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Farm Tractor Driver 3D : Wheat 1.0
Farm Tractor Driver 3D : Wheat will make you feel like a realvillage farmer. Be a real farm tractor driver and prepare for thehay day. As a farm tractor driver make your land ready for canolaand wheat, seed crops, sprinkle water with water sprayer attachmentand silage wagon. Drive farm vehicles and look after your crops onthe wheat field. Plough the seeds and let the crops ready to beharvested. Harvesting season is here so collect your crops and earnmoney.Plough your farm land, aggregate your land with grain seedingplanter. Your land is ready for canola and wheat seeds crops,sprinkle water with water sprayer attachment and silage wagon.Spray on your land before reaping canola and wheat because thesecrops needs special attention.Learn the skills to steer your agricultural plantation truck ina farming simulator that lets you take charge of your own wheatland. This awesome plowing simulation game gives you amazingharvesting and plowing truck excitement.Features:Village tractors and amazing threshersBe a real farm tractor driver with wheat cultivators3D Farm environment with amazing thresher animations20 exciting levels to make you learn farmingExciting farmer experience in this harvesting simulatorPlow, fertilize, seeding, cultivators, planters process
Air Strike Fighters Attack 3D 1.0
Air Strike Fighters Attack 3D has a military aircraft designedprimarily for air-to-air and ground combat against enemy force, asopposed to bombers and attack aircraft, whose main mission is toattack ground targets. The hallmarks of a fighter are its speed,maneuverability, and small size relative to other combat aircraft.This fighter jet aircraft comes with a simulated cockpit on the endof a long arm that spins at extraordinary speed, allowing a pilotto experience controlled "G" forces. Battle your way into the heartof enemy territory! Fly through the battlefield dodging mines andleaping barriers as you move to the next cover point to avoid enemyfire. Emerge from destructible cover points to engage waves ofenemies! Reaper, evade enemy fire and raid their bases before theytake you out. You are clear to engage!Air Strike Fighters Attack 3D is a modern air war jet fightergame with a war environment. Now a 3D jet fighter simulator isunder your finger control. You can use radar system, ammunitionchanges, modern ammo, and the indications present within the gameplay.Take to the frontline with an array of classic weapons fromWorld War 2. Fight against a historic rifle to and take downenemies accurately or, if you prefer to bomb a machine-gun andunleash a hail of bullets. Call in Artillery strikes againstentrenched enemy soldiers or shoulder a bazooka to reduce a tank torubble. Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation is an Aircrafttelemetry information system to locate aircraft in aerial combat,has been replaced by the newer NACTS system electronics designed todecoy or deceive enemy radar or missile threats a powerfulconventional bomb that explodes a canister or bag of potent fuelvapor just above the ground. One of the most powerful anddestructive weapons, second only to the Nuclear Bomb, with similareffects. It can devastate everything within a mile radius, and killeverything up to a five mile radius by sucking up all oxygen. Flyby Wire is the electronic flight control system of a modernaircraft as opposed to conventional cable operated controls -usually used on aircraft that are inherently unstable, and combinedwith a digital automatic flight control system, e.g. F-16,F-22.This air strike game is the most epic military warfare game thatoffers an addictive mixture of strategy, fast-paced combat and realaction! Fight against the world’s best UCAVs with an arsenal ofweapons and bring the rain!Set in the heart of covert aerial warfare, with real worldinspired immerse environments and the radar map, the game puts youin the hot seat of a special ops operator. You must work your wayup the chain of command over a series of covert missions, usingultra high tech equipment, strategy & skills and superiorfirepower to lay waste to the enemies of the state, all at the tapof your fingertips!
Police Extreme Car Driving 3D 1.0
Police Extreme Car Driving 3D is an amazing police car drivingsimulator. Taking the role of the police, you drive around the cityin a fast police car racing around the city as you want, jumpingfrom huge ramps, scale buildings, do stunts and catch the thief.You're free to do whatever you want in this fun and amazing policecar driving simulation. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the bestcar simulator; its advanced real physics engine will make you gocrazy. Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you candrive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free! Drive sportscars with fast speed engine and drift. Thief & criminals arefree from jail, outlaw gang wars and street crimes are on its peak.It’s time to be a super cops chase and arrest gangster, crooks andcrazy criminals from the crime scene. This 3D game will take you onnext level high speed racing simulation game play. Enjoy this hotpursuit action pack game to give you adrenaline rush with thrilland speed.Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Drifting fast anddoing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this openworld city. No need to brake because of traffic or racing otherrival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and runfull speed without the police chasing you!Become a furious racer on the city streets, it's a big openworld. There is more than enough to do. Drive in the insane lookingarmy vehicles; smash your way as you dive into the world ofcriminal car cases, sometimes on foot. This doesn’t stop here, onceyou find out where gangster is; you need to be on the foot to catchhim. Lovers of cop vs robber games you will like Police Extreme Cardriving 3D for sure. If you like simulator games, drifting and justsmashing your car then try this newest simulator game withrealistic auto physics. Test your insane racing skills. Drivingcops cars in this open world 3D map asphalt roads, manyneighborhoods come under your patrolling area. Be a watchfulpoliceman and patrol your area to save innocent victims, citizensand pedestrians. Your informer tips you for ongoing robbery, theftor any other terrorist activity. Drive rush from police stationtowards the crime location, arrest the crooks, thieves andgangsters.Features:Superb racing police cars with smooth controlsFace extreme level difficult levelsVibrant game play with smooth touch and tap controlsAttractive background music to enhance your gaming experienceSo turn on your police scanner, turn on your police lights, anddon’t forget your police siren and start with your duty today. It’sall about protecting and serving as a law enforcement officer inExtreme driver simulation game, try to end up any police chase withending up the outlaw suspects into custody.
Firefighter Rescue: City Hero 1.1
Fire alert! There is a building on fireand it's time for you to make your dream of becoming a city herocome true. Firefighter Rescue 3D: City Hero that is a topquality driving game is your chance to shine and it is a brilliantaddition to driving simulation games. Then get on your modern firetruck and drive it through the city environment! Fight withhazardous fires! Play as the town hero! Here is your chance to showsome heroic qualities. Display courage and bravery of a realfirefighter and fight with blazing fire in this fire- trucksimulator.This is an action packed fire truck driving game. As a bravefirefighter you must stand with courage in your firefighter gearand be a city hero in the face of a dangerous fire and launch afire-truck emergency rescue mission. So, are you up for jumping onyour fire extinguishing equipment and rush to help rescue thecivilians? If you love truck emergency rescue games and adventure,Firefighter Rescue 3D: City Hero is the game for you.Gameplay:First, you will have to take on the role of a fire truck driverand drive to the building on fire. You must park your red firetruck at the predefined fire truck parking spot. Now, get ready toput your firefighter training to test. As a firefighter, your jobis to prevent the fire from spreading by suppressing andextinguishing fire to prevent loss of life and destruction ofproperty and provide emergency assistance if needed. You mustimmediately assess the situation to figure out how to best attackthe fire and keep yourself safe.You are equipped with your protective gear, water hose pipe,emergency blue lights etc. You have to find the fire zone andextinguish the fire using water. You should know that in order tocontrol the fire and stop the chain reaction that is causing thefire to spread, you must either bring the temperature down or cutthe supply of oxygen to the fuel or you could also remove thesource of combustion, which is the fuel, altogether from thisspace. This is done by spraying large amounts of water on the firethat lowers the temperature and will also smother the fire. Youmust be very quick in your actions so the emergency recovery timeis as little as possible.As you progress through the levels, you tasks will step up aswell. Fire, itself, isn't the only hazard here. Smoke and toxicgases can cause suffocation. Elevated temperature and oxygendeficient atmosphere can lead to the loss of life as well. In thehigher levels you will have to create a vent first and thenextinguish the fire. For this, you cannot go in from the front; youwill have to enter from the backside. Drive your fire truck to theback and, find the fire zone, create the vent by breaking the glassusing your firefighter axe and stop the fire using water.All tasks must be completed within the given time. You can earnmoney after each successful level completion. Now, if you are readyto save some lives while seeking a thrilling experience, put yourfire fighter helmet on and get ready for some major action.Drive your fire truck to emergency locations. Complete rescuemissions. Get out of your truck and kill the fire with modern fireextinguishing equipment. Get ready for some adventure! This ride isgoing to be fiery!Features:• Highly equipped fire-truck• Fireman animation• Realistic 3D environment• Smooth game play control
Cargo Helicopter Car Transport 1.0
The ultimate cargo helicopter game is here totake you on an adventure ride. Be the cargo manager on the helipadand transport cars and freight inside the helicopter. This cartransport game will test your driving skills to the limit.Precision driving is required on your part as the best cargotruck driver. Take on the role of a crane operator and load thefreight into the helicopter.Freight handling and transportation is a major job for theairport ground staff. You will be operating multiple heavymachinery in this one cargo transport simulator. Driven atransporter truck before? Have been a forklift crane operator? Now,also enjoy driving a heavy trailer.This is a new chapter in car transportation games and will takeyou through the process of transporting luggage on a helipad. Youhave controlled gunship helicopters, now try loading this chopperplane and see it fly past the city skyline.You start off as a cargo trucker delivering cars on the helipad.Drive your transporter truck loaded with the freight to theparking. Use a forklift crane to unload the luggage from the truckand shift it to the transporter trailer. Drive your vehicle to thechinook waiting on the airport hangar. The freight also containsscrap cars to be delivered to the junkyard. Drive expensive sportscar inside the big chopper. Load the consignment in the aviatorwaiting to go airborne in this flight simulator.Features:* 10 challenging car transportation missions* Drive a big transporter truck* Thrill of forklift crane parking* Huge trailer driving and parking included*Smooth and easy controls of all vehicles
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D 1.0
Ever drove a vehicle carrying jungle woodcargo on its back? Well, here’s your chance to work through alumberjack job and transport truckload of logs all the way from theforest to its destination. Challenge yourself to this extremedriving ordeal and experience the thrust of vehicles designed forcargo transport. Driving simulation is at its peak with the game’sdetailed animation and graphics that will give you the feel of areal life forest. Before you start, beware that firewood can behefty load to carry, putting your driving skills to the test. So becareful not to tip the balance!The Heavy Duty Log Transporter Cargo Truck is a high poweredgiant trucker automobile that is engineered to drive through ruggedjungle terrains and is configured to mount all types of logs forindustrial use. These high performance trucks are powered by dieselengines, and you will feel the thrust when you control them duringthe game.For those who haven’t yet practiced a heavy weight ride, this isyour ultimate extreme driving experience in a surrounding that willchallenge your driving skills. The aesthetics and graphics willbuild up your energy and within a few minutes the transporter trucktrailer and crane will have your complete attention. From thewheelbases to the front grab and handles, the trucks featured inthe game are like any real life top performing cargo trucktrailer.Gameplay:There are two vehicles that you will be driving in the Woodcargo transporter game: One is the crane that will carry felledlogs from the ground onto a 6-wheeler heavy duty timber trucktrailer, which is the second automobile under your control.Controlling the crane will require technical expertise whilepicking up and balancing logs that must be in the truck in anordered manner.The wood cargo transporter trailer is essentially a tough goodsvehicle that needs professional driving precision and control. Oncethe crane has carefully loaded the cargo lorry with wood, you willdrive it to its destination for further shipping. The hydrauliccontrols of the cargo truck will help you steer and accelerate withmaximum ease, but be wary of sharp turns while driving the heavilyloaded vehicle in extreme road conditions. Make use of theexcellent camera views in the game and you will be right ontrack!Wood Cargo Transporter Game Features:• High definition 3D graphics and animation• Fully dynamic game play• Well-maneuvered, hydraulic controls with automatic switch betweencrane and truck• Complete and comprehensive view of forest site and equipment
Taxi Driver Mania 3D Simulator 1.2
Taxi Driver Mania 3D Simulator is speed taxigame and your job is to transport passengers around an eye-catchingand realistic city. This Taxi Driver Mania 3D game is going to be asuper cool driving and parking experience for you because you alsoneed to watch out for the traffic around and that's always a bigconcern for a duty taxi driver to drop their passengers safe andsound. Drive your passengers crazy across a huge and expanding 3Dcity: downtown, uptown and more. Perform duty as a cab driver inthis amazing city, don’t hit any barrel, fence or boundary or yourpriceless taxi gets damaged.This is a speed cab so speed up, drift, whip around corners, andweave through traffic, hit up the ramps! Sit behind wheel andfasten your seat-belt. You have to control steering wheel and racepedal with very attentive way prove your driving skills. Feel thebusy city streets filled with traffic and never-ending fun. Thefaster you drive the greater you earn so be careful and drivesafely!Earn cash in this fast paced adrenaline rush racing taxis game. Bea part of this superb addictive driving simulation and enjoydriving really fast cars.Crazy Cabbie Duty 3D game features:Full 3D cab simulator environmentReal cool racing taxisPick up and drop off passengers at the right destinationExciting missions set in a 3D cab driver cityHours of entertainment in cab driver 3D simulator game
Police Chase Street Crime 3D 1.3
Play as a police officer whose duty is todefend the street from dangerous criminals. As a cop you thunderthrough the streets of this fantastic crime city as you try tochase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. Stop the ongoingacts of violence and criminality. The arcade-style management alsomeans that it’s easy to learn to chase criminals and getting intothose chasing cops situations pretty easy. You can take turns atfull speed as it is every now and then required in police gamesthat you can pull over group and get out of your car to get them tojail. Accelerate, shoot, reload and arrest all criminals as fast asyou can. Making this a real cop simulator one of the prevalentchallenges ever.Police Chase Street Crime 3D is a real cop duty car simulator whichgives you the thrilling chance to test your driving skills to themaximum. Enjoy being the crime city real detective driver and havefun chasing the outlaws and lock them up. Police car chase 3Dracing and simulation game is a free police pursuit game withnumerous missions to end. It’s effortless to play, you must drivethe cop car, find and arrest all criminals around the city, and youhave SUV cars to facilitate you.You are against the boss of themost powerful mobster gang in Texas and driving on the streets innew coupe racer, when suddenly he notices cops everywhere in thecity and they start shooting.At that very moment you realize you need to get out there and catchthe thief, so hit throttle and start making your perfect get awayso react fast, keep the speed high, and don't doubt yourself. Youare a specialized frontline swat commando of anti-terrorist team,on a contract of shootout these hard nosed enemies. Cop ChaseStreet Crime 3D simulation robber chase game will put your drivingskills to test, as you drive through the traffic and race fast tostay ahead of the cops. You will have the super turbo power car inyour control. Please drive carefully! Enjoy the classic copsagainst criminal car chase game.
Grand Truck Driver Simulator 1.0.2
Get behind steering wheel of grand trailertrucks and drive on freeway at night with realistic lights. PlayGrand Truck Driver Simulator and enjoy realistic driving experiencewith heavy turbine engine and hydraulic brakes.Grab the wheels of mega truck and drive on highway to deliver cargofreight on time. Face multiple challenges in your transportermissions like traffic signals, car accidents and police patrollingcars. Police cars are patrolling on roads to catch law breakers.Under any circumstances avoid car collisions and damages to yourcargo. Driving huge trailer truck around rocky mountains can betricky so stick to the city map, follow traffic rules and useairhorn to save yourself from road accidents.GTS 2016 Features:10 challenging transporter missionsMultiple mega trucks and trailers to driveRealistic city highway roads near hilly mountainsOn-screen touch controls for smooth driving and parkingHigh quality racing sounds and 3D graphicsDrive your dream truck at night time with lights turned on.Download Grand Truck Driver Simulator, newest 3D game for realparking and driving tests in city freeway. 
Train Cargo Crane Simulator 3D 1.0
Be the railroad king in this newest traindriving games. Operate heavy machinery like a crane lift to loadyour cargo train. Drive heavy locomotive engine and transport cargofrom one city junction to another. For a passionate speed drivingjourney, step in this 3D crane simulator and get a wonderfulexperience of delivering train cargo.The ultimate speed trains game is here to take you on a railwaytracks journey. Control the railroad express as it makes its waythrough the countryside delivering a fleet of cargo from onerailway station to another. Experience the thrill of express traindriving and enjoy the beautiful suburban environment.This trainz racing game is perfect for adventure game lovers.Keep your locomotive railway engine running on the track lines withperfect speed. Carry out cargo transportation as a pro traindriver. Don't let the vehicle derail from the railroad crossingtracks with your precision driving. You have controlled bullettrains and subway, now drive this huge steam engine.Take on the role of the best trainz driver. Drive this heavyrailway engine on top speed from one station to the other. Next, bethe crane operator and load the freight containers on the cargotrains. Now, drive your modern freight train on this suburban railtrack to its destination. Unload the containers using the giganticcrane lifter and park it on the pre defined area.Features:* 10 challenging trainz transporter missions* Carry out heavy lifter crane parking*Thrill of a superfast railway ride* Detailed environment for a realistic driving experience*Stunning 3D graphics
Airplane Flight Simulator 1.0
Airplane Flight Simulator is an awesome new 3DAirplane Simulator game, be a pilot and fly your commercial jet tothe destination. Fly and steer your plane through all of theway-points to ensure you are going to the correct destination.Check all the way-points and land at your destination airportwithin the time limit to earn yourself more pilot stripes. When youreach the landing area, slow down the plane and prepare forlanding, watch out! don’t crash!If you’ve ever wanted to get into a non-combat flight simulatorthen Flight Simulator Airplane 3D is one fly plane game foryou.Airplane 3D flight simulator challenges you to practice landingand taking off your aeroplane. You have a limited amount of time tofly plane, prepare for safe landing.Airplane flight simulator 3D – game features:2 Exciting modes; Free mode and Career mode.12 different aeroplane missions – landing , taking off, and muchmore.New improved aeroplane physics.Change your view to Cockpit view .Fly a new kind of commercial aeroplane.Time challengeWatch out for skyscrapers or else its mayday, mayday and that isnot good for your career.
Lion Hunter 3D Sniper Shooter 1.2
Defend the roaring lion attack with your lionhunting sniper skills. You have to rescue from the angry lionattack. Lions are deadly and attacking, so bring your inner lionhunter out. Kill the deadliest, king of the jungle before itfinishes you.You are a killer sniper shooter acting as 3D assassin andhunting game is love of your life now. Be skillful against lions ina first person shooter (FPS) battle. While firing gunshot, you as asniper hunter have to survive their deadly attack to enable moreshooting at the army of lions.Your lion attack angry hunting journey is going to be excited inRoaring Lion Attack Hunting 3D game. Enjoy the ultimate lion attack3D game.
City Bus Driver 3D - Shuttle
City bus driver 3D - shuttle is an awesomehuge passenger car commuter game. Bus driver 3d simulator has beenmade for the lovers of the big transportation car parking games. Itis surely a real time experience for those who love to drive heavyvehicles. Your job is to park your bus in different locationsaround an attractive and super nice realistic city and become citybus driver.You must drive and watch out for other vehicles on the road.Start your shuttle station wagon trailer engine, shift the gear,press race pedal to drive your transporter automobile from onedestination to next checkpoint. Park your public transport shuttlevan within given time. If you’ve ever dreamed about taking controlof your very own bus, then check out this bus driver game forfree.This game is amazing and a super fun bus driver simulator.Explore the city environment as you maneuver through the bigcity.Game Features:Features:2 new big city buses ready to unlockBe king of the street with internal view.Transportation car chauffeur 3d challenging and outstandingenvironment.Clock is ticking so drop the passengers on time.Extreme precision 3d transportation car simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.Amazing 3d graphics.Leader boardCity shuttle bus driver is an awesome free parking frenzy gamewhere you have to show that you are the one and only 3D parkingmaster! Best chauffeur simulator for kids, youngsters, teens andmature people who love to play time race games in their smart phonedevices. Get some new experience maneuver city mega buses from onedestination to another.Shuttle bus simulator is a new cool parking game which is fullof cool roads to take!
Ambulance Parking 3D Rescue 1.2
Driving an emergency service vehicle is alwaysa crucial task because it’s always in a state of emergency and youneed to be quick and precise. So look out for the hurdles, sharpturns and on-coming traffic. Don’t hit anything on your way and getto the scene straight by following the signs. The patients aredesperately waiting. Have you ever got a chance to be in emergencyrescue services? Well, Ambulance parking 3D: Rescue is giving youan opportunity to become a life saver and there are number ofpipeline emergencies. Drive the extreme rescue truck with theambulance alarm on, and give your injured patients a smoothparking. Start here to learn how to drive an ambulance truck, andpark it in front of a big city parking 3D hospital. Help thedoctors by giving them the patients in time.Drive your vehicle in the big city to the hospital and show yourskills of precision driving and parking skills while you staystress resistance. There can be injured patients or maybe someoneis so sick and needs to be in city hospital as quick as possible sodrive like a mafia driver or duty ambulance driver and switch yourambulance siren and lights. Extreme driving and smooth parking isrequired. Carefully controlling the game protagonists drive a carto shuttle patients to the designated hospital.Test your patience, technical exciting levels, but will notaccidentally open too fast crash. You are in frontline and yourduty is very tough when lives are in danger. You have to takecontrol as a frontline rescuer and save innocent lives and reach atthe massive city hospital. Keep your eye on the road use breakpaddle and siren for rash driving. Save victims life and take themto the city hospital before it gets too late. Use your stuntsdriving skills and test them by reaching to bumped automobilecrisis spot. You have to control your nerves and be one of the realrescuer technical staff; they are experts in their field withunique skills and knowledge.This realistic driving game is for the real driving simulatorlovers. Are you done with the normal/ordinary driving games and infor something new? You should download this new free real drivinggame.
Car Transporter Cargo Plane 3D 1.4
Park your vehicle in car transport trucktrailer and drive cars to destinations. Car Transporter Cargo Plane3D Simulator will give you the super experience of drivingtransporters and experience the heavy load. With this ultimateautomobile transporter game, you’ll test your driving skills atparking cars inside the transporters and driving the big trucksyourself.Car transporter is parked near flying cargo plane and aircraft .Rave about it with your friends. You are a pilot of an Air ForceCargo plane and the air tower control has just given you thedirections for Take Off. But before you take off you have to makesure that all the cars are loaded in the your airplane. You have totake off and reach the destination.These high value beautiful racing cars does not belong to you,your duty is to transport them safely. Make sure to fulfill yourduty and transport these awesome cars to the marked destinationwithin the given time.
Car Transporter Rescue Service 1.0
There's been an accident in the city andprofessional help is required to manage the traffic flow on theroads. Someone needs to clear out this damaged car wreckage andthis is the job for a car transporter rescue service. So, are youup to test your nerves under this pressure ? Car Transporter RescueService is not a standard driving or parking game but an ultimateloader game where fork lifting action and car transporter mania iswrapped up in one. This will provide you the excitement of a roadcrane lifter and a cargo trucker. Car Transporter Rescue Service isthe unrivaled and unsurpassed truck parking simulator game outthere.Gameplay:Your job is to remove the damaged cars from the road with thehelp of the forklift truck. The forklift truck works like ahydraulic cars lift which will hoist the automobile above the roadand you need to place it on the trailer truck. As the forkliftdriver, you must strive to transfer the vehicle from the road tothe trailer truck safely. The forklift controls should be handledvery carefully and vigilantly so as to avoid further damage and anycollision.Next, you need to get behind the wheels of the trailer truck andyour job switches to the motor delivery driver. You must carrythese vehicles to the warehouse where it should be parked in thegiven parking area under the warehouse.Time is of the essence here so you better complete your tasks intime so that you can complete one level and proceed onto the next.Difficulty level will keep on increasing with each progressinglevel.Get ready for the ultimate driving and parking adventure coupledwith some serious fork lifting muscle action. This automobile 8wheeler game will definitely get your engine revving up. So,download this game so you can forget about the garden variety forklifting automobile lifting games and experience this fork liftingand automobile shipper simulator.Features:3D Awesome graphics of city environment and a massive Car TransportTrailerExtreme precision 3d transportation car simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.20 levels with different difficulties and varying parkingchallenges
Heavy Excavator Crane Driver 1.0
Put on your yellow hard hats and slip into theconstruction workers shoes, because it’s time to drive an ExcavatorCrane with the real feel of a hydraulic heavy duty excavator andcrane. This 3D simulation of a construction site lets you in on adriving experience you’ve never had before where an excavator, adumper and a crane await your spunky driving skillsThe game brings out your best heavy vehicle driving skills, anddoes not fail to impress your hard core gamer soul. Constructiontruck simulations gives you advanced controls for excavating,loading and dumping, and the aesthetically appealing heavy-wheelercrane is a complete delight for the controller. Be careful what youhook it up with!Game Play:As you scoop out sand& earth at the construction site,meticulously detailed animation will bring to you a hefty,well-equipped crawler excavator with a rock bucket, quick hitch,rails, and craning valves. These will help you make swift hydraulicoperations for the maximum response during your game. This is notyour regular Excavator Crane –rotation, elevation and extension canbe performed with ease while manual steering and braking systemsdesigned to allow maximum maneuvering while digging andloading.Once the evacuate bucket is full, carefully load it on to thedumper or waste handler and lead it up to its destination. Anautomatic switch will assist you in switching between jobseffortlessly. This earth mover hauler truck that carriesconstruction site gravel or dirt will stimulate hydro-mechanicalsteering and challenge your pro heavy transport driving skills.The Heavy Excavator Crane driving simulator game brings youmore. Who would’ve thought a 16-wheel sturdy crane drive would beso easy? Well, it isn’t. Brush up your driving skills and some highschool physics, because handling a hydraulic, strong-structuredpick & carry crane is not the average person’s piece of cake.It is well-equipped with winches and a hook with a height thatsimulates a real life 40m.The boom for the height is telescopingand is hydraulically operated.The all-terrain wheeler crane makes a 360 degree rotation arounda central pivot awarding you the freedom to manipulate your actionsand makes room for greater precision. And the recreation of a heavywheeler, telescopic truck-mounted crane is a simulationenthusiast’s dream come true.Offering:• Three heavy duty construction vehicles to drive andchallenge• Multiple missions during game play• In-built hydraulic operations with extreme evacuationchallenges• 3D animation, real feel graphics and sound effects• Detailed construction site simulation• Advanced hydraulic controls: steering, brakes and gears• Multiple camera views for shrewd moves
4x4 off road Rally Hummer SUV 1.1
★★★ Most Awesome 4x4 off road rally hummer SUVGame ★★★The most amazing 4x4 off road hummer parking game is here! Feel thehigh-audacity dynamic and power packed 4x4 SUV driving and parking.Drive your aspirational 4x4 SUV through the hills. These hills andits exciting parking adventure will open the complete new boundary.Become the crazy 3D parking king.★★★ Become real off road King ★★★Awesome hills and several levels keeps you get stabbing. Exonerateoutburst and take the hummer SUV parking beyond the groove. Performsnap rolls and sharp 360 burnouts. Maneuver through hills andperform stunts. Become the real off road King and rule the 3Dworld.★★★ Remarkable Visuals ★★★Stunning and remarkable visuals like never seen before. The amazingeffects for a new simulation of hummer SUV parking! These amazingtracks and several levels will make go crazy.Real 4x4 off road hummer parking game for fans of extreme arcaderacing, with real dream hummers and 4x4 SUV and extraordinarygraphics that will also enchant parking simulation addicts andracers.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Heavy Excavator 3D Simulator 2 1.3
Have you ever thought of driving an extremeexcavator? These hydraulic telescopic excavation cranes are noteasy to handle. Drive through the high rugged rough terrain withamazing 3D animations and with this heavy excavator you can performall the hydraulic operations like planetary winch, rotation,elevation and extension. Use steering that allow easy maneuveringin tight quarters. Test your skills at a real construction site.First, you need to move excavation crane near to the rubble.Then rotate the excavator to excavate the rubble and dump it intothe the dumper. Automatic switched control will allow you to drivethe dumper, you’ll have to park the loader dumper into the parkingspot.Heavy Excavator 3D Simulator 2 is for fans of extreme excavationchallenges, with real heavy excavator and telescopic crane withextraordinary graphics that will also gratify double parkingsimulation enthusiasts.
Heavy Excavator 3D Simulator 1.1
★★★ Most Amazing Heavy Crane Excavation 3DGame ★★★The most amazing Crane Excavation 3D parking game is here!Experience the lifting and power packed truck mounted and hydraulictelescopic cranes driving and parking. Drive your rough terrainhigh rugged heavy forklifter that have almost all the functions.These all terrain forklifters have 3D animations of hydraulicoperations and of all crane functions that includes planetarywinch, rotation, elevation, and extension. Become the crazy 3Dparking king.★★★ Become Heavy Crane Operator ★★★What if you're a professional trucker or crane operator to handlein parking simulator game? have you thought to test your skills ata real construction site? Use steering that allow easy maneuveringin tight quarters. Become the park-King and rule the 3D world.★★★ Stunning Visuals ★★★Stunning visuals like never seen before. The amazing effects for anew simulation of hillclimb parking! These amazing tracks andseveral levels will make go crazy.Heavy Crane Excavation 3D Game for fans of extreme excavationchallenges , with real dream excavator and telescopic cranes withextraordinary graphics that will also gratify parking simulationenthusiasts.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Transporter Truck 3D Army Tank 1.0
Park your army tank in Transport Truck Trailerand drive army tanks to destinations. As a Transporter in themilitary you are assigned to operate some of the most advancedtransport machinery and vehicles in the world. Do you think you canmanage a huge truck that can carry heavy load? You are a soldierwho operates and manages military vehicles in combat, combatsupport and combat service support roles, by day and by night, onall forms of roads as required, carrying a variety of loadsincluding cargo, personnel and artillery goods, Battle Tank and theWarrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle, 4WDs, and helicopter.Transporter Truck 3D Army Tanks simulation game will give youthe super experience of driving transporters and experience theheavy load. With this ultimate automobile transporter game, you’lltest your driving skills at parking cars inside the transportersand driving the big trucks yourself.You will be given with some army tanks to park in the containertrucker; you will move this heavy duty racing automobiletransporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy.Get your hands on the transport automobile trucker and be the bravesoldier.Dare yourself to become a driver of this heavy duty tanktransport trailer. Watch out! You’re about to drive the hugeautomobile transporter lorry and it contains the most expensivemilitary tanks; don't let these army tanks hit each other. Don’trush or smash your vehicle otherwise you will crash.
Gun Simulator Black Ops 1.1
Are you ready to ardor the ultimate firearmsall cod guns simulator for your android and tablet devices? Digitalreal sounds guns will revolutionize the experience and legacy of fnfive seven, ak47 gun and m-16 assault guns. When you will hear theweapons that make sounds and reloading gun sound you’ll definitelysay this is the best gun app. Guns simulator – call of duty is adepiction of the legacy shotgun firing.This fun gag free call of doody app is very easy to use, youjust need to select your favorite pistol / assault weapon / assaultgun, load the destructive magazine, unlock the security lock andpull the trigger. You’ll hear the gunfire and gunshots sounds.Never run out of bullets, whenever you ran out just need to reloadgun and its fun hearing the real loading gun sound. Shells droppingsound can also be heard when gunshot is fired.Features:» Three most wanted weapons in the world» Shell drop down real sounds» Realistic Sounds» Offline access to all of Firearms» High Quality images.» Easy to use interface.Call of duty! Gunners get ready for this. Here’s the chance toplay with the earth’s deadliest weapons, make them your toy! Getyourself a feel of the real battle field assault weapons and shotguns.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly. Simulation hasbeen performed using sound effects only. This app is a fun andcould be used to prank your friends and family.
Police Bus Criminals Transport 1.0
Police bus criminal transport is an awesomehuge criminals passenger car commuter game. This 3d simulator hasbeen made for the lovers of the big transportation car parkinggames. It is surely a real time experience for those who love todrive heavy vehicles. Your job is to transport the jailed criminalsfrom one jail to city central jail. Being a duty police driver takethe outlaws in your police bus. Put your police scanner, cop lightsand take the most outlaws in your police bus.You are presented with various driving missions to pick and dropat various locations so they can’t prison break and you can controlcrime. Bring back the peace to your city and play as a police buscriminal transport driver to pick and drop police prisoners,criminals and other robbers. Smash the criminals don’t be late oryou might miss a crime scene.Drive the city bus, follow the traffic rules and fulfill yourduty as the criminals transporter bus driver. Enjoy thebreathtaking gameplay with various driving and bus simulationmissions. Drift on the roads, ride fast and be a furious busdriver. Don’t let the city turn into crime town. Pick and dropprisoners to maintain serene city environment.Game Features :15 Awesome MissionsSynchronized Police Bus DrivingPick and Drop Police Prisoners from Different Jail LocationsExplore the City EnvironmentSmooth Controls of Steering, Brakes and Drifting
Ninja Warrior City Fighter RPG 1.0
Bring out your sports entertainer streak andplay the new Ninkja Warrior game as a City Fighter. Don’t worry ifyou haven’t been to ninja school.Practice all your martial artsmoves like a pro in this role-playing game with highly animatedmoves and techniques that will drive up your energy till the lastminute of the mission.The 3D action packed ninja warrior game is an ultimateexperience for the fast-paced gamer who is up for a crucial fightin the Royal Arena. Soldiers have been lined up by the enemy andthe ninja city fighter is equipped with the finest fighting andKung Fu skills.Gameplay:The ninja, a disciple of a great legendary warrior, has his mindset on a treasure that he will steal from the Royal Palace. Armedsoldiers are guarding the palace at every step and the trainedhitman ninja will have to go through a long fight against thetrained royal guards at the entrances and finally gain access tohis treasure. The bandit ninja warrior is known for his strengthand agility, so challenge yourself in this game to keep up with hiskiller instincts and majestic display of ninja moves!Be sure to keep an eye on your health bar and get going withoutthe least amount of damage to your ninja. At every turn in theshadow ninja game, 3-4 well-armed imperial protectors who arestanding to protect the royal family and its treasure. Challengethem to a combat fight and penetrate their security structure withexpert ninja techniques.The game therefore requires the use ofstealth and combat movements that will help you accomplish youmission successfully, along with expert ninja moves for yourdefense.This thrilling and addictive ninja character game is all aboutthe Kung Fu and stealth infiltration skills that you will employ toward off all signs of danger in the way of the treasure hunt. Useyour expert ninja moves as a shield to defeat the enemy make thetreasure yours.Features:• Exciting treasure hunt mission and role-play• Strike animation ninja moves• Smooth controls for swift ninja actions during combatscenes• High definition animation and graphics• Detailed Royal palace location graphics
Car Stunts 3D Jumping Sim 1.1
Want to experience the most thrilling stunts?Everybody loves thrill and performing stunts on stunts car. Getready! Fasten your seat-belt! You’re going into the hilly areas ofthe stunning 3D world. Drive on tracks with jumps and dodgeobstacles. You’ll get to see dangerous tracks through the rockyhills. This will be the most joyful ride of 2015 among the real carsimulator games. With incredible visuals, loads of outrageous cars,iconic world locations, most outlandish customizations and trulyunbelievable stunts, this game will give you one crazy hell ofadventure.Yes, there will be plenty of accidents and even a few knockdowns, but there’s also too much high speed precision driving ondisplay, often on narrow roads or through tight tunnels. Theresimply haven’t been better drivers to drive these fast cars. Drivethis fast car and rip up the spiral shaped ramps. Its staggeringlydifficult stunt that you’re going to perform while you jump off oneramp perform a complete 360-degree barrel roll in the midair as itcrosses over and land on the other ramp, wooh! You drive offundamaged.Features:Cool cars and with cool driverAwesome stunts in awesome environmentRealistic driving experienceAwesome 3D graphicsSmooth controls
Farm Milk Cargo Transporter 3D 1.0
Welcome to a new world of transport games inthe form of Farm Milk Cargo Transporter 3D. You must have playedmany a farm truck simulator , but Farm Milk Transporter 3D iscompletely new and exciting with a twist on the regulartransportation games. Come and be a part of the dairy haulingbusiness and make the farm fresh milk supply possible to the localcreamery shops. You are here to provide farm pickup andtransportation services. This is your chance to serve the Dairyfarmers as well as the local public by ensuring the delivery ofpure and fresh milk to them.Gameplay:• You are a part of a leading bulk milk hauling company ,offering pick up services . Your job is to pick up your productfrom producers at a dairy farm , using your dairy pickup tanker.These tankers are specially designed to keep your product safe anduncontaminated.• You begin by parking your truck in the shed. Next, some coolanimations will give you an insight into the milk productionprocess. It starts with milking the cow in the milkhouse . Then itis cooled to below a certain temperature (45 degrees C) in thecooling or holding tank. On going testing is done for quality andsafety. It is then pasteurized and homogenized to get rid of anyharmful bacteria and increase its shelf life. Now , the product isready to be transported to the stores for sale.• Now, you will press the loading button so your milk trailer canbe loaded with it.• Get behind the wheels of your transport trolley and buckle up foran adventurous ride through the city to its destination. You willhandle the vehicle manually using the steering and othercontrollers. Ride safe but fast.• Dairy is a perishable item . You should make your journeyefficiently and swiftly so the product reaches the customers beforeit is spoilt. That is why you have been put on the clock. Try tofinish your task within this time.If you like trucks and farming, this is an ideal game for you.This is a test of your driving skills so hop on your trailer andshow us some swift moves and how to handle a huge vehicle like thispickup tanker . Do your job of maintaining a continuous supply tothe city. It will appeal to all of us truck game lovers. So, hurryup and download it instantly for one smooth ride.Features:• 20 exciting levels• Great vehicles with smooth controls• Rotating camera• Cool farming environment
Monster Truck Stunt parking 3D 1.2
*** Ultimate Monster trucks ***Monster trucking adventure like never before. These 4x4 fabulousbigfoot trucks will take your breath away. Driving these megarugged trucks is an ultimate fun. This extreme crazy driving andparking experience is designed for crucial stunts.*** Stunt Man Arena ***Be a stuntman! Go for the giant bounds and hoops. This isdefinitely a hardcore entertainment! Drive and destroy your way toglory.*** Wild Race Tracks ***Get ahead the wheel of monstrous trucks and put it to its bounds tofinish all in spectacle. Spin your wheels in wild race and parkingtracks make it jump and smash into bars.*** Awesome Features ***Monster Trucks stunt mania 3d has fantastic and super cool modes.Action packed monstrous truck ride. Truck skids drive with tunedand powerful 4x4 bigfoot engine. 3D muddy rugged environment withcolorful graphics. Extreme precision is required. Hurry up! Time isrunning complete the mission before it ends.Monster Trucks Stunt Mania 3D is a parking game that you candownload and play for free!
Bus Driver Sim 2015: City Bus 1.1
Bus Driver Simulator 2015: City Bus is thelatest car simulation game that will offer you the chance to becomea real Bus Driver! Realistic maps, incredible vehicles, wonderfulinteriors will make you feel like driving a real bus!Drive around the city, pick up and drop the passengers from onedestination to another. Bring out the van driver inside you andconquer the roads. Smooth controls and realistic physics will giveyou an unbelievable van driving experience.You’re a bus driver and drive this passenger pick up big citybus. This is a super cool funky parking 3d simulation game. Startyour big city bus engine, shift the gear, press race pedal to driveyour passenger pick up bus from one destination to next checkpoint.Park your public transport bus within given time.Being a duty driver you need to drop the city passengers well ontime. You need to hurry up and perform your duty as perfect aspossible. Duty Bus driver needs to be vigilant because the trafficcop is watching the traffic. Be gentle and obey city trafficrules!Features:2 new big city buses ready to unlockBe king of the street with internal view.Transportation car chauffeur 3d challenging and outstandingenvironment.Clock is ticking so drop the passengers on time.Extreme precision 3d simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.Amazing 3d graphics.
Extreme Car Driving Speed Race 1.1
*** Most Amazing Racing Game ***The most amazing racing game is here! Feel the high-velocity powerpacked terrific luxury racing car driving. Drive your inspirationalcar through the traffic rush. These tracks and laps of racing willopen the complete new orbits of the asphalt surfing. Become thecrazy 3D racer.*** Designed to Exalt ***Two Lavish dream cars Audi r8 and Hummer H3 has been designed toexalt. Audi r8 is an amazing coupe which blends volatile power andalien existence. This two-seater 4.2 L V8 enamor car expects yourselection. Hummer H3 comes solely with the automatic transmission,a 5.3 liter LH8 V8 engine producing 300 hp. The H3 featured atwo-speed, electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drivesystem that made it suitable for both on-road and off-road driving.Freshly logged hi-fi cars motor sounds for life-like audioengagement.*** Become Airborne ***Awesome track and several laps keeps you get cracking. Exuberantrage and take the race beyond the track. Execute barrel rolls andharsh 360 burnouts. Maneuver through traffic rush and performstunts. Become the cube racer and race through the fasttraffic.*** Sensational Visuals ***Stunning visuals like never seen before. The amazing effects for anew simulation of speed! These amazing tracks and several laps willmake go crazy.Real racing game for fans of extreme arcade racing, with realdream car and extraordinary graphics that will also gratify racingsimulation enthusiasts and racers.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
911 Fire Truck Simulator 3D 1.1
Act as a vanguard rescuer in 911 firetruckemergency simulator 3d. This game requires very strong nerves asyou’re a fire brigade truck driver. Firefighter is the one whorescue lives from the mouth of the death. Save innocent lives inthis thrilling missions game. Be a part of 911 emergency rescuemission and drive the ultimate firetruck.You will be informed about the accident or the building that hascaught fire. Once you hear the instructions you need to hurry upand make sure to reach the fire place within time to save lives.There is a map on your left hand corner that will let you knowwhere to go. 911 crisis rescue service call you for fire emergencydrive your 911 firetruck to the accident location. Drive fast tothe accident scenarios park your vehicle near the glare and usefirehose to extinguish them down. Grab your helmet fasten yourseatbelt be a part of this exciting rescue department game.Features:Terrific 911 firetrucks20 Challenging missions with accident scenariosInteractive controls and easy to handle big trucksFire and soda extinguisher realistic animationsGuiding map throughout the gameplayExcellent graphics and much more fun …
Furious Car Driving 3D: City 1.1
Drive the fastest cars with the most furiousattitude in this ultimate gate drift racing game. Test your skillsin this driving simulation game to be the best racing driver.Become the marvel of the most fast and furious car driving racetracks. Feel the rush of the high speed drifting and drag along thegates.You against yourself! Prove you can be the hero of this glorious3D game. No Rules are there! Take control of the most thrillingcars. Go Wild with your vehicle! Don’t stop until you break intosomething. Be aware of the gates!Accelerate through the city and perform drifting stunts.Make drifts and foul tricks, fight for life or death and use yourphysical expertise and get precision in racing and make fastcircuits in asphalt races. Accelerate, speed up and make somedrifts.
Car Transporter Truck Driver 1.2
Park your vehicle in Car Transport TruckTrailer and drive cars to destinations. Do you think you can managea huge truck that can carry heavy load? Car Transporter TruckDriver 3D Simulator will give you the mega experience of drivingtransporters and experience the heavy load. With this ultimateautomobile transporter game, you’ll test your driving skills atparking cars inside the transporters and driving the big trucksyourself.You will be given with some amazing cars to park in thecontainer trucker; you will move this heavy duty racing automobiletransporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy.Get your hands on the transport automobile trucker and be the roadking.Dare yourself to become a driver of this heavy duty car transporttrailer. Watch out! You’re about to drive the huge automobiletransporter lorry and it contains the most expensive racing cars;don't let these classy racing cars hit each other.These high value beautiful racing cars does not belong to you,your duty is to transport them safely. Make sure to fulfill yourduty and transport these awesome cars to the marked destinationwithin the given time.You need to use the 3d camera and maneuver your big lorrythrough the streets of the city. These automobile transportertrucks will be very crazy at the turns of the roads. So, be carefulwhile turning these big lorry trailer car transporters.Parking games usually are challenging yet simple, but this gamecan be very crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorrytrailer but that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive cars totransport them to their destination.Features:3 new Trucks ready to unlock!20 Extreme and double parking missionsBe the King of the street with internal view.Transportation car chauffeur 3D challenging and outstandingenvironment.Clock is ticking so drop the passengers on time.Extreme precision 3d transportation car simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.Amazing 3d graphics.Best chauffeur simulator for kids, youngsters, teens and maturepeople who love to play time race games in their smart phonedevices. In this extreme fun driving & parking mania game, wechallenge you to try this mega vehicle carrier and transport carsto the destination. Park the cars carefully and maneuver them onthe trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Andextraordinary graphics that will also enchant parking simulationaddicts and racers.
Real Stunt Speed Car Escape 3D 1.2
Real Stunt Speed Car Escape 3D will give youthe real thrill. Get supercharged with adrenaline in the newest carescape game. Jump in the car and race as fast as you can in thisobstacles crossing game. Speed up and race in a baffling path,avoiding obstacles. And cross between the obstacles in order tosurvive as long as you can and leave everyone behind! Race throughthe hurdles!A strong, heavy grating that can be lowered down grooves on eachside of a gateway to block it is going to stop you for a wreck.Jump through scorching trail! Speed is the only survival. Thrilland danger awaits you! Rush through the spiked obstacles tosurvive. Slam your car into gear, hit the speed, and drift your waythrough rush-hour hurdles to leave the death in the dust.
Police Dog Crime 3D 1.0
A police dog, hound canine is to assist policeand other law-enforcement personnel in their work, such assearching for drugs and explosives, searching for lost people,looking for crime scene evidence, and protecting their handlers. Adetection dog or sniffer dog is a canine mammal that is trained toand works at using its senses (almost always the sense of smell) todetect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, wildlife scat,or blood. Hunting dogs that search for game and search dogs thatsearch for missing humans are generally not considered detectiondogs but what if your police dog has gone astray and you need tocatch him first. Play as a dog chase catcher in the police chasegame it’s like police vs. thief crime city chase game. This policedog chase crime city game will give you the real cop vs robbersthrill.To find police canine mammal it must remember several hand andverbal commands. Canine identification of a suspect can help policewith their inquiries, and evidence of identification is accepted insome courts. The most approved method of identification is for thehound to jump up, and place its paws on the subject’s chest. In thecase of a lost person or a known fugitive identification will notbe significant, and in the case of a potentially violent, possiblyarmed, fugitive a bloodhound handler will not want his hound toapproach the quarry for fear of injury to the bloodhound. Somepolice dogs that are used in drug raids are trained not only tolocate narcotics, but also persons who may be hiding from thepolice, as well as stashed currency. Some detector dogs can locatecontraband electronics, such as illicit mobile phones in prisons.War dogs are trained in combat to their use as scouts, sentries andtrackers, their uses have been varied in modern military usage. Asa partner in everyday military police work, dogs have provenversatile and loyal officers. Police dogs can chase suspects, trackthem if they are hidden, and guard them when they are caught. Theyare trained to respond viciously if their handler is attacked, andotherwise not to react at all unless they are commanded to do so bytheir handler. Many police dogs are also trained in detection aswell.This police chase crime city is an awesome and crazy dogsimulator game in the crime city environment. In this game you areplaying as police car driver which has the role to catch the straypolice dogs. As a police hunting hound has gone astray now yourreal mission is to chase down the detector dogs that are trying toescape and getting away after breaking into the city and runningfast through the streets. Before you catch the thieves you need tocatch dogs in this city crime 3D game.
Tractor Farm Driving Simulator 1.1
Driving in a country-side with an awesometractor is as fun as one can think. But have you ever thought howthese agricultural farm tractors and massive farming machines aredriven? Aren't these big farming cultivators are very difficult tohandle? Well, actually yes they are. Heavy harvester tractors arewidely used in agriculture, agri-business, farming and reaping.This was the first machine that came into being in use of farmers.The harvesters use this awesome farming tractor machine for cropcutting and cultivation.Tractor Farm Driving Simulator will make you feel like one ofthose farmers or harvesters driving this monster tractor inbeautiful country-side 3D simulated environment. Experience thereal life farming and parking tractors on your tablet and phone.Become an experienced agricultural farmer with full adventuredparking tracks in the farming area.This thrilling simulation app is for all kids, girls and teens toplay and enjoy this lovely addicting and exciting parking frenzygame.Game Features:» Cultivators driving and parking with super cool 3Denvironment.» Farming Tractors needs to be parked on the parking spot.» Beautifully designed 3d Environment with colorful graphics.» Extreme precision parking frenzy of monster tractors.» Hurry up! Time is running complete the mission before itends.Enjoy the ride!Disclaimer: All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used inthis application are the property of their respective owners. Theyhave been used just for illustration purposes without any negativeintent. In case of any objections, please do write to us so we mayact and rectify the issue accordingly.
Ambulance Driver Rescue 3D Sim 1.0
Have you ever got a chance to be in emergencyrescue services? Well, Ambulance driver rescue 3D Simulator isgiving you an opportunity to become a life saver and there arenumber of pipeline emergencies. Drive the extreme rescue truck withthe ambulance alarm on, and give your injured patients a smoothparking. There can be injured patients or maybe someone is so sickand needs to be in city hospital as quick as possible so drive likea mafia driver or duty ambulance driver and switch your ambulancesiren and lights. Extreme driving and smooth parking is required. .You are in frontline and your duty is very tough when lives are indanger. You have to take control as a frontline rescuer and saveinnocent lives and reach at the massive city hospital. You have tocontrol your nerves and be one of the real rescuer technical staff;they are experts in their field with unique skills and knowledge.Game Play:Ambulance Driver Rescue 3D simulator has an animation of twopersons. There is a patient on the stretcher and you need to gethim in the truck and take him to city hospital safely.Game Features:• 2 ambulance car trucks for you to get in and drive patients tothe city hospital• 20 rescue missions as you drive around the city looking forpatients• Realistic city environment and 3D graphics with a smooth parkingand easy gameplay• Easy 3D simulator controls for smooth driving andmaneuvering• Real life situations / challenges before you reach thedoctors• Realistic controls with acceleration pedal, brake pedal and gearshift• Steering wheel for extreme precision driving• This thrilling simulation toy app is for all kids, girls andteens to play and enjoy this lovely addicting and excitinggame.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Urban Truck Transport Bikes 3D 1.0
Bring your inner daredevil out in Urban TruckTransport Bikes 3D, the newest entry in extreme motorbike racergames. This heavy bike driving simulator will satisfy your need forspeed. Combine that with the thrills of a cargo transportersimulation and you have the best of both worlds. Brace yourself foran insane adventure ride through urban city roads on your heavymotorcycle and cargo truck.You have driven army trucks and tankers, it is time to flauntyour heavy biker skills and shift gears like professional truckers.Forklift and crane parking games are fun, now you can experiencethe thrill and adventure of being a city biker and trucktransporter on these bumpy roads.Ride like wind at a furious pace on your stunt bike on highwayroutes. Also, show off your superior and wicked driving skills andmaneuver the freight transport truck.Hop on your motorcycle to explore the vast urban landscape andbeat the city traffic at top speed. Next, comes the thrilling jobof parking and loading these heavy bikes on the trailertransporter. Be careful with these expensive heavy automobiles. Nowyou take on the role of a transport truck driver carrying the bikesconsignment. Drive the trailer to its destination and park itsafely at the parking spot.Features:• Epic freight truck driving experience• Extreme motorbike driving simulation• 20 levels of various cargo transport missions• Enjoy real action with tremendous speed driving• Amazing 3D graphics and urban environment• User friendly driving controls
Snow Hill Offroad 4x4 Truck 3D 1.1
Winter holiday madness is on! Buckle Up forthe offroad truck driving in extreme winter snow. Climb your snowtruck on steep mountain roads and pick passengers from the hillstation. Drive crazy with the mountain truck in heavy snowfallthrough the treacherous twists and turns. Drift your full throttleoffroad jeep on stunt ramps to perform outrageous stunts. Enjoy thethrill of mountain hill climbing and jeep stunt driver with SnowHill Offroad 4x4 Truck 3D.Christmas holiday season is here! Perform the duty of a snowtruck driver and transport food to the village at hill top. Moveyour food trucker in snowy weather through the treacherous hillypaths and ice slippery roads of mountain highway. Driving loadedtrucker with crawled food trolley is very difficult. Steer thetrucker precisely around the sharp twists of offroad mountain trailto transport food at top station. Pick passengers from themountains village; drive downhill and avoid collision. Crazy dive4x4 jeep on slippery roads; perform risky stunts on ramps bashingthe obstacles on hilly terrain. Strike oil barrels on cold frozenroad; Cause demolition and use mechanic tool to repair vehicledamage.Experience realistic cargo transporter driving and no brakesjeep riding in a single gameplay. Enjoy realistic snowfall onmountains highway; get the thrill of speed stunt driver and performtreacherous air stunts. Start this outrageous uphill adventure toexplore the arctic hills town. Haul the big tires on bumpy mudroad, skid downhill and avoid obstacles. Park your vehicle atimpossible uphill parking spots. Downhill driving in such extremeweather conditions is very challenging. Test your off road drivingskills with the monster truck driver simulator.Features:10 Challenging missions to enhance your driver skillsRealistic snowfall and fog animationPassenger Pick & drop and cargo transport missionsRealistic snowy weather for amazing 3D winter environment
Winter Car Driver Parking 3D 1.0
Intense Winters is here! snow snoweverywhere!! Snow has covered the city completely. Don’t boundyourself in the house. You can enjoy extreme car driving and highprecision parking in the snowy city. This parking frenzy game isall about speed parking your car in the implied parking spot. Themost difficult car driving is in traffic jam that is very normal insnowy weather. So join the parking mania to park cool cars andenjoy parking frenzy 3D simulator.You’re a duty driver and fulfill your duty by completing thelevels as fast as possible. Get yourself ready to become a citytraffic master but before you become one, you need a lot ofpractice. If you are looking for an easy car parking frenzy gamethis super fun 3D simulator game is your right choice. Beforedriving through big city and huge traffic, gain strength to drivethese cool cars on these parking lots and become the master of theparking missions.Stunning and remarkable graphics like never seen before. Theamazing effects for a new simulation of city car driver parkingmania! The incredible visuals and several levels will make gocrazy.Features:All new big city cars ready to unlockBe king of the street with internal view.Winter car driver 3d challenging and outstanding environment.Clock is ticking so hurry upExtreme precision 3d cool cars simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb sound effects.Amazing 3d graphics.Best winter cars driving simulator for kids, youngsters, teens andmature people who love to play time race games in their smart phonedevices. Get some new experience maneuver city cool cars from onedestination to another. This is our Xmas gift to all cars drivers.This 3D Simulator parking mania game is for fans of extreme arcaderacing, with real dream cars and extraordinary graphics that willalso enchant parking frenzy simulation addicts and racers.
Transport Truck Cargo Plane 1.1
**Be the ultimate cargo trucker in this newestairport cargo transport simulator**The holiday season is here and the airport is jam packed withthe airplane travelers. Be the cargo management in-charge on therunway and ensure that the passenger luggage doesn't go missing .Transport Truck Cargo Plane is a new chapter in transportationgames and is here to take you on an awesome adventure ride. Freighthandling and shipping is a major job for the airport ground crewand that is what you will be doing in this simulation TransportTruck Cargo Plane. Operate all this professional heavy machinerylike the transporter trucks, forklift crane and the airport cargotrucks in one simulation which is triple the fun andexcitement.Go through the complete process of bringing luggage from theterminal to the aircraft. You start as a transporter trailer driverwhich is pre loaded with the passenger's luggage . Steer yourvehicle around and follow the arrow for the directions to find theparking spot . Next ,display your professional driving skills inoperating the forklift crane as you need to unload the transportertrailer and load the airport cargo truck. Drive the airport freighttruck to the parking spot and use the forklift again to shiftluggage to the plane.If you are you ready to have a thrilling time behind thedriver's seat, to keep the airplanes on the timetable and be theairport management expert, download this simulation immediately forsome proper fun and excitement.• Cool graphics and animations will make the environment comealive and the whole experience will be close to the realthing.• Smooth controls and maneuvering of the vehicles will allow you topractice your driving skills.• All the fun of parking and driving games packed in one.
Heavy Excavator 3D Simulator 3 1.0
This is real fun in driving an extremeexcavator. Hydraulic telescopic excavation crane are very rare oneused in real, let’s have the real simulation feel in this HeavyExcavator 3D Simulator 3. In the continuation of the sequels ofheavy excavator simulator we’re here again with the bang.Drive through the high rugged rough terrain with amazing 3Danimations and with this heavy excavator you can perform all thehydraulic operations like planetary winch, rotation, elevation andextension. Use steering that allow easy maneuvering in tightquarters. Test your skills at a real city construction site.Game Play: Move the excavation crane near the rubble, rotate theexcavator to excavate the rubble and dump it into the the dumpertruck. Automatic switched control will allow you to drive thedumper. Park the dumper truck at the designated parking spot tocomplete the level.Heavy Excavator 3D Simulator 3 is for fans of extreme excavationchallenges and real city construction site. This real heavyexcavator and telescopic crane with extraordinary graphics thatwill also gratify double parking simulation enthusiasts.
Dirt Bike Race Wars Stunt 3D 1.0
Experience the best super bike challengethrough this Dirt Bike Race Wars; a crazy Stuntmen 3D game. Stripon your helmet cause Crazy racing fever is here! Perform with anincredible stunt actions & racing bikes. Be the best motocrossstunt rider, Grip tight to drive bike and perform extreme deathstunts to finish line first. Face the thrilling motorbike shootingchallenge to win this amazing high speed race. Jump obstacles, runon ramp; smash other super motorcycle riders. The most incredible& challenging death moto racing and be the Angry Biker Boy onthis dangerous dirt racetrack on scorching desert field.Play the newest action packed racing game with Dirt Bike Wars.Join the motor drag racing to drift motobike; use bike attacktricks and become racer. Rush your super motorcycle on the metalramp and jump over the deadly obstacles to avoid crashing. Grabgatling machine gun to crush & smash rivals in this super bikeattack. Compete your opponents with Reckless off road stunts &bashing full of sports bikes traffic. Enter the high bikes rivals,attack bikes and fight crazy moto riders for checkpoint. Full onoutlaw motor driver and gunshot experience. Daredevil challenge isbalancing while holding minigun and shooting rival. Ride like acrazy maniac and aim, shoot & kill turbo rivals to winmotorbike stunt challenge in Dirt Bike Race Simulator.An Off-road Death racing season with unique dirt bike race andfree challenges. To be the race class champion of this Death race;carry out furious stunt racing and action packed driving. Performloads of stunts, avoid dangerous obstacles, control speed, attackracing rivals to win in this crazy motorbike sim.Features:10 thrilling unique objectives3D action racing game-playFull throttle & Smooth Tilt controlsMultiple Bike selectionRealistic muddy race track environment
Farmer Tractor Simulator 2016 1.0
Start your job as village farmer in farm housewith Farmer Tractor Simulator 2016. Experience realistic farming;plow open fields to grow your ranch. Drive farming tractor andexcavator crane to cultivate crops at hay farm. Steer farm truck;cultivate crop & mow grass and make hay bales to feed cattle.Enjoy the real countryside environment with green fields andwandering cattle. Drive farm tractor and harvester machines withthe best farming simulator game.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Farmer Tractor Simulator 2016 is here! Harvesting season isnear; Work as a village farmer and cultivate wheat crops. Plow farmfields; drive seeder machine to sow seeds and grow massive corncrops. Your farm land is ready for canola and wheat crop, sprinklewater with watering machine. Be a part of agricultural life workingin village farmhouse. Sit in the plow truck to plough the openfield. Drive excavator crane to excavate mud and load it on dumptruck. Prepare soil for seeding and cultivation; Don’t forget tospray the field and add fertilizers while reaping canola and wheat.Your family ranch is ready to harvest. Operate the harvester andload harvested crops on heavy transporter truck. Be the best farmtruck driver in this farming tractor simulator.So be an expert tractor driver and do some farming job. Cultivategreen acre and harvest the ripened crops. Steer farmers tractor& harvester machine; Sit behind the steering wheel of liftercrane and load harvest on transporter truck trailer. Do loadertruck driving on off-road mountains and climb hills to reach themarket destination. Sell your harvest in the city market.Features:Complete all 10 levels of tractor drivingMultiple farming vehicles & heavy excavator cranesRealistic farming experience in countryside environmentSmooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning tractor controlsStunning 3D graphics
Transport Truck Zoo Animals 3D 1.1
Transport Truck Zoo Animals 3D is here to takeanimal transport to another level. Buckle up for a wild ride whiletransporting these zoo animals. You haven't played any othertransport simulator that allows animal control as well as the heavytruck driving. This is not a job for the faint hearted. Show somecourage and take on this zoo animal transport challenge.Livestock like sheep and cows are easy to handle but movingLions, Gorilla and Elephants is no mean feat at all. No ordinarycattle transporter truck will do here. Drive the proper heavytrailer for moving these feral creatures. These ferocious beastsdemand you to be vigilant and careful . You must have a yen forthrill and excitement to take on this duty.In this transport truck game you will be delivering dangerousbeasts from one city zoo to another. These wild animals have cometo the town from various continents and they should be moved safelywithout any injury or harm.You are the delivery driver assigned with this tough job . It'sthe untamed lot like the King of the jungle itself. Control andload the beasts onto your cargo transporter. Be careful as not toget in their way and move them into the trailer. Now, get behindthe wheels and ensure their safe and sound delivery to the cityzoo. After delivering the cargo, you must park your trailer in thepre-defined parking area.Features:• Wild zoo animals control provided• Added new animals like Deer and Gorilla• Heavy trailer driving through the city• Smooth and easy controls• 10 exciting and challenging transport missions• Attractive and user friendly graphics
Gangster Las Vegas city chase 1.1
Expand your Mafia territory to the new SinCity. A whole new criminal world awaits you in Gangster Las Vegascity chase game. You have earned reputation of notorious gangsterin Los Angles. It’s time to become the boss of open world mafia inLas Vegas; the city of lightening clubs & slots machine casinowhich is rich in money business. Vegas welcomes the mafia gangstersto melee attack the crowded dunes of Mojave Desert.After LA Bank Robbery crime; new criminal world is open to you.Start your career as underworld mafia with Gangster Las Vegas citychase. Take challenging crime missions; Rob the bank to steal cashand kill civilians for money & gold. Set your fear in thestreets of new crime world, not showing mercy to anyone. Grab yourknife and break into the automobile at the taxi park stand. Showyour car racing skills to escape cops and avoid hitting super bikeson the crowded roads. Take out your guns and start shooting toescape the police car chase. Shoot & kill the civilians tosteal money and grab their autos. Be a rush driver in city trafficand escape from the police attack. Drive to some safe place;parking your vehicle there.You are the most wanted criminal accused of bank robbery and LApolice is in chase of you. A best villain of criminal gang is verydangerous as it trigger the rage of Vegas Police. So get ready foran action packed car driving with furious shooting and killing.Snatch a knife and cars from a civilian and shoot down the chasingcops. Kill bankers to steal cash; Non-stop shooting and rob goldfrom civilians at petrol pump. Show car racer skills and getawayfrom racing police cars. Civilians have to save themselves from thereal gangster of the underworld mafia gang at your place.Features:10 thrilling action packed gang war missionsCar racing & driving with realistic vehicle physicsDeadly crime mafia shooting & Killing objectivesReal city environment with gangster / thug lifestyle 
Snow Rescue op : Excavator 3D 1.2
Extreme winters and snowfall everywhere! Snowrescue operation has the most important job to do in this extremeweather. It's time to become snow plow truck driver because you'reon the special mission Snow Rescue op: Excavator 3D will test yourdriving skills in this extreme conditions. Operate heavy equipmentconstruction cranes like excavator and digger in snow cleaner truck3D simulator game. Exciting new snowy environment with steepmountains and rocky landscapes.There is a landslide and traffic is jam. Accept the challenge tobe a snowmobile driver and clear road blockage of frozen ice on theroads so the traffic can move safely.Move your snowmobile dumper truck to clear the road, thenautomatic shift controls will let you drive heavy excavator toexcavate the snowy material and put it in the dumper truck. Thenmove your dumper truck to the destination parking spot. Withamazing 3D animations and with this heavy excavator you can performall the hydraulic operations like planetary winch, rotation,elevation and extension. Use steering that allow easy maneuveringin tight quarters. Test your skills at a real rescue job. SnowRescue op: Excavator 3D is for fans of extreme excavationchallenges, with real heavy excavator and telescopic crane withextraordinary graphics that will also gratify double parkingsimulation enthusiasts.
Euro Snow Dump Truck Driver 1.1
Euro Snow Dump Truck Driver offers you tobecome a real trucker this winter season. Featuring European townunder heavy snowfall traffic jammed due to landslides. Operate snowplow trucks with lots of customized dump trucks and cranes to bringrelief for people this Christmas Season.Double the fun with exciting driving experience of this dump trucksimulator. Handling heavy machinery and European dumper trucks onblocky slippery roads is very challenging. In Euro Dump Snow TruckDriver you get to drive heavy duty and giant cranes like cuttingmachine, driller, bulldozer & excavator machine. Driving realtrucks and excavators in winter snow to clear euro city roads is agreat fun.Get hold on this Christmas 2016 over heavy duty vehicles likedumper, digger, stone cutter etc. Clear the road blockage byplowing snow and cutting ice frozen rock age with cutter machine.Grab the steering wheel of mega lifter crane to lift ice rocks andsnow bed. Load the snow on to the loader truck and drive throughthe rugged terrain to quarry site. Show crane operator skills todig and cut glaciers. Steer cranes in the Christmas city andexcavate snowy to clear the city traffic blockage season. Parkloader crane and excavator at the parking destination. Enjoy beinga driver of real trucker and operate multiple heavy excavatormachine with Euro Snow Dump Truck Driver.Euro Dump Trucker game has 10 challenging smashy excavator cranedriving with blocky roads mission. Challenge your family andfriends show them your real parking and driving skills like a pro.Drive customized plow truck to clear all road blockage. Claim thetitle for the King of The Road by playing Euro Dump Truck Driver 3Dgame.Features:10 challenging driving missionsRealistic Winter snowfall effectsHydraulic controls on high powered vehiclesSmooth control of cranes with real vehicle physics 
Truck Driver Race Hill Climb 1.2
Gear up for a truck race through these uphillroads. Race against your opponents and drive a superfast cargotruck. Speed through the hill climber tracks and prove yourself tobe the best driver. Get your daily dose of adrenaline rush withTruck Driver Race Hill Climb.The ultimate offroad trucks race is on! Are you ready to jointhe madness? Take up this traffic racer challenge and race yourmountain trucks to the finish line.This truck racing game is sure to get your blood pumping fast.Challenge your truck driver skills in the uphill racing game. Youbetter buckle up because handling this cargo transporter trailer isnot an easy task especially on the hill climb roads.Be the awesome uphills racer and beat your rivals. Explore thehilly racing tracks and enjoy the thrill of extreme driving. Thesesteep asphalt roads will test your trucker parking skills to thelimit. Join this death race while dodging traffic and beat otherracers.Get behind the steering wheel of your cargo transporter trucksand start racing. Your opponents driver are superfast so, step ongear to overtake trafffic and leave them all behind. You don't wantto run out of fuel and lose so don't forget to collect the fueltanks along the roads. Gain engine power and mega speed with nitroboost. Be careful of the dangerous turns and avoid any accidentwith the vehicles in the city traffic. Accelerate to top speed tofinish the lap first.Features:* An extreme hill climber adventure* 10 challenging trucks racing missions* Go full throttle with nitro boost* Collect fuel tank refills* Stunning offroad open world environment
Real 4X4 Truck Parking Offroad 1.1
★★★ Most Amazing Hill Climb Game ★★★The most amazing hill climb parking game is here! Feel thehigh-velocity power packed 4x4 SUV driving and parking. Drive yourinspirational 4x4 SUV through the hills. These hills and itsexciting parking expedition will open the complete new orbits.Become the crazy 3D parking king.★★★ Become Park-King ★★★Awesome hills and several levels keeps you get cracking. Exuberaterage and take the hillclimb parking beyond the track. Executebarrel rolls and harsh 360 burnouts. Maneuver through hills andperform stunts. Become the park-King and rule the 3D world.★★★ Stunning Visuals ★★★Stunning visuals like never seen before. The amazing effects for anew simulation of hillclimb parking! These amazing tracks andseveral levels will make go crazy.Real hillclimb parking game for fans of extreme arcade racing,with real dream cars and 4x4 SUV and extraordinary graphics thatwill also gratify parking simulation enthusiasts and racers.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Crime City Miami Street Wars 1.0
Join city gangster vendetta as newcomerwithCrime City Miami Street Wars. Be the hero of gang war in thisurbancrime simulator. Live life ruling the streets and break chaosinthe city. There are criminals everywhere who kill people, robbanks& stores to steal cash. Mark the turf and Kill bandits whotryto rule your neighborhood. As hero gangster you don’t needglory;you want savage revenge. This whiteout; start a new gangsterstoryand show everyone who’s boss of ally town mafia.In mafia city, you are the drug lord so do not afraidanything.Drug trafficking and other organized crime is the dailychore.Prepare the assault; take out big gun and start shootingrival. Nopoliceman; no cops have the power to stop this war. Helptheprisoner escape and build your gang for the actual turf war.Gonuts and show no mercy to the rescue people on rampage. Asgangsteryour life revolves around shooting. Bring misery to thosewho livea horrible life among blood. Steal from the san city bank&atm, do some shooting and killing to escape the crime site.Stolecars from Miami streets and sold them to the drug dealer.Enjoy the best action game with Crime City Miami Street Wars.Inmafia gang vendetta, play as an aggressive mafia gangsterwhostarted his thug life as a street burglar. Now he has becometheBoss of ally town. Armed with big gun and other weapons; getreadyto Rob civilians and to kill bandits. The gangster lord callsfor aStreet wars to rule the streets. You are the Hero gangster whocanhandle this gang war. Take Revenge from bad crooks and killenemiesin the most epic crime simulator.Features:★ Enormous Urban crime city environment★ 10 thrilling theft, killing & shooting missions★ Mafia Ranks: burglar / thief to chief / don★ Location tracking through GPS & Minimap★ Multiple weapon selection and upgrading