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Spirit Run 1.62
RELEASE YOUR INNER BEAST Run through ancient lands, transform yoursoul into an animal’s and help your brood defend the Aztec Templefrom apocalypse! ★ Eleven characters to choose from (each morphsinto a unique temple creature) ★ Transform into and run with 1Wolf, 2 Fox, 3 Bear, 4 Panther, 5 Panda and 6 Unicorn ★ NEW Runwith BigFoot, ThunderRhino and Deer characters ★ NEW Fallen TempleWolf and Lion King heroes ★ Epic landscapes and dynamic action ★Protect the Ancient Aztec Temple ★ Level-up your Spirit and run insearch of Soul Energy Balance ★★★★★ From creators of undying ZombieRun game (over 20 million downloads on all platforms).
Zombie Run HD 2.41
HAVE FUN OR DIE TRYING!More than 20 million players already enjoyedthe most exciting undying runner on other platforms! They could bewrong, but probably aren't. Be sure to download and check foryourself!Help awaken Zombies to escape from The Rusty Mug, a baraccidentally built atop an old temple cemetery. Run through nastyswamp, old village, cursed hills and fallen templelocations.Featuring:★ Brainless zombie controls!★ Aztec Templelocation - to run even longer!★ Dozen of Zombified characters!★ TheUnbrave One zombie, Vampirella and Undead Assassin!★ ALSO featuringBad Santa, Zatman, Zuperman and Iron Zombie!★ Jaw-droppinggraphics!
Don’t Play That Game 1.0393
It's not a joke!It's really creepy stuff.I tell you. Don't playthat game.
PopCorn Blast HD 1.262
Slam jumping popcorn as fast as you can. But don’t touch the coals!And keep the screen from overfilling with grains.If you loveexplosion tapping and laser-packed coordination games then you’llcertainly want to check out PopCorn Blast!★ State of the artpopcorn physics simulation★ Family safe infinite action (suitableeven for kids)★ Eye candy visuals and changeable themes: PopCornBlast, Leaf Salad, Pirate Ship, Green Forest, Candy and LollipopCrush, Soccer and Balloons action ★ Pop in Portrait and blast inLandscape screen modes★★★★★Relax and calm down in another hit fromcreators of Zombie Run game (over 15 million downloads on allplatforms) and magnificent Spirit Run endless runners.
Creature Seekers 1.028
Inspire your kid! Dive into dreamland adventure! Collect fantasticpets, learn animal sounds and reward yourself with deserved momentof rest.Creature Seekers: Prehistoric Era is interactive journey oftwo kids in searches for cute talking animals.Game can assist youas parent during day bedtime, before night sleep or when you need 5minutes of spare time.More than 11 carefully animated, beautifullydrawn animals:★ Hear Meow from the Cats★ Play peekaboo with BabyBirds★ Visit the family of Cave Mouse★ Throw a bone to DinosaurDog★ Listen to the baas from the Goats★ Wake up Zebra Cow★ Jumpwith Dino Rabbit ★ Meet prehistoric Duckling★ Blow bubbles with thePig ★ Smile with cheerful Chicks★ Learn roar from sweet TigersEachequipped with its own engagement feature and sound.2 Mini-gamesdesigned for toddlers: ★ Memory Cards★ Puzzle★ Autoplay mode (canbe turned off in Options)Just launch the game and after 5 secondsof wait animals will become active.Recommended for children age 0to 5 year.★★★★★Automatically supports all the common screenresolutions.Works equally well on phones and tablets.
Pixel Wings 1.0
Pixel Wings throws you in the center of flying action you willnever forget!Help four tiny birds to reach pixel eternity. Meet:-Farty Bird- Retro Mustaches- Renamed because of Metadata policyBee- Flying BurgerFeaturing:- Awesome pixel graphics- One touchflap your wings controls- Unbelievably moving soundtrackHint: it’sa bit easier to play Pixel Wings on tablet!
Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle 1.042
Join worldwide battle arena in the universe of Spirit Run!Fight,Run and Win fun realtime race, acquire souls of your friends andenemies.Help your brood - run to defend the Aztec Temple fromApocalypse.Be careful, dodge killing snakes, jump out dangeroustraps, evade fireballs – show us your skills!Use cool power-ups andfunny spells to compete with other players in our multiplayergame.★ Dozen characters to customize and run with: Panda, Fox,Wolf, Bear, Deer and more.★ Non-stop funrun multiplayer action.★User-friendly customization with 100+ skins.★ Awesome weapons andbonuses to use during online run: 1 Temple Skull, 2 Lightning, 3Tornado, 4 Magnet, 5 Meteor Rain, 6 Bear Trap, 7 Run Booster.★Quick network battles and Offline mode to practice with bots.★Funny ragdoll hit, fall and battle animations.Continuous updates:Clans, Friends, Achievements and Defend Temple mode soon!Don’t runon your own anymore – join battle run with your friends in thisreal-time multiplayer game!Play the role of any spirit of the AztecTemple – run with Panda, Fox, Bear, Deer, Wolf and many othercharacters.Cloth yourself as Pharaon, Football Player, Wizard,King, Dinosaur, Hot-Dog, Rock Star, Viking, Cowboy, AncientWarrior, Devil, Cactus, TV boy and Hip-hop star!Change cloth,haircut and jewelry – be unique in comparison to yourcompetitors!★★★★★From creators of fun Zombie Run and epic SpiritRun games (over 30 million downloads on all platforms).
Kids Theater: Farm Show🎵🐮❤️️ 1.08
Educate your kid! Collect Farm animals and pets, learn animalsounds, reward yourself with deserved moment of rest. Kids Theater:Farm Show is interactive educational scene, where your baby canlook for talking animals. They are hiding behind different theaterobjects, playing peekaboo with your kid. Game can assist you asparent during day bedtime, before night sleep or when you need 5minutes of spare time. More than 16 carefully animated, beautifullydrawn cute Farm animal characters: ★ Play peekaboo with Cat ★ Visitthe family of Horse ★ Blow bubbles with the Pig ★ Jump with happyfunny Dog ★ Listen to the baas from the Goats ★ Smile with cheerfulDuck ★ Peek into the Rooster nest ★ Hear moo from sweet Cow ★ Jumpwith Rabbit ★ Enjoy your time with cute Sheep ★ Touch and hearpip-pip from Mouse ★ Try to snort like a Hedgehog ★ Have fun like aFrog ★ Turkey is a big bird, do not anger him ★ Important Goose,talk to him ★ Chick pretty little baby Each equipped with its ownengagement feature and sound. 2 Mini-games designed for toddlers: ★Memory Cards ★ Puzzle ★ Autoplay mode (can be turned off inOptions) ★ Names of animals in 8 languages (Russian, English,French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish) Just launchthe game and after 5 seconds of wait animals will become active.Recommended for children of preschool age and under. Inspire andeducate your kid! From the creators of prehistoric Kids Theater:Zoo Show, Kids Theater: Cars Show, Creature Seekers, Spirit Run andZombie Run games (over 30 million downloads). ★★★★★ Automaticallysupports all the common screen resolutions. Works equally well onphones and tablets.
Kids Theater: Zoo Show 🎵🙈❤️️ 1.07
Engage your kid!Collect Zoo animals and pets,learn animalsounds,reward yourself with deserved moment of rest.Kids Theater:Zoo Show is interactive educational scene, where your baby can lookfor talking animals.They are hiding behind different theaterobjects, playing peekaboo with your kid.Game can assist you asparent during day bedtime, before night sleep or when you need 5minutes of spare time.More than 16 carefully animated, beautifullydrawn cute Zoo animal characters:★ Look for Brown Bear★ Playpeekaboo with Monkey★ Hear hoot from sweet Owl★ Visit the family ofTiger★ Blow bubbles with the Elephant★ Touch and hear roar fromLion★ Jump with happy Rhinoceros★ Meet prehistoric Crocodile★ Smilewith cheerful Panda★ Peek into the Parrot nest★ Enjoy your timewith Hippopotamus★ Hear hiss from hiding Snake★ Jump with Kangaroo★Hear the roar of a Panther★ Dance with the Flamingo★ Having funwith a ZebraEach equipped with its own engagement feature andsound.2 Mini-games designed for toddlers: ★ Memory Cards★ Puzzle★Autoplay mode (can be turned off in Options)★ Names of animals in 8languages (Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, Polish)Just launch the game and after 5 seconds of waitanimals will become active.Recommended for children of preschoolage and under. Inspire and educate your kid!From the creators ofprehistoric Kids Theater: Farm Show, Kids Theater: Cars Show,Creature Seekers, Spirit Run and Zombie Run games (over 30 milliondownloads).★★★★★Automatically supports all the common screenresolutions.Works equally well on phones and tablets.
Zombie Run 2 - Monster Runner Game 0.192
SMASH, WAKE UP, RUN, EAT, REPEAT!Zombie Run 2 is sequel to the mostexciting scary endless running games.From authors of super popularSpirit Run and Zombie Run entertainment apps!Choose from dozen ofdead zombies, revive them and chase funny Igor. Turn yourself intoangry dead monster, so powerful - no obstacles can stop him.On yourroad from outback castle collect potions and gems. Rush to upgradeyour twilight house – unlock boosters and funnycharacters.HEROESMeet horror creations of dark mind.Unlock nextmonsters:1. Mutant Z.2. Alien Dog.3. Mister Hyde.4. Temple WerewolfmonsterThe monster doesn’t care about obstacles, he sweepseverything in his way, like a killing machine. The main thing isnot to fall into the pit, the rest is no big deal. In addition, themonster moves faster than a normal zombie, which gives some cooladvantage over the antagonist and his chances to run away.FEATURES☠Brainless zombie run controls and good humor☠ Dozen of Zombifiedcharacters!☠ Nonstop Running Action☠ 1 Brave Zatman, 2 TempleRunner, 3 Ironman Zombie and 4 Frozen Knight (from original ZombieRun game)☠ Turn your zombie into powerful monster and crushobstacles!☠ Recent Update: Temple Raider (zombie adventurer girl)and Hard Nut (agent Frankenstein)☠ Ghost reviving Graphics z!☠Offline fun run (free no wifi game).Have no internet? Download thisapp now and you will need no internet to play.Surf through oldvillage, learn parkour on cursed hills and fallen templelocations.More than 20 million players already enjoyed best freeendless running games from us – Zombie Run HD and Spirit Run! Theycould be wrong, but probably aren't. Be sure to download our goldgames and check for yourself!Just in time for Halloween run!ZombieRun 2: Castle Monster – The Best Runner for 2017
Zombie Rush 💀 - the Dead Runner Game 0.16
Do you like good monster chase? Zombie Rush – the Dead Runner Gameis the best endless runner 2017! There are dead zombies, Dracula’sminions, frozen tsunami locations, stack jumping, sliding, dashingand parkour. Non stop action and tons of fun. Play free withoutinternet and wifi. Ride your monster now!Zombie Rush is game forkids and adults.From authors of Zombie Run and Spirit Rungames.Everyone loves a good minion! And Zombie Rush is the bestgame for that.Igor is the first true minion helping Dracula andFrankenstein with their experiments. Be it sponge crafting or thedead reviving. Mysterious caves or twilight castles.But now IgorMinon became crazy and you need to run and chase him to return goldand potions.Zombie Rush – the Dead Runner Game features:💀 Meet bestrunner game with no wifi connection required.Smash any obstacle onyour dead run and turn your zombie into powerful Monster.Choosefrom dozen zombies of different size and shape. Each with own endstory.🌲 Run through awesome locations, including Forest Maze chase,Frozen Tsunami, Frankenstein Experiment and Minions Gold Caves.Just rush into them and chase Igor with your dead zombie.Feel thespirit of apocalypse.💎 Best 3D graphics – enjoy top high resolution3D graphics and smash effects.Evil experiment result – your nonstop monster - can destroy any obstacle.For free in best runnergame.🍗 Different types of zombies to run with.From tiny odd zombieto fat green ogre and various cinema character parodies.Unstoppabletsunami of fun heroes and jokes.🏰 Temple of Frankenstein.This gamelet you upgrade your castle and unlock dozen of zombies.Chase theIgor into his dead and collect resources, potions and gold aftersuccessful run.Then use them to build zombie home, reach theend.Note:Zombie Rush – the Dead Runner Game is experiment versionof Zombie Run 2 game with balance changes and cooperative onlinechallenges coming soon.Enjoy our other free no wifi (internet)offline endless runners – Spirit Run and Zombie Run.(more than 20million downloads to day). With thousands of true fans among adultsand kids.
Kids Theater: Cars Show ❤️️ Beep peekaboo 1.07
Educate your kid!Cars Show consists of different types oftransport, learn the names and sounds of cars, reward yourself withdeserved moment of rest.Kids Theater: Cars Show is an interactiveeducational scene where your child can find hilarious deliveringbeeps: horn, siren, motor sounds. After the beginning of theconcert, the child alternately presses on the scenery behind whichthe cars are hidden. The scenery opens and falls, which is asurprise and fun for the child, because it is not always known whohid there.Cars hide behind various objects, scenery of the theater,playing hide and seek with your child. The game can help parentsthroughout the day, putting children to bed, instead of a lullabyor when you need 5 minutes of free time.More than 16 animated,beautifully drawn characters of transport:★ Play peekaboo with theTaxi ★ Take a look at the workshop where the main Tractor★ Try toinflate and burst bubbles along with the Motorcycle★ Jump and flywith a fast Helicopter★ Listen to how the loud motor of a Jeepgrowls - Monster Truck★ Smile as it does a Pink Car★ Warm up theengine of the Plane★ Hear the signal of the Train★ Turn on thesiren Fire Truck★ Spend time with the Excavator★ Tap and hear howthe Ambulance signals★ Peek-a-boo signal Cement Truck, find itfaster★ Surprise yourself with the sound of a Road Roller★ Turn onthe siren with the Police Car★ Attention, the smallest, the SchoolBus signal ★ Beep-beep signals Garbage Truck Touch theanimated cars and learn the sounds.2 mini-games designed fortoddlers:★ Memory Cards★ Puzzles with Cars★ Autostart mode (can bedisabled in the settings)★ The name of the transport in Russian,English, as well as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Polish.Just run the game and it will come to life itself after 5seconds of waiting.Recommended for children of preschool age andunder. Inspire and educate your kid!From the creators of the gamesKids Theater: Farm Show, Kids Theater: Zoo Show, Creature Seekers,Spirit Run and Zombie Run (more than 30 millionraces).★★★★★Automatically supports all the common screenresolutions.Works equally well on phones and tablets.