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Warrior Princess Temple Run 1.530
René Müller
This is an ultimate arcade game where you are a member of alegendary race of female warriors. You run through a temple with awarrior princess and collect golden gems and try to escape alive.As a dungeon hunter, you have to jump, dash, dodge and destroy allobstacles in your way. While you are racing for survival, try tocollect as many power ups and golden gems as possible. With thisgolden gems, you can rapidly increase your score. There is also aspecial nightmare edition of the temple for experienced playerswhere you will need a superhuman reflex to get through. Time tochallenge yourself and play this fast endless game to race throughthe temple. This game asks of you reaction and concentration, henceyou can test your reflexes and try to get better at it. How longcan you survive? ****************************** APP FEATURES****************************** ✓Great looking and animated braveWarrior Princess, Knight and Skeleton character ✓Nightmaredifficult level for experienced players ✓Real 3D graphics andenvironment. ✓Free full game ready to use with addictivegameplay  ✓Endless run arcade app ✓Simple controls, easy tolearn and play (hard to master) ✓Optimized for Mobile DevicesIt is now time to get better at your arcade game play, downloadthis game now and explore these amazing features in a go.****************************** APP CONTROLS****************************** ✓Slide right to move to right.✓Slide left to move to left. ✓Slide down to dash and slide. ✓Slideup to jump. ✓Slide up while you're in the air to do an air jump.✓Tap to shoot a dagger to destroy a barrel. *************** SAYHELLO *************** I hope you have fun with Warrior PrincessTemple Run! If you have any issues, criticism or just want say hi,please mail me at If you like our game,do not forget to review us or share it among your friends.
Zig Zag Toons 1.312
René Müller
Take on the challenge in this fast-paced free arcade game!How fastcan you react?******************************FEATURES by Zig ZagToons******************************✓ Arcade game with cute comicgraphics and fine animations in 3D✓ 3 different levels ofdifficulty: normal, difficult and extremely difficult✓ 4 differentrunning styles, including rolling movement✓ 38 unlockable cuteanimals like penguin, cat, turtle or the ninja monkey✓ simple butchallenging game principle that requires quick reactions✓ fun andaddictive endless racing game✓ free toplay******************************GAMEINSTRUCTIONS******************************✓ Tap the screen once torotate the figure 90 degrees✓ Try to collect as many coins aspossible without falling off✓ All 10 coins will make your charactereven faster✓ With the coins you can unlock new toons✓ Try also theheavier versions of the Zig Zagcourses******************************SAYHELLO******************************I hope you have fun with Zig ZagToons! If you have any issues, criticism or just want say hi,please mail me at you like our game, donot forget to review us or share it among your friends.