Recomendados Apps

The translator 2.0.4
This instant free translator can convert text and voice to over 50languages, such as English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic,Italian, Catalan, Japanese, French, Hindi, Basque, etc. with just atap on your screen. With a simple touch you’ll see your voiceconvert into text and translate into the desired language in notime.The app has been developed to be intuitive, quick, easy touse, and support diverse languages, making it superior to othertranslate applications and one of the most necessary apps in yourAndroid device. This application can translate English to Hindi andother languages and dialects in a matter of seconds since it hasbeen developed to achieve this purpose, all of this for free.Usingthis app, you can convert any text into your native language tomake reading and understanding much easier. With just a few secondsand a tap of your finger you can translate words, paragraphs, orweb pages.REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESSSome of the app’s features are:Intuitive and quick use.Instant translating.Support for multiplelanguages and dialects.Text to voice converting and viceversa.NOTE: Please read all of the app’s specs to avoid anyincompatibility issue with your Android device and ensure fullsupport of the language you want to translate to/from.Technicalspecifications:Requires Android 3.0+An Internet connection isrequired for the app to work properly.Some of the supportedlanguages are:Arabic, Basque, Croatian, Russian, Spanish,Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, German, Hindi, Latin, English,French, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Greek, Polish, Swahili, Persian,Lithuanian, Indonesian, Czech, Latvian, Estonian, Vietnamese,Galician, Malay, Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Javanese,Traditional Chinese, Urdu, Maltese, Tamil, Hungarian, Slovenian,Belarusian, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Estonian, Bengali, Bulgarian,Catalan, etc.
Translator English to Spanish 1.7.6
Translator English to Spanish is an application in the category oftools; due to many need of this kind of applications in daily life,this translator allows you translating English to Spanish and viceversa without limit of translations. However, if you may needinternet to do translation, so you can also take advantage of theapplication to improve the pronunciation in English, since it has aplay button that will run to you the text translated perfectly intoEnglish. We wait for the cooperation of all of you as translatorsin order to improve this and any other application, which is a verypersonal application and we are sure you that can give us goodideas to implement in the app
Sudoku 2.7.0
On Sudoku, you can have fun playing because it's a free sudoku, andyou can put your mental abilities to the test, as you will have touse them to progress in the game. The app is composed by 3 levels,and each level has a total of 30 screens, making a grand total of90 different screens, where you can use your mental ability to getto the 90th screen, which won't be an easy task. For those whodon't know how sudoku works, I'll make a short explanation, butthere's no better way of learning than actually playing the game.You need to fill all the squares with numbers from 1 to 9, but youhave some rules for filling those squares. The game consists of a9x9 grid, ha and inside each square you have another 3x3 subgrid,you need to fill the blank spaces, but you can't repeat any numberin an horizontal or vertical direction. You can't repeat either anynumber inside the 3x3 subgrid. You need to be careful, it may lookeasy but you need to have in mind every other number in the game.If you follow these little instructions, everything will runsmoothly.
Resultados loterias y apuestas 1.2.0
Loterías es una aplicaciones donde podrás comprobar distinto tiposde loterias y apuestas de España (Euromillones escaner Qr Beta) yaque tiene una base de datos donde quedan almacenados losresultados, esta aplicación NECESITA INTERNET y se recomiendausarla con conexión wifi aunque con otros tipos de conexión tambiénfunciona pero consumen datos, los resultados de sorteos y apuestasdel estado son los siguientes:- Lotería Nacional- La Primitiva-Euromillones- Bonoloto- El Gordo de la Primitiva- La Quiniela- ElQuinigol- Lototurf- Quíntuple PlusTiene varias opciones como la debuscar sorteos por fechas, solo tendrás que poner la fecha y teaparecerán todos los sorteos de ese día en concreto. También tieneuna pestaña “mostrar notificaciones” que si la seleccionas te saldauna notificación cuando un sorteo se celebre. Sorteo favorito esuna opción con la que podrás marcar el sorteo que suelas jugar paraasí no tener perder el tiempo ya que te aparecerá la primera y laúltima opción es “Puntos de venta cercanos” esta opción activara elGPS de tu dispositiva para poder indicar donde se encuentra tuestablecimiento más cercano.Lotteries is an application where youcan check different types of lotteries and betting Spain(Euromillones scanner Qr Beta) because it has a database where theresults are stored, this application requires Internet and isrecommended for use with Wi although other types of connection alsoworks but consume data, results of lotteries and gambling in thestate are:- National lottery- The Early- EuroMillions- Bonoloto- ElGordo de la Primitiva- The pool- The Quinigol- Lototurf- QuintuplePlusHas several options such as raffles search for dates, you onlyhave to set the date and you all drawings appear that day inparticular. It also has a tab "show notifications" that if youchoose you settle a notification when a lottery is held. Favoritedraw is an option which allows you to make the draw soles play soas not to have to waste time as you first appear and the lastoption is "sales outlets near" this option will activate the GPS inyour operative to indicate where your nearest establishment.