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Remind, formerly Remind101, is a free textmessaging app that helps teachers, students, and parentscommunicate quickly and efficiently. By connecting schoolcommunities, Remind makes it easy for everyone to succeed together.Remind is based in San Francisco, CA and is used by more than 35million people in 3 out of 4 U.S. school districts.* Real-time messaging for your school, group, or just a singleperson.* Schedule reminders ahead of time.* Send text messages straight to any phone.* Translate messages into more than 70 languages.* See who's read your messages and who's missing out.* Plan important activities and collect funds—on time.“Once a teacher starts to use the tool, it tends to spread throughthe rest of the school like wildfire. Domonique Roberts, a historyteacher at University High School in Newark, N.J., has been usingRemind to communicate better with parents. 'I have been messagingone student’s mom, telling her when he’s not doing homework, or ifhe fell asleep in class today,' Roberts says. 'She’s on top of itand his grade improved by two letter grades from the first markingperiod to the second, just by keeping up with her.'” – FastCompany“…Remind’s features have proved especially popular in low-incomedistricts, where parent engagement is a key issue for teachers, andparents’ sometimes erratic work schedules can make it difficult toget in touch by phone.” – BuzzfeedRemind website: