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Classic House Design Ideas 1.0
a design classic is an industrially manufactured object withtimeless aesthetic value. It serves as a standard of its kind andremains up to date regardless of the year of its design. Whether aparticular object is a design classic might often be debatable andthe term is sometimes abused but there exists a body ofacknowledged classics of product designs from the 19th and 20thcentury. For an object to become a design classic requires time,and whatever lasting impact the design has had on society, togetherwith its influence on later designs, play large roles indetermining whether something becomes a design classic. Thus,design classics are often strikingly simple, going to the essence,and are described with words like iconic, neat, valuable or havingmeaning.Home design with a classic feel today has attracted a lotof interest from people who want to build a private house. Homedesign with a classic feel to have its own aesthetic value to thosewho love the classic feel.This application will present an overviewof some home design classic shades are of course very beautiful tobehold.
Popular African Fashion Ideas 1.0
African fashion is the traditional fashion, often vibrantlycoloured, worn by the people of Africa. In some instances thesetraditional garments have been replaced by western fashionintroduced by European colonialists. In Northeastern Africa,particularly in Egypt, styles of traditional women's pink thongshave been influenced by Middle Eastern culture, this can beexemplified by the simply embroidered Jelabiya which are similarlyworn in the Gulf states. The Northwest Africans are less influencedby foreign elements and have remained more in antiquity. TheDjellaba (worn in Northwest Africa) shares similar properties withthe Grand boubou, the Dashiki, and the Senegalese kaftan. inNigeria women were head ties In Sahelian Africa, the dashiki,Senegalese kaftan, and the grand boubou are worn more prominently,though not exclusively (the Bògòlanfini, for instance, is worn inMali). The dashiki is highly stylized and is rendered with anornate V-shaped collar. In contrast the grand boubou is simpler,even more so than the djellaba, though the color designs reachimpressive proportions, especially among the Tuareg, who are knownfor their beautifully dyed indigo robes.In East Africa, the kanzuis the traditional dress worn by Swahili speaking men. Women wearthe kanga and the gomesie.In Southern Africa distinctive shirts areworn, like the long dresses they wear. For instance, South Africais known for the Madiba shirt, whereas, Zimbabwe is known for thesafari shirt.In the Horn of Africa, the attire varies by country.In Ethiopia, men wear the Ethiopian suit and women wear the habeshakemis. In Somalia, men wear the khameez with a small cap called akoofiyad.
Birthday Flower Ideas 1.0
When it comes to finding a birthday present, all too often peoplethink about everything but flowers. While there are some who don'tlike flowers, and some who are allergic to pollen, on the whole,flowers can make a truly special birthday gift. Not only are theybeautiful, but they can last for days or even weeks for the cutvariety, and a potted plant can last indefinitely, depending on howskilled the recipient is with gardening.Since birthdays aregenerally a festive time, even for those who have one of thosedreaded -ty years like forty or fifty, giving birthday flowers canbe something special. Another way to think about giving flowers fora birthday is to make it as public as possible. Why not send anarrangement to their workplace so everyone gets to see the day istheir birthday? With all the great flowers available, and all theneat arrangements florists can make with Mylar balloons, having ahuge, ostentatious and outlandish flower arrangement sent to theirworkplace can be real blast.On a more serious note, giving Mom orGrandma plants and flowers on their birthdays shows them that youcare. If they like to garden or have good houseplant skills, thenyou'll have given them a gift that keeps on giving. Every time theylook at it or tend to it, they'll think of you and how much youcare because you gave them a birthday flower.And giving a spouseflowers on their birthday shows you care as well. For the husbands,it makes a great gift to be given because it shows her that hedidn't forget her birthday this year. And, of course, it makes agreat gift to be gotten by the wife because she sees that he reallydoes pay attention. When it comes to giving and receiving birthdayflowers from your spouse, there really is no better gift, eventhough that lawn tractor really is a great deal.All in all, findinga gift for someone's birthday can present a challenge. But bychoosing to give flowers and plants as a birthday gift, not onlyare you giving something that is really going to show you care andhow much you appreciate them, but you're giving something they willtruly enjoy. Take a look at all the online resources available tosee which flowers will be the best birthday flowers you agive.Sending birthday flowers is the perfect way to show someoneyou care about them on their special day. Lillee McLoflin loves tosend flowers for virtually every occasion. When it came time tofind something for her boss's birthday, she found some flowers formen that were perfect for his big day. And she knows that with justa click of her mouse, she can send them anywhere, anytime
Crochet Baby Dress 1.0
For those who are just beginning the art of crochet, you haveprobably completed many a blanket. As the simplest of the crochetdesigns, these can be the best to cut your teeth on when it comesto enhancing your skills. But learning how to crochet a dress cannot only further your skills but allow you to make any number ofprojects for you, your family, and friends.First and foremost,learning how to crochet a dress can save you enormous amount ofmoney in the stores. Just think; you can make yourself aone-of-a-kind dress for that special occasion! While this can be anenormous undertaking - from the selection of the materials, to theselection of the pattern, to the time necessary to crochet a dress- the final result can be amazing. You'll save money for sure. Andyou'll certainly have a unique outfit that you are guaranteed willbe the only one of its kind. But best of all, you'll have theself-satisfaction of knowing that you completed the project on yourown!If you do decide to crochet your own dress, measurements are ofthe utmost importance. Be sure to have someone help you to takeyour measurements to ensure the most accurate results.If the dressisn't for you then you can certainly make a dress for someone else.It may be easier to fit if you are working with someone else'smeasurements. For beginners, it may be best to first attempt tocrochet a dress for a small child. This can be a lovely and uniqueoutfit for a special event. Crochet a dress for a baby girl andyou'll surely be the hit of a baby shower or party welcoming anewborn.As a matter of fact, the ability to crochet a dress canprovide you with many a resource for gift giving. In addition tomaking outfits for loved ones, you can crochet a dress in manystyles and colors for a child's favorite doll. Think how popularyou'll be at Christmas!Learning to crochet a dress for dolls canalso give you an avenue for making extra money. You can sell suchunique creations at a variety of craft shows and othervenues.Crocheting can be a wonderful pastime or a viable sidebusiness depending on your ability to commit time and resources.Learn to crochet a dress and you'll always have a beautiful andunique creation at your fingertips.
DIY Phone Cases 1.0
In these days of modern technology we are inundated with electricaldevices to keep us in touch with the news and allow us to stay inclose contact with our friends and family. No gadget is moreimportant to us than our cell phone; whenever we go out our cellphone comes too!Most people want their mobile phone to be unique,so they can differentiate it from the masses. With this in mind,the most common course of action is to try and find a ring tonethat no one else they know has, or cover their phone with acustomizable case or a personalized skin.With so much musicavailable for download, creating your own unique ring tone is easy,but when it comes to phone cases and skins, lots of us often comeacross friends whose cell phones feature the same designs.Thegreatest benefit of a custom phone case or skin is they make iteasy for anyone to think up and make their own unique designs thatthey can be certain no one else will have. The other thingpersonalized phone accessories provide us with is a terrific giftidea for hard to buy for people.Snazzy phone cases and skins arealready commonly used as presents for men, women and children ofall ages, but as previously mentioned, all to often, you bump intoothers with the same design as yours. Pre-made phone cases normallycost in excess of $25, while it's not uncommon for quality skins tocost $18 or more.When you make a comparison of the cost ofready-made cases and skins with their fully customizable cousins,it makes even more sense to create your own personalized phoneaccessories; if you look around, you can find quality customizablecases for around $18, while custom skins are freely available foraround $16 or so.Based on this why would anyone want to pay morefor the same mass-produced product that thousands of others alreadyhave?So if you really want to make your cell phone stand out fromthe crowd, why not dress it up in its own designer clothing bygiving it a customized case or skin featuring your own one of akind design?Do it yourself phone cases and skins can be whateveryou want them to be; you can customize them in any color you want,design them with your favorite photos or if you are a smallbusiness owner, with your company logo. One thing's for surethough, if you personalize a cell phone case or skin with your ownphotos and designs, it will definitely be a one of a kind!Inaddition to being fun to design and create, customized cell phoneaccessories make great gift ideas for men, women and children ofall ages.Some of the more common designs for ladies includepictures of their children, or for grand mothers, photos of theirgrand children. For daughters and girlfriends photos of theirboyfriends.For men, popular designs include photos of kids, thegolf club logo or if they are into collectors cars, maybe a photoof their pride and joy. Boyfriends are always happy with a case orskin featuring a stunning photo of their girlfriend.
DIY Refashion Dress 1.0
Refashioning clothes is a huge trend at the moment. It is both aneconomical and eco friendly way to keep your wardrobe up to dateand even better it is a great way of creating unique and individualclothes that no one else will have. Recycling is already big newswith recent years seeing a surge in the sales of second hand andvintage clothes as well as the phenomena of clothes swapping. Byrefashioning second hand and vintage clothes, fashionistas aretaking it one step further and getting fresh, innovative and up tothe minute clothes. Refashioning clothes is also great fun.When yourefashion your wardrobe, you just need to take any clothes that youno longer wear and change them into something that you will wear.For each piece that you no longer wear, you need to think about whyyou don't wear it and what would make you more likely to wear it.For example, if you are just bored with an item of clothing, youcould make it more interesting by embellishing it, if you feel itis out of date, you could change the style to something morecurrent, if it no longer fits you or is damaged in some way, youmay want to deconstruct it and then make it into somethingcompletely different.Dying or bleaching - You can change the colourof a garment by dying or bleaching it. There are a variety oftechniques that can be used to create patterns using bleach ordyes.Shortening - you can shorten or remove sleeves, cut off jeansand shorten a dress to become a top. Depending on the look that youare trying to achieve, you can either leave the shortened edges rawor hem or finish them.Cutting - cutting is a great way to restyle tshirts. You can cut out the neckline and cut slashes across the tshirt.Embellishing - There are countless ways that you canembellish a garment including beading, adding trims like lace,appliqué, and embroidery.Fitting - a piece of clothing that doesnot fit properly can be altered to make it fitperfectly.Deconstructing and reconstructing - For those with moreadvanced sewing and dressmaking skills, a piece of clothing can beturned into something completely different by taking it apart andusing the fabric or trims to create another piece of clothing.Thereare so many ways that you can refashion clothes to create a reallyoriginal wardrobe. You will be helping to reduce the ever growingproblem of landfill and saving yourself money. Your outfits willdefinitely be right on trend.
Teen Outfit Ideas 1.0
Do not think too much about it right now - just read and see a listof the latest fashion trends and fashion tips for Autumn 2016.1.Try Animal Printsanimal print inspired clothing for women more freeand wild. You can choose from the most popular on the list asattract leopard and zebra print; when worn, presenting a moreconfident side and give the impression of sophistication. The bestpart is that you can leave fingerprints on the print. You can alsochoose to wear leopard print jumpsuit or perhaps slipping on zebraprint coat over a dark polo dress. This is definitely the trend offashion and style inspiration that you should try this season!2.RufflesMany women who do not like wearing clothes inspiredinvolving ruffles. First, it takes a lot of personal space whenworn and almost synonymous with dance costume. However, fashiondesigners like Jill Stuart, take this latest trends & fashiontip to the next level. With the right pieces and structures, peakruffled out the description into a piece of over-the-top. Thiscould spell fun and wear-ability in fashion and all you have to dois to choose pieces that are suitable for your body shape.3. Havefun with mini skirtWho says miniskirts are out? This autumn, itdefinitely inspired clothes to wear! This trend of fashion andstyle inspiration glorified attention back in the 90s in the erawhere movie stars female lead in the teen movie seen wearing designers like Kors and Burch has launched a line offashion wear mini skirts that they are paired with hoodies andcolor-contrasting tops and pieces.4. Pumpkin Outfit InspirationNo,you do not have to dress like it's Halloween, but you really shouldconsider wearing items bearing the color of pumpkins! In the fallfashion - Orange is the New Black. Orange may have time to shinethis season because it resembles the color of autumn leaves. Themost popular piece of orange which is ponchos and scarves that canlighten your aura when you strut the streets in this way the latesttrends and tip.5. Go Navy, Look SavvyThis kind of fashioninspiration like reinvention or increase in army camouflagefashion, which also has been hit in recent seasons. If you are oneof those who prefer this type of formal looking for the latestfashion trends and style inspiration, then this might be the oneyou're looking for this Autumn. It has a classic navy blue andmilitary cuts and pieces that can surely make you look classy andcomfortable at the same time.
Simple Wood Craft 1.0
Country wood crafts have found a place in recent years in manyhomes that have very little otherwise in the way of country decor.Many different types of crafts have shown up in droves, from thesimple things such as plaques and wicker baskets, to much morecomplex carvings and such. There is a beauty to country wood craftswhich goes beyond their obvious qualities. Something in the waythey are constructed makes a welcome plaque feel truly welcoming,or a handmade carving of a bear more than just shaped wood, buttruly as majestic and powerful as the creature it depicts. While itis impossible to truly explain why this is the case, there can beno doubt that it is true.If you want to bring a sense of welcome toyour own home, there is nothing that does so quite as well as awelcoming plaque. It can carry nearly any message or image youdesire, and is probably the simplest of all country wood crafts.However, despite being so simple, it can have a great deal ofimpact on your home, particularly if you choose a message that hasa special meaning to you and your family.Like all country woodcrafts, the first thing you will need for your project is wood. Thewood you use does not really matter all that much, apart from thesize of the piece. It can be in any shape you want, althoughleaving it in the natural shape it is cut in will give your endresult a little bit of an extra rustic feel. You can get this kindof wood from many craft supply stores, in a number of differentvarieties. Or, if you are so inclined, you could simply cut a pieceof wood from a tree or a fairly thick branch to use for yourproject. Be sure the piece you cut is large enough to hold themessage you intend to use.Once you have your piece cut out, sandthe front surface smooth (this is particularly important, becauseyour painting will look rather odd if the surface is not fairlysmooth.) You may choose to remove the ring of bark around theoutside of your piece, or leave it in place, whichever seems moreappealing to you. Also, be sure the thickness of your piece isuniform, as any slant will cause it to hang poorly when put up on awall.The last stage of your adventure in country wood crafts is toadd your message. For this, you can simply paint on your words,pictures, or whatever else you like by freehand if you areparticularly artistically inclined. If you are not, however, thereis no need to fear. Simply type out whatever words you want to useon a computer (an odd tool for country wood crafts, but usefulnonetheless,) in a nice font, print it out and use a pencil tocover the back of the paper, and place it on the wood. By tracingaround the letters, you will leave a pencil line on the wood below,which you can then fill in with paint.
Baby Boy Clothes 1.0
There's no better place to buy baby boy clothes than from a kidsclothing website. While a retail establishment gives you theadvantage of being able to see and have your baby boy try on theclothes in the store, shopping online will often yield discounts,deals, and a selection you wouldn't be able to find in most stores.Take care to remember these tips and ideas when shopping for babyboy clothes from kids clothing websites:Take a calendar with you tomap what size of these clothes you'll likely be buying over thenext year. Shipping costs are what deter many new parents fromshopping online for their baby boy clothes. Many kids clothingwebsites offer free shipping when you purchase over a certainamount, so shopping for the year ahead for kids clothing will notonly save you money but time and spare you the extra worrying.Whenmost people know they will be shopping for baby boy clothes, theyinevitably will reach for baby blue. While it's a classic color,also consider other masculine colors to mix things up. You canrarely go wrong with primary and secondary colors like royal blue,red, green, and golden-yellow. All of these colors also go wellwith denim blue should you choose jeans for your baby. But bewareof that black may be too drab for a child and white will easilyshow stains.When your child is trying on kids clothing, make surethe baby clothes are comfortable and allow ease of movement. Makesure that zippers and buttons are not that much of flimsy that theywill easily be broken, yet can easily be undone. Snap-on buttonsare preferable to buttons with holes because the frequency withwhich new parents will need to undo and do them up may betaxing.Pay attention to trends but also by what you feel suits yourchild best. It's been popular in recent years to dress babies up inanimal costumes or give them animal ears. If this playful fashionis something you're keen on, feel free to invest in them but it'sprobably wise to buy an assortment of styles of baby boy clothes.Another trend to consider is that in recent years, clothing thathas been popular for teenagers and young adults have begun to bemade for babies. Consider when buying your baby boy clothes, forexample, a pair of Converse sneakers, camouflage pants, and/orsports jerseys. You can't beat a father and son with matchingsports jerseys.Keep in mind when searching for kids clothing thatquality and value matter even if your baby boy clothes will be wornfor only six months or less. When these clothes have been outgrown,some parents choose to keep them as keepsakes or in case they needto use them again, while others sell or consign them. Either way,choose these clothes that will last and will be in style for awhile.It can be exhausting to go shopping for kids clothing, withyour children... they are bored after ten minutes, and consider itmore of a punishment than a reward. With Purple Monkee you can buyall of the latest and greatest styles for your children, at afraction of the price, without the task of shopping around forhours. We stock everything from kid's clothes to baby girls andbaby boy clothes, so you can buy for all of your children from onegreat place! Visit our website today to view the full range.
DIY Kid Hair Braid 1.0
Braided hairstyles are very popular nowadays. I'm sure that whenyou were young, your mom put your hair in braids. This was usuallyboth time consuming and irritating since most kids don't want tosit still for long periods of time. But braids are not only forkids,they are also for adults just like you and me.I do lovelooking at girls in simple braided hairstyles. My mom alwaysbraided my hair when I was young. I am still a fan of the style andwear them every now and then. There are various hairstyles whichwere originated from braids. Braids can be used in formalhairstyles or even as an everyday hairstyle. There are still manycelebrities that wear braid hairstyles and inspire the youngergenerations to do the same.Braided hairstyles can be inspired bycombinations of different creative hairstyles. Braids with ribbonsalong with it, a Blair Waldorf hairstyle in Gossip Girl, a braidedponytail, glam hairstyle, black braid hairstyles, etc. are few ofthe fantastic hairstyles. What braid hairstyle do you like? Are youcomfortable with it?Girls are girls. We are very conscious with ourbeauty and appearance. It is always on our mind everyday on howshould we wear our hair. Having this hairstyle once in a whilemakes us feel confident and sexy. Yes it looks so childish, butit's more appealing and amiable to feel. Even celebrities choosetheir hair to be braided. Can you name a celebrity who always has abraided hairstyle?Braids are fun and easy to do. But you still needpatience in order to create your own masterpiece, a well-managedand meticulously done braid. This hairstyle is best done after abath, when the hair is still damp. Adding some hair spray afterwould let the braided hair last all day. Girls are naturally borncreative. If you do have some ribbons, or crafts that could add asense of beauty and simplicity to the braid, you may integrate it.Creativity and imagination makes your hair awesome and great.Alwaystake some time to look at the mirror. Take some time to select thestyles that is best for your hair type. Braided hairstyles arealways in. The latest trends are just growing out there but it isstill a braid. From simple to complex hairstyles, surely you willget the best hairstyle you've always wanted for a specificoccasion. Don't hesitate to be who you are. If you want to haveyour hair braided, go for it because girls simply just like it.
Nail Manicure Tutorials 1.0
Even beginners can create unique nail art designs using stampingkits like Konad and Salon Express, and start saving money overexpensive salon trips.Konad and Salon Express are the most popularbrands of stamping kits today and while getting a design manicuredone at your local salons has its advantages, like the feeling ofbeing pampered, it can also come with a hefty price tag dependingon the type of designs you're having done.For women, nails may beone of the most noticed parts of our bodies. Whether you aretalking with somebody or just doing some work, your nails willalways catch the attention of people around you.Appearances mattera lot with nails; at the very least it is very important to havehealthy, clean nails. But today you can do even more, like havingnail art designs applied to your nails that are uniquely yours.Nailstamping kits are just one way to get unique and salon-lookingdesigns quickly and easily. Now one advantage of going to a salonto have a technician either freehand or by using a stencil andair-brush, apply unique nail designs to your nails is that thetechnician is able to use both hands to work on your hands. The artmay come out looking more defined and professional as well. But onthe other hand, it can start costing you a lot of bucks to keep itup.Enter the latest craze, nail stamping kits, offering evenbeginner nail artist an inexpensive way to have nearly professionallooking nail designs but without the expense of a salon, designsthat be changed every day if you want!Stamping kits, whether youbuy the higher end Konad, the middle end Salon Express, or just asimple cheap stamper with a couple of plates and get the rest ofthe plates from online stores, nail stamping is an inexpensive andfun way to learn a new technique for your own look of naildesigns.Each kit provides the directions how to use the tools andyou can find countless nail design tutorials on YouTube if you'drather be shown how to do it, like the videos below. And theresults are nothing less than fabulous, giving you beautiful nailsin record time without having to drive to a salon and wait yourturn.The styles and amounts of designs that you can get with nailstamping kits and extra stamping plates are similar designs to whatyou can get at your local salon, but without the wait and withoutthe price tag.These stamping kits also give you the opportunity tocreate your own nail designs, which you can change whenever youwant. The whole process takes just minutes and producesprofessional looking nails from the comfort of your own home andwith no additional expense when you want to change your designs.Youcan create fun and unique nail art designs in just three quick andeasy steps - apply polish to the image plate, stamp it, andtransfer it to your nails. You can stamp the designs on artificialor natural nails too. Use different color nail polishes on avariety of images to create colorful one-of-a-kind designs on yournails.Sometimes, a sample design chart of nails created by aprofessional nail technician using the kit is also included, tomake it easier for you to create your own unique designs using thestamping kit. The best part is that it comes complete with fullinstructions, tips and techniques for getting the bestresults.Before you begin, read the user's guide to make sure youget the best out of your nail stamping kit. Ensure the surface youare working on is protected and that your nails are clean, dry andgrease free. You can stamp the image design directly onto yournatural nail or apply a base coat of polish in your favorite colorbefore stamping on the image.
Basement Design Ideas 1.0
A basement design sets the basis for all renovations to be done inyour home, so it is very important to choose a good design. Byusing a good plan for the basement, you can not only add extrabedrooms to your basement, you can also make living rooms, orentertainment rooms. You also have the option of doubling up yourliving space, depending on the house and basement size, you can addanother living room in the basement. You should always rememberthat good construction is possible through a good design only, andyou want to make out the most of the spaces available foryou.Having a proper design for your basement has many benefits ofits own. Mainly, having a good basement design not only adds roomand more space to your house but also increases its property value.People usually reserve basements for extra storage of their goodsand equipment like the water heaters and furnace with its ductsetc. But with the use of a good basement design, you can utilizeall the space available to you in a great way to separate suchequipment from your living area and make the most of the spaceavailable for use.Even though you want some space designated onlyfor storing your extra items, but if you use your entire basementfor this purpose then you are wasting a lot of space which can beutilized in a good way. So you should try to incorporate such adesign for your basement that it has lots of storage space likeclosets and cupboards, along with some room for the living area oradding a bedroom as well.It is always better to make a roughdrawing or plan for the basement design you have in your mind,before getting the actual work started on your basement, to ensurethan everything turns out the right way with good use of spaceavailable. Blueprints used for your house construction, can beuseful again for your basement designing as they can give you theidea of the structure, dimensions and column positions in yourbasement.In case you do not have the blueprints with you, you cansimply use your rough sketch and visualize how your basement willlook like once it is finished. This is a very important step to seeand help you determine the dimensions of real space you have towork with.The next step after that to completely evaluate yourbasement design idea to see how you want your basement to looklike. You can use your ideas with the real space available to you,to check which idea allows you with practical space than any otheridea, and so you can choose the one which suits you the best.Acontractor should be hired at this point, to go through your designideas and give you an estimate of what the total costs will be forthis whole project. If you know the full price estimatedbeforehand, you will not have any trouble coping with unnecessarycosts springing up from here and there during the actualconstruction work.Always remember that you should never start arenovation project without knowing the complete list of estimatedcost for the whole project. This will allow you to properly decideon a budget for your project, and in deciding if you will hire acontractor or do the labor work yourself.
Quilling Art Designs 1.0
The art of quilling has been around for centuries and it has indeedbecome a great form of art involving the use of strips of paperthat are coiled and curled using a curling tool and shaped intoshapes that will make up a much bigger design or pattern such asflowers.This paper art was also known as paper filigree and forsome others, it was named paper-scrolling. For those who practicethe art centuries ago, they use to make use of quills in rollingthe strips of paper, thus the name quilling. Today, a curling toolis used in making these fine paper ornaments.If you want to tryyour hand on the art of quilling, you can actually start simple.Instead of buying pre-cut paper strips, you can practice onlightweight card stocks and cut them into the standard 1/8-inchstrips.Once you're done practicing the curling and coiling, you canthen try on the basic shapes. Here are the basic shapes you canstart practicing.The tight coil and the loose coil are the basiccoils you need to practice because from these two, you can make theheart shape, the square, the teardrop, the marquis and thedifferent scroll shapes. For example, in making the teardrop shapeor the raindrop shape, as others would call it, you will start frommaking a loose coil and then pinching one side with your thumb andindex finger to form the teardrop shape. The marquis shape issimilarly done as well but pinching two opposite sides of the loosecoil.The challenge in practicing the art of quilling is the patternor design you have to make. If it is your first time trying it, youcan find great ideas on quilling resources online to appreciate thebeauty of the designs made out of quilling. From making uniquehandmade cards to making 3d flowers and ornaments, you will betruly inspired to make your own simple designs and express yourcreativity.Generally, the art of quilling is a simple art form anda very good hobby that you can even teach your children. Aside frominexpensive materials, it does not involve other machines orcomplicated tool as well. Of course, you just have to be extracareful if you are working with children. Make sure they are usingthe curling tool safe and make sure too that you are working with anon-toxic glue.By being creative, you can actually make a lot ofartistic products from quilling. For ideas on where to usequilling, you can make designs that can be framed and placed inyour wall, you can also make cake toppers with them, quilled rosesfor mother's day gift, or valentines gift, quilled flowers inbaskets, scrapbooks, photo frames, holiday decors, and many otherornaments you can make with it. Indeed, from a simple rolling andcurling of colorful paper, you can make a wonderful work of art. Infact, some of the quilling pieces from long ago are being placed inmuseums for their great design, artistry and beauty.
Crochet Baby Cardigan 1.0
Crochet - at its core - is delicate, lovely, and timeless. So it'sno wonder that it lends itself so beautifully to items associatedwith a baby. A blanket, booties, sweaters, a dress - the additionof crochet to any of these items elevates the cute factor into therealm of breathtaking. Suddenly a receiving blanket becomes afamily heirloom; baby booties become worthy of framing; and aspecial sweater becomes a treasured hand-me-down.For those lookingto create the beautiful gift of crochet for babies, you have avariety of patterns and materials from which choose. If you are abeginner, start with a simple pattern such as a blanket or booties;you'll find their lines forgiving of any mistakes. For the moreexperienced among us, more complex patterns such as sweaters, andother projects that contain multi-patterned designs could be goodchoices.You can find any patterns that appeal to you at your localcraft store or on the Internet. Online resources are abundant withpatterns of crochet for babies. Additionally, most are free ofcharge. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you'll mostlikely find all that you need in these online stores.Next comes thefun part of picking the color and texture of the yarns you want touse for your crochet for babies. There are variety of texturesavailable; just be sure to keep those crochet for babies as soft aspossible. Remember that babies' skin is sensitive and chooseaccordingly. Also choose those materials that are easily machinewashable.While supplementing the design with buttons, snaps, andother embellishments elevate the crochet for babies, be verycareful in your use; remember that small items can be a chockinghazard so secure them with care.Sizing can be somewhat difficultwhen it comes to crochet for babies. Instructional manuals willhelp you measure with accuracy and plan accordingly.Crochet forbabies can be a wonderful way to welcome a newborn to the world.Even better, it can be your unique way to do it and one that willcould be handed down from generation to generation.
Newspaper Recycle Craft 1.0
We often consider making paper to be a very complicated, skilledprocess and of course, that can be true. But it's not hard to craftpaper yourself at home with very little equipment. The only specialitem you'll need is a mould. This is a wooden frame with a meshstretched across it to act as a filter or sieve. It's very simpleto make your own mould - just fasten four pieces of wood togetherin a rectangular shape to make the frame. Use 3/4" x 2" wood (20 x50 mm) and make the inner dimensions of the frame the size of thepaper you want to make. The frame needs to be about 2" (200 mm) indepth. Then cover the frame with tightly stretched mesh - mosquitonet or just a piece of net curtain is fine. Make sure it's securelyfastened to the edge of the frame. You'll also need a largecontainer to hold water, about the size of a baby bath.Now you'reready - let's get started! To make the pulp collect together avariety of unwanted paper (this craft is great for recycling).avoid newspaper (not pretty) and glossy magazines (the gloss makesthem unsuitable) but you can use tissues, art paper, envelopes,discarded letter paper or copier paper - these are all suitable.Then tear the paper into about 1" (25 mm) square pieces and soak itin water. The soaking time depends on the paper you're using.Tissues will take under an hour, while high quality paper may takeup to 3 days. Using hot water will speed up the process.The nextstep is to macerate the paper in a blender or food processor. Add acouple of cups of water to each small handful of the paper. (225ml). You only want to blend until the fibres separate, so becautious and use short bursts. If you blend for too long your paperwill be very smooth and you won't have that rustic, handmadequality which is so attractive. Put the blended pulp into anothercontainer. A blenderful will make about 1 letter-sized sheet, socontinue until you've blended as much as you think you'll need.Nowcomes the even more fun part - making the paper! You can add allsorts of small things to give your paper an individual feel. For acountry theme add some tiny feathers or pressed leaves and flowers.For Christmas or a child's party you can add sparkles, or tiny foilshapes. If you'd like to colour the paper, you can use natural dyeslike blueberry or beetroot juice, onion skins, turmeric or coffeegrounds, or you can purchase commercial dyes from craft stores.Just stir your dye into the pulp, adding a little at a time untilyou have the colour you want. Remember though, the colour willlighten as the pulp dries.Stir the pulp well and dip your framevertically into the far side of your container then, in one smoothmovement, tip it towards you so it's lying horizontally beneath thepulp and lift it out, holding it level. Then, quickly, before thewater's drained away, give it a little shake to even it out. Don'twait too long before doing this or the paper will become too dryand tear when you shake it. If this happens, just scrape it backinto the container and try again.
Natural Makeup Tutorials 1.0
There's always an occasion for a professional makeup tutorial.Whether it is for a special event, an important businessappointment or a date, every woman of any age wants to look herbest and seeks a professional makeup tutorial.Starting with thebasics, first make sure you have all the essentials, a concealer,foundation, eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara etc. You don't need tobreak the bank, just get what you can afford.Follow theprofessional make-up artist's advice. Begin with a clean face,apply a toner and moisturizer. Use a moisturizer regardless yourskin type, especially before summer make-up, use one withsunscreen, avoiding the eye area. For more natural summer make-up,use a tinted moisturizer instead.As the professional makeup artistsdo, wait a few minutes after cleaning your skin before putting iton. Use a foundation primer all over your face and neck, to smoothyour skin and allow the makeup to last longer. For a natural look,summer or glamorous makeup, follow the same steps for theapplication of the concealer and foundation.Your concealer must bea tone lighter than your skin, apply it under your eyes. On theproblem areas you need to conceal the redness or discoloration. Patit lightly to blend. Then apply your foundation, remember it shouldnot add color to your skin. For summer, make sure your foundationmatches your tanned skin, for better results use a sheerfoundation. Start at the hairline work your way down to your neck,and around the eye area. A foundation brush will give you aprofessional makeup result. Use illuminator to give your skin anatural, summer makeup look.To give your eyes a professional lookuse two shades of eyeshadow. First apply a natural shade on thearea from lashes to eyebrow, and then a medium shade on the lowerlid. For a natural look use natural tones, earthy shades. Use thelighter eyeshadow on the eyelid and light brown shades on thecorners. Pastel shades such as golden-green, or mango green aregreat choices for summer makeup. For smokey eyes use dark shadesand apply a third darker shade along the lash line to the outercorner of the eye. Use a fluff brush to blend in the shades.Lastly, apply eyeliner towards the outside corner, with gentlestrokes along the lash line. For a professional summer makeup look,use sheer skin enhancer on your eyes, cheeks and d?colletage for abright and natural glow.If you have an eyelash curler use it beforethe mascara. For a natural look you may not need to apply anymascara. Using the tip of the wand apply the mascara to the ends ofyour lashes in an upward direction.Finish off with a bronzer oncheekbones and chin to give yourself a beautiful summer makeup, ora blush for natural makeup. Your lipstick should follow the naturallip line. Apply lipstick or gloss with a brush.To complete yourprofessional makeup use pressed powder to lightly powder your face,nose and under the eyes. Whether you want a natural look, summermakeup, or glamorous one you follow the same steps for theapplication of the concealer and foundation but the eyeshadow mustbe chosen appropriately. Some professional tutorial advice; to gofrom daytime makeup into something more glamorous for evening, justadd more blush, black eyeliner for more dramatic eyes. Finally, gofor a classic red lipstick.Keep in mind the difference between daymakeup, night makeup, and special occasions. Day makeup is lightand tinted with neutral colors.
Crochet Pattern Blankets 1.0
If you know how to crochet or are just learning how to crochet,chances are you are going to be making a baby blanket. A crochetbaby blanket pattern is not only simple to make, but it is also avery popular and unique gift.A crocheted baby blanket can be madein any color or variety of colors. The great thing about crochet isthat you have the option of using many different stitches in yourblanket to give it a different texture and look.Most people willcrochet baby blanket using a pattern. It is very important that youknow how to read the crochet pattern before you start. If you don'tknow how to read the pattern, it can be very complicated andfrustrating trying to figure it out. If you are really struggling,find someone who is more experienced than you and ask them tohelp.If you don't know of anybody to help you, jump online and do asearch for crochet baby blanket patterns. You can get detailedinstructions online and more patterns than you will ever use inyour lifetime.The library is a great source of crochet baby blanketpatterns also. Over the years, there have been many, many bookswritten on crochet and baby blankets are easily one of the mostpopular items to crochet. But, books aren't the only place to findthese types of baby blanket patterns. There are magazines publishedthat are devoted solely to the art of crochet. These magazines willcontain a number of crochet patterns for baby blankets.Once youmake a baby blanket, you may want to try your hand at somethinglarger. Crochet an afghan to cover your bed or your sofa. Theseafghans can be made in any size and color. Crocheting an afghancould make a nice Christmas gift for someone special.The greatthing about handcrafted gifts is that they can be passed down fromgeneration to generation.If you really enjoy crochet, check withyour local craft store. There may be clubs in your area that meetmonthly to exchange crochet patterns and to give tips to eachother. This will be a great source to learn new techniques. Thereare dozens of different crochet stitches and designs that you canproduce.Crocheting is an art form. It takes talent and imaginationto produce a beautiful baby blanket or afghan. Not everyone cancrochet. Just like any craft, you have to enjoy it and truly have apassion for it to produce great works of yarn art.
DIY Plastic Crafts 1.0
By throwing away plastic, we are all contributing to the amount ofnon-biodegradable material in our landfills. While many of us aretrying to avoid plastic bags at the supermarket and bottled water,you can also learn how to re-use the plastic that does come intoyour home. As you look for ways to re-use plastic, you willcertainly be more aware of much plastic we encounter in our dailylives. This articles shares eight ways to craft with plastic andthus reduce your household plastic waste. Best of all, craftingwith plastic trash provides materials for a fun activity at nocost.Plastic Bag TagsBread Tag Jewelry- Yes, even bread tags can besaved and used for a craft project. Paint the bread tags with blackacrylic paint, let dry and decorate with metallic dimensionalpaint. These can be turned into a long necklace, earrings or acharm bracelet. Kids will also love this craft.Plastic Jewel Cases(CD/Computer Software/Etc.)Jewel Case Picture Frame- Turn jewelcases into picture frames. Pull a jewel case apart into two piecesand use ribbon to create a frame around the outside edges. Ribbonfits conveniently into the inside tabs and can be held with a smallamount of glue at the corners. Decorate with buttons, flowersand/or other embellishments. You can also make a 2-part hangingpicture frame with both pieces of a jewel case.Plastic BagsCrochet-Crochet a plastic bag door mat. Cut the bags into 2 inch strips andtie them together, leaving about a 2-3 inch tail. Use a J hook andchain the width, then double crochet in each chain, chain three andturn. Crochet each row the same until an acceptable length. Pullall the tails to one side of the mat, so that the rug has a shaglook to it and the other side is flat. When it gets dirty, you canwash it by just spraying it with water.Fusing- Fuse plastic bagsinto a sturdy sewing material. Select three to four plastic bags.Turn the plastic bags inside out and layer one on top of the layer.Sandwich plastic layers between pieces of parchment paper. Run ahot over the top, moving the iron constantly. Quickly iron oneside, including the edges, flip over and iron the other side.Carefully feel back the parchment to make sure the plastic hasfused into one layer. You can use this sturdy material in sewingprojects, including reusable tote bags for shopping.Flowers- Lidsor adults can create flowers by cutting circles out of plasticbags, for decorating art or accessories.
Crochet Hat Ideas 1.0
Some people finish off there casual wear with caps or hats. As amatter of fact for some people, there everyday outfit is nevercomplete without this accessory. And one of the most famous typesof hat that can be used by almost everyone is crochet hat.There aretiny crochet beanie hats suitable for newborn babies up until theyare 18 months or more. This hat is also popularly used by toddlersand teenagers usually wear crochet hats to complete their dailyensemble. It is also quite common for us to find old folks sittingby the park wearing their own hats. This makes crochet hats trulyuniversal.If you want to check out available crochet beanie on theinternet, all you need to do is to look for different sites. Youcan find all types of hand crochet hats on this website. There areberet hats, chenille, trapper hats, cap hats, etc. As with thecolor, there are those in plain colors, stripes, those with tasselsand ribbons, etc. For toddlers and kids, there are those that arecrafted to look like puppies, robots, or those that have floweraccents. There are also those that are designed for specificpurposes like skiing, skating, biking or simply for everyday wear.Crochets beanies are also a wonderful gift.A crochet beanie cansurely complete or accessorize anybody's outfit. The key is tochoose one that suits your taste, preference, age and of coursechoose one that will highlight your personality.
Crochet Pattern Bracelets 1.0
Crocheted bracelets are fun and stylish to wear with just aboutanything. They are especially fun in the summer as you can crochetthem in bright and cheerful colors to match the rest of the summeryoutfit that you might choose. In this way you can use up your oddsand ends, making it rather inexpensive to accessorize yourwardrobe.And just because they are crocheted doesn't mean that theycan't be elegant enough to wear to parties, weddings and otherfancy occasions. Quite to the contrary, crocheted bracelets can bejust as elegant as anything store-bought. You just need the rightmaterial, the right color and the right pattern. Honestly, you'llbe amazed at what you can create once you get started.My favoritematerial is a fine yarn or a size 3 or 10 crochet thread. Thebeauty of the thread is that it allows for lots of details in thepattern while still keeping the bracelet narrow. And these are thebracelets you can wear at weddings and other fancyoccasions.Embroidery floss is another material to consider as it'son the thin side too. And the colors available in the floss aretotally amazing!A thin and flexible wire is also suitable forcrocheting an elegant bracelet. The only thing with wire is that itcan be difficult to work with. Thus, you might need a bit ofpractice until you're able to keep the stitches at the sametension. Crocheting with wire can also be hard on the hands, so youmight need to pace yourself in order to avoid any injuries.Last,but not least, are beads. The beauty of beads is that you canstring them over your material. Just make sure they have a hole bigenough to fit over the material that you have chosen to workwith.And if you're looking to make something a bit wider, you canchoose a worsted weight yarn. These bracelets are not only quick towhip up, but they'll also help to keep your wrists warm and cozy.Asfor your closure, many bracelets are designed to simply slip overthe hand. This is the quick and easy way to make them. However, youcan also purchase a bracelet clasp at the yarn or craft store.Another option is to simply tie the bracelet so it fits snug aroundthe wrist.Crocheted bracelets can also be a lot of fun for youngchildren from toddlers and up. Just remember to keep things safe ifcrocheting for children. Wire and beads should not be used forchildren's items to reduce the risk of injury.
Crochet Booties Idea 1.0
Newborn baby's feet bones are formed ofsoftand bendable cartilage. Due to its pliable nature, baby's feetaremore susceptible to malformation. So, it is important to ensurethecomfort and flexibility of socks, booties or baby shoes tosecureand enhance the natural growth of baby's delicate feet andtoes.When the baby tries to walk for the first time, parentswillstart to look for baby shoes or crochet booties. Usually,crochetbooties are preferred by most of the parents because theyareflexible and offers comfort for the baby's feet duringindooractivities, whereas toddler shoes are most often used foroutdooractivities and to secure the baby's feet while walkingthroughrough concrete floors.Today, crochet booties are available in a wide range ofcolor,design, outlook, pattern, price and much more. Parents canevenfind newborn baby booties according to their baby's outfittoo.If you are looking for crochet booties, you need to checkoutsome important factors that determine the quality and comfortofthe booties. Unlike infant shoes, you need not have to checkallthe features of crochet booties because they are not usuallymadeof hard materials such as leather. Since, baby booties are madeofdifferent types of soft and flexible yarn; they can fit yourbaby'sfeet quite easily. Besides, they will also offer room forflexiblemovements of your baby's feet and toes.Some important factors that must be checked out properlywhilelooking for booties are listed below:Material used for manufacturing:You need to check the quality of the material used foritsproduction. Usually, crochet baby booties that are made of100%cotton are considered to be one of the best booties for babies.Lowquality materials can cause allergy and rashes. So, make surethecrochet booties are made of high quality materials likecotton,mohair, wool, cashmere or alpaca.Fabrication:Fabrication must also be examined properly because tight fitscancause pain and bone malformation during long period of usage,whilegood fabrication not just offers comfort but protects yourbaby'sfeet too.Check out its weight:You must also analyze the weight of the booties sincedependingon the yarn used for manufacturing, booties weight willvary.Crochet booties that are made of cotton are light in weight,whilebooties that are made of wool might be heavy for thenewbornbabies.Spacious:Baby needs more space to move its feet and toe freely.Remember,natural feet movement is required to enhance the growth ofbonesand maintain stability. Hence, it is important to check outthespace offered by the booties.These are some important factors that might help you toidentifythe best crochet booties for your cute babies.
Artistic Tattoo Fonts 1.0
Are you planning to have a tattoo that has characters and wordssuch as name tattoo? Make sure you do the proper research in orderto get the best suitable tattoo fonts. Tattoo designing is aserious art. Since tattoos are generally for a life time and areparts of your body, getting the best possible is the rightapproach.You can choose from huge range of fonts available. You cangenerate and select various types of font by using your computer.Combining tattoo fonts with your tattoo design and check out thefinal design is very easy with computer. Print out your selectedtattoo designs and show it to your tattoo artist for advice. Thiswill help your artist to craft your favorite tattoo design on yourbody.When it comes to tattoo fonts, Fiery and Icy styles are mostsought after. If you want to have a cool personality these fontsare the best. Several popular designs utilized from Old English.Usually people prefer eye-catching tattoo fonts for obviousreasons.But, do you really know the main reason these tattoo fontsare used? Usually, people use them in name tattoos. Most tattoofans love this kind of tattoo design. These are also used to addthe names of beloved ones such as parents, children, or person whohas died. There numerous other reasons behind the use of tattoofonts.Kanji Japanese calligraphy tattoo fonts are also verypopular. Initially Kanji calligraphy was used to write on bones.Today, among Japanese who prefer to give old charm to theirtattoos, the rounded and natural Japanese calligraphy is morepopular.However, Kanji has evolved along the time and has divergedinto two diverse styles: SOSHO Kanji and MINCHO Kanji.MINCHO Kanjiin Japanese is just like Times New Roman in English. In Japan, it'sthe most frequently used font in print. It's is more formal andgradually becoming popular in other media's such as Billboards inJapan.On the other hand, SOSHO Kanji is relatively more modern,cursive Kanji style and used to create smoothly flowing lines. Youcan see SOSHO Kanji fonts in the movie "The Last Samurai". You willfind SOSHO Kanji style at martial arts training centers as well.Aperfect tattoo means perfect combination of design and tattoofonts. Therefore, before you choose tattoo fonts, it's crucial tounderstand the right meaning. Research and pick carefully in orderto get the most unique tattoo fonts you love the most. The style ofuse of tattoo fonts tells a lot about personality.
Acrylic Nail Designs 1.0
Artificial nails are also called acrylic nails because these arenot naturally grown on the top of our fingers. If you can not growyour own fingernails, you can resort to using acrylic nails andenjoy good looking nails for special occasions or even daily wear.These nails give unnatural length to short and brittle nails. Theyare glued on to your natural nails and can give a stunning effectas they come in a variety of designs and patterns.How acrylic nailsare made: Often, women wear these acrylic nails to preventthemselves from biting their nails. With acrylic nails this ispossible since they are strong, impossible to chew and are createdby mixing a powder and a liquid called Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA).When mixed together, they form a thick mix that can be easilyapplied to the finger tips and color your natural nails.Applyingacrylic nails at a salon: These nails can be applied at home or ata salon, though it can be very time-consuming. Before you opt forthis, speak to your friends or family for their opinions. Next,make a booking at the salon but not before you check that the salonhas put up its licenses clearly for everyone to see; that it is aclean place; and that their staff washes their hands beforestarting work with you and that the ventilation is good. Expect tospend $ 20- $ 100, depending on the technique used, kind ofapplication, training and quality of polishing on the nails. Youwill have to go back to the salon every two weeks. Each sessioncould last an hour or more.Applying it at home: You will have topractice a lot at home before you can get anywhere near aprofessional's expertise. Before you begin, check that you havethese tools of the trade: a nail brush, a buffer, liquid and powderacrylic and acrylic clippers.How to apply acrylic nails: Clean yournails, dry them, and push the cuticles back. Apply fitting tipswhere your natural nail ends. Next, mix the powder and liquid anddrop a small bead of the mix on to the nail from the brush. Keepdoing this until a natural curve appears. Now, trim your nails tothe length you choose to have. If there is any excess powder ornail dust, brush it off now. You may choose to buff your nails now.Your acrylic nails are ready.Caring for your nails: By caring foryour nails, you can make them last longer and look better. If youtake the best care of them, you will not have to replace themoften, making investing in them cost-effective.Taking them off: Ifyou want to take off your acrylic nails, do not resort to snappingthem off because this can harm your natural nail that's growingbelow it. Instead, have it removed by a specialist or soak yournails in acetone. To protect your cuticles and fingers, apply acoating of Vaseline, and then soak them in acetone for 30 minutes.After this, they will come off naturally.
Crochet Bolero Designs 1.0
Bolero crochet have always been there. It's just that the name doesnot strike you so easily. Once you buy them, they merge into youridentity and very quickly become your fashion statement.Thiswinter, and especially this Christmas, you can play true to thegallery and stuff yourself with some of the best bolero crochet.The single button boleros are working up a rage this Christmas. Instrong red and defined in lambs wool or Bordeaux, they areregistering quite an impact. Largely, the appeal can be attributedto their versatility.As an instance of their wide range, you justneed to think of the gothic, romantic, classic and chic patterns ofthese crochet. Oversized collars with the pleats created at thehemlines give them a silken touch. No matter how many times youthink of them, the impression will be one of awe. It does notmatter whether you want to wear them over elementary tanks ordesire to couple them with party wear or semi-formal lines, youwill always find them up to the task. The grosgrain ribbons can bewell improvised to create various trims. You have just got tochoose one that suits you to the hilt.Often for these kinds ofcrochet, even the knits done in acrylic resemble the cashmere look.Naturally, it is just a case of smart buy when you can fool aroundwith a cashmere look at price of acrylic.You can use long sleevesor short sleeves depending upon the girth of your waist and yourneckline. Accentuated shoulder pads are best layered with longsleeves. You can also use the bolero sweater woolen blends tocreate a sleazy silhouette for yourself. Let's take up a few waysto do best justice to the bolero sweater.Cloverleaf designs suitthe long sleeves extremely well just as the diamond pattern is madeexquisitely for the short sleeved version.You can go for thefeather boleros if cocktails or evening parties are on your mind.You can also use them this Christmas to create an amazingly stylishSanta look.Cropped crochet can emphasize your curves and a handyhipline in a very smart way. Of course, you have to pre-analyzeyour body type.The bolero sweater has just taken up fashion wingsonce again. Yes, they had doused a little a decade ago but theyhave come back within the fashion folds in style.
DIY Shoes Design 1.0
There is nothing better than a good pair of shoes. Great shoesimprove your posture, flatter your figure, give you a moreattractive gait, and provide the base for a stylish outfit. Shoesalways fit, no matter how many scoops of slow-churned goodness youadded to your cone last night. And as Cher Horowitz of Cluelesswould say, "You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only goon my feet!"Instead of buying a new pair of shoes for every trend,why not take some old, washed-up, has-been shoes from your closetand DIY them into something unique? There are myriad ways to re-doyour shoes. If you follow these how-to tips, even your shoe rackwill inspire you to say "Hello, Lover..."Re-Do your Shoes: Make aRemovable EmbellishmentMake a simple ribbon or chiffonembellishment that you can add to any pair of strappy heels andremove when the trend dies down. Because let's face it, wearingruffly chiffon leaves all over your feet is not going to be popularfor long. For these tutorials, use a ribbon as a base to holdwhatever embellishment you want (be creative!) and attach it toVelcro strips (thus the "removable" part).Re-Do your Shoes:DecoupageYou already know how to decoupage a piece of furniture ora picture frame, but did you know you could decoupage a pair ofshoes too? With a little mod podge, some fabric, and a hot gluegun, you can essentially reupholster a pair of old shoes like youwould a couch.Re-Do your Shoes: PaintSpray paint a pair of boringflats or heels with a bright color and seal with a coat of clearspray paint. Make sure you tape off the soles and other places youdon't want the paint to get on, and wait for the paint to drycompletely (overnight) before handling.
Cake Decoration Tutorial 1.0
When trying to come up with original ideas for parties withoutassistance, it can be almost impossible. However, when tapping intoother sources, the choices become endless. One area that is ofparticular interest when entertaining is the kind of cakes providedat the party. Whether your party is for a birthday, an anniversary,a wedding or any other special occasion, knowing proper cakedecorating techniques can prove invaluable.If you find yourself abeginner, cake decorating ideas can be far and few between.However, once you have found the perfect cake decorating book,being known as a beginner cake decorating individual will soonbecome a thing of the past! If you have always wanted to learn moreabout this lost art, now might be the perfect time to do so.You aregoing to find a wide selection of ideas that will fit your idea forthe perfect party. Once you have secured the information needed,you will be well on your way to impressing your guests at your nextparty. Depending on the specifics, let me relate a personalexperience I had prior to entering the wonderful world ofdecorating cakes:I was looking over several magazines and variouscookbooks to get some ideas one day when my mom stopped by for avisit. She asked me what I was up to and I told her I was lookingfor a cake decorating idea to prepare a special cake for myhusband's birthday. Mom gave some sage advice by suggesting I keepit simple. Mom has many years of experience when it comes tohosting a party and that went a long way telling me that she knewwhat she was talking about.I remember how impressed her guests werewith her cake decorating skills. She also reminded me that it wasnot necessary to compete with the professionals. The reason givenwas that it not only kept things simple but allowed both the guestsand the host to interact. This provided more time for all to justhave fun. Obviously, this rang true with me. I not only wanted toimpress my husband, I also wanted to enjoy the party and minglewith the guests.Even so, I still desired something special for myhusband's birthday and finding the perfect ideas were paramount inmy mind. As it so happened, he came home from work and saw all ofthe magazine articles and cookbooks spread out on the counter.Because of this, I was able to pick his brain by asking him whichone he would like. He examined the literature and indicated that hereally liked the idea of a fishing theme.At this point, I was ableto narrow down my cookbooks to a specialty cake decorating bookthat provided the information necessary to adequately decorate acake to meet his request. Once I had that information at myfingertips, I shopped for the equipment necessary to do the jobright.
Bridesmaid Dress Ideas 1.0
Long gone are the days when bridesmaids shrink from their dresses.Now, with such a wide selection of dress styles available, choosingbridesmaid dresses will feel exciting! But, with so many options tochoose from, some brides may actually find themselves feelingoverwhelmed. So, when browsing for bridesmaid dresses, use thisguide to find the best dress styles, favorite fabrics and the mostflattering lengths and cuts. By using this guide, you'll easilyfind the perfect looks for even your most style consciousattendants.The Best Short Bridesmaid DressesOur top three picks fornew, short length bridesmaid dresses:The Charmeuse Dress withRuched Waist and Pockets: No matter her style, any bridesmaid willlove the strapless charmeuse dress with ruched waist and pockets.This fun, modern dress has a classic silhouette and a sleek designthat bridesmaids will want to wear again and again.The CrinkleChiffon Dress with Ruffle Neckline: This dress perfectly mesheselegant femininity and casual comfort. Your bridesmaids will lovethe feel of the flowing crinkle chiffon fabric. Up top, this dressfeatures a lovely front ruffle flattering the bust, which adds aunique and eye-catching touch.The One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress: Everybridesmaid will love this pick. This one-shoulder silhouette is atop pick amongst even the most style conscious women, as it'strendy and versatile. The taffeta material serves as a specialtouch with its smooth and silky texture that always adds an extraglow.The Best Long Bridesmaid DressesOur top three picks for new,long length bridesmaid dresses:Strapless Chiffon A-Line Dress withDraped Skirt: Your most style conscious attendants will fall headover heels for this uniquely pleated, strapless chiffon bridesmaiddress. This style has a sleek silhouette and draped skirt,flattering simply any body type, and it also features a charmeuseband at the waist that lends an hourglass look to all bodytypes.One-Shoulder Chiffon Dress with Floral Detail: From top tobottom, this bridesmaid dress, available in dozens of colors, willcertainly ease your most style conscious attendants. A one-shoulderstrap comes finely detailed with elegant flowers and the bodicefeatures an asymmetrical neckline and ruching to create asilhouette that lends to a slimming look. This dress then sweepsout in a chiffon skirt, creating a soft and romantic look.ChiffonDress with Beaded Neckline and Straps: Flowing chiffon is a classicfabric for bridesmaid dresses and often comes in many colors. Yourbridesmaids will love the empire waist adorned with a charmeuseband and tank bodice, which comes with intricate beading along theneckline and straps. No matter how style conscious your attendants,everyone will love this classic style.The Best Bridesmaid DressSeparatesWhen considering hot new trends, look no further than theshort and sweet satin strapless top with short skirt. This topcomes with modern pleats along the sweetheart neckline and thebottom smoothes out into an A-line, which is widely popular forflattering any shape. With many colors available, you can get ascreative as you'd like by mixing and matching tops, shirts, dressesand accents.A perfect example of trendiness and comfort, be sure toconsider the ruched chiffon top with long skirt, which offers youand your bridesmaids the most versatility. First, separate outfitsallows for many color options including mixing and matching, plusmany bridesmaids choose to wear the back-zipped, strapless top overand over long after the wedding.
Dress Fashion Designs 1.0
Do you think fashion designers are so cool? Have you ever dreamedthat you will be a fashion designer one day? However, it is noteasy to become a fashion designer. Because fashion relates to theaesthetics, psychology, material science, engineering, marketingand so on, so it is a focus of technology and art and it is acomplex learning.What fashion designer design directly is clothingwhile design indirectly is society and culture. With thedevelopment of technology and culture, design methods of humanbeing develop continuously. In the information age, there aregreater changes in the way which broadcast culture than before, sothe limits of each industry are fading. The imagination of fashiondesigner had broken the chain and had released freely.How to seethe art of fashion and how to feel and appreciate the language offashion had been focuses in nowadays. Fashion design should havestrong aesthetics standard and value. It asks for not onlybeautiful and fashionable but also low-key and elegant. So whendesign clothing, fashion designers should forget who they are andshow what they think in their works.The practicability and theaesthetic function of clothing require designers identify thepurpose of design. They should pursue the harmony of human being,clothing and environment according to each element. That is to saywe have to think about the three main preconditions. What are they?Let me tell you one by one.The first precondition is time. Inshort, different climatic conditions require different design. Theforms of clothing, the choices of garment materials, the ways ofdecoration and even the atmosphere of art are all affected by thetime. At the same time, special moments ask for special designs.For instance, graduation ceremonies and wedding ceremonies needspecific clothing.The second precondition is place. We are all indifferent environments and occasions that we need proper clothingto fit into these places. Fashion design should think about thedemand of dressing in each place. What is more, it should thinkabout the demand of etiquette and custom. An evening dress isdifferent from a sport dress. Evening dress is suitable for eveningparty while sport dress is suitable for sport.
Balloon Decoration Ideas 1.0
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, andyou will want every element of it to be memorable. What decorationsyou decide on will come down to taste and budget, but weddingballoon decorations are becoming very popular to have. You cancreate many different shapes and designs with balloons, and theywill look stunning.You can have as many or as few balloons as youwant. There are no set rules when it comes to decorating withballoons. The idea of wedding balloon decorations can be afantastic way to make your reception venue look spectacular at anaffordable price. Balloons are a timeless classic that can lookgreat in any situation or area.The amazing effects which can beachieved with balloons are fantastic, such as a balloon arch towalk under as you enter the event, or to frame the head table ordance floor. The possibilities are endless, and there is nothing tostop you having more than one. This is of course your day, and youcan have what you want.There are many companies available that willcreate your wedding balloon decorations for your day. Although youmay think you can do them yourself, this may be trickier than youthink. The concept may seem very easy, but they can be timeconsuming, and you may burst many balloons trying to create yourdecorations. In the end, you may spend more in balloons than if youhad paid someone to do the displays for you. Also, do you reallywant to be blowing up balloons on your big day? You will have farbetter things to be doing.If your budget really won't stretch to aprofessional, then you may have to ask friends and family to helpyou with the decorations. You will need to practice the balloondisplays beforehand and not leave it till the day.You can achievearches and simple table displays with very little knowledge, and ifyou assemble them the night before, then you will not need to bedoing it on your wedding day. You can build arches, columns andcenterpieces by attaching balloons to a piece of wire. Heliumballoons are not always necessary as blown up balloons work equallyas well, and these can be prepared in advance.You can have theballoons in any color, and they can even be personalized with manydifferent things. However, bear in mind they will cost more if youhave them personalized, although it is a fantastic touch. By havingsome tastefully placed wedding balloon decorations at your venue,it will look stunning. With some practice and time, you can createamazing results.Your wedding will be remembered for the unusualdecorations, and people will be asking you for tips and advice fortheir day. Whatever you decide to do with the wedding balloondecorations, your reception will look great, and you can be proudknowing that you achieved a stunning look with only balloons.
Aluminium Window Designs 1.0
If you have old aluminium windows that you want to either restorethe existing colour or you wish to change the colour, then, you canrest easy. You've come to the right place.The process of aluminiumwindow painting can be broken down into a series of steps with twodistinct stages. These are preparation and application. Theinexperienced however, will try and skip on the preparation to thedetriment of the look and durability of the finishedproduct.PreparationThe amount of preparation needed mainly dependson the type and condition of the original substrate. For example,if you have old powder coated painted aluminium windows that haschalky paint and rubs off against your fingers, then this will takea lot more preparation than newer powder coated surface that's notchalking and is being painted for a colour change.However, anodizedaluminium windows will take a lot more preparation than all othersubstrates regardless of its substrate condition because, thesurfaces needs a lot more mechanical abrasion to key the surface upenough to allow the paint to stick.Protection of adjacent finishedsurfaces- Whenever you are painting isolated section, it isimportant that you protect adjacent finished surfaces. Whenpainting the aluminium windows in your home or apartment, you'llneed to think about putting plastic drop sheets down, followed bycanvas drop sheets. I suggest applying plastic film and 3M, whichyou can with a hand dispenser to protect the glass and the wallsdirectly surrounding the window frame.Cleaning - Make sure allsurfaces are clean and free of dirt. Grime and grease are criticalin the process of aluminium window painting. If surfaces are dirtythen paint adhesion is reduced. Clean the frames on the outsidewith soapy water and a sponge. However, use a soap that is saltfree such as truck wash. Wash off all excess soap with clean freshwater. Then, alternately clean surfaces down both inside and outwith solvent wash such as prepsol.Use a scour to apply the solvent.The scour will clean and key the surface at the same time. It isimportant that you carry out a second solvent wash on dirty windowsby applying solvent with a clean cloth then wiping off with anotherclean cloth.Sanding the substrate - There is no easy way aroundthis process. This can be difficult and monotonous especiallygetting into the tighter spots such as the upper channel becausethere is no mechanical sanding equipment that can make the job alot quicker. Thus, doing the job manually by hand is hard and timeconsuming.
DIY Greeting Cards 1.0
Creating cards can be very pleasurable and relaxing. The mainmaterial for making greeting card is paper or card. There are manytypes of paper to choose from but the most important thing toremember is that the card needs to be able to stand up alone.Opting for a thick card will achieve this easily. Now ontodecorating, there are various types of paints, ink, accessories toattach; writing styles, drawings, markers, feathers, even usingcrayons or felt tip pens can give a great effect. Your imaginationis the only barrier when is comes to creating great cards. Plus thecard will always be unique because of your personal style, and thesentiment you want to convey.Many decorate cards by using theirhome computer. Again you will need a thick card / paper forstructure, however make sure your printer can take the card'sthickness. Each printer specifies the maximum thickness of paper orcard it will take. Check this first before attempting to print,this way you will avoid the getting paper jammed. When using acomputer the paper variation stretches even further, differentpapers give different results, so experiment. To personalize itmore by using your own photographs this can create a great specialtouch, plus with a printer you can print everything with ease.Ifyou have the skill or want to try something new, using calligraphypens can add a special touch to any card. It takes a special talentto produce quality work using a calligraphy pen, but for beginnersstick to short sentences or single words e.g.: the recipient'sname. Such a card would convey thoughtfulness and care to therecipient. Use the right tools, calligraphy pen sets are easy toobtain from any local art or stationary store.Get the childreninvolved in creating cards, they will love it. A simple piece ofstandard paper and a crayon can produce a great simple masterpiece. Push the boundaries and introduce finger paints, scrappaper, buttons, wool, magazine cut-outs, craft foams pieces,glitter, glue the list is endless. However more accessories fuel'sthe imagination of the child.Last but no means least the choice ofcards produced by the large amount of card companies. Cardcompanies offer convenience, saving the buyer time, effort,resources and money. They cater for all occasions, all members ofthe family, friends, colleagues and more. All is needed from thebuyer is to choose which one to purchase, which is a job withinitself.
DIY Plastic Recycled 1.0
If you are looking for an inexpensive, fun hobby and like to followthe new hot trend of recycling as well, then you should definitelycheck out the very old, but very popular art-form of decoupage.Decoupage comes from the French verb, decouper, which means "tocut." This refers to decorative paper cutouts, being layered andglued on various objects. Finishing it of with several coats ofsealers to make the cut out appearance diminish, and the resultwill look like an expensive painting.Blue NudesSo if you arelooking for a fun craft project that some very famous people wasmastering, including Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, andmore recently, Pablo Picasso and Matisse with his very famous bluenudes, then you just need a few simple tools and materials, and abit of creativity, and you're all set to start this very fun andrewarding art-form. You can decoupage on almost anything such as,picture frames, lampshades, books, plastic jars, glass containers,tables, chairs, bed boards... well, I could go on and on.PopularAmong the DIY CrowdDecoupage was born in twelfth century China, butbecame immensely popular in France and the rest of Europe in the17th century. However, this art form is once again gaining hugepopularity among the DIY crowd and the crafters all over the world.The materials are very inexpensive, and the decoupage techniquewill turn anything into a piece of art. From an old shoebox or apair of sneakers, to an ugly counter top or a picture frame. Yourimagination, glue and some cut outs can transform anythingimaginable into a work of art.Recycle and ReuseDecoupage is an artform that reuse and recycle old items more than any other hobby.This hobby is very environmentally friendly and is just right fortoday's world, when protecting our environment is so important. Weall can help saving our earth, by choosing to recycle and reuse,instead of buying new things that will soon fill up our land fills.So next time you consider to throw anything in the trash, take asecond good look, because it could be transformed into a chic andtrendy decoupaged piece of art. This old art form has becometoday's recycling!Decoupage a Habit-Forming HobbyWhatever youdecide to create, you'll have the great pleasure to know that youhave taken on an art form from the 12th century. In fact, this isan art form that is just right for today and the future. Maybe byshowing your creative and unique projects, you may inspire othersto follow in your footsteps to start recycling, and bring this artform into the next century. However, I do have to warn you,decoupage could be rather habit-forming. As soon as you start tosee the beautiful results from your decoupaged projects, you'll beon the look out for more things to decoupage. It's verystraightforward and easy crafting, and so much fun.
Refashion Clothes Idea 1.0
Have you ever wanted to be a bit more creative with your style?Have you ever had wanted keep an old and well loved piece ofclothing but feel that it is a bit dated or it doesn't fit you anymore? Have you ever felt a little guilty about how you desire tofollow the latest trends and constantly update your wardrobeimpacts on the environment? Have you got no money but desperatelywant some new clothes?If the answer to any of these questions isyes, then why not try refashioning, restyling or customising someof your old clothes. It is a great way to get a new look withoutspending money on new clothes. It is also great for theenvironment, because not only does it cut down on the amount ofclothing going into landfill but it also reduces the amount of newclothing bought and the environmental impact associated with it'smanufacture and transport.Second hand and vintage clothes have beenseeing a huge surge in popularity lately with clothes swapping orswishing being a great way to refresh your wardrobe. Refashioningclothes is a great way of taking old or second hand clothes andcreating something new and fresh. Not only will your refashionedclothes be just as you want, they will also be completely uniqueand individual to you.Even if you can't sew, there are lots of verysimple ways that you can refashion clothes. If you can sew, thenyour imagination is the limit. When refashioning clothes, the bestplace to start is by deciding what you really like or dislike abouta piece of clothing. Sometimes it could be as simple as dying it,if you don't like the colour, shortening it, if you don't like thelength, or replacing the buttons, if you don't like the buttons.Other simple projects include, bleaching, you can createinteresting patterns using bleach, in the same way as you can withdyes, adding beading, sequins or appliqué, cutting the neckline outof a t shirt and removing the sleeves from a jacket.For a morecomplex project, you could try using a conventional sewing patternwith each of the pieces made from an old piece of clothing or evena patchwork of pieces from several old pieces of clothing. Youcould take a piece of clothing and change the sleeves or neckline.You could also make a pair of jeans into denim skirt. There arecountless other ideas and resources on the internet to give youideas for refashioning clothes, just have a look.Once you getstarted refashioned clothes, you won't want to stop and before youknow it, not only will you be creating beautiful outfits foryourself; you will be creating them for friends too. It is such agreat way to get an original wardrobe of clothes that are perfectfor you.This article was written by Ceri Heathcote, a website for swapping, buying and selling secondhand and vintage clothing.
Calligraphy Art Designs 1.0
Many people appreciate and admire the gorgeous look of wordswritten in calligraphy.If you find yourself drawn to this writtenbeauty and want to learn it, know that writing calligraphy issomething you can learn. As with any other hobby or skill you areinterested in, there is a learning curve and requires patience withyourself and lots of practice.Once you get the hang of it, you'lldiscover that writing calligraphy is simply an expression of yourown creative thoughts and artistic skills. Even if you don't thinkyou possess artistic skills at the moment, you may even surpriseyourself at the beautiful things you can create with writingcalligraphy.Writing calligraphy is something you can take up as aninformal hobby, and then decide to apply more serious study. Eitherway, you will be delighted at how lovely the written word becomeswhen applying calligraphy techniques.To begin your study as acalligrapher, you'll need just a few basic items to get started toinclude a calligraphy pen, a lined notebook for practicing theletters and a good study guide. Because you need to start somewhereand need to learn to basic strokes and then how to form letters ofthe alphabet, you can use online tutorials or books to show you theropes.Before you begin writing calligraphy, start by soaking in asmuch information as you can from your book, tutorials orcalligraphy websites. This will give you a good starting point soyou know the steps you need to take as you begin your study.Onceyou feel like you're ready, practice a few strokes, figures andshape designs to get the feel for using a calligraphy pen.Calligraphy pens are different because of the tip, or nib, used tocreate beautiful letters.The nib is a fine tip, and is offered indifferent thickness and angle types. The nib you select willdirectly impact your writing calligraphy. Eventually, you'll choosedifferent nibs for different projects, but the nib found on a basiccalligraphy pen will work out perfectly for practice.The key tomastering calligraphy is to use the pen as an expression of yourown writing hand and style. Although it's a good idea to study theproper form and lettering when learning, from there you can beginto modify what you've learned and make it completely unique toyou.Once you've mastered some general strokes/lines and how itfeels to hold and write with the pen, you're ready to move on towriting calligraphy alphabets. It's recommended to start with abasic font such as italic, roundhand, manuscript or unicalstyles.While these are some of the most basic calligraphy fonts,they're still very pretty and elegant once you learn how to writethem. By adding flourishes to your letters, you can take even amost basic font and fancy it up to make it look elegant.Once youget to the writing calligraphy alphabet lettering phase, you willbe in this practice stage for a while. By all means try your handat practicing different lettering styles, but practice is what willget you from a beginner to talented calligrapher. How long thattakes depends on the individual. The learning curve all depends onthe amount of time you put in practicing.
Chalkboard Lettering Ideas 1.0
Chalkboards are used for many purposes today. Traditionally, theyhave been used in schools and now many of us recognize theirapplication in the corporate sector. For example, in a work placethese boards of various kinds are used to make presentations and todisplay graphs, pictures, notices and fliers. However most of ushave definitely noticed one of these boards at an eatery or acoffee place. These are heavy-duty, weather resistant chalkboards,particularly good for restaurants, specialty stores, or anybusiness that wants to reach out to potential customers.Today thetraditional look of a chalkboard has been compromised for one thatis practically and economically consistent with its use while atthe same time providing a convenient design. The look of thetraditional chalkboard has been combined with crisp, digitallyprinted, faux chalk lettering other color graphics, such as a logo.Prints can be placed directly on the chalkboard for a moreprofessional attractive feel. As your menu changes, replacementscan easily be made.Magnetic strips with the menu items and pricescan be made. Blank strips are provided too along with liquid chalkfor making changes when the need arises. These new boards arecompletely hassle-free and simple to use. They are attractive andextremely durable. They come in a variety of designs like write-onboards, chalkboards, free-standing letter boards, free-standingmessage boards, free-standing poster holders, and tripodeasels.With the mass production of a huge variety of menu boards, acustomer has an array of choices. He can choose from the decorativeand from the functional designs available on the market. He canalso decide which type suits him best; the traditional chalkboard,the faux lettering board, or the whiteboard.
Garden Craft Ideas 1.0
A well crafted small garden design could be desirable to people fora number of reasons. First, the outdoor space suitable for beingturned into a garden could be rather small. Alternatively therecould be plenty of outdoor space, but the person may not want tomake a large garden. Also if the garden space is set in an urbansetting there may only be a balcony or small patio available for agarden installation.Those are all good reasons to desire a smallgarden space, but designing one for those applications can betricky. It takes forethought and careful planning to make a gardenof this type really work.Here are a few small garden design ideasthat anyone can use to get the most out of any space.First, aperson needs to consider what the purpose of the garden is:Decorative, functional, or a hybrid.A decorative garden is one thatfocuses on plants that will have the largest visual impact persquare foot without any consideration for edible, or in some otherway functional plant. A functional garden on the other hand focuseson maximizing the yield per square foot of plants that can be eatenor used in some other productive manner (i.e. Aloe Vera for burns).Finally, a hybrid garden focuses on a cross between these twodifferent concepts. It tries to produce a high yield of usefulplants, while at the same time creating visual interest within thegarden space.The most common garden type that people choose in thisregard is a hybrid approach. For the purposes of this article, itis this style that will be the focus of the following small gardendesign ideas.The first concept that any person designing a smallgarden needs to understand is that raised beds always make for amore vigorous crop. Raised beds can be constructed in virtually anyshape imaginable so they are the perfect container for any smallgarden. For example an urban gardener who only has a condo balconyto work with could build raised bed planters in the corners of thebalcony and a long narrow one straight down the front parallel tothe railing. This design creates a lot of growing space withouttaking away much of floor space on the balcony.Another very usefulidea to keep in mind when building a small garden is that it can beconstructed horizontally as well as vertically. For example a wallor fence can easily be turned into a living wall by adding hangingplanters or vining plants like grapes, hardy kiwi, or honeysuckleto it.Whatever style of garden is being constructed one thing thatis important to keep in mind is that in order to create a strongvisual appeal, it is better to stagger plants of different heightsand colors around one another. This creates texture and dimensionto a garden space that can make it seem larger than it reallyis.Building a garden is a tremendous amount of fun. By taking thesmall garden design ideas listed above and making them their own, aperson will be able to build a visually interesting and usefulgarden that will impress all of their friends and family.
Asian Fashion Styles 1.0
Fashion is an ever changing concept. Fashion lies icon style,fashion lies in presentation, fashion lies in the way you talk andalso on the way you perceive things. style changes from country tocountry. The concept is differently practiced in different placesdepending on the climate and choice of the general population.Whentalking about Asian style you have so much to say and so manythings to present. Asian influence on fashion genre has increasedwith days. Several Asian countries have now entered fashioncompetitions to prove their likeness and respect towards impendingfashion. Before they used to dot upon local markets and now theywant to reach out to international fashion bazaars. They havecrossed the lines and have always tried to come up with somethingnew and extraordinary. This is what Asian style all about is. Lotsof Asian designers are flooding the international fashion marketwith their innovations and fashionable endeavors. Most Indiandesigners are trying to mix and match traditionalism withcontemporary fashion to make something really pleasing andappreciable.Korean style is a more restricted one. They really findit hard to move out from their respective boundaries and presentthe world with something new and unique. Korean fabrics areexcellent and they are enough to give other cloth materials a toughfight. Korean people have a legendary fashion history. They like torule with conventional styles among contemporary fashion lovers.Korean fashion designers are hard workers. There is no scope of anykind of loop holes in the kind of design they are presenting theworld. It is only that they are not so much interested inexperimenting with their age old authentic fashion. They love theway they have always been. They dislike breaking rules and this iswhat Korean fashion is all about.After the Koreans the Japanese toare not far behind. They have a host of their personal collectionsas well. Japanese fashion designers are both amazing andexceptional. Japanese fashion reflects both culture and soul. Itsfashion reflects Japanese tradition and history. Japanese fashionis a perfect mixture of the past and the present. Starting fromtheir traditional kimono ton contemporary western style outfits theJapanese fashion conscious population has always made a mark infashion industry. Japanese fashion is not about flaunting.
Indonesian Gemstones Gallery 1.0
Agate in Indonesia has many varieties and wide - range, we can findhundreds of different types of agate from each region, because eachregion has a different characteristic stone - different one and theother. The diversity of agate in Indonesia caused by Indonesia isone country that is crossed by a series of ring of fire or acluster of volcanoes are related to each other. The existence ofmany volcanoes that has resulted in Indonesia is rich in minerals,especially minerals rocks, one of them is a rock agate. Agate isnot as fancy as other first-class precious stones, but this stonehas its own place in the area because of the diversity andbeauty.The name agate stone Bacan first is derived from the islandof Halmahera in Maluku. Bacan stone type most requested is thestone Bacan Doko and Palamea. Bacan stone has a dark green color toa bluish green. This stone has many variations that causecrystallization patterns - patterns of current interest is lightedstone.The second is a stone Kalimaya. Stone Kalimaya most famous inIndonesia is a stone Black Opal or black Kalimaya of Banten thathas a black color with a spectrum of rainbow colors when exposed tolight.
Baby Girl Dresses 1.0
There is no doubt that there is so much fun in dressing femalebabies. Baby girl dresses are numerous in boutiques, baby stores,and shops that you no longer know which one to buy. There is nodoubt there are more choices of designs for baby girls clothingthan boys. Boy can simply wear pants or shorts and a shirt whilegirls can always wear from shorts, jeans, skirts, t-shirt, casualdress, to gowns.You will never run out of choices when shopping forinfant girl's dresses. From simple and plain dresses to more formalgowns, there are sure many that you will find to like so much. Thatis why I always find the need to prepare for a budget intended forshopping for my baby girls clothing because there are alwaysunlimited choices available.Dresses for girls are usually pastel incolors. The most common colors that are associated with baby girlsare pink, red, yellow, blue, and white. Pink is the most saleablecolor for baby dress. You can find casual designs that can be fordaily use. Semi-formal dress, casual dress and gown-like styles ofdresses for babies are widely available. Manufacturers for babyclothing lines are becoming innovative in their designs and come upwith seasonal dress for babies. You can find dress designs forspring, summer, fall, and winter. Some also design clothes forbabies by occasion like birthday, Christmas, baptismal, Easter, andHalloween.Casual designs for dresses for girls include fluttersleeves with ribbon details, straps on the shoulders, ruffles,bloomers, and sundresses. Babies can wear these clothes on casualoccasions or even for daily use. In formal occasions, babies canalso wear gowns that also come in beautiful designs. Normally,gowns for babies are always bought for special occasions likebaptism, birthday, and weddings.It is fun to be shopping fordifferent baby girl dresses because you can always pair them withshoes of the same color and other accessories that you can make thebaby girl wear to make them look cuter and cuddly. These days, babyclothing are getting more fashionable in style. You do not need tobuy expensive brands as there are now many other brands that arecheaper in price but with the same wonderful and fascinatingdesigns.
DIY Vegetable Gardens 1.0
Gardening is no longer limited to the suburbs and the countryside.It is fast becoming widespread among city dwellers, too. Anywhereyou look, you can see aspiring urban green thumbs buying suppliesand gobbling up books about gardening in the city. If you want tojoin the bandwagon and create a space where you can havetranquility in the middle of the city, here are some tips thatshould set you on to your new calling:Work with containersWhenbuilding a garden in the city, rarely will you have ample space. Soit is always a good idea to use containers instead of planting bedsor plots. One, you can save a lot of space. Also, you won't needhours to remove weeds from small containers. Best of all, you donot have to spend for new containers. The empty chocolate cans orplastic milk jugs lying in your kitchen would be perfect.Use yourown potting mixWhen you are in the city, you will have a hard timefinding good quality soil for your container garden. So, you haveto create your own mix of good potting soil. You will need equalparts of topsoil, perlite, and peat moss. If you want to save time,you can get commercially available potting soil from your nearestgarden supply store. Put the potting soil in the containers anddon't forget to add some mulch to the top layer to keep your soildamp.Have ample supply of waterYou can't tend to your gardenwithout water. Make sure that your plants receive just the rightamount of water. Whether you water the too much or too little, theywill exhibit the same symptoms such as losing the rigidity of theirstems. Also, if you are going to use containers and place yourplants on the rooftop, you can expect that your potted plants willdry out easily. To keep the temperature suitable for your plants,you will definitely need plenty of water for your urbangarden.Check out the sunlightSunlight allows plants to manufacturetheir own food. Your ordinary garden plants need four to eighthours of sun exposure. Therefore, make sure that your garden spotis not blocked by buildings or high walls.Starting your ownvegetable garden is only as hard or as easy as you want it to be.By following the basic tips above, there's a bigger chance thatyour garden will survive in the urban jungle.
Tiny House Plan 1.0
Tiny home movement has gained momentum in the last few years. Partof that movement are homes called tiny houses on wheels. They aresmall houses constructed of standard materials and are built andsecured to the frames of trailers, and can be pulled behind avehicle just like a travel trailer.These small homes range fromapproximately 65-140 square feet. Because they are on wheels, theyare considered travel trailers, and do not require a buildingpermit. Of course they have to meet Department of Transportationguidelines size limitations, but you can basically much put oneanywhere you can place an recreational vehicle. Many people placethem in back yards, and use them as spare rooms, or office space.They are also used as primary residences, also in parked in a backyard, RV parks, or placed on personal lots of land.Often theseshomes are self-contained with electrical and plumbing systems. Theycan be designed to traditional septic systems, and electricalconnections, or equipped with holding tanks and electricalconnections the same as a travel trailer. You can also live off thegrid, and quip these homes with solar or wind power, and waterharvesting systems, and composting, or incinerating toilets likeyou would find on a boat.If you plan to build your own plans tobuild your own tiny house on wheels, or purchase a finished home,there are many options to suite your needs and location of yourhome. Tiny houses on wheels are affordable options if you have adesire to live a more simple life.
Bridal Hairstyles 1.0
All brides would like to look their best on their wedding day. Thisis precisely the reason why they go on diets, visit the spa, havehair treatments and do other things prior to the wedding to makethem look their most radiant on their big day. One of the biggestfactors to looking your best as a bride is selecting the perfectwedding dress and pairing it with a suitable hairstyle.In mostcases, brides say that they intuitively know when they've found theperfect wedding dress. The cut of the dress should first clue youin as to which bridal hairstyle would suit your best. If you arewearing a bridal gown with a strapless bodice, you will show offits cut by wearing an elegant updo. However, you can still wearyour hair down as long as it is styled elegantly. For those who arewearing gowns with short or long sleeves or a particular neckline,there are also hairstyles for brides which can be worn to showcasethe cut of the dress.Bridal Hairstyle Ideas for Long HairAside fromthe cut of the dress, another factor that you need to take intoconsideration when deciding which hairstyle to wear is the lengthof your locks. If you have short hair, you can have it styled in acontemporary manner as it highlights the bridal jewelry oraccessories which you are planning to wear.If you have long hair,then there are plenty of romantic hairstyles that will suit you.You can basically wear them in a stick-straight style or withromantic curls, as well as in sleek updos or loose, flowinghairstyles.Stick-Straight or Romantic Curls?First, let's comparestick-straight hairstyles with romantic curls. If you have alwaysworn your hair in its curly, natural state and you would like tolook different on your wedding day, you can have your long hairstraightened out temporarily. By taming your curls, the frame ofyour face and the elegant cut of your dress will behighlighted.Meanwhile, romantic curls have always been a favoritehairstyle option for both brides and their bridesmaids. Whether youare planning to hold the wedding reception in a formal eveningaffair or as a charming daytime event, you can use a romantic,curly hairstyle which perfectly suits the occasion. When making aselection between the two, just make sure to consider the naturaltexture of your hair and talk with your stylist about whether aparticular hairstyle would work for your locks.Sleek Updos or LooseHairstyles?Next, how do you take your pick from sleek updos orloose hairstyles? Again, the factors that you need to considerinclude the time of the day that the wedding will be held; theseason of the year; the theme of your wedding; the cut of yourdress; and the length of your hair. The good news is that if youalways wear your hair long, you can easily transform your locksinto a sleek updo or a loose, flowing hairstyle.A final tip to keepin mind is that you should always have a practice session with yourstylist days prior to the wedding. By doing so, you can makecertain adjustments with your hairstyle in case your initial choicedoes not look as good as you imagined it would when paired withyour gown and bridal accessories.
Baby Girl Clothes 1.0
The most common present for a baby girl is baby girl clothes. Everyminute there is something happening that makes mom take a new pairof rompers and change her sweet baby into something dry andwarm.And just imagine how many oops a day took place? Thousands.That's why moms need a great store of baby clothes in advance.Ifyou are about to pick up a newborn baby gift basket full of babyclothes there is something very important to know ahead.The firstthought shall be about material of baby girl clothes. Material isvery important criterion. Since the skin of newborns is very gentleit can be allergic to some artificial materials. I recommend you tobuy items of clothing made of natural materials like cotton.Someon-line baby stores are ready to offer Organic products and clothesas a part. Have a look at such collections at first. However, oneof the destructive factors you might think about is the color. Yes,the natural and organic clothes aren't so bright and colorful asthe clothes made of other material. It is because they don'tcontain any dyes i.e. harmless for babies.Secondly you shouldchoose the color. It is better to stick to pink of course. As thebaby girl clothes are common presents at a baby shower party - pinkclothes are in abundance after the party. But if you want to standyou basket out you may choose some other colors like beige oryellow. Moreover, if you want to present natural clothes - mostlywhite and beige can be found.The size of baby clothes is reallyimportant thing to be mentioned. Clothes for babies have their owngradation. It starts with zero size (or called newborn) up totwenty four months.There are seven more sizes within these 24months. If you make a present for newborn baby girl you should lookfor the clothes with tags saying zero to three or zero to sixmonths. If you are not sure about the size you may consult theshop-assistance or follow the rule that larger baby girl clothesare better than smaller.Choose baby clothes without too manybuttons, clips and ties. At first a baby either can hurt itself orentangle with ties. Also a lot of buttons make moms no happy about.Keep baby girl clothes simple, but comfortable and natural.
DIY Carving Fruits 1.0
You are probably one of those people who stare in amazement atfruit carvings because you feel like they are very difficult to do.But actually, carving fruit is very easy and simple-of course itdepends on the pattern or design that you want to carve. Forbeginners, you might want to start with something really easy andsimple. If you want to know how to carve fruits, here are some tipsand advice.First, you have to choose a design or pattern for yourfruit carving project. Again, since you are a beginner, do notchoose something really complicated. You should know yourlimitations and capabilities as a novice in fruit carving.Once youhave chosen your design or pattern, you should prepare all thenecessary materials such as a sharp knife, melon scoop, spoon,tray, marker, toothpicks or sticks, and of course, the fruits.Place all the materials that you will need somewhere nearby so thatyou can easily get them.After this, get the fruit and start tracingthe outline of your design or pattern on the surface of the fruitusing your marker. If you want to learn how to carve fruits, youshould also learn basic drawing skills. You do not need to be aRembrandt or a Picasso. Just some basic lines and shapes are okay.Make sure that the fruit is not wet or the ink will create a messon the surface.The next step is the carving part. This is the mostdifficult part among all the steps on how to carve fruits. You needa steady hand to follow the drawings or outlines that you havecreated. Fruit carving requires good dexterity, or you will end upwith unidentifiable fruit mess or worse, a cut finger. Use a sharpknife because it is easier to use than a blunt knife. And alwaysremember to be careful when handling knives.Once you have finishedcarving the design or pattern on the fruit, erase the markingsusing wet cloth. Make sure that the ink will not spread because itwill make your fruit carving look messy and dirty.Finally, placeyour carving on an attractive tray. But before you do that, place alettuce on the plate to make it more attractive. You can alsodecorate your masterpiece using some colourful fruits like mangoes,strawberries, or grapes sliced or cut in interesting shapes.
Homemade Gift Box 1.0
Life is like a box of chocolates. Every time you open a box you getdifferent surprises to satisfy your sweet tooth. A gift box is abeautiful packaging for your favorite indulgence - candy.Packing incandy gift boxes is a beautiful way to package your gifts. They aredelicately made boxes filled with edibles of the finest candy thatno one will find irresistible. Such gifts are perfect for anyoccasion. They can also be used as an elegant jewelry box or forother small gifts or a keepsake.The candy lover will absolutelylove you for giving them the very gift that satisfies their sweettooth. They will be ecstatic to receive their favorite sweet treatsin a beautifully made candy gift box.These boxes are perfectopportunity to package your favorite homemade or purchased candiesfrom your favorite candy store. Your gift box can be filled withchocolates, toffee, peanut butter, lemon, peppermint, licorice,sour candies, caramel, pralines, nougats, cream filledchocolates-and the list goes on.You can use these boxes for alloccasions such as a birthday, a graduation, anniversary,Valentine's Day, Christmas, wedding, Mother's Day, Easter, a babyshower, baby christening or even a bridal shower. On some occasion,you can give gift boxes to say "thank you," "I love you," or "I'msorry." A box of candies is a perfect gift no one can resist.Givingcandies as a gift packaged in a candy box can also be perfect as asmall token for a teacher or a friend. It can also be idealgiveaways.Making your own candy gift box can be an excitingproject. Your imagination, personal style and creativity will giveyou a beautifully finish product you can be proud of.Here's how youcan begin making your own gift box:• Choose a template for acandy-box pattern online. • Trace your template on cardstock orelegant board paper and cut out the pattern. Cut on solid lines andfold on dotted lines. • Glue together the flaps and taps. •Embellish you box with anything you like. Allow the glue to dry forfew hours.You can have extensive selection of paper, colors andpaper designs you can choose from. Use bright colors like red,powder blue, pink, chocolate brown, black, ivory, green, white,gold or silver.Top-off your candy gift boxes with laces, beads,silk ribbons, lace ribbons, satin ribbons, colorful yarn, gold orsilver strings. You now have a beautiful gift box for any occasion!
New Fashion for Men 1.0
The keyword for men this spring-summer season is comfort and ofcourse, style, mixing and matching styles that blend nicely withwardrobe they already own, gives the idea that being fashionablecan also mean affordable. Some men don't like to be tooconservative and layer themselves too much with jackets, for this,consider using a dark tone vest with buttons in the front with av-neck shirt in light colors. Minimalist layering is important thisseason; you don't want the hot weather to bother you as the summerstarts.Always use accessories to combine your look, like bracelets,necklaces and sunglasses. Avoid going overboard with these so youdon't loose your elegance and transform you look into another one.Men also wear accessories like bags, this season; the satchel stylebag is a must. This spring, scarves and handkerchiefs are back forthat refined touch in a man's look.About pants, straight cutsreveal a better presence, bell bottoms are way out of the picturenowadays, keep them in your closet just in case they come back orif you need them for a costume party. Also, cropped trousersreaching to above the ankle was seen in the runways. This style canbe worn with very short socks or ankle boots. Some designers haveeven incorporated short shirts matching their business suits ontheir collections.The season's color tendencies are almost thesame, focusing more on grays and pearl whites, but don't forgetthat spring is all about colors and pastel pinks and oranges areback. For the more rebel ones, there is nothing better than pantsin wild colors like green and yellow with comfortable printedcotton t-shirts. You have to be careful with graphics, don't thinkthat because it is spring or summer, gigantic flowers are adequate,wrong, those designs are in the past, prints now tend to be smallerand in aquamarine, gray, purple or blue colors. Flowers andHawaiian printed shirts are only acceptable when combined withbeach Bermudas.You should always search for the right type offabric too; there are textiles for every season. This spring, theoptions are linen, cotton, and tropical wool, for a fresher andcooler feeling. The Jeans never go out of style; you just have tofollow the type of cut within the season and the trends.Therealistic fact is that American men usually don't wear what theysee in the runways, European men tend to be riskier with theirlook, they really don't care what people think of them, whereasAmerican men are more conservative in this matter, of course, I'mtalking about the general guy.This year, a more tailored man willreplace the baggy look from last year's fashion industry. Thisyear, less is more; more choices, more styling, more classic.
Jewelry Making Tutorial 1.0
4 Basic Jewelry Making TechniquesHow to Use a Crimp TubeWhenattaching wire to a clasp for your newly made necklace, the mostcommon method is crimping, which is a small metal tube and acrimping tool. Below are 5 steps to walk you through the process.1)Thread your wire through a crimp tube, then through the claspyou've chosen, and then back through the crimp tube again.2) Usingyour crimp tool, place the crimp tube in the large hole at thefront of your tool, then press slightly to form an oval shape inthe crimp tube. This will help keep the wire separated.3) Place theoval crimp tube in the back portion of the crimp tool, use yourfinger to keep the wire separated so you don't compromise thestrength of your connection, then compress firmly, flattening thetube, creating separate chambers for each wire.4) Now place thecrimp tube back into the front portion of the tool and compressfolding the crimp tube in half.5) Use your flush cutters to trimaway the excess wire.Open and Close Jump RingsJump rings are usedin most jewelry making projects. So using good quality jump ringsand knowing the correct way to open and close them is an importantpart in keeping your jewelry from falling apart.1) Use two bentnose pliers or chain nose pliers. Grasp the jump ring on eitherside of the opening with the tip of the pliers.2) Open the jumpring by moving the jaws sideways in opposite directions. Do notpull ends outward, that will stress the ring and you will lose thenice round shape of your jump ring.3) To close jump rings, graspthe ring with the tip of the pliers and move sideways like before,but this time move the ends past each other while compressing themtogether and continue moving past each other while compressinguntil you feel them click into place. This will keep themsecure.Turning a LoopWhen making jewelry with beaded chains ordangles, you need to know how to make a loop at the end of yourhead pin/eye pin.1) First thread your bead onto your head pin, andthen bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.2) Trim off all but 1/8"tail of wire from your bead.3) Grasp the tail with the tip of yourround nose pliers and turn to make a loop. Don't get discouraged ifyour loop isn't perfect, with practice your loops willimprove.Wrapped LoopFor a more secure loop, create a wire wrappedloop.1) Thread your bead onto the head pin; grasp the top of yourhead pin above the bead with the round nose pliers.2) Bend the wirearound to form a loop.3) Coil the wire firmly around the base ofthe loop with your fingers or chain nose pliers until you reach thetop of the bead.4) Trim off excess wire.5) Tuck the remaining wireinto the bottom of the coil firmly with the chain nose pliers.WireJewelry Designer and Woodcrafter. My website Mixed Kreations wasborn out of my passion for crafts. Do you have a hobby orpassionate about something that you would like to turn into aprofitable online business? If I can do it, so can YOU!
Bathtub Design Ideas 1.0
Bathtubs are no longer the privilege of the elite. Moreover, nolonger do we have to settle for just shower stalls. The popularityof soaking tubs for small bathrooms is surging by the day. Thestandard size of 5 feet long and 14-16 inches deep bathtubs won'tfit in a small bathroom. Thus, one needs to look for those smallersoaking tubs.Although small bathtubs aren't as spacious as thestandard ones, the primary function of soaking and relaxing is metby them. Smaller tubs are usually 4 feet long and 26-34 inchesdeep. However, they can be customized to your needs as well.Thereare different kinds of tubs available in the market today. However,the type you choose will be influenced by different factors, suchas actual size of the bathroom, style, decor, etc. Moreover, let'snot forget about the cost involved. For example, corner andwhirlpool tubs are perfect in small bathrooms. However, they can bequite expensive, and may not be a feasible option in yourbathroom.No longer does one need to sacrifice those deep tissuemassages. Thanks to bathtub manufacturers, small whirlpool tubs areavailable for those of us who own small bathrooms. Corner whirlpoolbathtubs are real space savers, moreover, the small circular onesare also great! However, there are a few factors one has toconsider before opting for these bathtubs. The first factor is thesize of one's water heater. Next, is to choose between air-jet orwhirlpool system. In the former, air is propelled through severalsmall holes, thereby creating bubbles in the tub. In the latter,air and water is propelled out through large jets, thereby giving asoothing massage effect. Besides these factors, there are alsovarious other details to look into. Therefore, make sure you carryout enough research regarding the technicalities of the same,before making your choice.Soaking for an hour in a bathtub after along day at work is something so inviting. It's a place to restyour aching muscles and just relax away. Before heading out toselect a soaking tub, always measure the exact coordinates of yourbathroom and the corner where you want to place it. Finding theright soaking tub for a small bathroom can seem daunting, but witha little patience and a lot of research, you can definitely manageto find what you exactly want. Have fun!
Crochet Baby Slippers 1.0
From galoshes to hand-knit booties, baby shoes come in as manyshapes and sizes as any other shoe, with the added bonus of beingabsolutely adorable. Because babies often have little to no need toactually utilize their shoes for anything more than protection fromthe elements, there are even more options available to match anyoutfit when use of the shoe itself is not an issue. Baby slippersare ideal, offering maximum comfort for your baby in addition tobeing cute and functional.Many patterns exist to knit or crochetyour own booties for your little one, but just as many comepre-made as well, with all of the homemade charm of a pair youwould make yourself. The material should be taken intoconsideration as some wools are scratchier than others and you wantyour baby's feet to be as comfortable as can be no matter what theywear. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of softer than softwools, allowing for booties that feel just like a securityblanket.While there are in fact many heavy duty baby shoes withhard soles designed for feet just ready to meet the ground on theirown, comfort can again be an issue. Your baby cannot easily tellyou whether or not they like wearing a shoe, and in fact, manybabies do not like having anything on their feet at all. For thisreason, softer booties and socks are a very viable option if you donot expect your child to be doing a lot of walking or standing ontheir own.Babies lose their socks and shoes easily, so it isimportant to be sure that the shoes you have put on your child arevery secure, or at least unimportant enough that you do not mind ifone is lost. Baby slippers can come in a variety of styles, many ofwhich are designed to be tied gently around your baby's foot,making it much less likely to be lost. Always consider your baby'scomfort above all else when shopping for the perfect shoes, butkeep in mind that babies are in fact easier to buy shoes for thanan older child or adult due to the fact that they are not spendingas much time on their little feet.
Crochet Kitchen Set 1.0
Choosing your crochet Kitchen from the multitude of crochet Kitchendecorating ideas that abound can be an incredible experience intothe insight of crochet Kitchen manufacturers. It is totally amazingexactly how many crochet Kitchen designs are sold on the retailmarket and even more of a surprise which ones are the most popular.Spend an afternoon in one of the many retail outlets that sellcrochet Kitchens and listen in on the various conversations aroundyou. People home in on the ultra-modern crochet Kitchens like fliesround a honey pot but, as the conversation progresses, you hearthem admit to not being able to live with such a design on a dailybasis, eventually plumping for a more modest middle-of-the-roaddesign, or even one of the many rustic designs. Crochet Kitchendecorating ideas naturally need to take into account the kind ofcrochet Kitchen furnishings you have installed - you couldn'timagine a Belfast sink in one of those modern glass and stainlesssteel crochet Kitchens anymore than you could imagine a high-techsink in a totally rustic setting.Pick the right crochet Kitchendecorating ideas in accordance with your fitments which, whendecorating generally, would already have been installed and aregenerally expensive enough to remain in situ each time you feel theneed to re-decorate your crochet Kitchen. Another factor that needsto be considered, when thinking through your crochet Kitchendecorating ideas, is the size of your crochet Kitchen. Size andfunction do tend to go hand-in-hand. If you have a spacious crochetKitchen you are more likely to use it as a centre for the family tocongregate than if you your crochet Kitchen is one of the tiny,galley styles. Size does need to be taken into account: the crochetKitchen may have the reputation of being the heart of the home butthat was generally in the days when crochet Kitchens were largeenough to accommodate the heart of the home, with a central tablefor the family to spend time around.Modern homes are often much toosmall for crochet Kitchens of this size unless, of course, it is acrochet Kitchen/diner - in which case, the decor of your crochetKitchen decorating ideas need to take that into account. There isoften a lot of actual wasted space in a large crochet Kitchen,requiring the person who uses the crochet Kitchen on a daily basisto cover a considerable distance between cooker, sink and worksurfaces. This is often not particularly conducive to the mostefficient use of a person's time. Reducing this 'working triangle',as it is called, is one of the more fundamental aspects of goodcrochet Kitchen planning and something that also needs to befactored into any crochet Kitchen decorating ideas. This has led tothe innovative crochet Kitchen island which sits in the centre ofthe crochet Kitchen and often houses the sink, work surfaces andusually the hob.