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Project: SLENDER 1.09
Redict Studio
You always dreamed of extreme sports, but in real life it isaccompanied by a real danger? Then try to experience the realvirtual adrenaline. Project: SLENDER - a game in which have to relyon their own ingenuity and ability to find solutions to the mostcomplicated situation. Interesting pastime for you and your lovedones - guaranteed. The main goal - to collect 8 pages and runfaster to the exit. But someone does not want to see you get out,and that someone - Slender.
Project: SLENDER - Online 1.00
Redict Studio
WARNINGNervous people, and people with epilepsy - don't play thisgame.The game has scary sharp sounds, unexpected impressiveeffects.It is not recommended to play your headphones on full volume.Immerse yourself in the fascinating cooperative in multiplayerversion of game Project: SLENDER!Get ready for a mind-blowing game! Affectionately meet withpeople who are still trying to find these very pages, or searchwith them!Can play with friends or strangers, chat, get achievements, fightfor first place in the leaderboard.Also have the opportunity to give a different look of yourcharacter, wearing a mask from the store. In the game there will beno payment for real money, we're not like everyone else :)The main objective of the game - team of people must collect 8pages, Slender - not to let them do it.System requirementsTo avoid negative assessments, we inform you, the game iscalculated on the average device and above:- CPU: dual core 1GHz ARMv7 and more.- RAM: 1 GB or more- Android 2.3 and above- 800x480 screen and more (aspect Ratio 4:3 is not currentlysupported, wait for updates)There is a chance that the game will be stable and on weakerdevices.for 2.0
Redict Studio
In the game you have the ability to destroy opponents, improve yourhero, collect points. New versions - new features!