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Flower Fantasy 1.0.0
Match awesome fairy blossoms and cast hypnotizing spells with acute fairy named Coral. It's time to make magic bouquets in theenchanting vale!Epic! Fairy-tastic! Puzzle-icious! Start a newchapter in the age-old story of the fairy vs dragon clash. Explorethe mesmerizing worlds inside the valley, master the art ofspell-casting and send the dragon flying for good.MATCH FAIRYBLOSSOMS!Swap and match the sacred ingredients of a perfect fairybouquet! Pelt the dragon with fragrant bunches before he spits thedeadly fire. It's amazingly fun!SPELL-CAST WITH YOUR FRIENDSConnectwith Facebook to enjoy free lives and amazing boosters from fairyfriends, collect daily bonuses and tell about your greatestachievements! THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE SNUGGLYCollaborate withbuzzy bees and shy caterpillars to use their magic powers inthrilling dragon duels. Crush the ill-charmed vines and stoneswhich spoil your fun. Attack ugly snails and ladybug gangs thathave taken the dark side. GRAB WONDER POWERS FROM FAIRY-TALESTryout a dream set of boosters! Get the highest scores withCinderella's slipper or the Magic Wand from your favorite storiesand enjoy the brand-new Rainbow Kiss, Whirlwind and manymore!Incredible story. Mesmerizing fairy universe. Addicting match3 puzzle.LIKE: play!
Infinity Run 3D 1.04
Only you can save the Mashuran Empire!Something terrible has happened! The crafty kobolds have stolen thecrystals! Crystals that held the most dangerous monster in theworld in captivity! Now that the monster has broken free, it coulddestroy the Empire! Only you, the bravest paladin in the land, awarrior of goodness and light, can return the crystals, lock themonster up once again, and save the Empire from destruction!Infinity Run is a captivating arcade game with role-playingelements. You have to help the hero defeat the crafty kobolds andreturn the crystals. Your journey will take you through differentzones divided into levels. Each level has obstacles to avoid,vicious monsters to destroy, and coins to collect. As you play,you’ll earn new weapons and equipment… and, once the crystals arereturned, love and recognition from the people of the Empire!Game features:- More than 30 fascinating levels in 5 different zones- An assortment of obstacles, monsters, and bonuses- Equipment upgrades which give you additional bonuses- Unique boss battles- Gorgeous graphics- Unique level designs which never get boring- Future updates
Unicorn Story: The Bubble Book 1.2
Discover a dream world where Unicorn lives!Inhabited by toys, thosefantasy lands offer plenty of bubble shooting challenges for you tomeet. The game Unicorn Story: The Bubble Book brings you inside a3-dimensional reality inspired by legends and kids’stories.FUN-PACKED BUBBLE SHOOTER WITH THE MOST REALISTICEFFECTSGet ready to beat a great deal of perfectly designed levelsby bursting 3D bubbles. Swap and tap to make shots, and enjoybubbles falling down. With just a bit of Newton’s laws in mind, thecreators have added a life-like touch to the game: they fall as ifthey’re real.MYTHS COMING ALIVE!You’ll meet a sweet and kind babyUnicorn who started this adventure for the sake of his youngfriend. The little girl is in danger, and you’ve got to save herand ruin the black witch’s cunning plans. A WHOLE DREAM WORLD TOEXPLOREThe universe of Unicorn Story: The Book of Bubbles is lockedup in a book, and lots of adventures are waiting on every page.Play in toy lands, collect cards and exchange them for keys to openup secrets. UNUSUAL SETTING with MESMERIZING VISUALSNever been to aworld inhabited by toys? Girls will arrange tea ceremonies and havefun in a sandbox, while boys will be happy to race in Car land orbuild something up in Cubic land. Download and play!
SlotBOOM 1.3.1
SlotBOOM: 3D SlotsJoin the overall craze for casino games byplaying this addictive slot machine simulator! Being a gamblinggame wrapped in a cartoon-like graphics, SlotBOOM is doomed to suitevery taste, including yours!The game's intended as a virtualadventure through fairy worlds and picturesque locations. Each newepisode represents a totally different reality with its own uniqueslots, sound effects and visuals.Try SlotBOOM once to infinitelyenjoy its:- linear game play with gradually unlocking episodes-animated slots entertaining players after each successful spin-card duels with dealer to make one's win bigger- lotteries offeringboth free and paid-for tickets- progress dashboard featuring alltop players And check out regular free bonuses received for simplylogging-in and sharing it with your friends!SlotBOOM is a game withno danger of bankruptcy!
Dream: Hidden Adventure 2.5
“First game to really combine the appeal of an adventure type gamewith the simplicity of a seek-and-find game we all know and love.”(MacTrast) “The experience is almost cinematic... with thecharacters and scenes almost Disney-like.” (Today's iPhone)“You’llhave a hard time taking a break from this game.” (AppPicker)Explorethe imaginary Dream world made of nightmares, dreams andabsurdities! Dream's waiting for you to come and save it fromgetting into the black hole. Sleep tight to get yourself afree-to-play tour across 5 hovering dreamy isles, full of hiddenobjects... to be found by you. This eventful adventure will requireyou to: - unlock dreams (16 all in all), consult thelist/sillhouettes and find necessary items by tapping on them; -beat 400+ quests, visit your Facebook friends; - collect rewards,tools, weapons and complete many-many collections; - fight uniquePresences with special artifacts, or attract them if you're readyfor hardcore search.Feast your eyes on the easy-navigable 3D mapand get swept up by the juicy-colored graphics. Meet the mostbizarre characters ever created, let them guide you!Caution! Dream:Hidden Adventure is too addictive to quit!More games from Renatus:-Ravenhill Asylum: HOGLearn more about the game on Renatus website: Watch game video: the game on its Facebook page:
Bubble Journey 1.111
Dear users! Once the game update erroroccurs,please re-login to your Google account on your device. Findmoreinformation about Google Play error here Journey is a Match 3 Shooter game that brings thelatestgeneration of arcade games to your Android device! BubbleJourneygives you an amazing opportunity to dive into the colorfulworld ofpirates and exciting adventures.Bubble Journey works perfectly on all Android devices withtheseversions of OS:- Android 2.2- Android 2.3.x- Android 3.x- Android 4.xGo through dozens of colourful levels of every island tounlockthe next part in the search for treasures!During your adventure you will enjoy:- Amazing gameplay- More than 150 mysterious levels- Lovely visuals and sounds- Secret islands with real pirate treasures- Сontests and sea battlesAnd a lot of awesome features that you’ve never seen beforeinbubble games - you’ll fall in love with all of them!All in-game features are frequently updated, so you’ll neverfeelbored with this game!Bubble Journey has a perfect user friendly multi-touchinterfacethat makes this app easy accessible for everyone.Get Bubble Journey now for FREE and start your ownpirateadventure - this app is worth being downloaded!To get correct work and maximum fun of our game check outthatyour device has at least 768MHz CPU and 512Mb RAM.
Ravenhill Asylum: HOG 1.1.9
Have you ever been curious to take a look beyond the bounds of amental hospital? How does it feel to be amidst madmen? Drop inabandoned Ravenhill Asylum and get an exciting trip through a mazeof its mysterious passages, explore hidden rooms and meet someweird characters! Will you ever find the way out?*****RavenhillAsylum is a Hidden Object Game. You’ll have to find a way out ofthe bizarre Ravenhill Asylum that is not in fact inhabited byordinary madmen.Feel free to explore the fabulous game universealone or with your friends. Complete various tasks and search formysterious artifacts together! Help each other to make your gamingexperience even more thrilling!Get ready to encounter newcharacters: both friendly and helpful, and those trying to harmyou!All these things and even more await you in the incrediblyexciting multiplayer adventure in Ravenhill Asylum!Game Features:-FREE to play- Large number of characters- Various quest versions-Large variety of collectible items- Powerful artifacts- Constantlyevolving living history- Mesmerizing music- Two game modes: normaland nightmare- Fascinating multiplayer- AchievementsOfficial gamecommunity:
Bits of Sweets: Match 3 Puzzle 1.2.1
Try out one of the best new match 3 games free! Looking for freematching games with sweet candy gameplay? Show what you’re made ofwhile solving deliciously challenging puzzle games and helping yournew friends Cara and Mel escape from an ugly, gluttonous witch.This addicting match 3 puzzle will take you to amazing sugar landsand jelly valleys, where you will mix bonbons and crush cookiepacks with kids on the run! Make candy combos, crumble sweetcookies, smash donuts, and collect teaware for a tea and pastryceremony between breathtaking duels with the witch. Share every bitof this new sugar matching adventure with your friends - easy gamesare made for playing together! The best things to do in a sweetparadise: -Kick bad candies and angry pastries off the boardtogether with kids -Mix candy drops and chocolates to createcolorful, tasty combos -Jam lollipops into colorful cans on a questfor more sweet fun! -Run across a variety of mouthwatering worlds,including Purple Lollipopolis, Marshmeadow, Los Mexicandies, andmore -Pop and ruin the witch’s appetite with super-powerful candyattacks -Connect to Facebook and invite friends for a bit ofaddicting tile matching games fun for them and yummy gifts for you-Win one of the best free puzzle games with limited moves and theunlimited power of explosive, sure-fire, high-scoring boostersDownload the app and play on mobile! Like Facebook games more? Youcan play it on Facebook right now! Stay tuned to enjoy more match 3games free:
Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel 1.5.2
Stop reading books on world history,playBubble Chronicles to see it evolving in your own eyes. Thisgame isyour 'front row ticket' to the show called Earth Chronicles!Makeyour way through a series of historic epochs, fromPrehistoricsociety to Ancient China, to help brother and sisterfind theirgrandfather, who was lost in time.DescriptionBubble Chronicles is a lively free-to-play match3 game designed inaSteampunk style.A terrible misfortune has happened to a grandfather. Beingtooenthusiastic and fearless, he got into a time funnel during oneofhis mad experiments and disappeared. The two of hisgrandchildren,brother and sister, ventured into the ancient past tofind andbring him back.In Bubble Chronicles, you're offered to explore a map ofancientEarth, consisting of 7 truly existing eras. The grippingadventureis building up from a series of absorbing match3missions.Ready? Steady. Go! Find yourself in one of thepicturesquelocations, where brother and sister are waiting for youholding afunny-looking, yet powerful bubble cannon. Aim it atbubbleshanging above and shoot them to create one-coloured matches.Usemagical Amulets and power-ups to score more, otherwise youdon'tget enough stars to complete levels. Enjoy bright classygraphics,infinite bubble shooting and nice characters withextensivewardrobe to follow each era's 'fashion'!Don't miss awesome game features:syncing of progress with Facebook account7 stunningly beautiful historic eras with unique graphicsandsoundtrackplenty of challenging levelstouching, instantly believable story of family reunioneye-pleasing steampunk graphics7 collections of rare artifactsdozens of magical amulets and power-ups to make playingeasierintuitive interface & handy menuThese Chronicles you'll want to read to the last page!More games from Renatus:SlotoQuest: Gambling AdventureRavenhill Asylum: Hidden ObjectsI Need a HeroBubble JourneyInflexiball FreeSlots JourneyInfinity Run 3DSlotoMAXFruit EaterPlay online onFacebook: the officialcommunity: our website:
Sweet Tales: Match 3 Christmas 1.0
The Christmas edition is coming to town!Your favorite puzzle gamegot a new holiday wrap-up, check it out!** Ski, sleigh and solvepuzzles in winter worlds!** Play nice to get presents from Santa!**And beat the Yeti’s close relative, Crumbhilda the Snow Witch!Sweet Tales is a free-to-play game that contains optional in-apppurchases which may improve your score.
Sweet Tales: Valentine Match 1.0
Check out the new chapter of Sweet Tales: a love story you’ll neverforget! How deep is your love for candy?Match 3 colorful sweets ina row to show the world you’re in love with adventure!** Embark ona romantic journey and beat hundreds of match-3 levels** Meet withCrumbhilda the witch, who's crazy in love! No dates, only DUELS!**Play in the most romantic worlds together with Cara and Mel**Spread love and share the fun with your friends! Download and play!
El Caramelica: Me Gusta Match 1.0
The masquarade party in sugar lands was simply killer, until awitchy crasher stole all the candy.Now someone has to bring newsweets and chase away the witch!Join two sugar-skull kids on amatching journey, fun enough to wake the dead and turn them greenwith envy!Inspired by Dia de los Muertos, this amazinglyatmospheric mobile game will take you to the sugariest of allworlds and bring back the sweet sense of living. As you chew yourway through bonbon-y episodes, don’t get scared by the two ‘skullfaces’ next to you. These kids will help you mix and match againstthe witch! They’ve got lucky pans de muerto protecting them fromwitchcraft, so you have even better chances of winning candyduels!Have plenty of marzipan fun this season!- Bone up on yourmatch-3 skills to fill candy baskets for the party! - Beat hundredsof lively levels: from dead-easy puzzles to skull-busterchallenges! - Enjoy the sweetest gameplay with all sorts of pastryblockers, dessert challenges, and candy powerups you can handle!-Unlock magical boosters and watch the board come wildly alive attheir touch!- Puzzle gamer to the bone? Try out our specialtime-limited missions! Enter unique new worlds, play and win rareprizes!- No fun playing alone? Log in with Facebook to sync yourprogress and invite your friends!- Super rewards for candy heroes!Collect the Daily Bonus and find hidden coins as you play.
Sky Puzzle: Match 3 Game 1.1.5
Swap and match colorful tokens at a breathtaking height!Get off theground and experience a gripping puzzle adventure with a boy andhis chubby dog on a jolly journey across sky islands. There’s athief sneaking around and making troubles for island dwellers, soget ready for boss fights you won't soon forget!EXTRAORDINARYSETTING: Unlock and explore 15 themed islands floating in thesky!BEST MATCH 3 MECHANICS: Collect a certain color! Clear fixedblockers! Drop toys to the bottom! Match moving toy soldiers!Defuse time bombs! More fun objectives added with every newupdate...BOSS LEVELS: Collect and throw handfuls of tokens to winduels against the thief!SUPER-DUPER BOOSTERS: Unlock & useboosters for HIGH scores, and enjoy stunning animations!BONUSES,REWARDS: Return every day for a Daily Bonus! Claim tip-top rewardsfor each completed island! FRIENDS ALLOWED: Invite Facebookfriends! Not only because you miss them, but also to compete withand get gifts from!Download and play now!
Popsicle Mix 1.1.0
Join the cutest ice-cream girl, Molly, on her puzzle adventure! Sheneeds lots of colored fruit to feed the hungry animals and breakevil spells. Set in a fantastic berry fruit world, this adventurehas several playing modes: a Map of juicy match-3 levels, a Farmwhere you can upgrade pets by completing tasks, and time-limitedMissions with unlimited prize packs! Popsicle Mix is a naturalblend of fun casual features:- 300 levels with all sorts ofchallenges (and all sorts of ice cream, too)- Dessert-based taskswith a happy ending: drop down cake pieces, free ice-creamypenguins, collect chocolate cake decorations and much more!- A castof wild animals, each with a unique skill that can be levelled up!-Lots of unlockable boosters for hard levels!- Daily bonus and cartswith free coins!- Facebook Connect! A Game of unwitnessed sweetnessawaits you and your Facebook friends. Download and play!
Rainbow Wings 1.3
Play the MOST uplifting and COLORFUL match3 app ever! Let theadventure take you off the ground and up to the roof of askyscraper! Solve puzzles, explore new floors and meet quirkyneighbors as you climb up with your new friend Peppe the parrot.FUN and EXPLOSIVE gameplay! Make a feathery mess on each level --swipe and swap pudgy pillows to make 3 in a row. Lots of combos tomaster and tasty challenges to go through! Exciting RESCUE mission!The ground is swarming with hungry cats, so climb up! Beat levelsand move your buddy bird farther from their claws. ONE-OF-A-KINDsetting and cast! Make friends with neighbors on every floor youreach: they’ve come from fairy tales, prehistoric times and evenouter space. MAGIC boosters and CLINGY blockers! Unlock specialpowerups to blast obstacles in your and Peppe’s way. You’ll need toclear the board of cookies and cakes, go fishing, save baby birdsand much, much more. Download and join the climb to cloud nine!
Frost Journey 2.9.1
Welcome to Frost Journey! Love match 3 games and adventure games ormaybe puzzle games? Then play this super colorful match 3 puzzleadventure with us and invite your friends! This super fun game is agood train for your brain! Frost Journey is a perfect journey tofairy and colorful lands, jigsaw puzzles, jam cities, blizzardcaves, challenging match 3 levels, fun and brave characters! Starttraining your brain today! Believe us, this free puzzle match 3game is a real hit among other adventure games! Just share yourlove for brain train games and play Frost Journey brain trainingtitle for free! The Ice Queen has cast her charm spell on FrozenLands, and only one brave girl and her family of charm dragons canstand against the Queen. Help our brave girl and her charm dragonsdefeat the Ice Queen and her family of evil sisters and Snowmen onthis blizzard travel with lots of colorful jigsaw puzzles andchallenging match 3 levels. Join this adventure for free and playhundreds of levels and solve jigsaw puzzles by swaping, matchingand collecting puzzle pieces across the Frozen Lands! Collect 3 ina row, succeed and become Real Match 3 King! If you like puzzlegames and adventure games, this popular match 3 mind train title issure to be a treat for you. It’s time to be a super Brave! Downloadit for your best gaming experience! Frost Journey features: ● Funand colorful fairy gameplay. Challenge your brain and plan matchingstrategy to make super powerful matches and jam combos! Deliciousbeans, blizzard boosters, colorful jam combos, jelly traps – heapsof ingame mechanics for every wish. ● Tons of challenging levels tocomplete, a wealth of colorful fairy chapters with fun characters!Complete levels, gain rewards and improve your game experience! Bythe way, new updates arrive very quickly! ● Fantastic icechallenges and frozen special missions, including Ice Queenbattles! Train your mind and win challenges! ● Dragons will helpyou on challenging levels! Unlock your dragons friends along theway through blizzard lands! ● Jigsaw puzzles fun! Train your mindto solve jigsaw puzzles to discover new fairy lands! It’s a realfun! ● Play this addictive free mind training game with friends andfamily to have even more fun! Just link your Facebook account toplay alongside your friends and family! Let's add some match 3madness to your daily routine! Frost Journey is free to downloadand play but contains optional in-game purchases of items or livesthat may help along your way. Get support or directly from the game through supportbutton. Follow us to get news and updates: Join our brave girl and her dragons toexperience an unforgettable frozen adventure! Let's download andplay this game together with your family or best friends! Swap andmatch your own paradise road to fantastic lands and jigsaw puzzles!This is a real hit among adventure games! Download Frost Journeynow for free and have a blast with your new family of playfuldragons!
Charm Heroes: Match and Blast 1.1.2
Dive into this fantastic puzzle game! The Ice Queen has cast aspell on the Treasure Lands, and only one girl and her charm heroesare brave enough to stand against her. Help Lagertha and her charmdragon heroes defeat the old Ice Queen and her sisters on this epicjourney, and solve puzzles in a super adorable match3 paradise!Play hundreds of levels and solve jigsaw puzzles by swaping,matching and collecting Puzzle pieces across the Treasure Lands!Match three in a row, succeed and become one of the Charm Heroes!Fun Charm Heroes: Match and Blast features: ● Enjoyable andcolorful match 3 gameplay. Match 3 or more tiles in a row tocollect them, and plan moves strategically to make huge and supercrush matches to beat high scores and unlock new levels! Discoverfantastic adventures across a blizzard of icy challenges andheart-melting missions, including Ice Queen battles! ● Jigsaw fun!Solve jigsaw puzzle levels to discover new fantastic lands ● CharmHeroes: Match and Blast also has tons of mega-helpful boosts andpower ups to help you advance on your way! Above all, unfreeze yourCharm Hero dragons! They have super powers you can use on levels! ●Face tons of enticing levels and puzzles in this app! ● A wealth ofspecial missions and quests: unfreeze your Charm Heroes and gainextra boosts! ● Plunge into this charming game alone or invite yourFacebook friends to have even more fun and get crucial help onmatch 3 levels! Charm Heroes: Match and Blast is completely free toplay, but does contain optional in-app purchases of items or livesthat may help along your way. If you need help, contact our SupportTeam by sending an email to or directly in thegame using the Support button. Join us and help grow our communityatée-Match-3-Communauté-398413063923811Hurry up and step up to the challenge of this fantastic addictivetimekiller and help the Charm Heroes and Lagertha return peace inthis amusing match 3 puzzle mania! Beat the Ice Queen and hersnowmen, and unfreeze all the suffering game characters! Don't letyourself get older. A smile on the face is a sign that the heart isat home. Will you become a hero in this crazy swap and puzzle game?Download Charm Heroes: Match and Blast now and have some fun!
com.renatus.pot 1.4.2
Christmas is stepping to the city! Christmas it's the time when allyour wishes would come true, just make a wish and find the rightwords for Santa Claus! "Royal cafe: Match3 and Time Management""game is a perfect illustration how wishes come true! Join and playout a happy rags-to-riches story! Make a young girl’s dream ofhaving her very own business come true as you beat rushing match3levels and serve food in a royal cafe. This touching story willflip up your mind! Mary, a young girl, was distraught after losingher job, but Tobby the dragon, her dearest friend and helper, saw anotice that someone was looking for a new owner to run their oldcafe. Now the girl has a lot on her plate: she needs to manage herdiner, meet the most demanding tastes of her visitors and buy newstuff for her royal cafe to make it colorful and popular! Join ourcute and persistent girl in this rushing adventure through magiccities and diners with lots of сolorful and flipping combos,challenging match 3 levels and exciting time management levels!This game is a real charm king among other popular games! Dive intothis rushing three in a row & time management game that's gotit all on the menu! - Follow tips and learn to cook match 3 stylewith unique boosters and explosive combinations! Immersive gameplayfull of jumping and rushing animations and addictive game mechanicslooking like snow balls explosions, supportive boosters and muchmore! - Solve assorted colorful puzzles and win fresh food items -Manage an old-time city diner by filling orders as fast as you can- Satisfy customers of all types: use strategy to please impatientbruisers, whimsical girls, loyal visitors and even thieves! -Upgrade your diner by adding stylish furniture and décor! Make itlook like the brightest star! Maybe a Prince will visit your cafeand invite you to the Royal Ball where you could meet the King andthe Queen! - Rush into this adorable match 3 and time managementgame alone or invite your Facebook friends to create your own cozyatmosphere in the cafe and have even more fun and happiness! - Takeadvantage of a bunch of special Christmas offers and special giftsfrom Santa Claus! Want to try out our adorable free to play game?Learn more about the game and play in the Facebook Gameroom orGoogle Play Store! Need any help? Contact our Tech Support bysending an email to Rush into "Royal cafe:Match3 and Time Management" and have a happy and delightfulChristmas time! You can stay at home with a bowl of candies, watchthe snow falling outside, look at the stars and dream how SantaClaus would bring you gifts at night or you can go to the city,play snowballs and have great fun outside! Peace on earth will cometo all If we just follow the light So lets give thanks to the lordabove That Santa Claus comes tonight!
Pet Stories: Home Design and Match3 1.0.1
Welcome to Pet Stories: Home Design and Match3! Like swap games?Then get ready for a super journey with a bunch of lovable pets!Play through hundreds of levels in our three in a row free game.Start with tiny pet homes and upgrade them to pet palaces! Boostyour Pet Team’s skills to make it the best superhero team ever!Join Molly the cutest ice-cream girl and her adorable pets on anunforgettably sweet adventure! She needs lots of ice cream to feedthe hungry animals and design beautiful homes for them. If you likepuzzle games and crush games, this popular title is sure to be atreat for you. It’s time to be a super hero for a whole zoo full ofpets! Game features: - We’ve already reached over 2048,000,000installs and over 5,000 reviews on other platforms - Enjoy hundredsof challenging match3 levels! - Immersive gameplay full of tastygame mechanics; ice-cream penguins, chocolate cake decorations andmuch more! - Manage a Zoo with your very own Pet Team, each with aunique skill to level up! - Start with tiny pet homes and upgradethem all the way to pet palaces! - Challenge yourself withtime-limited missions with unlimited prizes! - Use boosters to helpyou complete tough levels! - Get daily bonuses and carts full offree coins! - Link your Facebook account to play alongside yourfriends! Pet Stories: Home Design and Match3 is a free to playgame, but contains optional in-app purchases of items or lives thatcan help you out on your journey. If you ever need any help,contact our Support Team by sending an email or just press the Support button in thegame. Join us and help grow our community at: are you waiting for? Download the game for free and have ablast with your new family of playful pets!