predators and protect yourself to become a dauntlesshero in one of the exhilarating animal hunting games. Test yoursniper shooting skills and forest survival skills in one of thedangerous jungle hunting games. Get ready to play the latest andfree BIG GAME HUNTING!
Heavy Forklifter Simulator 1.1
With a new twist to the forklift games, wegive you the fun and excitement of being a forklift driver. Soreanimate your forklift games fun in an astounding forkliftsimulator game that requires very high precision! Stop dreamingabout other fork lifting games 3D and just try the ultimate forklifter simulator. The HEAVY FORKLIFTER SIMULATOR is a brand newaddition to fork lifting games which will double your fun you mighthave experienced while playing other fork lifting games.In this fork lift driving game, you have a chance to act as forklifter driver where you learn how to maneuver your forklift througha big warehouse full of cartons, crates and cargo boxes .Controlthe forklift with very realistic physics simulation. The goal ofthis game is to make most use of your forks. You have differentcartons and boxes and you need to place them in the right shelveswith accuracy. You have the ability to lift the big cartons up anddown to place them in the big box racks in the position where theyneed to be. In forklift games, loading fast is the key to success.The missions are set in a large warehouse where you need to alignyour forklift truck in the right position with precision. Drivearound in this big storeroom explores the amount of different tasksand prove yourself that you are a good driver of real forklift.Enjoy this new concept in forklift driving simulator.Features:• Original 3D forklift truck models• Real time experience of driving extreme fork lifter• Exciting forklift challenges with smooth steering, lifting anddriving• Realistic physics controls for driving heavy forkliftBring out the ultimate fork lifter in you to experience anawesome forklift simulator. The extreme forklifting games was neversuch! Absolutely! It is different from other forklift games. So getready for a super fun driving games where you can show off yourdriving skills and your load lifting skills. If you are a fan offorklift challenges games and fork lifting simulator then you mustnot miss the 3D HEAVY FORKLIFTER SIMULATOR!
Traffic Police Chase: Ticket 1.1.3
Play one of the best interactive trafficpolice games with the police car chase unseen in furious policechase games. Police car chase is a fast action packed trafficpolice car racing game which tests your highway car driving andchasing skills against the violation of traffic laws. So become adaring policeman, get into traffic police car and chase the trafficoffender with great racing spirit to hand them over the lawbreaking ticket. Supper built TRAFFIC POLICE CHASE: TICKET is trulygoing to enliven your inner police pursuit. Believe it! There hasnever been such 3D traffic police games of police chase gamecategory.Gear up to enjoy the open world police traffic racing game. Becomea cop car driver turn the police siren on, race through traffic,overtake traffic cars and catch the bad guys who are trying tobreak the traffic rules and make them pay against the trafficviolation. Reckless driving, hot pursuit racing and high speed GTIpolice cars are all packed in to this fun game. Traffic police gamehas challenging missions that you need to achieve within thecertain time. You need to drive carefully while pursuing the realtraffic offender. Don’t hit into any other civilian car on the cityroad while catching the criminal otherwise the game will be over.Can you master the incredible horse power that lies beneath thebonnet of your police vehicle? Then get ready to play crazy highspeed police traffic racing game.Features:• Outstanding police car chase game• Super-fast traffic police car• Real time experience of driving traffic police car• Awesome police car chase gameplay with twist of trafficlaws• Traffic police officer controlling road cars• Smooth driving of cop car• Realistic physics controls for driving speed police car• Police chase car racing feat with one of the best racingphysicsTraffic police games were never such before. The real police driveris the ultimate 3D police chase race where you get to drive realpolice cars responding to traffic destruction. Police car chase 3D,giving you an exciting 3D race fast police chase games experience,is the eventual 3D police car racing game where you get to drivereal police car you normally see on the TV. Fast chase race,TRAFFIC POLICE CHASE: TICKET is what you were waiting for!
Animal Transport Train 1.0.4
After the great achievement of TransportTruck: Farm Animals game, here we are with an addition to animaltrain games. It is going to be an ace among the animal transportgames having the original concept of animal transporter train 3Dwith the rousing zoo animal transport missions. So once again addtwist to the animal transport games and become an expert animaltransporter train driver. Believe it! Animal train games were neversuch before and this is one of the premium animal transportsimulator that is going to be full of adventure for the animalgames lovers. So get ready for the ANIMAL TRANSPORT TRAIN 3D whichis all about the farm and jungle animals’ transportationconcept.In 3D wild animal train driving game, you have a chance to act asanimal transport train driver with the best ogre animals train.There are number of wild animals and farm animals that you have totransport to the destination to complete the game such as zebra,elephant, hippopotamus, lion, rhinoceros, etc. First of all youneed to load wild animals, farm animals and water animals in thecages placed on the trailer of the train from veterinary hospitaland then you have to transport and deliver them safe to the nearbyzoo to meet the demand of animals. Similarly you will take theinjured animals from the jungle, zoo and from forest lake to theveterinary hospital by your mega train. While moving animals, youmust transport them in a way that won’t cause them injury orneedless suffering. Your duty is to ensure the quick supply ofinjured animals from jungle to animal infirmary. You will move thisheavy duty animal carriage train to its target with precision andaccuracy. Besides you’ll enjoy more interesting levels in thisanimal transport train game. So get your hands on the animal cargotrain transporter and be the railroad king in the big jungle ofthis heavy train simulator. Dare yourself to become a driver ofthis huge animal train transporter.Surely! You have not played such type of animal farm animaltransport games as yet. So revive the uniqueness in animal traingames blended with the concept of 3D trailer animal transportertrain games. It's your time to display some courage andresponsibility required to operate this heavy loaded train withwild and farm animals. So take it now and enjoy the drive of ANIMALTRANSPORT TRAIN simulator 3D.
Army Warfare Transport Truck 1.2
One of the paramount army transport games isthere to become a daring army truck driver. Revitalize your armytruck games fun in a startling army truck simulator that requireshigh precision! Army truck games never give you such an amazingrough road! Yea there is a twisty addition to army transport games3D. So, grab this game to become a real army truck driver in themodern army cargo transport game to rejuvenate your fun playingwith truck driving games. We promise you that ARMY WARFARETRANSPORT TRUCK has everything a military truck simulator needs tohave!Arms supply army truck simulator is an objective based parking andtruck driving simulation where you need to transport ammunitions;missiles and high value combat armored tanks and MPV’s vehicles inthe warfare field. In this very addictive army cargo transportergame, you will be provided with heavy army tanks and reinforcedjeeps to load and park on cargo trailer. Drive and load the heavypanzer and military MPV’s and maneuver it on the big trailerperfectly on the highlighted spot. After loading the heavy tanksand army vehicles, you need to drive army transport truck safelyfrom the army base to warfare arena. Our duty is to transport thehigh standard armored vehicles and artilleries carefully. Make sureto fulfill your duty and transport these military ammos andvehicles to the marked destination within the given time.Army truck driver is the backbone of every army so one really needsto have the best driving and parking skills in the war field. It’stime to get the real military transport truck experience in one ofthe classic army transport games. If you love to play 3D army truckgames, then you must try this new truck simulator blended with armybase games. This army truck simulator is the best army driving andparking game for sure! So better hurry! Play this ARMY WARFARETRANSPORT TRUCK made with the finest technology at hand.
Army Helicopter Ambulance 1.0.3
Get ready to get some action in the army basewith ambulance rescue helicopter simulator 3D and save preciouslives of army soldiers. Enjoy one of the best rescue helicoptergames, which also include thrilling missions. This is one of thelatest army helicopter games with ambulance rescue simulator 3d.Unlike other army helicopter games, this game enables you tocontrol a real-life army ambulance simulator. Ambulance rescuehelicopter games were never such before on play store. So, getready to fly an ambulance rescue helicopter through the battlearena with high speed and precision, to save soldiers’ lives in anawesome ARMY HELICOPTER AMBULANCE simulator 3D game.It’s time to turn on your helicopter’s engine, and start flyingtowards the army base to save precious lives of soldiers. You haveto follow the highlighted direction provided in the sky to reachthe army base. The helicopter has to park on a highlighted helipadin the army base to rescue the injured soldiers. After rescuing theinjured soldiers, you have to fly back the injured soldiers to thenearest hospital in the city. Many precious lives of soldiers willdepend on your flying skills, therefore you as a skilled aviatorhave to carefully land on the highlighted helipad on top of thehospital roof.It’s your chance to become an ultimate SAVIOR in the latestaddition to army helicopter games. So, play one of latest rescuehelicopter games and save injured soldiers. Complete all 10 levels,also including 5 unique real-life missions of ambulance rescuehelicopter simulator 3D to become the dynamic rescuer. If you loveoperating helicopters and saving lives, download ARMY HELICOPTERAMULANCE, the latest rescue mission based game on AndroidStore!
Cartel Master: Crime City 2.0
Here comes the latest addition to cartel gameshaving the unique concept of battle with crime cartel kings. Webring you one of the latest cartel legend crime city game, whichincludes 5 thrilling missions of big union assassination. Thiscartel legend crime city can throw you right into the action, sostick to your aim and continue the intense shooting until andunless you kill all the cartel kings. Here we add uniqueness tocartel games where you are about to enter a massive enemy frontierbeing led by powerful cartel legend and the only way to survive isby making the right decisions. Prove yourself to be a daringcontract killer and thrive to survive in CARTEL MASTER: CRIMECITY.The contract killer will be provided with five individual targetkilling missions. In each level, a specified number of enemies haveto be killed. The game will start off by giving an option of gunselection for the user to select the best gun for shooting. Inevery level, the contract killer will be given a definite mission,which needs to be completed before moving on to the next level.Four realistic environments will be provided in all levels. In alllevels, the contract killer will be provided with zoom and shootingbuttons to kill the enemy. Once the contract killer has killed theexact number of targets in the level, the mission will beaccomplished and the next level will be started. The contractkiller will be able to earn $100 for killing one individual target.In the last level, the contract killer will get to kill the cartelking and once the king is eliminated, the game will becomplete.Stay alive to complete your assigned mission and gain success asthe fierce cartel legend crime city contract killer. Brutally killthe cartel kings by making use of realistic weapons and make yourway till the end. So, get ready to have some action fun in CARTELMASTER: CRIME CITY, one of the newest cartel games!
Cheetah Revenge Story 2.0
Try the best wild cheetah simulator to takerevenge. This cheetah revenge simulator turns into an exculsivecheetah chase simulator by the inclusion of unforgiving nature ofthe beast. The wild cheetah simulator allows you to rove in the 3Ddesert survival gameplay. The latest cheetah revenge simulator’sstory is to hunt and prey bad guys who have hit the speciesirrationally. So play the top cheetah chase simulator in an awesomeparched terrain searching for kill. CHEETAH REVENGE STORY, is thetop angry cheetah game.It is a fun to be an wild angry cheetah. Well! now you can playfive thrilling levels of cheetah fight and hunting. In each level,the cheetah has to kill a specific number of bad guys to completethe level. A map highlighting the position of the bad guys will beprovided on the screen for the cheetah to hunt down the bad guyshastily. Once our wild cheetah is near the bad guy, it will attackand take down the bad guy. For killing each individual bad guy thecheetah will earn 10 points. The total score earned by the cheetahin each level will also be displayed on the screen. A specific timelimit will be provided to complete each level.Believe it! wild cheetah simulator has never been with such niceeffects and graphics. So what are you waiting for? It is time todownload the ultimate cheetah chase simulator. CHEETAH REVENGESTORY is the cheetah revenge simulator journey to remember!
Crane: Building Destruction 1.2
Enjoy the blend of crane games withdestruction games for building destruction. Crane simulator withdestruction games theme makes the game distinctive in the cranegames category. Building destruction with a heavy crane simulatorwas never such before. So get ready to operate heavy machinery inCRANE: BUILDING DESTRUCTION for building demolition instead ofconstruction games.The basic target in this game is to have fun in building demolitionby using heavy vehicles such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers andwrecking ball. You will have to demolish buildings with the help ofhighlighted arrows and highlighted parking spots. A specific timelimit will be given in each level and if you are unable to completethe level in the given time, the game will be over. In the 1stlevel you will have to destruct a structure by using a wreckingball with a crane. In the 2nd level your mission is to demolish astructure by using a bulldozer. In the 3rd level we have todestruct an erection by using a blade bulldozer. Likewise, in the4th level we will demolish buildings twice by using a wrecking ballwith a crane. And in the 5th level you will have to destruct twoerections by using a crane and blade bulldozer.In the history of destruction games, no one has ever experiencedsuch an interactive crane simulator for building destruction. Timeto forget construction games and experience a destruction simulatorinstead, a latest addition to crane games. It is the CRANE:BUILDING DESTRUCTION!
Moto Transporter Big Truck 1.0.4
Enjoy the newest arrival of the best big truckgames, the latest entry into motorcycle games. Here we mergetransport truck games with motorcycle games to get an amazing funexperience of driving big truck simulator. This big truck simulatorwill definitely gratify your need for speed in big truck games.Brace yourself to experience the most challenging journey ridethrough a desert racing track on your heavy bike simulator in oneof the latest transport truck games. So fetch your internaldaredevil out in MOTO TRANSPORTER BIG TRUCK game.In the gameplay, you have to drive and load the motorbikes in thebig truck and also unload them when you’ll reach to the desiredlocation. First, you have to load the heavy motorbikes from themanufacturing company on the big truck and then take it towards thedesert racing track for racing. Alternatively, you will also takethe motorbikes from the desert racing track to the workshop forrepair. There will be total 10 levels in this game. In the 1st, 2ndand 3rd level you will load 2 motorbikes in the big truck from themanufacturing company and drive that big truck towards the desertracing track by following a highlighted arrow and also unload themin the desert racing track. In the 4th and 5th level you will load3 motorbikes from the desert racing track and drive towards theworkshop. In the 6th, 7th and 8th level you will load 3 motorbikesin the truck from the manufacturing company and will drive towardsracing track and will unload them in the desert racing track. Inthe 9th and 10th level you will also have to load 4 motorbikes fromthe racing track and drive back to the workshop.Now, show off your impressive driving skills with big trucksimulator in one of the amazing transport truck games. Hop on yourmotorcycle and ride like the wind in one of the superlativemotorcycle games. Explore the vast urban landscape and beat thecity traffic at top speed in MOTO TRANSPORTER BIG TRUCK, one of thenewest big truck games in play store!
Dog Racing 3D 1.2
The best of dog racing games and animal racinggames is here. Dog racing simulator 3D with the blend of dog gamesand animal racing games will definitely win your soul at firstvision. The adrenaline in dog racing games will burn the tar underyour feet with this amazing dog racing simulator 3D. Live the dreamof having a realistic animal simulator and enjoy the realcelebration of playing dog games! Like other horse racing games,this racing game is the most authentic racing simulation dog game.Now be sure to lead the race and become the victor in DOG RACING3D!We aim to introduce a somewhat similar concept with respect tohorse racing games. The basic goal is to race against the otherdogs and obtain the 1st position. There will be total 5 levels inthis game. A specific time limit will be provided in each level.Your dog has to pass through all the other dogs and be the 1st oneto qualify for the next level. In the first level, there will be 1lap and you will compete against 3 dogs. In the second level yourcompetition will be against the other 3 dogs and you will have 2laps to complete. In the third level, there will be 3 laps and youwill compete against 4 dogs. In the 4th level you will have 4 lapsand you will have to compete against 4 other dogs. Likewise, in the5th level, there will be 5 laps and you will compete against 5dogs. We have to obtain the 1st position to qualify for the nextlevel in the given time otherwise the game will get over.So, race for supremacy with dog racing simulator 3D in one of thehighly addictive dog racing games. Time to forget other animalracing games and experience the finest of dog games. It's easy,thrilling, exciting, and highly addictive! So go ahead and raceyour tremendous dog to the finish line and become a great championin DOG RACING 3D.
Fast Moto Gangster 1.0.1
Moto racing has now entered into a new zone ofrash road moto traffic racer. So, straight from Vegas roads startyour dare defying moto racer journey with extreme super bike inthis newfangled motorbike racing game. Ride as a maniac moto raceron the city asphalt roads in the new extreme moto racing game thatis reanimated with both gangster chase and motorbike racing. It’sgoing to test your rage and fighting skills that should benecessary for a thug motor racing motor biker. Super built FASTMOTO GANGSTER is truly going to cheer your inner crook. Believe it!There has never been such 3D moto traffic racer game in thecategory of police chase games.In this game, we are the gangster committing different crimes ineach level. After committing the crime, the gangster has to quicklyescape from the incident sites and operate a very fast bike to getrid of the police. Our duty is to control the speed of the fastestbike and make our way around the city. In the beginning of everylevel, the gangster will be shown committing a crime and then thepolice will be reported. From there, the police will startfollowing the gangster and chase him around the city. There willcome many hurdles and obstacles on the way, but the gangster has tocross all those hurdles to escape from the police. If the gangsterescapes from the city in the specific time limit, then the policewon’t be able to catch him. But if the police catch the gangster inthe time given, the level will be over and you’ll start again. Motogangster 3D is going to give you an adrenaline rush for sure.This sanguine and up beat furious moto racing game, promises you anexciting moto traffic racer challenge 3D. So, become a daring motoracer hero in one of the fastest motorbike racing game and put thegear on fast pace and flee away into the big city to get rid of thepolice. Motorbike games have never been this thrilling until nowwith FAST MOTO GANGSTER 3D.
Commando: Kill Shot 1.0
Commando adventure shooting has come toabolish all terrorists in one of the latest killing games. We bringyou the modern action packed realistic blend of commando army gamesand army shooting games. The enemy has taken over our territory tomake their camp and as a commando survivor killer our task is toeliminate the terrorist camp in one of the finest commando armygames. Our modern commando survivor killer is out alone on thismission and he has to complete the most challenging missions in thehistory of killing games. If you are addicted to daring tasks inarmy shooting games then this newest radical battle themed commandoadventure shooting will definitely make you an intrepid shooter.Master the art of being a hero in this thrilling COMMANDO: KILLSHOT.Join the battleground as an army commander! Enemy soldiers areeverywhere and their mission is to kill you! Fight against theenemy’s army as a well-trained commando and survive in this war.Hold your positions and start cleanup operation in this denseenvironment. Get ready to be the adventurous commando to fight backfor your army as a top striker. Kill or be killed! Enemies arethere in jungles to attack you, you have to be a real army commandoand destroy enemies and hunt beasts at the bushes to stay up long.Ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you. Differentchallenging missions, realistic environment, multiple guns,friendly shooting controls, angry enemies, nice 3D graphics andgreat sound effects are waiting for you. You have to completelevels within the given time. It’s time to fend off all yourinstincts and accomplish this mission at the cost of yourlife.A great malicious clash awaits our commando survivor killer in thewildest combination of army shooting games and commando army games.In these killing games, we have no time to be merciful; our coreduty is to completely eliminate the terrorists in this commandoadventure shooting. Now zoom in your scope and fire at will in thisamazing COMMANDO: KILL SHOT.
Police Horse Chase: Crime City 1.0.6
Hey Guys, Brace yourself to one of the best 3Dpolice horse chase games which is one of the classic horse racinggames and a horse simulator having a brand new concept of policechase games. So get ready to start the full throttle action with apolice horse in one of the hottest police games with police chasegames frisson to become a daring cop. Play as a real cop takingcontrol of the crime town in this new kind of earliest cowboy stylepolice vs thief game. POLICE HORSE CHASE: CRIME CITY is truly goingto pep up your inner police pursuit to show your fury required inpolice games. Believe it! There has never been such a remarkable 3Dhorse simulator.Police chase horse is actually an action and 3D horse simulatorgame that will let you take control of a police horse going crazyin the crime city. In this horse game you are the top cowboy policecop and as a heroic police officer your real mission is to rideyour horse to chase down the thieves, law breakers and criminalswho are trying to escape and getting away after breaking into thecity and running fast on their horses through the city roads. Keepfollowing the direction arrows and remember not to lose their sightas they are clever enough to deceive you. On sighting, criminalswill run fast and try to fade but with your horse you need to runspeedily and hunt them down by following the arrow on the cityboulevards with in the given time. Play something different from asimple horse simulator or horse racing games. Your horse isprofessionally trained and same is for you so let’s ride andchase.Features:• One of the greatest horse riding games• Professionally trained cop horse• Horse hunting criminal suspects• Interesting police vs thief missions with pedigree horse• Exiting horse’s hitting actions• Amazing old city environment of ancient times• Excellent horse sound effects• High quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplayEnjoy the stunning ride of a realistic horse simulator and sharethe experience with your friends. The game provides a number ofchallenging missions to chase criminals, unseen in other policehorse racing games. Crime city police chase horse is one of thebest police games and police horse games of the year. It’s time toplay police chase games with the hunting police horse for policechase missions. This special chase horse simulator 3D is the modernof police chase games that let you forget the regular horse gamesby adding fun to police games and horse racing games. So challengeyourself as a perfect top class cop and horse rider. You are reallygoing to love the latest arrival of POLICE HORSE CHASE: CRIMECITY.
City Roads Builders Sim 3D 1.0.3
Play one of the best interactive roadconstruction games with the city roads unseen in ordinary roadbuilding games. Stop dreaming about city construction games 3D andexperience a new released real road construction game which is thedistinct type of urban road builder simulator and a new addition toroad building games. In this more enhanced urban road builder,you’ll test your many qualities like excavator operating, dumpertruck driving skills at road construction site with an excavatorsimulator while handling the big road roller, much different fromthe construction games. So get ready to experience exciting journeyof assembling unpaved roads with CITY ROADS BUILDERS SIM 3D.Play the city road builder sim 3D 2015 and you’ll take over thecontrol of 3 heavy construction machines like heavy excavator,dumper truck, heavy bulldozer road roller; which are true to theoriginals in high-quality. So as an expert city road builder, firstof all you need to drive the excavator from a warehouse towards theconstruction site. There you will load a dumper truck with gravelasphalt by controlling your heavy excavator machine. After that, bycontrolling your dumper truck you need to pour asphalt on unpaveddriveway with the high precision. Make sure that the whole drivewayis fully covered with asphalt and there is no empty patch. Afterthis step, you’ll get to the best part and operate the road rollerbulldozer to fill compact gravel and asphalt to make the roadfoundation flat. You must complete all tasks in the game within thegiven time. So get ready for a wonderful exciting constructionsimulator where you can show off your digging, driving andexcavating skills.In short, this is one of the finest road construction games whichgives a detailed synopsis on how to actually construct roadsbeautifully. We guarantee that once you play this city constructionroad game, you will definitely forget about all other urban roadbuilder simulator games and fall in love with CITY ROADS BUILDERSSIM 3D simulator.
Circus Master - Animal Stunts 1.2
Wild animal stunts aren’t new to the circusgames but being an innate yourself in circus animal games is forsure. This circus animal game will certainly make you love petcircus games! Get into the action by being in the shoes of circusanimals in one of the best pet circus games with animal feat tobecome an animal stunt master. 3D CIRCUS MATER - ANIMAL STUNTS isdefinitely going to blow you away. Believe it! There has never beensuch a grand 3D circus animal simulator.It’s a crazy circus game and animal simulator for those looking tohave fun as wild animals used for entertainment. The game is allabout animal stunts and extreme circus event. All wild animals mustbecome professional at basic obedience circus training. So, in thisgame you are a circus master of the deadly wild animals such asbear, dog, gorilla, tiger, and the king of the jungle lion. Youneed to obey the great ringmaster in order to perform the variousact and stunts of pets in the big circus arena before thespectators. You need to jump up as pets through different hurdles,rings and pull off through insane daring fences without hittinganything. You goal is to chase and complete all 10 variousbreathtaking levels in which you will face a variety of challenges.For instance, what does an animal stunt master do while performingact? Cross the pets in the ring circles, and jump them from thedangerous hurdles etc. The pet circus animal game has been designedfor all animals’ lovers.Features:• Complete enjoyment with 5 amazing circus pets• Realistic jumping and animal stunt animations• Awesome circus environment• Wonderful feat missions with amazing circus animal game• Interesting heart pumping sound effects with the stuntaction.Experience the best of pet circus games in one of the awesomecircus animal games. The exclusive animal stunt master 3D gameprovides you with famous 5 wild animals in one, unseen in othercircus games. What are you waiting for? Get the CIRCUS MASTER-ANIMAL STUNTS game!
Police Cop Car Sniper 1.0.2
Have you ever thought to be a good coppolicecar sniper? If yes! Then, you are surely going to love thelatestarrival of a car sniper police cop officer game. Modern stylegameplay concept of police car sniper driving will blow you away.Trysomething new than a regular cops and robbers game.You are a cop sniper with a police car who needs to shootthecriminals. The challenge is to kill them to be acknowledged asacompetent cop police officer. You need to do the 3D policecardriving within a sniper game as a city police car driver. Theroleis daring as a police cop officer to shoot and kill thecriminals,robbers and the gangster of the big city.So, test your dual skills, do patrolling of the city and lookforthe gangsters and criminals to shoot them with your sniper gun.Yourdream of a role of cop car driver and the sharp shooter isbecomingtrue.3D police cop car sniper gives you the sensation more thanyourexpectation. Police Cop Car Sniper is the game that you won’twantto miss out. In short, the police car game has everything anactiongame needs to have. Have thrilling experience with police copcar3D sniper.
Sniper: Road Traffic Hunter 2.1
Road sniper traffic hunter has ended yourwait! Try brand new mountain side road sniper traffic hunter. Youare going to love the traffic hunter shooting from the hiddenmountain.You as a sniper need to destroy vehicles. Destroy more vehicles toget more points. Select the sniper gun to target the road traffic.If you have sniper skills, fire your shot gun to smash more trafficas you can. Download this sniper game and take delight.Challenge yourself as a traffic hunter sniper. Your journey isgoing to be excited in Sniper: Road Traffic Hunter. Hold on yourbelts and be a real sniper traffic hunter.
Sports Car Stunts 3D 2.1
The newest of 3D car stunt games is there toadd excitement to car stunts with a drive of heavy stunt car liketop gear stunt vehicle in sports games. The super 3D car stuntsgame has edge over other car stunt games simulator in shape of anaddictive gameplay. So get ready for a superb fun driving gameSPORTS CAR STUNTS 3D where you can show off your jumping, parking,driving and stunt games skills.Drive your real racing car around a fantasy stunt tricky tracksarena where freeways are not necessary. Jump from a roof to anotheras you bounce your car around the mysterious terrain. It’s wildlyaddictive and fun! This game has it all! There are huge jumps,mid-air ramps, slopes, slides, outlandish tracks and crazy stunts!Perform amazing stunts unseen in other racing stunt car games.Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Start playing the funtracks right now, and challenge yourself to get high score from alllevels. Experience the thrilling adventure now!Features:o The Exceptional Top Gear Stunt Sports Car Driving 3Do 10 Elite Stunt Missionso 2 Latest Burnout Sports Speed Cars In Stunt Arenao Smooth And Forceful Car Sports Stunt Simulator Controls With RealPhysicso Improved Wheels For Super Stunt Car Games Roof Jumpingo Real Tricky Tracks To Depict Stunts Skills In Each Exciting LevelOf Crazy Car Roof Jumpo An Awesome Car Simulator Giving You The Feeling Of Real StuntDriverThe awesome sports game of car stunt games category will excite youand you will even forget other similar apps including speed carstunts, city sports car etc. SPORTS CAR STUNTS 3D has amazing stuntgames car with stunt car racing fun to excite your inner stunt man.So good luck and have fun and forget about other car stuntgames!
Pizza Van Delivery Boy 1.2
Enjoy one of the latest pizza delivery games.This pizza van driving simulator is designed for people who love toplay the role of pizza delivery boy. We can assure you that 3Dpizza delivery games were never such before. This pizza van drivingsimulator allows you to perform the roles of both pizza deliverydriver and pizza delivery boy operating an awesome pizzeria van.This new 3D game promises some great features that you definitelyneed to explore in detail. So, get ready for a super PIZZA VANDELIVERY BOY 3D fun!This game is a pizza delivery truck driving simulator in which ourrole is to drive the pizza van and deliver pizzas. We have to goaround the city looking for different locations by following anarrow indicating the way. Our goal is to drive the pizzeria cargovan and deliver pizzas to the clients as fast as we can withoutgetting late. We will park on a highlighted parking region on theside of the road in front of the houses. After parking the van, apizza delivery boy will appear on the screen and deliver the pizzaat the customer’s door; that we will operate by using the joystickprovided on the screen. Our aim is to perform the job carefully andearn money. We have a specific time limit in each level.Features:• Drive cool custom designed mini pizza delivery truck• Challenging missions to test your driving skills• Rush through crazy traffic with extreme fun and challenges• Smooth touch and tap controls with real physics• Huge 3D virtual city to explore various locations• Fabulous sounds to enhance the gaming experience• Easy and exciting game playTime to overlook other pizza delivery games and experience thisamazing pizza van driving simulator which gives you the excitementof delivering pizza’s to different locations on time. Take your 3Dpizza delivery boy and get ready to deliver pizzas in PIZZA VANDELIVERY BOY 3D simulator.
Oil Transportation Truck Sim 1.1
Tired of playing regular oil truck transportgames and oil tanker truck driving games? Let’s take you on anexciting adventure in oil transport truck 2016 blended with thetheme of heavy transport truck simulation that gives you the joy ofoperating a real off road oil truck transporter. You’ll find theamazing features associated with oil truck transport games and oiltanker truck driving games in this spectacular oil transport truck2016 game. Get the chance to feel the real pleasure of heavytransport truck simulation by operating this incredible off roadoil truck transporter in our brand new OIL TRANSPORTATION TRUCK SIMgame.The main objective in this game is to operate and drive a big oiltruck by taking it through the city roads. You have to fill thecontainer of the truck from the oil company and then supply the oilto different petrol stations in the city. There are total 5 levelsin this game. For providing oil to each petrol station, you willearn $100. Some trucks will be locked at the start of the game; youwill be able to buy those trucks by earning specific amount ofmoney. A map will be provided on the screen highlighting thelocation of the oil depot and petrol stations.Surely! You have not experienced this type of oil truck transportgames as yet. So revive the uniqueness in oil tanker truck drivinggames combined with the idea of heavy transport truck simulation inour greatest oil transport truck 2016. It's your time to displaysome courage and responsibility required to operate this heavytruck. So, take a ride in OIL TRANSPORTATION TRUCK SIM, the latestoff road oil truck transporter game on play store!
Army Helicopter - Arms Supply 2.0
Let’s take off the marvelous army transporthelicopter in a combat zone. This new released arms cargohelicopter 3D game has a good vantage over the other armyhelicopter games. This thrilling army transport helicopter providesyou with an addictive gameplay. You are going to experience thereal heroic duty of an arms supply cargo helicopter pilot in a realbattlefield. So, grab the chance to become an actual pilot in thelatest addition to army helicopter games and fly an army helicopterthrough the battle arena with high speed and precision, to deliverammunition in an awesome ARMY HELICOPTER-ARMS SUPPLY simulator 3Dgame.Arms supply army helicopter simulator is an objective basedsimulation where you are a part of an air combat mission. The coreduty of the pilot is to receive the ammunition from the army baseand deliver it to the soldiers who are fighting in the battle zone.During continuous supply of weapons, we have to quickly transportarmy supplies. If the enemy gets any knowledge about our chopper,they will burn our armed jumbo helicopter. Since our army chopperis equipped with deadly weapons and armors so the pilot needs to bevery attentive while taking off, landing and flying in the air.Arms supply army transport helicopter brings in the sensation inregular army helicopter games. Forget flying simulators with otherarms cargo helicopter games and try this army transport helicopter.This helicopter war game will enable you to attain glory intactical combat helicopter games arena. So, don't miss the chanceto become a part of the grand battle game ARMY HELICOPTER - ARMSSUPPLY.
Vip Taxi City Driver 3D Sim 2.0
Enjoy the best city taxi driver for VIPcustomers in one of the best cab driving and parking game. You aregoing to love the crazy parking stuff in city’s VIP taxi drivinggame. It is going to be a test for real city taxi driver. Let’shave a challenging duty of taxi driver of big city. Do somethingjust more than a boring parking and taxi driver duty simulatorgames.Play like a crazy driver in vip city taxi, so take your seatbehind the steering. Your duty objective is to find and take yourcity cab to a nearby passenger by following the map on screen topick and drop to the desired address through heavy city traffic.This 3D taxi driver is quite simple yet an amazing cab taxi game.It has realistic controls as well as great and dynamic game play.Perform your VIP taxi duty in time and earn money. If you have thecab ride skill and guts to provide pick n drop services on timethen you are at the right place.Your VIP 3D sim city taxi driver journey is going to be veryexcited. Challenge yourself to be a perfect city cab driver. Thisis one ride that is defiantly worth taking. Grab it now and enjoythe ride of VIP Taxi City Driver 3D Sim.
Wild Wolf Attack 3D Simulator 2.0
The best wild wolf simulator 3D is finallythere. Play the ultimate wild wolf simulator 3D with the thrillinggame play and sounds. Your wolf attack 3D is going to be crazy andfull of joyful prey.Angry wolf attacking was never that addicted and superb. Angrywolves are looking to slaughter anyone who comes within theirsight. Explore the arena and look for prey to feast on. You need tobe very accurate while attacking. Become one of the ultimate deadlywild wolves and enjoy the tremendous experience of angrywolves.Playing 3D simulator wolf wild attack was never such before.Start your beasty journey in Wild Wolf Attack 3D Simulator, thebest wolf simulator of the year.
News Reporter: Crime City 2.0
Get ready to play as a crime city reporter inone of the best news reporter games with an amazing media vanunseen in other crime reporter news games. Crime city reporter isan awesome addition to news reporter games which tests your vandriving, reporting and media crew member skills to cover thecriminality and violation happening in the city. So become aprofessional newscaster, get into your news van, and reach atincidents with the great racing spirit to shoot the exclusive crimescenes. Super built NEWS REPORTER: CRIME CITY is truly going tocheer up your inner journalist. There have never been such 3D crimereporter news games.Objective is simple. City crime reporter 3D makes you to become aprofessional broadcaster in this crime city. The news game is allabout filming best video shots of the crime scenes that happens inthe city. You have to reach to the destination in your news vanalong with your crew as fast as possible where accidents, crimes,or disasters have happened to record and report the video clips ofcrime scene for news broadcasting and be the first to take perfectvideo film to studios and complete game missions. Your core duty isto give live coverage to any mayday and crisis. So drive yourchannel news van fast to reach incident place in time. Don’t hitinto any other civilian car on the city road. So become best mediareporter crew member in the crime town and enjoy the ride ofamazing news van.News reporter games were never such before. The real crime cityreporter 3D is the ultimate crime reporter news game where you getto drive media van responding to the live coverage of crime scenes.So challenge yourself as a perfect newscast reporter of the crimecity. You are really going to love the newest arrival of NEWSREPORTER: CRIME CITY.
Transporter Truck: Jungle Wood 1.1.4
Reanimate your transporter games fun in anastounding woods transporter truck simulator game that requireshigh precision! Stop dreaming about cargo transporter 3D andexperience a real transporter truck 2015 which is the best junglewood cargo transporter and a new addition to truck transportergames. The splendid TRANSPORTER TRUCK: JUNGLE WOOD 2015 will doubleyour fun and you will forget other truck cargo games and cargotruck games.In this jungle wood transport truck driving game, you have achance to act as a truck driver with the best mega modern truck.The objective of this game is very simple. First of all you need toload jungles woods bundle log from timber market and then you haveto transport and deliver these logs bundle to the differentdestination to meet the demand of the jungle woods. Your duty is toensure continued woods supply to different areas. You will movethis heavy duty transporter heavy truck to its target withprecision and accuracy. Get your hands on the cargo truck transportand be the highway king of this truck games. Dare yourself tobecome a driver of this huge wood transporter.Features: Best real cargo truck simulator 3D 2015 edition Real experience of driving heavy wood transporter 3D. Explore the jungle environment in the truck simulator 3Dmania. Complete all exciting levels of big transporter driving Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and truck pullcontrols. Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in this jungle woodtransportation. Real-time simulation, driving and truck parking.Wood cargo transporter 2015 is the most addictive transportertruck simulator and one of the amazing transporter games that putsyour special awareness and mastery to the ultimate test truckdriving. Sure! It is different unique from other transporter gamesand truck transporter simulator games. This jungle wood transporterspeed king looks awesome and gives you even more than the rightfeeling. If you are a fan of a truck driving games truck games,transporter games and truck transporter simulator then you must notmiss this 3D TRANSPORTER TRUCK: JUNGLE WOOD 2015.
911 Rescue Firefighter Truck 1.0.4
Get ready for a 911 rescue simulator which isan emergency fire truck 3D game to act as a frontline rescuer andsave people lives. It’s a lifetime experience to be part of this911 rescue simulator. Play as the firefighter emergency driver!People’s priceless lives depend on your driving skills. Driveawesome fire truck 3d and save the people from hazard. You have themodern fire extinguishing equipment at your hand! Make the best ofit!All the city is in flames your duty is to rescue lives just likerescue 911. You were recruited as a fireman and your job is toreach the fire emergency destination and help the city toextinguish burning buildings and vehicles. You have to control firerescue 911 truck and your real mission is to save innocentcivilians under fire emergency situation and to extinguish fire asmuch as you can in the minimum possible time because there is amassive car crash and lots of cars are on fire. Park your vehiclenear the blaze and use water pump to extinguish them down. You haveto be very quick in the grave situation. So don’t take too longwith finding the parking spot and maneuvering your crazy fire truckin the right position. Bid to save humanity and challenge yourselfto be a perfect firefighter.Firefighter truck 911 rescue is the most addictive andchallenging game ever made with big fire truck 911 emergency. Thisgame is specially designed for the guys who love 911 recue police,ambulance, driving, parking big monster truck, and buses. You aregoing to be thrilled and you will love to play for hour and hour.911 rescue firefighter truck is the game you won’t want to missout.