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Metaloid : Reactor Guardian 1.1.3
The "Reactors" only source of power for the Metaloid army are underthe siege by robots soldiers !! Choose 1 up to 4 animal-like Cyborgand use all your skill and tactics in order to prevent the rectorsdestruction!! You must destroy enemies but also collect energycapsule to restore reactor power.Each time you manage to survive atan enemy wave you will earn credit as reward. You can spend yourcredits to unlock new weapons and equipment ( ready for the nextbattle!!) Five different levels each one with different environmentand foes plus a scoreboard system, will keep you in challenge forlong time!- Challenge and Addict- 5 different characters withdifferent power and weapons.- Detailed 2D environment. - 24different weapons- Setup helper turret fight the enemies- 18 Typeof enemy with unique ability- Show your score to people around theworld!**This game Inspire from Vlambeer Super Crate Box and MuffinKnight**
Chicken Duty 1.0.9
Chicken is bouncing! bouncing chicken... why his bounce is soamazing? Maybe his duty is to bounce in this way all days and allnights... ... and rumors said some one want to try new gun on him!!let's see how many days you can help him survive and then show yourscore to other people all around the world.- A game you can play atany moment even waiting for few minutes.- An amazing chicken canbounce on ground and hover in the air!- Bright and innocentatmosphere.- Ladder board support- It's free! seriously...
Metaloid RG reload 1.0.6
Metaloid RG mix furious shooting action with strategic view - areyou ready for the challenge ?Help Erika chans and her Metaloidresistance army in their battle against the threat of Lucias robotarmy! Become a "Reactor Guardian" , choose up to five "furry -Cyborg" characters and try to defend the last source of power forthe Resistance!! Prevent the reactors destruction! by the hand ofmad man LuciasThe game take inspiration from the iconic game fromNES era focus on jump-and-shoot mechanic.You must annihilate hordesof foes but also collect energy capsule to restore reactorpower.Each time you manage to survive at an enemy wave you willearn credit as reward. You can spend your credits to unlock newweapons character and other equipment. Really important thing arethe "defensive towers" some special item you can place in anyposition , those towers will attack as second character, a wise usewill change the trend! Five different levels each one withdifferent environment and foes plus a scoreboard system, will keepyou in challenge for long time! Now just Let's Rock !- Challengingand Addictive- 5 different characters with different power andweapons such as Mega Cannon.- 24 different weapons- New Helperturret System allow more tactics- 18 Type of enemy with uniqueability- Support game center for score board
Twist Snake - Retro Adventure 1.0.5
The Classic Snake game gave us hours of fun on the old phones, withnew generation of devices something similar become hard to play! Noproblem! Twist Snake is here!! You can play Twist Snake justtapping the screen!You can choose the marathon mode and try to makeour "Lord Snake" eat more "star candy" as possible! (Two differentMarathon are available). The most important feature is theadventure game, where you must drive the snake to avoid many trapsincludes space invaders,and varyous foes come directly fromretrogame History!! In each level you must collect a certain numberof candies and then.. go to the next!! You are ready? Just a bit ofpractice and we are sure you can control our twist snake in anydangerous situations To make practice you can choose the "tutorial"where you can learn how to control without the fear of a rapiddeath! Each time you made a new score it is automatically saved onthe board online... Now you can take the control of the Twist Snakelooking for candies and for some high score... you can beat all 50stages ?The game is completely free, no in-app inside, download itand you will get complete game and full features, it have some ads,but ads never cover part of screen and never bother insidegame-play.Have fun!