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Run or Die - Adventure Island 1.2
Run or die trying.Hungry horde is ready to eat you for the lunch. It'srunordie.You also have to look for treasure on oldsailor'sisland.Run for your life through beautiful greenjungle,templevillage,beach, ruins, scary night, creepy caves,riverandthunderous rainymountains.Run or Die is a fast paced run, slice & jump adventure.Features:- Amazing realistic graphics- Smooth gameplay- animated story- Online leaderboard- Post your score on facebook and compete with your friends- Career and Survival modeLike us on facebook to get future
Adventure of Ted 2 - Free 4.5.0
Rendered Ideas presents side scrollingplatformer game "Adventure of Ted 2". This game is classicplatformer where player will experience old school side scrollingarcade type gameplay. This is very simple and free to play platformgame.On sunny day Ted's kid and his friend was wondering around jungleand suddenly Evil Domba appeared from deep jungle. He capturedTed's kid. Now you have to help Ted rescue the little kid. Dodgeall the creatures sent by Domba to stop Ted & teach Domba alesson.To to bring back Ted's kid ted has set out on adventure alone.Helphim in his journey, run and jump in jungle, take out all enemiesand clear all levels.Features:+ Side scrolling platformer gameplay+ Simple graphics+ Easy to adapt controls+ Animated story+ 25 unique levels
Cute Bird 3.4.0
CuteBird needs your help to survive. Your aim is to avoid enemies& land to the home safely. Touch anywhere or press any key tofly.Don't forget to submit your scores for global high score list& get your rank.
Ninja Dash free 1.6.0
Best Addictive Ninja game.Use your cool Ninja techniques to get past everything. Changeyour gravity or use your shiny sword.Features:- 54 different levels with additional survival endless mode.- Simple one touch addictive gameplay.- Eye catching graphics and environments.- Global high scores and cool music.Like us on facebook for more
3D Fox Run 1.1
An awesome cute running adventure suitable forall ages.Run and escape from the Bull.Cute little fox needs your help to escape the bull. Help foxy andoutrun the notorious Bull as you turn, jump and slide your wayacross the wonder jungle.Features:- Post your score to facebook to compete with your friends- Online leaderboard- Awesome cute sound effects- Simple swipe controls!- Eye catching cartoon graphicsIf you like 3D games and enjoyed our title Moto Racing 3D,Jungle Run 3D, Run or die, dont miss this running adventuregame.To know about future games and updates, like us on
Unicorn Run - free 1.6.0
Awesome Unicorn Dash Action!!!Jump, Dash or destroy everything in your way and get to thevictory.Simple yet highly addictive, suitable for all ages.Unicorn Run kid brings you never ending fun experience.Features:- 30 levels of fun- survival mode- compete with your friends on facebook- cool graphics and sound effects - online leaderboardsLike us on facebook:
Mr Worm - free
Mr. Worm is all set to enjoy delicious foods.But there are cute enemies moving around. Tilt or touch your deviceto move the worm.Make a high score and compete with your friends on facebook.A wormy game in the style of classic snake game with new twistsand challenges.Features:- Online scoring board- Accelerometer supported- Simple, addictive gameplay suitable for all ages- Post your scores to facebook- Highly addictive gameIf you like Adventure of Ted, you'll love this game too.Please contact us for any issues before leaving any negativecomment.If require new features in this game or any suggestions, pleasecontact us.
Monkey Adventures 1.2
Mr. Monkey is on a critical mission for on aplanet 100 light years away from earth. Mission is tough butMr.Monkey will do anything for 3 bananas.Help Mr. Monkey to eat bananas and land safely.Like us on Facebook to get future updates about our games:
Bmx boy 1.2
Physics based bike stunt game.Amazing stunts and smooth gameplay will make you play this gamefor hours.Features:- Amazing realistic physics- Smooth controls- Addictive gameplayLike us on facebook to get future updates to this
Dagru's World – Classic 1.5
Rendered Ideas presents side scrollingplatformer game "Dagru's World". Classic game with total feel ofarcade gaming, your thumb will twitch to play this platform game.Game is based on story of Viking World. This journey will take youthrough various Adventures like jungle run, explore desert, cavesand lurk in night. It gives classic platformer gameplay experience.One day when Dagru was returning home from journey of VikingWorld he lost all of his coins on the way. Now he needs to find allof his coins. So Dagru decided to go on an adventure of VikingWorld filled with dengerous creatures and action.To find his all lost coins Dagru decided to explore World ofVikings. To do that he need your help. Help him run and jump inthis adventure, take out all enemies in a way and collect all coinshe lost. Be careful, though. This place is full of beasts andmonsters, and they'll do everything so they can catch you and havea feast.Features :+ Classic platformer gameplay+ 25 Unique levels+ Cute and beatiful graphics+ Simple and intuitive controls+ Ability to double jump+ Collect score by taking out enemiesSo get your beard and moustache ready for this new adventure inDagru’s world.
Jungle Adventures 2 47.0.28
The Fruity forest is in trouble, a mighty Magician has stolen allthe fruits of the jungle to become Immortal. Addu, our fearlessadventurer along with his loyal pet Bullion set out to bring allthe fruits back to breathe new life into his homeland. Winner of 24FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award !!! Features: +Classic adventure game + Simple yet incredible graphics + Easy andintuitive controls + Ability to double jump + More than 60 uniquelevels + Ton of boss battles + Suitable for all ages Explore thejungle like Tarzan in Jungle Adventures 2 where you can choosewhich character you want to play while having many powerful powerups. In this adventure game, you can also use your two pets aBullian and Coco who have very useful traits to help you in battle.Discover Addu’s amazing new abilities. • Addu could jump, swim andthrow stones. • Now he can pick up, throw and glide. • He can ridehis pets to assist him in his journey. • Run, jump and explore theArcades. Face an army of enemies which are spawned by otherdangerous monsters which you will have to face to rescue thejungle. With beautiful graphics and incredible gameplay experience,you are to going to have an amazing adventure! Use your power upsand with some help from your Genie friends Bobo and Eva who havedifferent powers like turning enemies into fruits and making youinvincible. Be the king and crush your foes to save the jungle inbattle! Are you ready for this incredible adventure game? Be theJungle boy or Tarzan and jump on various platforms in this game!Enjoy the adventurous journey of this incredible world. Explore anIce age world and explore the mysteries in Jungle Adventures 2!Escape from dangerous monsters while you get chased by theirminions. While on a super adventure for you to explore the freedomof the beautiful game world! If you like Adventure games, thenJungle Adventures 2 will suit you best. As it comes among the topAdventure games on Android! Download this Adventure game and becomethe Tarzan of the jungle! Contact us on support@renderedideas.comif you need any help! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Adventures Story 2 39.0.1
Everyone has a weakness, our Chingu has two! Sleep and Candies. Sowhat happens when he sleeps and dreams about candies. Jump into aworld of total fun and adventure, from a Green Island to a PirateShip and from the Bunny Land to the Candy Land. Chingu is all setto glide through his super cute candy dreams. They say dreams cometrue, but so do nightmares. Features: • Experience an exciting mixof fun and exploration. • Lots of bosses and super cute enemies todefeat. • Set off on a dreamy adventure with amazing visuals. •Smooth controls. • Funny animations give life to all thecharacters. Explore a unique candy adventure with our hero Chinguin Adventures Story 2. It is an adventure platformer that comesamong the top platform games and adventure games on Android. Thereare many challenging and fun levels to explore in this 2dadventures game with your pets and companions. Fight for survivalin this fantasy world. There is a special BOSS mode where you haveto battle against bosses to reach the next level for excitingrewards. The fun in this platformer game is never-ending! Show yourskills by completing levels and be the hero! Collect all thecandies and use them for power ups to gain lives, health and muchmore. You will face many enemies on your way to complete yourmission, so get ready for an epic adventure! Adventures Story 2 isa simple platformer game with easy controls and fun gameplay whichis very easy for everyone to pick up and start! It has a classicplatformer game style with wonderfully designed worlds and levels.If you love platform games and adventure games you will definitelylove Adventures Story 2! The game is free to play so download thiscandy adventure game now! Contact us on support@renderedideas.comif you need any help! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Jungle Adventures Run 2.2
If you love our Jungle Adventures series, then you will surelyenjoy this new jungle-themed Adventure game! Addu came to knowabout a new and magical world that is in danger! Huge and dangerousBosses are trying to capture it with their evil powers! Help Adduand his friends to save the magical world in this action-packedRunning adventure game! It's a new kind of Jungle Adventures gamethat you can play with just using one hand! Control Addu by tappingas he constantly runs forward! Features - Easy to use one-touchportrait gameplay - Beautiful and stunning graphics - Big BossBattles! - Amazing music and sound effects - Unique and carefullydesigned levels - Multiple characters to choose from in this junglegame! In this new kind of adventure game from the Jungle Adventureseries, jump and run your way by simply tapping on the screen. Dosuper run, perform single and double jumps in mid-air! Collect allthe fruits, have epic battles, become the Tarzan of the jungle, andcomplete all the levels! If you love our games, Jungle Adventures,Jungle Adventures 2, and Jungle Adventures 3 then you are surelygoing to enjoy this new adventure game! With simple jump and runcontrols, this game is suitable for all ages. Download this RunningAdventure game and start the fun jungle jump! Go on a runningadventure in Jungle Adventures Run and enjoy the jungle run filledwith lots of fun! In this adventure run, you get to battle againstvarious monsters, perform various jungle jump to beat them. Withmany environments to explore in this jungle run, you will have funplaying this amazing jungle game. If you like to play adventuregames, then Jungle Adventures Run will suit you best, as it comesamong the top adventure games on Android! So, get ready for anultimate adventure run in this fun-filled adventure game and becomethe Tarzan of this jungle, download now! Contact us if you need any help! Follow Us to getnews and updates:
Jungle Adventures 3 50.34.4
Jungle Adventures 3 - If you liked Jungle Adventures & JungleAdventures 2, you will definitely love the newest addition in theseries. The story of an enraptured forest - In search of some foodin the middle of the night, our hero Addu witnesses a tragic sight.The cute Furry people of the forest were being kidnapped by a gangof goons. Join Addu and his friends on an amazing adventure throughremarkable worlds to help him save the Fur family while facing epicchallenges blocking his path. Run, Jump and Smash your way througha breathtaking journey of the all new Jungle Adventures 3 toexperience an adventure unlike any other! Features: Experience anexciting mix of fun and exploration. Beautiful and stunninggraphics provide amazing visuals. Addu has new abilities and pets.Unique challenges and tons of bosses to battle. Easy Controls &Attractive Sound. More obstacles, power-ups and achievements added.Let this be the most incredible adventure of your life! DownloadNow! Avoid obstacles by jumping around and using your powerfulabilities against super monsters. Run while you explore thebeautiful worlds which we have created for a magical experience.With daily rewards to keep you hooked with amazing powerups for agreat gameplay experience. Have fun while you race against time inthe unique bonus areas which you have to keep a lookout for in thischaos. The more levels you clear the further you head into youradventure and face the reality of survival across dangerous levelsand difficult jungle platform in this battle! With easy to playcontrols even kids can master this extremely fun and simple game.With achievements to give you a challenge in the FREE and all newJungle Adventures 3 Explore an Ice age world and explore themysteries in Jungle Adventures! Escape from dangerous monsterswhile you get chased by their minions. While on a super adventurefor you to explore the freedom of the beautiful safari world! Jumpon various jungle platform and become the Tarzan in this incredibleadventure! If you love platformer games or adventure games, thenJungle Adventures 3 is the best suit! As it comes among the topplatform games and adventure games on Android! Action-PackedGameplay! - Dive into this chaos battle with a thrillingaction-packed and fun gameplay! - Like a Tarzan run, jump, swim,and surf through the jungle to experience a beautiful safari withcarefully designed worlds! Epic Boss Battles! - Jump on variousjungle platform and end the jungle clash by defeating dangerousBosses in this badland! - Have an incredible brawl with yourenemies to gain victory! Loyal Pets! - You are not alone in puttinga stop to this jungle clash, there are loyal pets to help you inthis brawl! - Fight your enemies with the stong Bear or jump onyour way on the fierce Ostrich, or explore from so many more pets!Start your incredible Jungle Adventure Now and become the Tarzan ofthis jungle! Contact us on if you needany help! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Cooking Chef - Food Fever 7.0.0
Experience the madness of real cooking and put your amazing foodskills on the test in Cooking Chef! Serve delicious meals to hungrycustomers while building the kitchen of your dreams! Don't let thetime run out in this fast-paced restaurant game! Put on your chefhat and practice your cooking techniques while keeping an eye onthe clock! Simply tap to cook delicious dishes and serve them hotto win your customer's heart! This cooking game will simulate yourcooking, time management, and food serving skills! Features: - Awide variety of delicious meals to cook. - Practice your cookingand time management skills. - Beautiful and detailed graphics. -Simple and easy controls. - Addictive gameplay! - Endless cookingand baking fun! Join the cooking fever in cooking chef, where yourace against the clock to serve your customers! The cooking city isalways open for your to make your kitchen story and start yourcooking madness. So get ready for a cooking fever in the amazingcooking city to upgrade your restaurant into the perfect kitchenstory. Are you ready for a cooking madness of fun? Download CookingChef - Food Fever and start cooking great meals!
Alpha Guns 2 11.0.0
Welcome to the future, metal soldier! Our Hero Max is back, thelong-awaited sequel of Alpha guns is here with a lot more excitinglevels including various types of enemies and strong bosses. Becareful though, the enemies and bosses have got some serious newequipment. In this metal shooting game, the enemies and bosses areall around and you are an alpha soldier who has to protect everyonefrom this major mayhem! Game Features : + Classic arcade gameplay +Challenging levels & addictive game-play. + Lots of bosses andtanks to fight. + Easy to use smooth control scheme. + Amazinggraphics, cool music and sound. What is Alpha Guns 2 all about?Alpha Guns 2 comes among the top platform shooting games, where youare a metal soldier named Max who has to save the Earth fromextinction! And how will you do that? By using machine guns, enemychaser, wide guns, and so much more! You will deal with differentarmed enemies in this metal shooting game, so shoot them downbefore they come close to you with your heavy machine guns, wideguns, and much more! Remember one thing alpha soldier, pick up gunson your way to get additional ammo! This metal shooter game has anaction-packed world war gameplay, which is easy to learn but toughto master! Try to compete with other players on the leaderboard andwith achievements to show everyone who is the best. Be a hero andsave the world in Alpha Guns 2 where you can jump and shoot all thevarious enemies like tanks, drones, powerful bosses, sentries andmuch more. They have many weapons which they can use such asshotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, laser guns, and otherdangerous weapons. Get ready to face an army of foes which arearmed to the teeth, you can also upgrade your weapons and your gearto get even stronger to dominate your enemies. Use special powerssuch as an airstrike, heavy machine gun drone, light machine gundrone and syringes which make you immortal for the duration. Switchyour weapons and carry multiple powerful weapons like a Chaser gun,Phoenix machine gun, Nuclear blaster, Weapon X and more to continuethe fight as a mini militia ! With original missions to explore andmany achievements to complete you will always have a new challengewaiting for you. The game is very easy to play and is completelyFREE! It can also be played offline when necessary. While being amini militia we can provide good support in the war! With greatmusic and sound effects, the game will surely be a lot of fun toplay. One of the best action games for Android with metal slugs! Bethe force of a mini militia and protect the world against dangerousfoes. Download this metal shooter game and put an end to this majormayhem happening around! Note: More Updates coming soon Contact uson if you need any help!
Strike Force- 1945 War 6.8.6
In Strike Force battle your way across waves of fighters to meet anultimate boss who you need to take down to advance to the nextlevel! Protect the galaxy from space invaders and become thegreatest Captain of all time! In this space shooter game, wipe outthe pack of evil enemies before entering tough and fierce Big BossBattles. Every level has a powerful Boss for you to beat. So shoot'em up! Features: - Different fighter planes to choose from -Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazing visuals. - Uniquechallenges with epic and huge bosses - Easy Controls &Attractive Sound. - Challenging Environments to explore - Classicarcade shooter Do you like space shooter or arcade shooter gameswhere you have to wipe out galaxy invaders? If the answer is "yes"then Strike Force will suit you best! In Strike Force - 1945 War,choose your air fighter, destroy the sky invaders and protect thegalaxy. Show them what you’re capable of! Shoot 'em up and win inthis space shooter! Play the ultimate arcade shooter while you savethe people from galaxy invaders. Get ready to be the airattack andfight off the alien invaders in this epic arcade shooter. Shoot 'emup! Only the strongest can be the sky force to change the tides andbe the sky force reloaded that everyone needs. Repel the galaxyinvaders and become a hero who saves everyone in the galaxy attack.As you are the leader in this airattack, it is up to you to defendyour community while in the sky force. Download Strike Force - 1945War now! Contact us on if you need anyhelp! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Major Militia - War Mayhem 22.25
Save the world by completing intense missions and become theultimate action hero in Major Militia! Dodge the bullets, rescuehostages, and travel around the world to protect it from EvilForces! Run and gun your way by shooting enemies and embark on agun shooting action you will never forget! Features - Run and gunin this fast paced 2d shooter action game. - Massive and majorGuns. - Battle your way through hordes of enemies! - Thrillingmusic to enhance the action! - Big Boss Battles! - Save Hostages! -Fun arcade action gameplay. Be a metal shooter and take over thevillains with major guns in this arcade action game and save thefuture of this World! In this classic 2d shooter action, completeall the epic adventures and have massive boss battles with simpleaim and shoot controls! Download Major Militia - War Mayhem andhave fun in this Gun Shooting action! Contact us if you need any help! Follow Us to getnews and updates:
Space Shooter - Arcade 2.2
In Space Shooter - Arcade, battle your way through infinite galaxyenemies and shoot them down with your spaceship! Fight againstultimate Bosses and defeat them to advance to the next level! TheEarth is under attack! Alien invaders are here to destroyeverything! So get ready with your spaceship and wipe out the packof evil enemies! In this space shooting game, protect the galaxyfrom alien invaders and become the greatest Captain of all time!Features: - Different fighter ships to choose from! - Challengingshooting missions! - Epic and huge Bosses. - Simple and easycontrols. - Classic arcade shooter. Download Space Shooter - Arcadeand have fun in this classic space shooting game! Contact us if you need any help! Follow Us to getnews and updates:
Air Force - 1945 War 46.0
In Air Force, drive and shoot enemy vehicles to protect the planetfrom this War and become the ultimate Hero of all time! Earth isunder attack! The evil forces are here to destroy everything! Andyou have to save the planet by shooting down all the enemies! Saveyourself from their attack and rescue hostages to earn coins! Getready for the battle as each level has a powerful Boss for you tobeat! Shoot ‘em up in this ultimate car shooter game! Features: -Beautiful and stunning graphics. - Unique challenges with epic andhuge bosses - Easy Controls & Attractive Sound. - ChallengingEnvironments to explore. - Extreme car shooting. - Loads of guns.Download Air Force Now and put an end to the mayhem happeningaround! Contact us on if you need anyhelp! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Fashion Stylist - Dress Up 30.0
Start your amazing fashion journey with Fashion Stylist! A gamewhere you can mix and match outfits, compete with players aroundthe world and be the ultimate Fashionista. Dress up your model forthe right theme, with glamorous clothing items, accessories, andhairstyles to win our stylish tasks. Create tons of incrediblelooks that will take you all the way to the top of being theultimate fashion star! Make your fashion adventures moreinteresting by being a judge and voting for other's outfits! Takepart in the Multi-player challenge and prove that you have the bestsense of style of them all! Features: - Tons of stylish outfits andaccessories to choose from. - Challenging and fun themes. - Styleand judge other stylists too. - Amazing music and sound effects. -Multiple levels to play. - Be an ultimate fashion star. DownloadFashion Stylist now, and start your very own fashion adventure.Dress up and be the fashion guru in this epic multiplayer game! Doyou have what it takes to be the super stylist for the diva stylein the world? Only a fashion guru can be the winner for themultiplayer dress up game! So go ahead be the super stylist andshow your diva style to the world! Show the trends of aninternational stylist with a wide variety of outfits, and be thebest international stylist in the city!
Cooking Cafe - Food Chef 6.0
Prepare and cook delicious food from all over the world in CookingCafe Story. Build the cafe of your dreams while serving hot mealsto hungry customers at a fast pace! Don't let the time run out,practice your time management skills, and experience the craze ofreal cooking! Manage your cafe by welcoming the customers andquickly taking their orders, win their hearts by simply tapping andserving them delicious meals right away! Dash from cafe's torestaurants and unlock many locations as your progress on yourjourney. This cooking game offers endless fun levels withchallenging missions set up in each level to give you that specialexperience! Features: - Discover many different new restaurants andcafe's. - Huge choices of world-famous dishes. - Beautiful anddetailed graphics. - Multiple challenging and fun levels. -Addictive cooking gameplay. Download Now to create your own CookingCafe Story! Contact us on if you need anyhelp! Follow Us to get news and updates:
Car Parking 50.0.1
If you love playing driving games and parking games, thenCarParking will suit you best! Car Parking is a drivingsimulationgame with smooth controls, realistic physics, and parkingmissionswhich make this game very addictive to play. Drive thecarcarefully by avoiding obstacles, and park it to the parkingareawithout any damage! This classic car parking game will make youanexpert in parking cars! Features: - Multiple cool cars tochoosefrom - Realistic car physics. - Test your driving andparkingskills in 50+ levels! - Novice, Expert and Master mode. -Reversecar camera function - High detailed graphics Amazing CarsDrive,drift and park unique and different vehicles in thisextremeparking game! 3D Graphics Drive around tracks designed tolook asrealistic as possible in this advanced car parking gameReverseCamera Set your camera angle by tapping on the screen for amoreprecise parking experience. Parking Games This car parkinggamewill increase your precision in driving and parking cars as yougoahead in levels. The game is specially designed for loversofhardcore parking games! In this classic car parking game, youcanshow your car driving, car parking and car drifting skills!Thisadvanced parking game will improve your driving technique ineachlevel! The most addictive driving and parking adventure gameishere to test you as an extreme car driver. Master the gameplayofunique parking styles and be the best car driver in thisultimatecar driving simulation game! Download Now to know if youcan be thebest car parker and car driver! Start this parkingadventure gametoday! Contact us on if youneed anyhelp! Follow US to get news andupdates:
Marble Match 18.0
Marble Match is a unique twist to a Puzzle shooter game where youhave to match 3 or more balls to complete levels! Use differentcombos and use your skills to gain the perfect score! Aim carefullyas you have limited time before the marbles disappear! Enjoy thisclassic fun game for hours! Features: • Experience an exciting mixof fun challenges! • Set off on a fun filled adventure with amazingvisuals. • Smooth controls. • Funny animations give life to all thecharacters. • Tons of levels to play!
Barren Lab 62.0.0
Joe is on his journey to find what he has lost. He finds himself innumerous traps and in danger. He gets some help in his journey fromhis pets. Find out if Joe can escape the dark shadows and secrets.Features: - Simple controls & addictive gameplay - Smoothanimations - Realistic graphics - Physics-based gameplay - Tons ofchallenges - Realistic Sound (Headphones Recommended) For helpcontact us on Follow us to get news andupdates:
Strike Force 2 - 1945 War 18.0
In Strike Force 2, fight your way across different types ofexcitingenemies to get to the ultimate boss for a battle! Protectthe galaxywhile using amazing new power ups and show you skillswith newabilities which have been researched. Get ready for anultimatefighter experience! Features: - Lots of fighter planes tochoosefrom! - Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazingvisuals. -Unique challenges with epic and powerful bosses - EasyControls& Attractive Sound. - Fun Environments to explore -Classicarcade shooter!