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Game Clock Lite 12.9.4
Red Lightning
A game clock with 2 timing modes, (Basic,Simple Delay), 1/10th of a second accuracy. Prefect for chess, orany other two player game where players' turns are timed. The fullversion adds 4 additional timer modes.Update: Some devices were having trouble keeping accurate time,so the timing code has been overhauled.
W! Widget Pro 10.9.27
Red Lightning
Widget only!A simple widget to display the current item for sale on Woot.comor a sub-woot. Alerts on keyword matches, woot-offs, new woot-offitems. Control refresh rate for normal mode and woot-offsv10.9.27: New large widget that shows all Woot! sites atonceProblems? Email us!
Red Torrent Lite 12.7.6
Red Lightning
A multithreaded BitTorrent client.Downloadtorrents directly with your phone! Lite is limited to onedownloadat a time, but with no speed limit!Warning: uses a ton of data! Unlimited data plan or WiFionlyrecommended!Has settings for:* Downloading only while on WiFi (including auto-resume when Wifiisreconnected!)* Downloading only while plugged in (including auto-resumewhenpower is reconnected!)* Port configuration* Download location* Maximum active connections per Torrent* Maximum active pieces per Torrent (to save memory)Broadcasts an intent when a download isfinished:net.redlightning.redtorrent.COMPLETE
Red Automate 14.5.19
Red Lightning
Red Automate lets you change settings onyourdevice automatically! Going to the movie theater? Set up aprofilethat uses GPS to know you're at the theater and have it setyourphone to vibrate. No more forgetting to silence your phone onlytohave it go off in a meeting. Still at work and running late?HaveRed Automate send your spouse a text message letting themknowyou'll be home soon. Hate telemarketers calling late at night?Havea profile where the phone only rings for selected people inyourcontact list. The possibilities are nearly endless!Example of how to use Red Automate:1. First, create a Profile, like "Work"2. Create a Location Trigger "At Work" that coversyouroffice.3. Create a Ringer Mode setting and select "Vibrate"4. Add the "At Work" Trigger and the "Vibrate" setting to the"Work"profile, and like magic (ok, not really), whenever you're atworkyour phone will automatically go to silent mode. All theActions,Triggers, and Settings you create can be reused inmultipleprofiles.Some examples are included.NOTE: We know Red Automate uses a LOT of permissions.Restassured, our policy is and always will be to never collect anyofyour information. Ever. Internet access is used to load mapdatafrom Google for setting up Location triggers, to get Outside Temperature data. In both cases,yourlocation is sent to the provider to get accurate data.Change any of the following Settings:# Alarm Ringtone# Alarm Volume# Bluetooth# Haptic Feedback# Media Volume# Notify Ringtone# Notify Vibration# Notify Volume# Call Volume# Ringtone# Ringer Mode# Ringer Vibration# Ringer Volume# Screen Brightness# Screen Timeout# Speakerphone# System Volume# WiFiAutomatically perform Actions (more coming soon):# Launch Application# Nofity# Play a Sound# Send SMS Message# Vibrate# Web Command (simple GET right now)Based on the following event Triggers:# Ambient Light Level# Device Temperature# Dock State# Incoming Call# Location# Not At Location# Network State# Network Type# Orientation# Outside Temperature (US only, requires internet access)# Phone State# Power State# Proximity# Speed# Time of Day# Wired Headset State# Time Of Day# Power State# Wired Headset StateProblems? Contact us so we can help! orontwitter #RLSupport
Game Clock 12.9.5
Red Lightning
A game clock with 6 timing modes,(Basic,Fischer Before, Fischer After, Bronstien, Hourglass, SimpleDelay),1/10th of a second accuracy. Prefect for chess, or any othertwoplayer game where players' turns are timed.Update: Revamped the timing code as some devices werehavingdifficulty with accuracy