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Card PD - Pupillary Distance 1.0
Reverse Optics
CardPD is a patent pending system that allows the user to getaccurately the own PD measurement, wherever he/she is, notrequiring the use of a ruler or additional objects on the person'sface, requiring only an Android device and a card of any type. Thismethod is based on solid mathematical rules taken from theprojective geometry and computes the PD accurately. In oppositionto the other methods, CardPD does not use the camera and no clickson images are necessary. INSTRUCTIONS:FIRST STEP -CalibrationChoose a rectangular rigid card such as a visiting cardor a credit card, and place it on top of the screen and line it upbetween the two cyan vertical lines. Move the right vertical linewith the Left and Right buttons so that the card fits inside thetwo lines.HINT: Use your credit card in a position as illustratedin the App.SECOND STEP - Measurement 1. Sit comfortably in front ofthe device, hold the card with your hands and close your lefteye.2. With your open eye, fit the card between the two cyan lineson the screen moving the card forwards and backwards.3. Stopmoving, when the card is perfectly fitted. From now on, keep thecard still.4. Now, open your right eye and close the left.5. YourPD is given by the intersection of the left edge of the card withthe numbered line in the picture.HINT 1: You can invert the processby starting it with your right eye closed. To do so, click the FLIPbutton.HINT 2: Check all the process by clicking the HELP buttonfor a more visual tutorial.
Baby Feet 1.0
Reverse Optics
Baby Feet is a new system that allows the user to accurately obtainthe measurement of children feet, wherever he/she is, not requiringthe use of any credit card, ruler or additional objects, requiringonly an Android device. Finding the exact size for children shoesis a problem for most parents, as they want their children to weara comfortable and safeguarding pair of shoes. However, the size ofthe feet is hard to acquire and to convert to different shoe sizescales. With BabyFeet we present an innovative way to measure yourlittle angel feet and provide the exact shoe size in different sizesystems (USA, UK, EUR, JPN).Baby Feet is not like any other rulerapp in the Play Store, we make use of an extensive database toobtain the real dimensions of your device. This way we make surethat your measurements are easy, fast and accurate. No calibrationis needed! No approximation is made! INSTRUCTIONS1. Open the appand select the New Measure button on the bottom right-side of thescreen.2. Place your child foot on top of the screen aligninghis/her heel with the white line on the bottom/right side of thescreen.3. Now using the volume keys move the another white line, sothat it touches the child's most proeminent finger. 4. Click SAVEto store the measurement.NOTICE: This app can only measure feetthat can fit on the height of the device screen.
Ruler - accurate and simple 1.3
Reverse Optics
Ruler is not like any other ruler app in the Play Store, we makeuse of an extensive database to obtain the real dimensions of yourdevice. This way we make sure that your measurements are easy, fastand accurate. No calibration is needed! No approximation is made!Transform your Android device into an accurate ruler. Useful tomeasure small objects. NOTICE: If this app doesn't fulfill yourrequirements, you can return the app within 2 hours for a fullrefund.The measurements are limited by the size of the screen ofyour device.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Put the object you want to measure ontop of the screen; 2. Line up the right boundary of the objectmoving the right cross, by using the corresponding buttons on thebottom of the app. 3. Line up the left boundary moving the leftcross, by using the corresponding buttons on the bottom of the app.4. For your comfort, you can switch between two screen modes, whiteand black background, by pressing the EYE button on the top rightcorner.5. If you find out that your device is giving wrongmeasurements, please press the FLAG button on the top right cornerand wait for n new ipdate of your app. TIP:You can measuredistances between two points (of a drawing) on a white paper sheet.Switch your app to the WHITE background mode and put the papersheet over your device.