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SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring 1.0.8
Reduce your snoring with SnoreGym, the workout app for quiet sleepfrom the creators of SnoreLab. With this exercise app for snorers,get your snoring under control by working out your “snoringmuscles”. You can also directly sync with the No.1 snoring trackingapp, SnoreLab, to track your progress. One of the main causes ofsnoring is weak muscles in the mouth area. SnoreGym is an exerciseapp which helps to tone your upper airway muscles to reducesnoring. SnoreGym will guide you through a set of clinically-provenexercises for your tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw. Featuresinclude: - Exercises to reduce snoring - Easy-to-follow animations- Clear and detailed instructions - Evidence-based workouts -Progress tracking - Sync to SnoreLab Scientists have tested a setof mouth exercises which tone muscles in the tongue, soft palate,throat, cheeks and jaw. This research has shown that mouthexercises can reduce snoring, decrease the severity of sleep apnea,reduce disturbance of bed partners and produce better sleep andquality of life. It is important to do these exercises regularly toreduce your snoring. We recommend at least 10 minutes a day for 8+weeks. Exercise now for quieter sleep!