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FlightStats is a free real-time flight status and airport trackingapplication for Android. Take control of your day-of-travel bydownloading FlightStats: - Quickly access worldwide flight statusby flight number, airport or route - Watch flights as they moveacross the world on our gorgeous flight tracker - Share your flightright from the flight overview screen - Scan essential informationlike departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates and weather -Share current airport conditions like delays and weather - Checkthe flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activitiesabout your flight FlightStats is a leader in global flight andairport information services. Our flight status, trip monitoringand flight alert solutions are trusted by millions of travelersevery day.
Flight International 2.1.3383
Aviation professional or enthusiast, Flight International bringsyou comprehensive unbiased coverage of all the latest news andtrends in aviation, as well as: -High quality global coverage ofairlines, business aviation, space, defence and general aviation -Asector by sector analysis of the latest developments -Design,technological and financial perspectives -Previews and coverage ofall the major air shows -Flight tests of new aircraft -Free reportsand guides throughout the year -Fact-based reporting Now FlightInternational’s app enables you to enjoy all this great news,analysis and features from the Flightglobal team coupled with theinteractivity of Android devices. In addition to all the greatcontent you would expect from Flight International’s world famousprint magazine, the app also features video, more photos, andin-article scrolling features. The Flight International app is freeto download and contains several sample issues to whet yourappetite. Available to download every Saturday, you’ll get to readFlight International a full two days before it is available in theshops or digitally by email. About Flight International FlightInternational is the world's leading aviation weekly. Founded in1909, it is the oldest continuously-published aviation newsmagazine. Its internationally-respected team of journalists andcorrespondents around the world provides truly global coverage ofaerospace manufacturing and aviation operations in the areas of airtransport, business aviation, defence, general aviation andspaceflight. SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS If you have any feedback orimprovements you would like to suggest please
Farmers Weekly
As the number one farming publication, Farmers Weekly magazineprovides an informed weekly commentary on the business of farmingand is already essential reading for thousands of farming and ruralbusinesses across the UK and the globe. Bursting with the latestindustry news, reviews and technical advice, Farmers Weeklyprovides authoritative, compelling and practical content for alltypes of farms every week. Look out for: • Exclusive news andanalysis, and facts and figures from the regions and globally •Practical ideas and real farmer case studies on how to manage yourbusiness and improve farm performance • The latest information onmarket prices and trends • Technical arable, livestock andmachinery advice • Independent product tests by our award winningteam • Jobs in all areas of the agricultural industry • Acomprehensive Classified section to help you buy and selleverything from sheepdogs to tractors to milking equipment and muchmuch more... We know that farming is a way of life, as well as abusiness and, with Farmers Weekly’s ethos of Working for YourFarming Future, we are determined to ensure no stone is unturned toensure we deliver on that promise. Farmers Weekly Tablet EditionAvailable to download and view every Thursday, the Farmers Weeklyapp brings you all the great news, analysis and technical adviceyou expect from Farmers Weekly magazine plus links to even morecontent on including video, interactive tools and linksto agricultural suppliers. We know that farming is a way of life aswell as a business and, with Farmers Weekly’s ethos of ‘Working foryour Farming Future’, we are determined to ensure no stone isunturned to ensure we deliver on that promise.SUGGESTEDIMPROVEMENTSIf you have any feedback or improvements you would liketo suggest please email:
Airline Business
Since making its airline boardroom debut in 1985, Airline Businesshas forged a reputation for high quality, in-depth reporting on theindustry’s strategic and economic drivers. Every month AirlineBusiness features an in-depth cover interview with top leader fromthe industry. It regularly deals with management issues, includingcorporate strategy, alliances, marketing, cost control, yields,financial performance and labour. The magazine publishes a seriesof leading annual surveys, including the Airline Top 100 Ranking,Airports Top 100 ranking, Top 50 lessors ranking and AirlineAlliances. It also incorporates regular insight and analysis byrespected personalities from across the industry. In addition toall the great content you would expect from the world famousAirline Business print magazine, the app also features videointerviews, interactive tables, hot links and in-article scrollingfeatures. The Airline Business app is free to download. Subscribeto Airline Business within the app and share your details with usto get free e-newsletters by email, or purchase single issues usingin app purchase. SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS If you have any feedback orimprovements you would like to suggest please
mane HAIR MAGAZINE 1.0.2
Bursting with hairstyles, style advicefromhair and beauty experts, top tips and beautiful images, manebringsyou the very best in professional products, treatmentsandservices.
Each week, the full content of the print magazine will be publishedhere first, appearing 24 hours before the print edition.Keyfeatures:Pre-download the weekly issue and enjoy our award-winningcontent offline anytime, anywhere The full content has beenreformatted so you can read it easily on your smartphone andtabletAccess exclusive ‘app-only’ content as well as videos,podcasts and image galleriesShare key articles and ads with yournetworkStore and access back issuesSubscribers can enjoy fullaccess to all of the week’s property news and analysis If youaren’t a subscriber you can still access our award-winning contentby purchasing a single issue within the appGet all of our contentin one convenient location including:EG Investor Guides – a keytool for investors who want to know exactly where - and when - toinvest around the worldEG sector supplements covering the fullspectrum of the property industry including Auctions, Finance,Industrial, Investment, Offices, Residential and Retail.
Future Farming 1.2.2644.716
Welcome to Future FarmingTechnology and precision farming can often seem baffling.Howeverour new website and associated global Future Farmingmagazine isset to help farmers make sense of this fast movingsector.Farmers are increasingly faced with a stream of new technologyandare often questioning which of these new tools and techniquesofferreal benefits to their business. And when they have madetheirchoice, how do they get the most out of it?There are some global pioneers who are successfully usingprecisiontechnology, including progressive farmers in NorthAmerica, Europeand Australasia.Who better to learn from?So it’s not surprising that more and more farmers want to learnfromthese global pioneers, not just their local neighbours.Especiallyas farmers are increasingly using the same productionapproaches andtechnologies.They want to know how overseas farmers are taking on thepracticalchallenges of adopting these new ways of working, fromfinancingthe kit to acquiring new skills.Therefore, Proagrica has launched Future Farming: a globalbrandthat addresses the key challenges of forward-thinkingfarmersaround the world, in print, online and face-to-face.A new, global brandLike the audience, the contents will be global – a narrow,localview is no longer good enough. Future Farming will explorewhat ishappening on farms in all the most advanced areas ofproduction,and track the latest technology wherever itoriginates.The scope of the brand will be on all aspects of precisionfarming,including:- Delivering targeted nutrition and crops through better andmoreefficient seeds- All crop farming related tools and instruments todrivesustainable efficiency- Smart feed and food, data supporting sustainability andfoodsecurity around the globeCreate a free account and get access to Future Farming! creating an account you agree to our terms of use andprivacypolicy.
ICIS 1.10.1
Access business critical information for petrochemical and energymarkets on the go with the ICIS app. Follow the latest prices andnews articles for your commodities and stay up to date with marketchanges. Features: - Follow up to 20 price series on the go -Access latest articles - Quickly access the latest and previousreports Log-in using your account.