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Blue Ninja : Superhero Game 3.5
Ninja Swinging Experience Play the best action superhero open worldgame as the amusing power spider! Fight crime like a real superhero! Rush to a dark street or park in the city and defeat multiplegangs like a true ninja fighting spider. Games like these needsuper kung fu ninja skills. Be the Best Superhero of All Time Thissuperhero action game parody is set in the big city filled withcriminal gangsters and mafia bosses. Become spider 2 ninja so youcan stop dangerous crime lords who attack the city with yourincredible superhero spider gadgets to beat every mafia and avoidbeing dead. Police and army forces can't fight gangster mafiabosses so they need help from a marvelous and mysterious spiderfighting ninja man. Games of villains are putting civilians indanger and they need someone to fight all thugs in the street. Inone of the best spider heroes fighting games, make a choice to bean ultimate superhero to save the city! Battle Like a True SuperSpider This spider style iron hero game is created as an open worldfor offline gameplay, just like many superhero action games basedoff the comics, use weapons such as a sword and do differentamazing melee attacks with criminal gangs. You can combine avengerattacks to be the greatest dexterous ninja spider of superheroesgames. Become a Fearless Superhero Fight like a super man againstcriminal gangs around the city who have made streets dangerous atnight and day. Stop crime lord activity and use which ever weaponsthat is needed. Wear a superhero mask and armor with deadly weaponsand super powers to get in city brawls fighting criminals! Get theBest Gameplay Features Have fun with action mortal brawls fromgangsters vs spider superheroes. Use a unique super power fromsuper heroes in an epic fantasy fight in vicious streets of thecity. Counter enemies with melee attacks to gain new skills throughout this new superhero game. Become a True Hero and Defeat Crimelike a Boss In superhero games like these, be the best superhero torescue the city and become a real kung fu crime fighter! A NewSuperhero Game you Shouldn't Miss Out on! Fight like the iron ninjaspiders! just like making legendary spider attacks to your enemies.Super jump tall buildings like other super heroes that are amazing!Use super powers in gameplay with easy controls in these superspider style ninja man games. DISCLAIMER Blue Ninja is a PARODY ofsuperhero spider games. It mocks everything about superheroes andother mobile/console games that involve them. Blue Ninja's purposeis to mimic and make fun of superheroes and villains. Features:*Open World *Detailed Graphics *Web swinging mechanics *Webs attachto buildings
Power Spider 2 : Parody Game 11.0
Power Spider was once a police man named Chris Anderson whoneededto bite a spider in order to cure his radioactive disease.Littledid he know the spider had been kept frozen for countlessyears.Scientists have told Chris' doctor that before the freeze,thespider had bitten the best Legendary Martial Artist in theworldknown as Zeus Leeroy. After Chris cured his disease he wasgivenall of Zeus' abilities. Since Chris had a lot ofscientificknowledge, he built a power suit called "Power Spider" sohe cantake revenge on criminals who have once gave him thepainfulradioactive disease. It is now Chris' destiny to alwaysbringvengeance to the city. DISCLAIMER Power Spider 2 is a PARODYofspiderman games and other mobile/console games. If any ingamecharacters look familiar, they have been modified to be madefunof. Each description / stories of those characters leavehumorouscommentary based on where they're originally from.Features: *OpenWorld *Detailed Graphics *First Person Mode *Webswinging mechanics*Webs attach to buildings *Several Activitiesthroughout the city*Boss Fights *Purchase unlockable costumes &items*Achievements