Reliance Enterprise Mobility Apps

Jio Candidate 1.1
The app allows the user to: View different category of documents required as part of theCandidate on-boarding and hiring process at Jio Ability to upload, view and replace documents against thecategories Ability to either upload existing documents from SD Card orcapture an image and upload
NW18 Approvals 1.0
Network 18 manages two-way communicationwithall its employees using the platform ESS. Employees seekapprovalof their seniors as per policy using this platform onmatters likerequest for leave, regularisation of attendance,reimbursement ofmoney spent for official purposes, request fortravel etc. Usingthis application, the concerned superiors will beable to approveor reject such requests. The main features of theapplication are1. View list of pending requests2. View supporting documents attached to the request.3. Approve / Reject request4. Simple and intuitive design for viewing and approving /rejectingemployee requests.
Reliance Gas Partner 2.6
RPML LPG Channel Partner App provides an easy and convenient wayfor Distribution Outlets and Distributors to carry out importantbusiness transactions and view relevant reports on the go anytime,anywhere. The critical transactions can also be done in the absenceof data connectivity. Key features: Distribution Outlets can - 1.Carry out refill sale transactions (also available offline) 2.Onboard new customers via digital CAF and CEV forms (also availableoffline) 3. Make indents to distributors 4. View list of indents 5.View own stock report 6. Return cylinders from customers and todistributors (also available offline) Distributors can - 1. Makeindents to bottling plants 2. View list of indents 3. View ownstock report 4. View stock report of associated DistributionOutlets
Trans-Act Fleet Cash Loading 1.6
Trans-Act Fleet cash loading app is designed to help speed-upTrans-Connect cash loading activities on the go! Anywhere, anytime.• Easy login using user ID and password. Location ID is notrequired. • Cash & cheque loading at customer premises madeeasy with minimal entries • Get loading report at your fingertips.• View list of pending cheques with a single tap • Generate PIF no.for open cheques on the go.
Shipment Vehicle Confirmation 2.2
The app allows the user to: - Access the Vendor Portal for checkingallocated shipments from smartphone - Confirm vehicle numberagainst the shipments allocated to that vendor, view confirmedvehicles. - Receive notifications for new allocations.
Trans-Manager Fleet Management 2.3
Trans Manager Mobile app will help to control your fleet at yourfingertips and while you are on the move. Trans Manager Mobile Apphave the below mentioned features: • Have a comprehensive view ofall of your fleet’s transactions, wherever they are in the country.• Link card to any policy so that the card follow the rules set onit. This would facilitate ease of operations. • Set rules atindividual card level and define products, quantity and frequencyof purchase. • Block unwanted cards and unblock the same as andwhen required • Helps manage your funds more efficiently / optimiseworking capital by setting purchase frequency, hence leading tominimum downtime • Pre-defining fuelling locations help avoidunscheduled diversions and optimise your fuel costs. • Using NetManager ensures price advantage on fuel or non-fuel purchases •Every Transaction is secured by the prompts set on the card,correct answer of which alone will ‘unlock’ a transaction. • TripCustomers only: Define trip-wise expenses VALUE (Rupee) basis toensure drivers don’t exceed trip amount. • In addition to theexisting functionality of setting unique limit to multiple tripcards, you can now ‘Increase’ and ‘Decrease’ limit from theavailable card balance on multiple cards which gives you moreflexibility to operate your Trip Cards.
Vehicle Placement-T 2.2
Vehicle Placement T is an ease to use solution for allowingTransporters to confirm their consignment pickup for differentcustomers of Reliance. This helps the Transporter to confirm theVehicle Number, the Sales Order for which delivery is being pickedup. The benefits are multi fold, listing a few:- 1. TrafficManagement as beforehand the authorities anticipate the rush 2.Every record of confirmation of order, gives the authorities toanticipate the requirement of resources 3. Immediate information toconsignment owner regarding the pickup confirmations Once the userdownloads and installs the app. They are required to have anauthenticated credentials beforehand, handy with themselves. Theuser needs to enter the user name which is usually the vendor codein numeric format succeeded by a zero and one. The transporter hasto enter the unique password for user authentication. The userneeds to take care to make sure that he enters the correctpasswords in maximum of three tries. If password authenticationfails, the user will be locked out. The user needs to reset hispassword before he can re-use. After successful authentication ofcredentials the user will be redirected to the second page, whichwill have two options Pay & Park entry and Pay & Park exit.When the user chooses the First Option, he will be redirected to apage which will list out the details which needs to be entered. Thedetails are Vehicle , Order, Lorry Receipt number ,Transporter(Auto Login capture). The user enters the Vehicle Number and clickson the verify button. The verify button validates the Truckpresence within all the sites areas of Reliance. If a proper YTTScycle is not completed, it wont allow further details to be filledup. In the case where validation is done successfully, the user canenter the Sales Order Number and click verify. This will furthervalidate if the Sales Order has the characteristic of customerpickup. The successful validation of the second step will allow theuser to enter Lorry Receipt details and save the same. The userneeds to accept a disclaimer and a unique reporting number isgenerated. This successfully culminates the last step forcompleting the PPN (Pay and Park Entry). The time stamp and thedate is captured along with other details entered in the backend.
Jio LEAP 1.6
Jio LEAP App provides employees with access to talks byglobalthought and innovation leaders. To use the application pleaseloginwith Domain ID. As they say, Innovation thrives withininspiredminds. From industry captains to Nobel Laureates, seniorgovernmentofficials to social crusaders, all have inspired andmesmerised theemployees through Jio LEAP.
EmpXP - Employee Experience Platform 4.7.0
EmpXP (Employee Experience Platform) serves as a single window,integrated interface for all services and offers a world-classemployee experience. This easy-to-use solution provides real timenotifications and alerts for important events. It also enableson-the-go access to various useful services that form a part of theemployee’s work day. With the EmpXP mobile app, you can: 1) Applyand track your leave and regularization requests 2) Apply forreimbursements and claims 3) Approve employee requests (formanagers) 4) View, email or download important documents like PaySlip, Form 16, CTC Statement, Bonafide Letters etc. 5) Book adoctor’s appointment and access your medical reports 6) Access thelearning recommendations and track completion… and much more! EmpXPis only available for Reliance Industries Ltd.’s supervisory users.
Learn and Grow 1.7.0
Learn and Grow is a one stop shop solution for all learning needsfor RIL employees. It is not just another traditional LearningManagement System; Learn and Grow offers a different approach totalent management. It works by capturing, archiving, and growingthe knowledge that already exists within or about the organization.The platform is intuitive with its recommendation engine and acentralized repository of current information available ateveryone’s fingertips. Easy access to the insights provideemployees with the tools they need to drive growth and innovation.The app engages user by providing segregated information; nicelypacked in the form of small widgets in which a user can navigatethrough all RIL academies, user dashboard etc. Additionally,manager can track his/her team learning assignments. Using the app,user can watch more than 4000 courses/lessons from all in houselearning academies as well as from integrated third party learningplatforms like Lynda. The app provides multiple theme which suitsvarious user preferences. A personalized dashboard makes it easyfor a user to track his/her assignments.
Jio Partner Training 1.8
Learning on the go is fun now. Stay on top with all the updatesfrom Jio Learning. Learning on the go and classroom learning's aresimplified through this app. Learning at Jio caters to all theemployees and partners. The learning transcends to a team strengthof more than 1 million people. Jio Partner Training focuses on theJio Partner fraternity and offers the following exclusive featuresfor them: a. The courses and modules from various businessacademies can be accessed from this app. b. Classroom sessions aremuch simplified. c. Video nugget based learning modules for funlearning. d. Assessments and quizzes for the respective courses.With the app we intend to make learning not just to facilitatepartners with business updates but to create a platform that wouldtransform their learning overview and they can learn about thelatest industry and digital processes at Jio.
Jio Careers 2.5
Welcome to Jio careers, your gateway to a world of opportunitiesatJio. As a recruitment app, Jio Careers personalises your jobsearchefforts and keeps you updated about new openings at Jio. WithJioCareers, you can get the first pick of jobs acrossbusiness,technology, and functional categories. The app lets youupload yourresume, search and apply for jobs, take online tests,attend videointerviews and do much more. You can also accept offer,completepre-boarding, and go through online induction, right hereat JioCareers. Download the app now and start your digital journeywithJio today. About Jio – Jio is a young and dynamic organisationwitha mission to digitally transform India. Jio’snext-generationall-IP data network with the latest 4G LTEtechnology createdhistory transforming not just the Indian telecomindustry but thewhole country. Within months of Jio’s launch, Indiashot up toWorld No. 1 in mobile data consumption. Jio has becomethe world’slargest and fastest growing mobile data network,boasting anunprecedented level of consumer engagement
RIL Pass App enables RIL registered users to logon to theirsystemsvia a VPN using a secure OTP.
Mobile E-POD 1.1
The app allows the user to:  This application accessibleforReliance and Reliance domestic logistics partners for customerPOD Submit proof of delivery after unloading the truck.  Allowstocapture details of recipient like name, mobile number,signatureand photo copy of physical POD.
RIL Authenticator 1.9
RIL Authenticator App enables RIL registered users to logon totheirWindows systems using a secure OTP or a Mobile Notificationinaddition to their biometrics login
Learnet – RIL 2.3
The Learnet platform is a video and text based, highlyinteractive,collaborative and mobile friendly platform where peoplebecome“generators of knowledge” and share self-recorded video oftheirsuccess and learning stories, start discussions, sharedocumentsand connect with peers & subject matter experts (SME),on clickof a button from anyplace, anytime. To Log In, please enteryourRIL Domain ID and current windows password. (Eg. Amit.Sharma)
R Cash 1.7
This app is for Company Owned & Company Operated outlettoenable operators with simplified and secured method ofcashmanagement including cash pick-up. Easy and simplified methodofidentifying the cash executive. Easy & secured way to handoverCash to Cash pick-up agency. Instant confirmation of Cashhandedover by RO. Feedback facility for both the Agency and theOperator.
Reliance MITS - Manufacturing IT ServiceDesk 5.1
MITS - Manufacturing IT ServiceDesk is a ticketing applicationwhichis used across all Manufacturing sites, MITS is single windowforIncident, Service, Change Management and Problem managementrequestswith facility to link with process and approval workflows. Appfunctionalities: 1) Home screen to display My Tickets,Pendingtickets and My Assets in one screen. 2) Raise Incident,Service,Change Management and Problem management tickets frommobile. 3)Ticket approval/resolution functionality toapprove/close MITStickets. 4) Document/image attachment optionfacility. 5)Fingerprint authentication and PIN authentication inlogin screen.6) Non-employee can also use the app.
V-Navigate 1.1
This application will guide visitors to their meeting locationsinsmart way. Benefits of this application are following- i. Thisappwill make visitor independent and need not to ask fordirectionsfrom anyone. ii. Guide visitors to their location ofmeetinglocations, visitor parking and medical centres of RCITPLiii. Appis integrated with the shuttle service of RCP which willenablevisitor to use and track the shuttles on real time. iv.Visitorswill be able to choose and use most convenient mode oftransport.v. Visitors can call emergency services like (Security,Fire andmedical) using this application.
RO Audit Management System (ROAMS)mobile app facilitates useri.e.auditor to punch audit line items on real time basis.Scheduledaudits shall be displayed on user’s screen and auditor caninitiateaudit on current date only. Auditor must punch all theaudits lineitems which is fetched from server while generating newaudit noand sync with server so that it should be available forfurtheraction.
Reliance Petroleum 2.1
Find Nearest Fuel Station: Your journeys become stress-free whenyou know the availability of Reliance fuel stations, on your route.Click on ‘Nearest Fuel Station’ to search on the map entering theState, PIN code or Location, per your preference. Check Price ofFuel: Know the latest price of fuel at any outlet even beforereaching one, your journeys get economical and easier. Click on anyfuel station and you are provided with the price of Petrol, Dieseland AutoLPG. Favourite Fuel Station: When you frequent a fuelstation, you may want to set-up updates on fuel price andamenities. Click the ‘Favourite fuel station’ icon to receivenotifications on price changes at this station. Insurance & PUCalerts: We all lead busy lives and it is difficult to keep track ofall timelines. Set alerts on your vehicle insurance and PUC dates.Just enter the last dates of your vehicle insurance and PUC, andnotifications will be automatically sent to you by the app. Planyour trip: Fuelling during any travel is a key part of your plan.Now when you plan your trip find a Reliance Petroleum outlet alongthe way and add it to your stop-overs. All the information aboutthe outlet on your travel route is now made available through yourfavorite app. Customer Service: We pride ourselves on being theCountry’s Honest Pump and giving the best service as well asproduct quality and quantity to our customers. Our mobile appenables you to e-mail or call our toll free number for anygrievances or register feedback on our overall services
ResQ Service Manager 5.0
This application will be used by Reliance Digital ResQServiceEngineers for On Field Completion of Service Orders,Engineer &Customer Signature, Serial Number Capturing anduploading thephotographs as required. Key Features of the App: 1.Service OrderTechnical Completion 2. Customer and EngineerSignature 3. SerialNumber Scanning 4. Status Update 5. CustomerInformation andAddress