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Discover and break the routine • Discover the best bars andrestaurants in Latin America. Restorando guides you through 5000great places: current trends; gourmet food from great chefs;classic meat or pasta; grill; sushi; cocktails and much more.Easily find the best place • Search for restaurants and bars bytype of cuisine, name, location, price and much more. There arefilters for what you want! You can also find lists ofrecommendations curated by us. Book your table for free, on the go• You don’t need to call a restaurant to book your table: withRestorando you can book in just seconds, free and from anywhere!More than 20 million diners have already lived great stories aroundthe table. Enjoy special benefits and promotions • Incrediblediscounts of up to 50%. • Promotions and offers, like special menusand free drinks. Become part of our community • Decide withreliable information provided by diners. You can check photos,ratings and comments from other people that will help you choosethe best option. Install Restorando for free on your smartphone andenjoy bars and restaurants in Latin America. These are some of therestaurants you will find: • Argentina: La Cabrera, María Félix, LaParolaccia, Mumbai, La Causa Nikkei. • Colombia: Criterión, LaFragata Giratorio, Local by Rausch, V.O. Versión Original by PacoRoncero, Juana La Loca. • Mexico: Bellini, Azul, Ivoire, LaPescadería, Hacienda de los Morales. • Brazil: Praça São Lourenço,Coco Bambu, Benihana, Jamie's Italian, Kappa Sushibar. • Chile:Uncle Fletch, Le Due Torri, Castillo Forestal, Bocanáriz, Peumayén.• Peru: Cala, Lima 27, Pescados Capitales, Ache, La Trastienda.Install the App FOR FREE!
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Aplicación para que los restaurantes puedan manejar suinformaciónen Restorando. También ver las calificaciones delosusuarios.Application for restaurants to manage their informationinRestorando. Also see user ratings.