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Who Viewed My Facebook Profile - Stalkers Visitors 4.1.3
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Most advanced and fun Facebook analytics app on the market.Checkyour interactions with your friends and strangers. Discover friendswho checked your profile, strangers who stalk your profile, yoursecret admirers and who you admire most. Find out your bestfriends, your old friends, people who like you most and your photointeractions.Totally Free App / No In-app PurchaseYou do not needto pay anything to get the full functionality. All other apps forceyou buy, rate or share; we don't. Just watch short videos to unlockfeatures.Ten Different Analysis For Facebook™Facebook followersinsight: Discover your interactions, secret admirers, people youadmired, your best friends, your lost friends, top likers, topcommenters, interactions on your photos, most likes on photos andmost comments on photos.❶ Who Viewed My Profile (ProfileStalkers)See who checked your profile. People who you have the mostinteractions.❷ Secret Admirers (Who Likes You Most)Discover peoplewho admire you most❸ Who You Admire Most (Who You Like Most)Findout who you like in your heart❹ Best Friends (Close Friends)Findout all times your best friends❺ Lost Friends (Old Friends)Find outpeople you interacted in old days but not anymore.❻ TopLikersPeople who give more likes to your posts❼ TopCommentersPeople who comment more often on your posts❽ WhoInteracts With Your Photos MostPeople who has the most interactionswith your photos (likes, comments, tags, posts, mentions etc)❾ TopPhoto LikersPeople who give most likes to your photos❿ Top PhotoCommentersPeople who give comments to your photosDiscover both yourfriends and strangersEvery list includes your friends as well asstrangers. Strangers are the people who are not in your friendslist. They may be your friends's friends (2nd degree connection),just click on their names to go to their facebook page and find outwho they are.Track ranking changesYou can compare current rankingsto previous ranking easily. Every list shows arrows and numbers atthe bottom right of each row. Those numbers show change in rankingcompared to previous analysis. For example, if person goes up fromrow 5 to 3, you see a green arrow with number "2"; if person goesdown from row 2 to 7, you see a red arrow with number "-5".AppFeatures• Followers Insight: Get insights about your friends andfollowers• Facebook Analytics: Learn people with most likes andcomments• Social Analyzer: Discover friends who interacts with yourprofile most, your best friends, your real friends and many more•Ghost Followers: Find out friends who are inactive or do notactively engage with youWe care for your privacy• We do not requestyour email address.• We never share or post anything on yourFacebook™ profile.• We do not send any of your data, even youruserid and name, to any remote server. All of the processing isdone on your phone.About Who Viewed My Profile / Who Stalked MyProfile / Profile Visitors / Who Checked My Profile AppsFacebookdoes not provide any information about people who have viewed yourprofile.
FB Video Downloader Lite + HD Videos & No Login 2.2.1
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⚡ Fastest and most secure HD Video Downloader For Facebook With ourfree Facebook Lite Video Downloader you can view and downloadFacebook videos by copying their links from Facebook app orFacebook Lite app. Or you can use our fast Facebook Lite browser todownload Facebook videos directly from our app. Download Facebookvideos in HD now for free! ❗ No Login Required! Our Facebook VideoDownloader does not require Facebook account login. You candownload public Facebook videos without logging into your Facebookaccount by just copying links from Facebook and Facebook Lite apps.👉🏻 Video Downloader For Facebook Features • No Login Required:Download Facebook videos without logging in to your account. Justcopy Facebook video links and our app will automatically processthem. However if you want to download private Facebook videos, youshould login to your account. • Repost Facebook Videos: View anddownload any FB video and repost from your own Facebook profile. •Facebook Lite Browser: You can also download Facebook videosdirectly from our app using our lite Facebook Video Downloader. Youcan use Facebook saved posts page to for quick access to yourvideos. • Video Downloader For Facebook Messenger: You can downloadFacebook Messenger videos from chat messages. • HD VideoDownloader: Download Facebook videos in HD if available. • HD VideoPlayer: View Facebook videos in HD if available. • Android DownloadManager: Our Facebook Video Downloader app uses Android DownloadManager for fast and secure downloads. You can download multiplevideos simultaneously. All downloads are saved to your externalstorage. • Offline Mode: Download Facebook videos easily and watchthem later offline without internet connection. • Totally Free: OurFacebook Video Downloader app is totally free, you don't have topay anything. ❓ How to Download Facebook Videos? 1. Copy anyFacebook video link from Facebook app or Facebook Lite app. 2. Ourapp will process the video link automatically and show you thedownload options. You don't need to login to download publicFacebook videos. 3. Alternatively you can login to your Facebookaccount using our Facebook browser and download videos directlyfrom our app. Just click on any video you want to download. 🚫 AboutDownloading Youtube Videos You cannot use our Video Downloader ForFacebook to download videos from Youtube. It is restricted to saveor download Youtube videos by Youtube policy. Disclaimer: This appis in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associatedwith, Facebook. You should always get permission from the ownerbefore using the video for anything.