Ready Set Gaming Apps

Bounce It FREE 1.1.6
Bounce It is a platform game in which you mustnavigate the ball to the gold star while collecting blue stars.Bounce It FREE features over 18 levels spread with varyingdifficulties easily shown by the color of the background. This gameis a pick up and play game, anyone can play it anywhere andeverywhere, whether it's a short sit down or a gaming night, it'ssuited for all ages.• Pick up and play• Over 18 levels• Secret bonus levels• Easy to follow tutorial• Play anywhere and everywhere
Hook City 1.0.6
Hook city is a fun and addictive game inwhichyou must stop your character from hitting the bottom ofthescreen.The only way to do that is by tapping the screen and hookingontofalling bricks to spring yourself back up, be carefulthough some of these bricks deduct from your total score as wellasadding to it, so you must be careful and do whatit takes to survive. There are also obstacles such as birdsflyingacross the screen which will get in the way of yourhookas well as falling stars that you can grab for extra points.Thehigher score you get the faster everything will fall so beaware when you're getting high scores.Hook City features online leader boards so you can testyourselfagainst the best of the best all across the world!
Swipe Star 1.0.7
Swipe your way to the top!Swipe Stars is an arcade, rhythm game, in which you mustswipethe screen depending on what way the arrows are pointing, makesureto swipe as accurately as possible in the middle of the circleandtry your best not to swipe the bombs!Compete in leader boards and challenge the best of the best inanendurance of the most points!
Zombie Smackdown 1.0.1
It's that time of year again! Zombies are rising from their gravesand it is up to you to stop them! Tap on the zombies before theyrise from their grave and rack up points. Become the best of thebest at stopping the zombie apocalypse and getting top of theleaderboard! Don't forget to grab the pumpkins for extra lives!
Pilot Panic! 1
Pilot panic is a simple infinite runner where you mustdodgeasteroids while managing your fuel. Pilot panic featuresgloballeader boards and is completely free!