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Rumble Arena - Super Smash Legends 2.3.3
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~ 🥊 FIGHT IN ONLINE BATTLES VERSUS REAL PLAYERS 🥊 ~ Rumble Arena isthe first multiplayer brawling game for mobile; brawl with yourfriends and smash your opponent off the battleground to become atrue legend. ~ 🌐 MULTIPLAYER BRAWLING 🌐 ~ Rumble Arena is abrawling game with players from all over the world. Join the fighton one of our 5 servers around the globe. Matches are fair andfluent thanks to advanced hit detection and input syncing! ~ 🧞UNIQUE HEROES 🧞~ Dive into battle with one of our heroes! Allheroes have their own unique attacks and special moves andrepresent different corners of the galaxy! ~ 🤸 DYNAMIC FIGHTS🤸 ~ Up to 8 heroes can duke it out in the arena. Survive thechaotic brawl by using acrobatic manoeuvres and surprise youropponent with amazing attack combo’s to become the last herostanding. ~ 🏛️ EPIC ARENAS 🏛️ ~ Brawl in several arenas and allwith a different layout. Chaotic small or immensely big, allempower a different fighting style. ~ 🎮 CONTROLLER SUPPORT🎮 ~ The game features controller support and in-gamecontroller mapping support!  ~ 🏋️ Training mode 🏋️ ~ Exploreevery attack in the “Training” mode and hone your skills todominate in the multiplayer mode. ~  KEY FEATURES  ~ 1. 🥊Multiplayer matches 2. 🏅Ranked matches 3. 💂Team battles 4. 🧞‍♂️Nine unique heroes with unique attacks and moves 5. 🏛️ Four epicarenas with different layout 6. 🏋️ Training mode 7. 🎮 Controllersupport & in-game mapping 8. 👁 Spectator mode; up to 16spectators ~ UPCOMING FEATURES ~ 1. 🧙More characters andbattlegrounds
Snowy Slide: Endless Runner 1.1.4
Rekall Games
🎄Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!🎄 Play“SnowySlide: Save Christmas” now and help Santa 🎅collect all thegifts 🎁he lost on a snowy mountain ❄️. 🏅 Unlock achievements 🦌Unlockreindeers 🕺 Unlock new characters and vehicles along the way!🏆 Seta new Highscore and challenge your friends! Download thisFREEarcade game now and save Christmas🤶
Blocky Bro
Rekall Games
-- BETA -- Enter the Arena of Blocky Bro! Start battlingwithfriends, anyone around the world or just your own! This gameisabout surviving as long as possible in the arena. Wholastslongest?