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****************************************************************** 100% Hong Kong Mahjong Game***** Can choose to play flower, starting from 3 fan or startingfrom 1 fan***** Free of Charge***** Most familiar way in calculating winning points.***** Ranking system***** Real AI, no cheating, good for practicing Hong KongMahjong***** Cantonese Voice in the game!*************************************************************
B-Bro Big2 (Big Two/Pusoy Dos) 1.55
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The Most Complete and Authentic Big2/PusoyDos!(Chinese Poker, Deuces, Giappuniza, Ciniza,CapSa)****** Support the International Rule, TaiwanRuleandPhilippinesPusoy Dos!****** Innovative UI design helps youtoidentifydifferentcombination in your hand!****** Powerful Automatic Card Pick upsystem"Slide-2-Select",justslide your card, and the computer willchoosethe mostappropriatecombination/card for you.****** Automatic Pass Function. No moreannoyingPass!(Activateinsetting menu)****** Voice with English,Cantonese and Mandarinenjoythecardplaying experience !****** Unpredictable Computer AI, which will hold the cardandendthegame in a way that you don't expect.****** Unlock various achievements,collect your medal now!****** Over 19 Ranks, Challenge to become the king in Big 2!****** User interfaced designed in a way to help you playthegamebyusing only one hand, if you are left hand user, youmayalsoswitchto left hand mode!Big Two Rule (Base on Hong Kong/Pusoy Dos/InternationalRule)Big Two (also known as Deuces, pusoy dos, 大老二, 鋤大D) isacardgamewith a Rule Similar to Texas Hold'em.The game is very popular in Asia, especiallythroughoutChina,HongKong, Phillippines, Macau, Malaysia, SingaporeandTaiwan.Common gameplayed with four players. The objective ofthegame isto be the firstto get rid of all of your cards.Cards may be played as singles or in groups of twoorfive,incombinations which resemble poker hands. The leadingcardtoatrick sets down the number of cards to be played; allthecardsofa trick must contain the same number of cards.Thecombinationsandtheir rankings are as follows.Single CardRanking:2->A->K->Q->J->.....->3Suit: HongKong:♠>♥>♣>♦Taiwan:♠>♥>♦>♣PusoyDos:♦>♥>♠>♣Single cards: Any card from the deck, ordered byrankwithsuitbeing the tie-breaker.Pairs: Any two cards of matching rank, ordered aswithsingularcardsby the card of the higher suit.Triples: Any Three card of matching rank, order by rank.5-card hand: Uses the same ranking as Poker. There arefive(var.2)different valid 5-card poker hands, ranking, from lowtohigh,asfollows (the same ranking as in poker):Straight : Any 5 cards in a sequence (but not thesamesuit).Thereisn't JQKA2, while A2345 is largest 23456 is2ndlargest.(Fortaiwan game, A2345 is the smallest while23456islargest)Flush: Any 5 cards of the same suit (but not in asequence).Rankisdetermined by highest value card and then byhighestsuit.Full House: a composite of a three-of-a-kind combinationandapair.Rank is determined by the value of the triple.Four of a kind + One card : Any set of 4 cards of thesamerank,plusany 5th card.Straight Flush: A composite of the straight and flush:fivecardsinsequence in the same suit.Each player got 13 cards.At the beginning of each game, the player withthesmallestcard(3♦in Hong Kong, 3♣ in Pusoy Dos or Taiwan) startsbyeitherplaying itsingly or as part of a combination, leading tothefirsttrick. Playproceeds counter-clockwise, withnormalclimbing-gamerules applying:each player must play a highercard orcombinationthan the onebefore, with the same number ofcards.Players mayalso pass, thusdeclaring that he does not wanttodiscard anycards (or does not holdthe necessary cards to makeaplaypossible).A player need to warn others when he/she isoneplayingcombinationaway from winning. The goal is, then, fortheotherplayers to play(and get rid of) as many cards aspossiblewhileavoiding thecombination that would allow the callingplayerto winthe game. Forexample, if the said player has one lastsinglecard,the otherplayers would play pairs or other combinationstoforcehim/her topass. If the other players doesn't do that, itisknownas illegalassist. 3X Penalty will be applied.The game ends when one player runs out of cards.