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Replaio Live: Internet Radio & Radio FM Online 2.6.6
Replaio Radio
Replaio Radio (Live) is a free Android application that lets youlisten to internet radio from your country and from around theworld, including radio FM stations broadcasting over the internet.The application also has many interesting, completely freefeatures, such as equalizer, radio alarm clock, sleep timer andreminders for broadcasts. 5 main reasons to install Replaio Radio 🌍You have access to over 30 000 live radio stations from around theglobe 🎵 Your favorite music (many genres!) on the best radiostations 🎧 Works very well with Bluetooth 🚗 Runs great in the car(Android Auto) 🤩 By listening to foreign stations, you can learnforeign languages All Replaio features are available for free ⏰Alarm clock with snooze function (radio alarm clock, auto-on) 💤Sleep timer (auto-off) 🎶 Equalizer with profiles and manual control🔔 Reminders about your favorite programs Replaio has everything youneed to listen to internet radio • Quick start of playback andstability • Easy adding stations to the favorites list • A useraccount with synchronization of favorite stations • Ability to addyour own radio streams Additional features • Google Chromecastsupport • Integration with Android Auto • 20 color themes to choosefrom • 4-level dark mode • Selection of default playback qualityfor 3G/LTE networks and Wi-Fi connection (saving data!) • Abilityto block the application on 3G/LTE networks • Headphones buttonsupport • Auto-playing of the last listened station when theapplication starts • Auto-playing of the last listened station whenconnected with Bluetooth • List of favorite songs • List ofrecently listened songs (with the date and name of the station thatbroadcasted them) • Station search engine by song title • Addingsongs you hear on the radio to your playlist on Spotify • Theability to view the station’s website directly in the applicationTroubleshooting • Does playing stop after the screen goes off?Check in the device settings whether Replaio Radio has permissionto run in the background. If the problem persists, email us or shoot us a message directly from theapplication. • Replaio Radio works only in connection with theinternet (online radio, live). The application does not allowlistening to offline radio and is not an FM radio player. If youhave any questions or problems with our application, contact us Support us Just buy a Premium version withoutgraphic ads (one-off payment) or recommend the app to your friends.Replaio Radio is a Replaio sp. z o.o. brand. All other trademarksand registered trademarks (including product names, logos, brands,etc.) are the property of their respective owners. Replaio is notaffiliated with any of these companies. If you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to contact us.